Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: The fifty question showdown

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

it was good guys Zach here Google
released their answer to Amazon's echo
just a little while ago starting a
competition for the best personal
assistant of course with the echo being
out longer it supports more smart home
it's got integration with Amazon
purchases and its overall more well
rounded but Google home isn't too far
behind and will undoubtedly look to
catch up Google home does put forth a
valid argument seeing is how its
directly connected to the search giant
plus it's cheaper than the echo so as of
now which one is the better buy and who
gives the better answers we compiled the
50 different questions for each
assistant to answer and we're going to
let you guys decide which one is better
who won the Knicks game last night last
night the Knicks beat the Kings 106 to
98 they'll play tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.
the way against the heat in New York
Knicks won 106 to 98 yesterday against
the Sacramento Kings who's the coach of
the Blazers Portland Trail Blazers
coaches Terry Stotts Terry stop is the
head coach of Portland Trail Blazers
when do the Bulls play next the boys
will play tonight at 7 p.m. at home
against the Trail Blazers the Chicago
Bulls next game is today at 7 p.m. where
they will play the Portland Trail
what's the cast of the office the
offices cast members include rashida
Jones Steve Carell Mindy Kaling Martin
Freeman and Ricky Gervais see more check
out the Alexa app the kath of the office
includes Steve Carell John Krasinski and
24 others what's the best movie of 2016
sorry I don't have the answer to that
question movies frequently mentioned on
the web include Captain America Civil
War Zootopia the nice guys and others
what was the budget of the first
Avengers movie sorry I don't have the
answer to that question the budget of
Captain America the First Avenger with
140 million United States dollars in
2010 how long is Star Wars Episode 7
star wars the force awakens duration is
2 hours and 16 minutes star wars the
force awakens is running time is 2 hours
18 minutes how's the weather over in
Florida in Tallahassee Florida it's 72
degrees with showers
tonight you can look for thunderstorms
with a low of 70 degrees currently in
Miami it's 78 and mostly cloudy it'll be
mostly cloudy today with a forecasted
high of 81 and a low of 76 will I need
an umbrella today no rain is expected in
arlington tonight
yes the forecast for today in Fort Worth
is 50 degrees with scattered showers
when will it rain next no rain is
expected in arlington tonight rain is
expected today in Fort Worth can I wear
shorts on Thursday on Thursday December
8th there will be partly sunny weather
with a high of 44 and a low of 25 sorry
I don't know how to help with that yet
give me a summary of weather for the
week right now in Arlington it's 50
degrees with cloudy skies tonight's
forecast Prez cloudy skies moving in and
out with a low of 42 degrees in Fort
Worth today there will be scattered
showers with a forecasted high of 50 and
a low of 41 what's the next full moon
the next full moon is on Tuesday
December 13th at 6:05 p.m. right now the
moon is waxing new moon occurred on
November 29th sorry I don't know how to
help with that yet how far are we from
Neptune Neptune's distance is two
billion seven hundred ninety million
miles four billion four hundred ninety
million kilometers 2.7 billion miles
according to wind up to an
earth line up on the same side of the
Sun at their closest they are only 2.7
billion miles apart what's the biggest
star the heaviest star is r136a1 py
Canis Majoris
according to Digital Trends following
this discovery uy scuti was officially
named the largest known star in the
surpassing previous record holders such
as Edel Juice V Y Canis Majoris and nml
what's Jupiter's diameter Jupiter's
width is 88 thousand eight hundred miles
143 thousand kilometers Jupiter has a
diameter of 86 thousand eight hundred
eighty one point four miles
what's the Earth's weight in ounces
Earth's mass is 210
septillion 710 six billion ten billion
seven hundred eight million fifty eight
thousand one hundred twelve ounces 2.10
seven times ten to the twenty six ounces
how hot is the sun different parts of
the sun have different temperatures the
surface is around ten thousand degrees
six thousand degrees Celsius while the
core is between 23 and 29 million
degrees Fahrenheit thirteen to sixteen
million degrees Celsius the therapist
temperature of Sun is five thousand
seven hundred seventy seven Kelvin how
do I convert inches into millimeters to
convert a value in inches to millimeters
multiplied by twenty five point four one
inch equals 25.4 millimeters what are
the first twenty digits of pi the first
twenty decimal digits of pi 3.14159265
thirty-five eight nine seven nine three
two three eight four six sorry i'm not
sure how to help with that yet explain
DNA i wasn't able to understand the
question I heard DNA deoxyribonucleic
acid a self-replicating material present
in nearly all living organisms as the
main constituent of chromosomes it is
the carrier of genetic information give
me a summary of human evolution hmmm I'm
not sure what you meant by that question
here's a summary from human origins
program Smithsonian human evolution is
the lengthy process of change by which
people originated from a up like
ancestors humans in the great apes of
Africa chimpanzees and gorillas share a
common ancestor that lived between 8 & 6
million years ago how many calories in a
Big Mac Big Mac contains 260 point six
six calories per 100 grams 73 calories
per ounce
there are 563 calories than one seven
point six ounce McDonald's Big Mac which
has more calories a whopper or a Big Mac
hmm I'm not sure what you meant by that
question according to Business Insider
the Big Mac has 550 calories and 29
grams of fat while the whopper has 630
calories and 35 grams of fat how much
does the macbook cost hmm I don't know
but you can take a look at the Bing
search link I added in the Alexa app
according to tech radar Apple called it
the best MacBook and laptop yet there is
one cheaper MacBook Pro still in the
Apple Store lineup last year's MacBook
Pro Retina starting at $1,299 how much
did the original iPhone cost sorry I
can't find the answer to the question I
heard according to a more the iPhone
debuted at $499 for the four gigabytes
and 599 dollars for the eight gigabytes
