Alcatel One Touch Tribe 30.03G – Unboxing

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hello everybody this is me box and one
today today I would have an unboxing of
the Alcatel OneTouch tribe 30.0 3g this
already shows on the packaging it says
well let's instead see that zero 3G we
can already see that this is a free G
enabled phone I purchased it from eBay
from a seller called AE phone shop UK
and they had this item for 15 pounds
including 10 pounds airtime which I
thought was a bargain especially taking
a man as a free G phone of a qwerty
keyboard phone than a camera phone it is
a bargain complete bargain now I've
actually made a crazy decision this week
because how much I know I should be made
like four or five videos okay so if you
want to check that out go and check it
out my new video is four or five videos
so it's amazing right wish I don't so I
hope you enjoyed that
so let's go Hakan force unboxing now so
on the side of the box here on the
father box going to see the phone on the
side of the box we can clearly see that
what was actually in the phone so
there's a VGA camera we have MMS texting
we have wireless FM we have micro sd air
support and we have a music player so we
have even though having a microSD
support wow that's amazing he'd be many
things with that so it's and this is
your corner with France I think little
France a little partner and i were some
random writing here which i can't really
understand which is not my language and
yeah let's get cracking on the box and
this is a sim card which comes with it
and it says install the sim card 10
pound everything pack so I'm really the
link down below if you want to purchase
item so this is my invoice
ok is from EE and you can see what I've
got with this okay okay alright now
let's try let's clock on without your
phone let's press on with this actual
phone okay let's unbox by Genesis you
all says do not accept if steel is
well now I'm breaking the seal sadly
because no weights actually break the
silver slip she just felt forced to
break it okay well okay so first that
comes on in the box is the phone service
show you that it's the phone all right
so this is a food I'm gonna pull up to
the side come on trying a minute okay so
we can see that clearly what was in the
box now there's nothing so we open it we
can see something else for what you see
a cover an acetal cover you see a
battery okay and this is it's done this
is this this is battery it's a standard
battery by that I mean it's a three 650
milliamp battery so you know very –
small phone it can do quite a lot crusty
wise and we have the charger okay so the
charger it's just a three pin port if
you're in the EU UK it's a micro SD and
micro USB port and in the book again wow
we get some heads first off you take
forgot all the greatest because I think
there was a time where everyone was like
oh my god that is really odd I thought
yeah philosophical just came up there's
no man in earphone so I don't really
think I'm gonna be using the dock this
via via phone except there's like an
emergency situation then I will and then
we get these stupid manuals which are
couture company just with and I'm making
because no one actually reached them
okay so gain that also side let's look
at the phone itself so this is one of
the the things which I think everybody
in this video is looking forward to so
I'm gonna take this other package and we
can see this is the phone okay so let's
look at the phone in detail now so you
can see it has a full QWERTY keyboard
button okay so this is the full kind of
QWERTY keyboard at the bottom all right
so you can see that it's really it's
like a blackberry
can't even bear and actually it has the
scrim checked on it and it has the
buttons library again okay so this is
the back of the phone where your SIM
card goes here
your micro SD card goes in here which is
not included either battery goes in here
which is included so I'm going to put
the battery in there now and see what
happens okay so nothing happens and I
will go to put the cover on it nice
glossy if you can see that nice glossy
cover on that your phone just press down
on it like that
very nice very nice very cute and the
power button is not to be found on the
sides again it has this kind of
blackberry curve feel but is that I mean
if you look at that if you and everybody
there has a household I would curve but
the sides are very rubberized
and it's like a blackberry curve okay
and let's have a look at the back the
VGA camera and you just press down on
the red button and here it is alcatel
one touch the buttons light up
beautifully and it says set up the time
stop everything
save save and there is this is the inbox
you go inbox
you've got your voicemail you've got
your own contacts you've got your camera
or cell camera the camera is very
average not great not bad
you've got all songs are so many your
you got Twitter mm-hmm you need to do an
application first okay you've got videos
you've got games you got f1 race
neighborhood of my life but whatever
formula 1 basically Gameloft
my files calculator voice alarm settings
I think it doesn't have a it has
something called a cool filter is
something cool say cool there's no app
store in here so you can't learn any
that manager and there's Gameloft but
there's no us doing here which is a
downfall but for the amazing price of
this item to just look at you just
pressed on and spacebar I think yeah so
for the price of the phone I think
everything what you get for the phone is
amazing because everything you know the
App Store and all of that you don't
really need an app store for a 15-pound
third okay and because the price is so
amazing and so cheap this will bring a
lot of happiness to people's faces
so hopefully enjoy this video guys don't
forget to leave the video a thumbs up if
you actually enjoyed it and if you're if
you want a full view of this video this
phone don't forget to comment down below
hey so tell you guys aren't subscribe

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