AirPods Pro Review! Everything New vs AirPods 2

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Hello beautiful what's up guys everything Apple Pro here and today we got our hands on the roof odds Pro so of course Apple doesn't want to send me them early but on launch day let's check these bad boys out we've been seeing this in the leaks probably for a little

Over a month now and see them in person kind of interesting always see how close they got and let's actually test them out compare them to apples air pods – these are $249 now extra $50 is it worth it what do you get feature wise and just

Generally are they good products how's the sound so these are technically air pods three-generation wise although they're an entirely separate line I'm a little surprised that Apple didn't discontinue the original they're still

Selling the first second generation and of course these are an entirely new category with active noise cancellation I realized I don't need a knife in this one alright obviously the packaging is bigger and the actual casing is bigger

Overall though very reminiscent of air pods to here pretty much the same design and they already look smaller over here cool air pods Pro wireless charging case interesting that they need to note that because you can't really buy it without

One but okay so far pretty much the same unboxing experience and here are the air pods Pro so it's a little more egg-shaped casing is definitely interesting but pretty much like 15% larger here still has the LED in front

Although it's backed by a white insert it's not really black inside interesting ok of course we still have lightning on the bottom so Apple isn't making the transition a USBC yet although we have heard rumors before of USBC air pods

Happening in the future most likely and on the back the similar material matte feeling as air pods – just a bigger hinge here and of course a pairing button and oh nice now these definitely do look like all the means are painting

Them to look like the Pokemon Bellsprout or the plants versus zombies man they're so interesting in person so the thing about like the renders and actually seeing these in pictures is it doesn't really justify the

Design in person wow that's definitely interesting they're very tiny very short so in comparison to the original air pods they are definitely shorter more stout chunkier but the stem itself is shorter the antenna if you will and I

Think that that's more aesthetically pleasing to me definitely than having this stick out of your ear I remember how ridiculous feeling this was originally when they just came out but now it's just normal so this improves on

That and let's uh let's take a look at that design so I always love seeing the little tiny things that Apple does now on the side here we have the force sensor which doesn't actually have any 3d touch element to it from what I hear

It just reproduces a sound inside when you press it to emulate a click on the bottom the actual stems are more efficient now they're just a very small contact point on the left and right and there's a microphone built in so that's

Apple's fashion right there to constantly improve and make the design more efficient simpler I love it now there's an actual sensor in this black area right here so they combined this area very clean so instead of

Having those two elements being separate I love that about Apple constantly refining constantly improving and I'm assuming this sensor here gets replaced here and of course we have our text in the same area as the original air pods

Now let's see about removing these tips so oh wow it's quite a bit of force that holds those in they're not perfectly round I thought they were but no and dad just pops back in and Wow it's actually a lot less effort to put it back in than

It is to remove it okay so so far everything's checking out I'm liking it a lot let's test out the actual fit so you'll get it wrong probably half the time as they won't fit both ways okay so with an iOS 13 point to equip device

Here let's open these up okay no response right away but there's not one air Potts probe familiar animations and connects it's that simple and they're now connected so it does give you this little tutorial this is new the media

Controls Chris wants to play pause twice to skip and then three times to go back and then noise control you press and hold the force sensor to enable the transparency mode and then of course you have the

Additional controls in the control center let's test out that fit without even trying out the other tips I'm assuming these are the ones for me they seal the ear canal passage pretty much perfectly sounds very strange so in the

Control center you have these ping-pong paddles now a really funny looking icon and there's noise cancellation let's try transparency mode oh wow that is strange it's like talking to yourself in an echo chamber but it sounds really good so

With Kanye's new album here I can hear things outside of the music I'm playing but at the same time hear the music it's the coolest thing I say that alone is worth fifty dollars in fact you can probably keep you safe even in traffic

Walking around in public maybe someones trying to get your attention or maybe you're passively trying to listen to someone while still enjoying your music you could do that with these that is cool I didn't think I'd like that that

Much okay men you can turn noise cancellation off oh wow that is such a big difference I am genuinely shocked at how good that is so my favorite headphones are the Bose 700 and this doesn't have that same level of

Noise cancellation as those are on ear or over ear headphones but I'm genuinely shocked at how big of a difference the modes make as it's not just a gimmick Apple has put in the effort and as we know inside there's a microphone on the

Inside and on the outside of the airport's probe and wow it definitely works there's another big feature with this exhaust port here is that it uses a new mesh type of grille which actually protects against wind buffeting better

And I'm excited to test that out outside overall though I'm liking these a lot design wise alone I mean what do I look like oh yeah way smaller I mean I hope you don't look down on regular air pod owners because there will be a

Difference I'm just kidding I mean that's cool I'm very impressed at how sleek and small they look now let's see the shake test see if we can uh so you can make them fall out but it's not easy to do I'd say with regular