model on contract when is Gran Turismo
sport coming out sorry I can't find the
answer to the question I heard according
to AI tech post however the game will be
released in 2017 instead of the rumored
November 15th release date when did the
first Gran Turismo come out the software
product Gran Turismo was released in
1998 sorry I'm not sure how to help with
that who invented football the first
American football game took place on
November 6th 1869 between Rutgers and
Princeton the rules were changed
significantly in 1880 by Walter Camp
called the father of American football
walter camp according to history the man
most responsible for the transition from
this rugby league game to the sport of
football we know today was Walter camp
how many Pokemon are there hmm I can't
find the answer to the question I heard
according to the official pokemon
website pokedex the total number is 720
as of generation 6 there are a total of
721 pokemons
I'm bored I can play some music read you
a book or give you the news among other
things if you need some entertainment
I'm full of boredom remedy we can play
mad libs I can tell you a joke or you
can spin the wheel what sounds good to
you how are you I'm great I hope you are
too doing great what can I do for you
nothing play my chill playlist chill in
2016 from Spotify
sure here's a Spotify playlist called
she'll hit hey girl stop set two timers
one for 20 minutes one for 40 minutes 19
minutes and 51 seconds starting now
sorry I'm not sure how to help with that
yet how long will it take me to drive to
the nearest Costco I don't know how long
it'll take but based on your zip code
I found a Costco Wholesale nearby it's
six point five miles away on West Arbor
Boulevard in Arlington it's open now
until 8:30 p.m. on your way to Costco
Wholesale there's a flow down on i-20
west between exits 435 and 431 that is
causing a 16 minute delay the route via
i-20 West is still the fastest it is
thirty minutes by car are there any good
sushi restaurants nearby based on your
zip code settings here are a few nearby
popular sushi restaurants BFF bakery
Bistro and Bar Suzuki sushi and grill
sake hibachi sushi and bar and sushi
check out the Alexa app for contact info
on ours I found a few places within 8.3
the first one is Hokkaido sushi and
steak house at 4101 West Green Oaks
Boulevard in Arlington the second one is
hibachi teppanyaki and sushi at 13,000
101 south freeway in Burleson the third
one is Shinjuku Station at 711 West
Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth can you
tell me where the nearest Chase Bank is
based on your zip code settings
I found a Chase Bank nearby it's 3.1
miles away on West Eddy Lane suite 101
in Mansfield it's open now until 6 p.m.
I found a few places within 6.9 miles
the first one is Chase Bank at 3200 17
California Parkway in Fort Worth the
second one is Chase Bank at 1000 Everman
Parkway in Fort Worth the third one is
chase bank at Legrand Plaza the Fort
Worth 4,200 south freeway
se10 in Fort Worth what's trending on
Twitter right now in NPR news from –
live from NPR news in Washington I'm
Jack spear sorry I can't help with that
yet I'm still learning what are the top
news stories right now in NPR news from
tune in live from NPR news in Washington
I'm Jack spear here's the latest news
from NPR technology at 421 p.m. today
many jails are turning to video chats as
a way for inmates to connect with loved
ones on the outside remind me to take
out the trash tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. I've
added take out the trash to your to-do
sorry create reminder is not yet
supported where is Santa I'm not quite
sure how to help you with that sorry I
don't know how to help with that Mac or
PC either will work just fine
it's the typewriters you need to watch
out for according to PC – PS – Mac –
test com Mac Apple's MacBook or iMac
with its operating system Mac OS or PC
laptops are desktops running on Windows
Microsoft's operating system how many
more days until Christmas there are 20
days until Christmas Day according to
your Christmas countdown com 20 sleeps
left until Christmas 2016 if you would
like to know how many sleeps there are
left until Christmas then all you need
to do is add one to the number of days
for example if there is zero days and 11
hours left until Christmas then that
would be one fleece how is light
measured hmm I can't find the answer to
the question I heard according to lead
products a foot candle is actually one
lumen of light density per square foot
one Lux is one lumen per square meter
like lumens foot candles can be produced
as either initial or maintained
quantities workplane the level at which
work is done where illuminance is
specified and measured how do we make a
pizza the recipes or ingredients I found
for pizza are yeast
cheese flour and tomato sauce according
to Food Network spread 1/4 cup of the
tomato sauce evenly over each pizza
dough sprinkle each pizza with one ounce
of the grated cheese top the pizzas with
whatever you wish and place in the oven
bake the pizzas for 15 to 20 minutes or
until golden brown what is the
recommended daily sodium intake
hmm I can't find the answer to the
question I heard according to healthy
eating the average daily sodium intake
for Americans is 3,400 milligrams per
day an excessive amount that raises
blood pressure and poses health risks in
general Americans should limit daily
sodium consumption to 2300 milligrams
but this is an upper safe limit not a
recommended daily allowance how many
calories do push-ups burn hmm I don't
know but you can take a look at the Bing
search link I added in the Alexa app
according to Cora if you weigh 150
pounds 10 minutes of moderate push-ups
burns 57 calories while 10 minutes of
vigorous push-ups earns 96 calories I am
your father
no that's not true that's impossible
I'm sorry I'm not Luke this is kind of
awkward who's your best friend I tried
to be friends with everyone I think all
my friends are the best who's yours
what's your favorite animal I don't have
an opinion on it super cool Tigers but
you already know that so there you have
whose responses did you like better let
us know by dropping a comment down below
we'd love to hear your feedback but
anyway that does it for the video I hope
you guys enjoyed it if you did feel free
to hit that like button subscribe to the
Android Police channel if you haven't
already that does it for me and I'll
talk to you guys later
thanks for watching

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