AMAZON ECHO BUDS (Problems And Best Features After One Month of Daily Use)

by birtanpublished on August 20, 2020

The Amazon echo buds came out one month ago and in the first month there was a lot of talk about the bose active noise reduction the 20 hour battery life the on board Alexa and of course the low price point and while these are all very exciting features it's now been one

Month and it's time to look past these and figure out how these earbuds actually perform under daily use now I've been using these earbuds exclusively for the past month and in this video I want to share with you the

Worst features and the best features that I found that were not listed originally on the specs or in the original reviews now these are things that you want to consider knowing if you plan on using these earbuds for any

Extended amount of time because when you first open the box you may not notice these pros and cons but eventually these will be the features that make you either love or hate these earbuds

hey guys welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and like I said this video is all about the only echo buds I've been wearing them for one month every single day and in this video I'll be

Sharing with you all of the pros and the cons that I found after one month of actual use now in this video I'm not gonna dive in and show you guys every feature and spec of the product I think really what I want to focus on is the

Pros and cons that I found so if it's you're trying to buy this right now maybe it's like primed a Black Friday or just any other day and you're looking to buy these these are things that I think you want to know before you get them

That you're not gonna see on spec sheets and you're not gonna see these on most other reviews so stick around it definitely is a lot that you definitely have to know about this product before buying it so let's start off with some

Of the positives with these earbuds here so first of all the active noise reduction made by Bose packed into $130 earbuds which also have Alexa so extremely good value there it's really really high quality for the price you're

Getting Alexa baked in so you already have a smart assistant of course it uses your phone but still having that baked into these it just makes it a little easier instead of having to tap and hold you just say you know the little key

Word there and then it does whatever you want now the active noise reduction I can't emphasize that enough it really is very high quality so if I turn that on and I'm listening to music I won't be hearing anything else around me if I'm

On a train a plane or if I'm just you know at work there's announcements going on it really deadens all the sound around you very well now one small drawback if you want to use it without listening to

Music you will notice some level of white noise I think that's pretty standard and expected but regardless I would say that's definitely a huge plus right there now another big plus I know I said this case was annoying I said it

Was a large case kind of annoying and clunky they had a kind of a stupid way to charge it personally I'm not a big fan of the case but one thing I really like about it is the very long battery life you get between the case and the

Earbuds so I feel like I almost never charge this I probably charged it like once in the past maybe like a month or so so you are supposed to get 20 hours of listening between the case and the earbud batteries and honestly I think

I'd probably get about that much so having to charge this so infrequently is a big plus and I would say that almost makes up for the very large case size another plus here I do like the texture of this so I know again

Before I said I didn't really like the case but it has a decent texture where it's not really too slippery it's not gonna follow your pockets and I don't really feel like I'm going to lose this nearly as much which again maybe having

It slightly larger you know it's not all bad so the fact that you're less likely to lose this than something that's like really tiny maybe not a bad thing there one last plus I want to talk about and it was something I complained about

Before but I'm starting to realize why they decided this and that is not having a single tap to player pause I thought that was a big drawback before I thought it was a clear message that but after adjusting my earbuds a few times and

Then maybe if I tried on like my Galaxy buds for example I kind of noticed it kind of clicked in my head and I said you know what I realized that if you have to adjust these earbuds and you accidentally touch the outside you don't

Always want that playing or pausing your music sometimes you just want to adjust them and make sure they fit properly and so not having the single tap feature allows you to do that so kind of a small plus right there I don't know if they

Thought that through and that's what they meant to do or if it just by coincidence is a byproduct of them cutting a corner who knows who cares hey guys a quick aside if you're new here and have not yet subscribed but you're

Interested in the latest tech just like this video make sure you get on and click the subscribe button and the bell icon I have some really exciting ear buds coming out in the next couple of weeks including the newest Microsoft

Surface ear buds so if you want to see that make sure you subscribe let's get back to the video the first drawback I want to talk about is the proximity sensors so just a quick background what these are supposed to do is when you put

These ear buds in your ear it starts playing music you take it out it automatically pauses great feature to have really convenient if somebody comes to talk to you you're listening to a podcast you take your ear buds out to

Listen to what they're saying to you and then it doesn't you know you don't have to rewind and find out where you were on the podcast right that's just one example of where you'd use this the issue I had however is that the