Air pods it's probably oh no nope both stay in your ear fairly well well this one you really have to seal off and push them in there for them not to fall out I don't think that'll be an issue at all let me test out that force sensor though

Ooh the click is so subtle plays a little click noise effect into your ear it's so interesting man how they emulated a real click even though nothing is being depressed on the plastic and then double tap triple tap

And then you hold the force sensor to enable transparency mode there's a nice sound effect when that disables and enables it works that's probably my favorite feature the force sensor slash transparency mode Apple has killed it uh

That alone is worth fifty dollars for me now as far as we know battery life isn't any better although if you are using the active noise cancellation it is thirty minutes worse versus air pods – let's check out the actual sound quality how

These compare and we'll do some audio sharing here so when it's in dual mode there's this new interface here very cool so it won't let you use noise cancellation without both air prods huh so I'll play the same song on both sets

Of air pods and I'm already fairly used to this sound quality let's try out air pods – I would definitely say there is an improvement like I could not tell the difference between air pods – and air pods one but here it's a richer sound

Although these were always good obviously with active noise cancellation you're gonna get a more isolated sound but even the sound driver itself sounds a little bit more powerful it's quieter in the same noise level but I can make

Out the details maybe a little bit better it's a little richer sound now obviously these are the pro version so you are going to be getting pro level audio whatever that means still I'm very impressed so Apple man

Somehow they always knock it out of the park and of course the design looks better than the leaks showed and Apple did include in the settings for air pods Pro some adjustment modes and this is of course to get the perfect

It's I assume that out of the box they're gonna use the one that's likely to fit the most amount of people but inside you have some replacement tips here or different sized tips and small large and I'm assuming of course these

Are medium so your tip fit test so this does a quick algorithm determining oh yeah good seal if there's a good seal uses both microphones and that's this is really brilliant thinking right here I love this so medium seems to be the one

For me but I do want to see if we do use the wrong fit will it be able to determine that let's see what it says with a not good tip fit set oh it says good seal – hmm so I guess I can use either or one of those large

Just for the heck of it want to see it's a bad seal let's see what it says adjust or try a different here tip man are my tears different sizes No ok now it says good seal so I guess it isn't always accurate or my ears are very adjustable

But I'm assuming medium works best for me here that's good engineering I can't believe they were able to get this down to such an exact science that click amazing work so at this point would I prefer them

Over air Potts – absolutely the transparency mode just sold me the sound quality's fantastic it's obviously more isolated and let's go out on the deck and see if I can actually hear my music better versus air pods – with some

Traffic in the background okay so we have traffic going on construction downstairs a lot of ambient noise here some birds chirping with air pods – in and this is all of course subjective so I can hear a lot of background noise I'd

Have to turn it up fairly loud here in order to muffle it by being louder than that noise and popping in apple's new air pause pro Oh craziest weird popping noise but most definitely I cannot hear the background noise it's

Just me and my music as it should be very impressive then again you're probably gonna get similar sound from sony's new 1000 series probably even better but for $249 an upgrade over standard air pods – I say without a

Doubt it is worth it personally you're getting that force sense or a transparency mode pretty much a smaller cleaner design ending in the sound quality I'd say is marginally better but it is better so one more thing about

These is that they are water-resistant and Apple says an IP x4 rating meaning they can be splashed from any direction I wouldn't go so far as to go into a pool with them but that capability certainly is there if you want to get

Really sweaty or really intense workout and just for the kicks I want to test the range here both do a Bluetooth 5.0 so playing one of Kanye's greatest hits let's take a walk here I seriously love these like I did not think that I would

Walk away loving them but I do way better than power beats Pro I would not even consider getting those knowing that these are out just easy pop right in now I never really liked the way power beats Pro wrap around your ears so far I'm in

Love with them okay hope nobody steals those were getting pretty far we're a hundred feet + now actually both just cut out ear plugs – in and out yeah I'd say the range is identical no difference there so both

Cut out literally at the same spots same bluetooth 5.0 technology can't expect much else one more thing I'd like to mention is in the box you get a USB see – lightning cable which means if you don't have the new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro

Or the new iPad with 18 watt power block you will not be able to charge your new air pods so keep that in mind that's an extra $29 on top of the 249 that Apple's already asking for otherwise closing thoughts guys I love them the design

It's a little freaky at first but you'll get into it trust me is worth it the new transparency mode is great I love the force sensor now this is the air pod upgrade we've all been waiting for and we all wanted no health

Sensors of any kind which is surprising we were hearing about that but overall a great upgrade and worth the $50 in every way lastly last chance to win one of six ear pods I'll be drawing winners in just a

Few days here on details on a giveaway down below in the description ok guys thanks for watching that's air pods Pro and I approve

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