Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet – Unboxing [HD]

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hello everybody this is me Maya box and a pony today and today I have a very special unboxing on this channel I told you guys that I will be coming back to tech and Here I am back to technology and making these unboxings on these new just released items now what I have in

Front of me is the all-new 5 HD 10 kids edition tablet to how the 10.1 inch display has a 1080p full HD display it actually has 32 gigabytes of inbuilt storage and it has a blue kid-proof case now this is sort of amazon for 199

Pounds and 99 pence but you can also pick it up at major retailing stores like our boss John Lewis etc etc it comes in blue which I'm going to be unboxing for today I've got it also comes in a kind of pink if you want to

Do that as well you pegasus item from Amazon you have the option to wrap it out of the gift you also have an option to add a screen protector which is a clear spring texture for $9.99 some headphones and affordable headphones

Which are blue also to match the blue color which is 29 plants in manky pants but it also comes with wireless kids headphones which is also new which is 49 pounds and 99 so you can get either a wide headphone set or you can get a

Wireless headphone state which is pretty awesome now I'm going to read for you some key specifications on this tablet because I think that's very very important so again I told you it has you know a template 140 sheet is displayed

It has the eyepiece blade which is basically in place which 1.8 gigahertz processor with the RAM is not that high but it's pretty good for a tablet and for the price as well it's pretty amazing

So without further adieu I'm just actually going to the actual tablet and to show you what you get inside so I did see it in front of the box you can see so it's Fire HD 10 kids edition blue case and it says States who Google

By tablet and if you see it's my Amazon because it's an almost on tablets and Amazon Fire HD 10 target on the side there's nothing much okay the size is nothing much but on the

Back this is where things get a bit more interesting but and just actually take it out the protective case first having away so rustic on there and just some key specifications here you can see it says some of the key specs on the top

There it comes the 10.1 HD display Full HD display you can actually put an external micro SD card in here up to 256 gigabytes which is pretty awesome it's a quad core processor its dual band HD Wi-Fi and it has it has a front and a

Rear camera so you can you know tape it to the stuff which is pretty awesome I'd also comes with the Dolby sound which is good as well and you can see it might have I don't know what this is showing Angry Birds in the night garden'

Wreck-it Ralph I know this put these people alike I've seen this on TV anyway but it comes with these again maybe pre-installed I'm not sure I know that only one of these tablets is what I've notified HD 7 there wasn't a kid's

Edition so I don't know if they are installed or not you can see it says designed with kids in mind okay it says a Fire HD 10 tablet with powerful quad-core processor brilliant 1080p full HD display stereo speakers dual cameras

And a micro SD slot for up to twenty fifty six gigabytes of extra expandable storage plus a one year of Amazon fire kids unlimited a kid proof case and two year one free worry free guarantee ok so it comes with a Chia guarantee in there

As well at the back of the box it also says it comes with built-in parental controls analysts fun for kids if they try to break it will replace it no questions needed so essentially if the child you know gets the tablet and they

Throw it on the floor random anger and you contact Amazon Amazon should be able to replace with you in case that's pretty awesome yeah yeah that's pretty awesome I think you see what's in the box it

Says black Fire HD tablet cell regeneration Amazon kid proof case Amazon power adapter USB charging cable and built-in rechargeable battery okay I don't know why they said built-in battery and I was a table mean bashing

Itself is fine tree already but without further dude I'm just actually pulled this bus you haven't also strip here when you pull back so I'm still is actually known to do these fancy things so that's pretty cool

Was inside the books what do you get so guys this is just bite this is good but this was actually just released actually really you to be doing this so I decided to you know be the first one on this platform to make a video on the Amazon

Fire HD tablet so you can do the tablets right here very very nice and deep I'm gonna open it out of the pocket just a little small test and it smells pretty cool is it comes actually with this so nice 3d printed case as you can see at

The back you can see this nice pretty printed case and it has these sort of ridges on it which and you put your hand across it feels really nice and it looks really illusional actually from a distance

Which is pretty cool and this is five for kids so you can see it's a kids and essentially if you drop the tablet it won't break essentially that's what they're claiming so I don't know if I if you want me to do a drop

Test on this I might feel if you you know if I was gonna comment on this case a few things I would say if you look closely you could have seen that this the case hasn't actually be cut properly there's been some damages there if you

Look on this side you know to see some of the case manufacturing issues as well they're something which doesn't really look a bit more premium but something which looks a bit more tacky but again guys this is a kids tablet so don't

Really have a problem with that and it says on the side here amazon fulfillment service and USA okay if you take the part of the tablet outside the case you can actually look what's on top here by the way guys I'm wondering why am i

Filming in front of my fish tank it's because this is the best lighting I could find around my whole house so don't comment on that but you can see this is the 10.1 inch display Full HD display always been

Promising and you can see the Amazon logo there the rear camera there and the front-facing camera with that which is you know pretty awesome on the front here you get on the top here actually you can see the volume rocker the volume

Up and volume down the frequent foundries ahead Jack the microUSB port there and the on power button and here we have a little on the side here a little port here where you can put your expandable storage here for 20 octave

2056 gigabytes for expandable storage with SD card I would prefer using a Sun disk God and they put the speakers on this side here one here and one this is a dual speakers by Adobe and well I like

About Amazon what they've done here it's pretty cool because that means that if you have your tablet down here or if you have it like that there won't be any sound being blocked so that's pretty awesome for Amazon to do in terms of

