Alex Albon on his two Austrian races, locking down in Hungary

by birtanpublished on July 22, 2020

hang on unmute alex are you there i'm here can you see me are you unmuted i can see you how are you doing good good good not too

Bad good are you where are you i'm in i'm in the i'm in the back of the grandstand ro g it's great where are you i'm in my driver's room we've got a different one this weekend

Oh yeah go on there let's have a look show us around okay well uh hang on you got the air con i it's no convenient i don't know why it's set at 23 i don't know if this was a planned thing um

Yes we have my racing suits we have an unnecessary amount i don't we have six racing suits in case you know there's a storm and then it goes dry and then there's a storm again helmets

In case you have a in case you have a particularly scary moment yeah yeah let's say that yeah um then we've got the shoes um we've got three pairs of shoes uh we've got a stupid amount of gloves as

Well and then um kind of snacks um we have some umbrellas in case it rains but i don't think it's gonna rain this weekend oh this is my trainer as well my trainer

Is here i forgot there's just a random irishman in the room hey patrick how are you doing you know patrick's day unbelievable alex we did the filming piece yes we spent a

Day in wimbledon together yeah yeah yeah and then that's pretty much it right well proof proof if anyone needed that they do indeed have ikea in hungary yes but listen we're so uh we're so used to

Seeing you on on your simulator on your on your your rig either on twitch or on the on the virtual racing it seemed like a good idea to do the interview like this

It's nice it feels like home this is literally my setup for you i have a halo light as well for my face so you can see it on for the simulator but that's pretty much it

It's it's it's cozy it is that's how you look so handsome so how's it going essentially how's it going coming here you had a good good result uh in styria austria 2 p4 yes i keep forgetting the the names um yes

Syria was was pretty good obviously um race one could have been better but race two was was yeah not as nice or let's say not as good um but still good points for the team so b4 so

We can't really complain too much and uh yeah i mean i think this track we'll see less straights um i think the mercedes were pretty good down there so we'll have to see how it how it goes and

Tell me was the car fully to your liking because it seemed like you struggled a bit in the first stint yeah a little bit um not too much just had some blistering

Had to manage a little bit the tyres um second stint was a lot better um but um still had a bit so yeah just still getting used to it obviously with the the upgrades being so new

You're driving a different car almost every weekend so um just a bit of lack of experience as well just getting up to speed and optimizing the package early on um because also we had that yeah we had

That wet saturday as well so we kind of we weren't happy on friday and then tried to do some things for saturday but obviously it was wet um but we did a good job i mean the car wasn't bad at all um

Just the racing points pretty quick now so they're they're not anymore a midfield team so yeah and then of course you were you were sort of semi-assaulted by a a pink mercedes having been uh touched

By a proper mercedes the week before you've got a magnet for mercedes mercedes cars or pink mercedes i know it was turned four just having like um just flashbacks i was like no not again not again

Luckily the contact was a bit more square so it wasn't as um we weren't at an angle like lewis and i so we got away with it and obviously

Sergio came off a bit worse this time um would have liked if that was the way around the other way around for race one but um it is what it is um there's no uh at least there's no turn

Four corners in uh in hungary funny enough i mean they said that the the eventual reason why he retired was might have been probably was as a result of the of the

Spin around so yeah so actually it's not like saying you know oh well you would have retired anyway yeah actually anyway you would have at least been on the podium and might have been able to overtake

Valtteri on fresher ties for the win yeah i think the initial comments were were you know at least well we were tired anyway i think that was the team just making me feel better but yeah i think there is a good chance

That was part of the issue so um it hurts a little bit but obviously that's two races to go now so we're kind of moving on getting ready for for for for this weekend no it's good to

It's good that we've got so many in a row i mean you said at the time um on the radio that you're talking about lewis you know this guy's such a sore loser um i know that was instinctive he of the

Moment stuff i mean yeah i started loser at the time well he is thinking obviously but he is i mean you all you all are as as drivers i mean you all hate to lose don't you

All hate to lose that's just within that's within your dna yeah i mean i mean we're not here to come to come third that's for sure so so yeah it was um it was a tough one obviously um

no i said it before but i would have done that move again there was no way with that advantage you have to do it early because there is the more you wait the more chance

Basically that obviously the prime tire was going to eventually get onto its normal grip level so uh we had to do it quickly um but yeah it is one of them things it is a shame um

But we've got plenty more chances to get a podium so it's not a case that you know you need to be you need to be a bit more mr nasty than mr nice guy no to be honest i think yeah the way i see

It it's just racing there's there's no there's no fingers pointing or anything like that it is pretty much um you know we're racing hard these things happen um it's more it's just coincidental that

It's happened um twice with lewis and and with sergio in in a short space of time but that's i mean i don't think anyone's to blame in any case it's just racing incidents over and over again and

But as you say a bigger picture alex you've got a great car that is capable of winning races do you think the car just needs a little bit more and then it can be a championship challenger as well

Yeah i think the the main thing is is we know there's areas to to work on historically mercedes always starts off very strongly in a in a championship and and red bull we we tend to catch up

Towards the end so um we know there's a and a space for improvement that's for sure and unlocking unlocking that potential and getting more comfortable with the car as well

Together um that that that is the aim because yeah they do have a couple of tents a few tents in hand right now but that's nothing we can't we can't get and then overtake

But if it's a faster red bull than last year's that would make it seeing as you're in your second year of formula one the best and fastest formula one car you've ever driven

How does that feel yes it must be awesome amazing couldn't ask for more it seems like it seems like you've been around longer than than a season and a half does it not

Really doesn't it to you no it still feels like my second time in in first time in formula one but yeah no it feels okay like just the um no the car feels really

