ALTCOIN Partners w/ Google, Amazon & Microsoft!!??

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

egg yolk what is going on and what is ripe with my people the chico army and any first timer of the channel a viewer of the tube i'm the host tyler and you just entered the crypto channel that gets more hype than this big boy on

The roof boy big boy you know our friendly banter it's time

For chico crypto well big moves in the crypto markets aren't happening it's all about consolidation for over two months now since early may we have been consolidating

Into the 9k to 10k range and over the past month this range has gotten even tighter basically between 9 500 and 9k and you know what that usually means a big move one to get the markets a rumbling

Checking out this bitcoin volatility chart we can see since late 2018 when the markets start to consolidate aka volatility drops it is usually followed by a big jump up and as we can see volatility

Hasn't been this low since april of last year and then pulling out the price chart back then we can see yes we were sideways throughout april hanging around the 5k range

Volatility dropped but by may a big old pop now do not take my technical analysis as anything because it is not the markets they could go anywhere but the last time it got this

Low volatility the move was up and if we possibly go up we have to be looking at those altcoins because if you didn't notice they have been a popping lately i mean going to coin gecko

And sorting by the top gainers over the past seven days it's a very long long list of all coins who have performed in the green or better than bitcoin like a long list so let's dive into it because

Looking back at the top of that list as the number six performing coin over the past seven days is i exec rlc which is up 39 and why is this well we know from what i've covered that

Ixec is a major component of the off chain trusted compute and confidential computing consortium they have v5 of their platform releasing this summer and this month they are revealing that a

Tech giant is joining them now i made some guesses about this at first i thought it was microsoft from the squares in their announcement post but iexec has already hooked up with them and it's made public there are

Pictures of their logos together and them demonstrating together then i thought it was amd advanced micro devices which i talked about in the live stream over the weekend because they have a square like

Logo too and they joined the confidential computing consortium with ixec at the same time as a new group of 10 but there is a new contender and the crumbs make me confident

It is this one but i need to mention it's still possible it's amd but unlikely so let's first see why it could still be possible it's amd now the original members of the confidential computing consortium

Include massive names of course microsoft and intel known partners of ixec but also likes of facebook arm accenture alibaba cloud huawei but the one we need to focus on

From the ogs is the powerhouse google so how could this tie back to ixec well just yesterday google cloud and amd announced a breakthrough google cloud confidential computing

With confidential vms why is this big well from the release post google cloud encrypts data at rest and in transit but customer data must be decrypted for processing confidential computing is a breakthrough

Technology which encrypts data in use while it's being processed confidential computing environments keep data encrypted in memory and elsewhere outside the central processing unit

And then from the section of breakthrough confidentiality customers can now protect the confidentiality of their most sensitive data in the cloud even while it's being processed

Confidential vms leverage the secure encrypted virtualization sev feature of the second gen amd epic cpus your data will stay encrypted while it is used index queried or trained on encryption keys are generated in

Hardware per vm and not exportable yes there it is amd is being used to power these vms two members from the confidential computing consortium amd and google they have built a

Confidential computing tool and then just when i was actually doing this video i exec popped something off from a blog post titled i exec participates in google confidential computing beta

And the post says today google announced its confidential computing program beta release i exec is proud to have joined in this program and have been working on the project

Since the alpha release oh hmm but like i said i don't think this is the exact partner but it's still highly important for the project as a whole which we will see so where do i begin with this partner

Well the crumbs begin from a tweet they did in october of 2018 which they announced their collaboration for the ea off chain trusted compu we know microsoft we know intel but the one we should focus on

Is collido so why is this company important well going to their website they are the enterprise blockchain powerhouse and as we can see from a description from the enterprise solution

They work across clouds including microsoft and amazon yeah amazon as amazon is a partner of theirs collido from the aws partners blog posted just before iexec began working with collido

Launch enterprise-ready blockchain networks on aws in minutes with collido a consensus solution so chico tell me is amazon their secret partner

Well looking at amazon's logo no square an arrow but remember it's amazon web services and looking at their logo squares so chico that's it square's in a weak connection to collido

Well i just want to replay this ama session from october of 2019 in which they were asked about a big partner in an ama let's watch now any big name collaborations uh in the

Pipeline for us yeah and this is a question we get pretty often and so i'm sorry to disappoint people that are waiting for partnership announcements

Right now so we'll not usually don't do this during in ama uh the thing is we're talking we're with different different companies on a daily basis whether it's small companies big companies

Blockchain companies non-blockchain companies but usually these things are quite confidential actually there are even some some partnerships that would sign that we have not disclosed yet that we have not commented on

Uh why because simply we're not a dao we're not a decentralized autonomous organization so as a company sometimes we need to keep some secrets just to preserve our competitive edge now let's just replay

The beginning again when they were asked about it all body language screams a big one smiling rubbing their faces and arms now we need to go deeper and pull out the chico bulldozer and the major breadcrumb

Was actually hiding in plain sight going to i exec for enterprise website we can see some big enterprise partners listed we do not necessarily know like ubisoft but scrolling down they have a beautiful infographic on how

Iexec is helping some of their partners in confidential computing we have arm for tanix and of course that confidential computing consortium of which google and amd release the confidential vm

But then you have the blockchains of course ethereum and collido but also poa and hyperledger then you have the ux and ui including ens matamas uniswap bancore and more

The defy finally we have the infrastructure which includes microsoft azure and genesis mining okay but where in the freak is amazon well let's just click on the picture why

Don't we on the website oh there she blows aws listed as infrastructure partner a whoopsie well you shouldn't make them with 4chan on the trail as they were the ones who found this

Like i've said since the beginning of this channel that chan is a nasty dirty vile place but has some of the best crypto research and you just gotta learn to filter from it but in conclusion i kind of see the

Cloud computing wars they are a common and iexec is kind of in the middle of it which isn't a bad thing google cloud versus amazon web services and then amd versus intel like we

Mentioned google is using amd hardware and their solutions amazon has been and will continue to use intel for example from intel's website aws and

Intel have a long history of developing custom cloud solutions including amazon ec2 instances based on intel xenon scalable processors and then this blog posted just a few weeks ago

Amd is poised to gain market share in the race against intel so i exec rlc there is a reason it's been in the top of my portfolio for a good while all the cloud platforms microsoft azure

Google cloud and maybe now amazon web services are partners of theirs and being in the middle of that battle is a valuable thing cheers viewers i'll see you next time


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