Aesthetics so while I do now and look at it back in the case actually just to show you guys how it looks like in the case again so you just drop it in the case very easily and you know kids can you know bring this to the playground

With them they can drop this in the phone I look it just came on by itself it won't break or anything in my opinion okay because even these house like you have a raised ridges here so if you've had it falling like this it won't break

The tablet but if it does Amazon cleans out the replace it free of charge which is pretty awesome and what you can see I'll just wait that thing here but you can see that there's ports here cut for the speakers but they unfortunately

There aren't no pores cut for the micro SD adapter so that's something which as I might have done due to the kids being a kid I don't know but I also felt oddly hit to the side so you can sort of admire it whilst I'm showing you the

Rest of the unboxing inside the box further what do we get well I'm gonna pull it right out so you guys can see nothing else inside the box as you can see okay but we do get stuff which is in here now we have a little sort of you

Know flip our instruction manual which says kid edition some you get in the books at the 5hd topsail manual very very simple instruction manual here it shows you how you can swipe to unlock hard to power on your tablet and well

Actually like about this instruction manual it's it's very kid and children friendly so what that means is that you know if the travel is to get this and wants to read it themselves it's very easy for them to understand where

Certain buttons are you know for example here they say the power buttons here and if you look at the the camera the camera is there and it shows you you know how the power on which is pretty awesome for Amazon to actually implement in their

Instruction manual and you can also see you can see how it shows you how to Charlie tablet and how to remove the case to install SD card so it actually shows you it tells you that you have to remove it to install the SD card ok so

Pretty cool so I hear one of these things here we get the Amazon you know USB adapter this was the absolute standard Amazon USB adapters that actually got Amazon echo show so you know this I

Think is that same thing I think it looks like me look same thing hey there we go so doctor and it has a nice Amazon branding there which is pretty good and nice to have because if you're an Amazon fan like me you'd

Understand why you would like to have that and then inside you get the Acquia speech cable here okay so which is pretty awesome and in here what do we have we have nothing in here okay which is okay so I'll stop okay so nobody's

Going to get to the tablet now and see what we see so it says welcome to fight okay continue and I'm gonna click on my part of it into my password very quickly good and there we go it's being connected to my to the thing so it's

Just a step checking for software updates please wait now this is a just-released you know tablet like a few days ago so um I don't think there'll be any software updates but there is apparently

So there's a firmware thinking 199 columns are not intense plus a free tier warranty even if your kids like gets a smash on the floor Amazon is willing to take their risk and replace it right that's pretty awesome I mean who would

Do that you know Papa mama son who will do that I don't think anyone would so the story updates please wait just a sec checking software updates let's skip the step I want to skip this day I have to create an account please wait wait I

Like to put my payment method set up a child's account 12 months included blah blah you know they're very nice very bright colors you can see there does it rotate on portrait mode I don't know how to like it's not rotating on poetry and

Modal isn't it wrong yeah okay so it's actually a contour this sort of you know sort of menu here and you can see it concert some pre-loaded things so it comes with junior episodes Disney Junior episodes

It comes with pterosaurs right Thomas to the dinosaur what the hell is that a dinosaur came in Thomas and time it what Peppa Pig you know everyone is but yeah it can't always put on an app sit you can see it you can you know it

Has all these apps on your home screen it could go on book so if your child like to read like you know storybooks or you know at night they wouldn't read like a book with the moment the father it's pretty cool because you could

Actually make them teach them to read in themselves because you know if they're using this for the whole day it's very good as an educational tool and also you know an entertainment tool which is pretty cool so I think they're

Downloading that's why they're taking long but you can have videos so you have certain videos you can search for videos so you can search for shrek or whatever you want to search for I don't know apps characters if you want aware but

Especially for the web because that's interesting and that's something which you don't have to download so I'm gonna enter let's say you know ok and let's see if you go to a website which is restricted let's see if I go on

A abetting website for example what does it allow me or will it block me searches check Google or coming or working for the record calm now I'm not too sure try something else oh so that's the don't be WW that's a

Bit weird dot now that's what it weighs yeah it doesn't work so does not like on Google I mean some people might think it's too restrictive for their kids some people might think that kids should be allowed to go on access

Certain videos on YouTube some people might not think that but as you can see you can go on YouTube you can go on Barbie and stuff and watch you know and all these things so your kids will probably have a hundred percent secure

Tablet they won't be able to action you know access any material like over 18 probably over 215 even so everything will be restricted and parent or restricted which is pretty awesome tab so guys I hope you do some boxing of the

Amazon Fire HD 10 kids and it should tablet and the short sort of introduction of what the target actually does you know it's an awesome tablet it has all these sort of things you can watch it on Trevor pigs so you can watch

You know an episode of a pig if you wanted to you see how quick it loads algebra tests actually haven't tested the sound and officer it says live stream recording is not possible why is it happening to me peppa pig

Custom christmas carol sing-along watch so you can watch Peppa Pig if you wanted to no it's not going to be an issue so yeah the style is pretty awesome as well I just just told you so that's the

Unboxing guys of the Amazon fire HD tank is edition tablet with the blue case on it now personally I don't think that you know is it it's not a kid I probably let them use an ordinary times I don't know why you have to buy a special tablet for

Them but that's it anyway that's the unboxing have a nice day guys didn't describe to my box turns on for more videos if you want to see a review on this tablet leave your comments down below and I'll see what I can do

Have a nice day guys I'll catch you guys later bye

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