Good it it's just that i think mercedes is a package have done a good step um of course we've now got racing point to contend with as well but the car's feeling good it's just

Getting into the window and just being up there um i think fp1 as well if we can start off strong we'll have a really good chance over the weekend because we won't be catching up or

Or just trying around um and spending a lot of time kind of trying to find areas to improve instead of we can just you know fine tune and do you feel you're kind of that one big result a podium or

A second or even a win away from um a more of a kind of i don't know that would sort of settle settle everything settle you down i've got that podium out the way then we can go on from here

Um not really like no to to me my approach isn't it's not oh i need this i need that i need that i need to be in the top three kind of thing it's very much like a

Okay what's the situation why do we need to improve what's the where's the car lacking where am i lacking it's a very kind of individual personal goal and the result is a result so if you get

On the podium that's a result of the hard work you've done before and there's not really a sense of i need to be here i need to be there um so yeah it's very much just chipping

Away at it um getting experience and and just optimizing the package really um different subject on the grid behind us last couple of races we've had that

We raced as one moment the end race is a moment before the race um you've you've joined with uh with lewis taking the knee showing support for uh for for for the anti-racism movement have you

Ever had any as the only asian driver on the grid have you ever faced any discrimination in your racing career truthfully i've been i've been privileged

I i've i've obviously spent a lot of my time growing up in the uk i haven't in my in my kind of from from a young age never never experienced racism but i still stand strongly by it

That's why we got to to keep it relevant um keep keep trying to show our support in any way we can and keep keep it on the front line in terms of on the news and and obviously being a platform as a

Formula one we have such a big um kind of media outlet we have so many eyes looking at us um what better way to to kind of support the fight against it well talking of that i mean you are now

A pinup boy in uh in thailand you know with the might of red bull behind you and uh you know you're like not really i think thailand's david beckham lewis hamilton and

You are come on i really don't think so i haven't been to thailand for a while just with all this situation going on so i can't tell you um we need to get you we need to get you on a billboard or

Something get ted's going into thailand ted's thailand ted's thailand i'll come over and uh yeah well come over we can do a promotion for moose hot dogs yes great we can uh travel the world

Eating different hot dogs in thailand you know that the the sausages are really spicy that's no euphemism that it is generally spicy there so we'll i don't know how you are with

Spicy food but um we'll have to uh we'll get you you saw me you saw me sweat with the uh you saw me sweat with the jungle curry in that thai rice yeah that's true actually so um we might need to do some uh

We'll we'll we'll scale you up we'll start with something pretty soft and then we'll yeah we'll go to the north of thailand you just went for the you went you went for the beef penang it was so mild

Honestly nothing nothing um but do you think you can be a role model to to thai kids or kids across asia to get into motorsport hopefully i i really um i think it's

Definitely a goal of mine especially the longer or hopefully the longer i stay in formula one i can have my own kind of way to support asian drivers especially thai drivers but asian drivers in general to to have the

Chance to to to be able to fight against drivers in in over the world in in motorsport and it's not even just drivers i think it's it's engineers it's mechanic it can be

All forms of of motorsport um because it is um something close to me and it will take some time i'm sure but okay well listen alex different different thing now um

We're all having to be a bit more locked down in budapest they're a bit more sensitive about things than austria in the open field so so who are you locked down in budapest with um with my trainer

Um i've also got patrick obviously dr marco christian horner max we can have a little rave in the rooftop bar or something i don't know what the plan is

It's also how much is a fine 15 000 euros fifteen thousand euros if you see if i if i won the race in in race one we would have just ignored it uh and gone for it

But unfortunately there's no prize money for a dnf so you don't want to do that yeah well listen fun as fun as i'm sure hell marco is on a rooftop bar it's a shame that is where's lily could lily not come out and

Lily's not really she's competing right now so there's no there's no there's nothing we need to do hopefully there's a plan after um spain uh we have that week break

So she she's over in scotland competing so i might go over and watch her play some what do you call it lynx golf is that what the pros call it with the big greens in scotland it does tend to be links golfs

So the lpga tour has started again has it it starts in two weeks okay cool there you go well listen it's been fun following you two on on instagram

You are as my kids would call are you super cute super cute great you are super you are super cute together kawaii what's uh what have you what she taught you or have you

Taught her cooking skills or something like that um pancakes she's not very good cook and i'm gonna tell her that i'm gonna let the world know she's gonna get mad at me for saying that

But i make better scrambled eggs than her um i'm not i'm not gonna hide behind the behind the fence here um but um she's good at i mean she's from la so she's good at the

You know the banana breads and the the the the healthy stuff you know what i mean yeah with with chia seeds and then you know i'm more of like a pizza pasta kind of guy

Does she like motor racing or does she find it all very boring you going around in circles all the time um she finds okay i think she didn't know too much you know them books that says like um

Them yellow books that says like uh golf for dummies she bought a racing for dummy's book um and she got clued up so she she understood um some questions she understands more

And more um but she still gets she gets a bit too nervous to watch so she doesn't really watch too much yeah you know there are only so many things that can happen to you on our links golf course

Exactly so just go to go to scotland exactly just just duck exactly well listen i want to do my goal is to do a program at one stage if i get good enough for yeah for it but definitely not not

Anytime soon so she's the pro ladies pga and you're the you're the very much at ham yeah all right brilliant well listen you're very much not an am in uh

In f1 and and i know that i know that podium's around the corner so maybe here this weekend eh great sounds good thanks tim okay all right thanks a lot cheers guys all right we

Mute we mute each other hang on unmute no mute where is it mute here we go are you still there should we how do you leave the meeting how do we leave the meeting

We leave the meeting do you need me to leave leave meeting let's mute

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