Proximity sensors are not that accurate so sometimes I'll be listening and if you like yawn or just move a certain way then it'll pause your music or if you take one out of your ear and you're holding it you set it on the table it

Might register the table as your ear and switch between playing and pausing for the other ear buds so the proximity sensors on this are far from perfect that's just one problem I found with that you're

Able to get you know it's not a huge deal if you just always have them in your ear and you're just you know sitting normally but if you're working out or if you're moving around the doll it can be a little bit strange another

Issue I had and this is pretty standard with a lot of ear buds but especially these was a latency with videos so if I'm watching a youtube video I have these in I'll notice that there's some significant latency there between you

Know when somebody's talking if the audio is offset it becomes really weird and uncanny and almost hard to watch I don't know if this is a pro or a con but I found that I could wear these for approximately three hours before my ears

Got fatigued and I really didn't like wearing them anymore so three hours is long enough that you know you can get through a day of work you know maybe three hours and you go to a meeting and maybe three more hours or whatever and

Then another meeting it does you know so three hours is not terrible but I wish I could wear them a little bit longer than three hours without having that issue something common that we see with Alexa on the earbuds as well as on the echo

Auto is whenever you leave a Wi-Fi zone it kind of gets weird and it cuts out and there's some amount of time when it doesn't work and it just acts really weird you can't control your music you can't do anything and it just doesn't

Like switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi or the other way around so that's kind of an Alexa problem I think it's the Alexa app that's really causing that but it's something that transfers over to these earbuds unfortunately not to

Repeat myself again but I don't want to sound a nit picky here this video is really meant to be just the issues that I found not big problems that would really say this is not a good product for you but maybe for some people you

Would want to know these before you buy the product so that you have a better experience when you get them you know what to expect so another issue I found Alexa is great on here so I really do like having the microphone there but if

It's windy outside I found that it really struggles to hear what I'm saying so if I'm walking around trying to skip a song or pause the music or turn the volume up and if it's breezy out it can't hear me at all it does not

Register that and ultimately it's kind of annoying I have to take my phone out and do it that way when you have Alexa there I mean I understand it's windy their microphones that's what happens but I know other

Microphones out there can do a better job than these and then of course there's the issue that I talked about in the previous video with Spotify it's kind of just a small bug I imagine they will fix this

And it's that if I open Spotify on my phone and then I put these in my ear and I ask Alexa to skip a song I can't do it it says I can't skip that song and then I don't know why it can't skip the song but it just can't and then what you have

To do is you have to tell Alexa to open Spotify and they open Spotify even though it's already open on your phone and then you can control it so I don't know why that's a small bug in the system right there it's kind of annoying

But regardless it's something that you have to deal with so a final small drawback this one's very very small but I do wish they poka-yoke the design of the cradle a little bit better than they did in this one so if I take the earbuds

Maybe one out of five times if you just drop it in it ends up being at a totally wrong orientation it looks right but it's not right and the thing doesn't close all the way which means that these don't charge which means that your

Earbuds will not be fully powered next time you try to use them so you do have to make sure that you put it in correctly down like that I don't know why they didn't do that again I think it comes down to really in conclusion for

This product guys I think these earbuds are great they work really well having Bose active noise reduction is amazing in this budget having Alexa onboard is really nice I do think there are some shortcomings here and there so I think

You can really separate a lot of products into two different categories one is a product that really pushes the boundaries and had a lot of engineering effort in there you can tell people worked really hard to solve every single

Problem and really push the envelope of what can be packed into whatever product they're making and then on the flip side the other category of products is products that are essentially just kind of riding the coattails of the engineers

On the front and they're saying like yeah we'll do that too that's a that's a good bandwagon we can make a lot of money and I think that's kind of what Amazon did here so yes it's a great product I don't think it really pushed

Any boundaries I don't think it showed us anything new it's a larger form factor I don't think they really put that much engineering effort into this now I apologize to the engineers that did work on this I understand that it is

A good design they did a good job here but I think that it appeals in comparison to what we see from the Galaxy buds or the air pods or a lot of other products out there that are really just pushing the envelope a little bit

More so overall guys that's right to say about this product great product not the best product but definitely a really good value for the price so I hope you enjoyed this

Video guys as always thanks for watching I'll see you next time

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