AirPods Pro Released! Everything New & Worth $249?

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

It was up guys earpods pro are now real Apple has now announced their new AR pods lineup the air pods Pro and they're due for release in just two days here on October 30th and this video wanted to go over everything that's new with them and got some new news to throw in there as

Well so I've been a little sick sorry for the delay here got construction happening in my house it's just like the house shaking I had to ask them to stop to film this but anyways so watching the release today in Apple's advertisement I

Gotta say the design is just perfect somehow Apple always surprises us with the final product you know the leaks cannot do justice to that product and these things are smaller than I thought they're very

Short they're a little heavier than the predecessor air pods to their 5.4 grams now versus four little stock here but overall the design is solid like it looks good and right away it can be distinguished that you're using a new

Product in fact the old air pods now have a longer stem and those start to look strange once you understand and accept this design and just like the leaks showed us it's a peashooter look it looks a lot like something you'd find

In plants vs. zombies or a certain type of Pokemon it's very cool I personally like it and what surprised me is that there's three different ear tips so those are adjustable and there's an actual interactive ear tip test that

Apple is including this will basically use technology in the microphones to adapt the certain type of ear tip size to your ear and it'll use some algorithms and the microphones to determine which one is the best fit for

You that is cool I've never seen a single other microphone do something like that so I like that Apple's bringing innovation to an in-ear solution and they started $249 so they're obviously more expensive than

Standard air pods what do you get for the money what make these so special over air pods – are they worth it so first off there's active noise cancellation Apple has included a microphone on the inside and on the

Outside and they work in tandem to determine you know the best settings oice cancellation for where you're at and of course with that sealed design you're gonna get a level of sound that you wouldn't with air pods – of course

Until using them we cannot tell you how good they are but you know this is Apple we're talking about here and I have no doubt that they will truly be superior to air pods standard or air pods – also very interesting is on the stem there's

A new touch sensor it's a force touch sensors what happens it so it's not necessarily just a touch you actually have to apply some force this be a form of 3d touch that they're implementing into this so in a way 3d

Touch is living on just different ways here now along with that force touch sensor Apple is including a couple new force touch shortcuts that we haven't seen on air pods – there's a press and hold to switch between active noise

Cancellation and a new mode called transparency mode by the way transparency mode is coming to beat solo Pro with iOS 13.2 released today but what it does is it allows you to hear your music while hearing the outside

World – so if you're walking in public and you're afraid that you're gonna get hit by a car this would open up that mode where you can hear background noise but still relatively hear your music I really can't say what it's like again I

Have not heard them two days to go until that one but it sounds like a very cool feature something that the Bose headphones have the new Bose 700s so you can do a half way mode on the noise cancellation where you can still

Somewhat hear I basically see this as being that but implement it into the software better you don't have to go into the Bose app to do it of course you're paying for the Apple integration here it's super cool the other press

Gestures include just one tap to play pause or answer a phone call double tap to skip a song and in a triple tap to go backwards that's pretty much how air pod clones function and now apple's brought that over to air pods pro so the

Functionality there is even different compared to air pods – now on the inside in the x-ray view that Apple has given us these things that look like a work of art like Apple has taken a time to make them Pro on the inside I'd say a lot

More advanced over air pods – and I'm just admiring that picture also the 11pro logic board like this thing is a work of art on its own and you can expect Apple to basically apply the principle of miniaturization to every

Product going forward now these air pods Pro are the first to have a system in package chip this is where everything is on one chip which optimizes things makes it more efficient on the inside oh the components aren't scattered like on air

Pods one or two now these also have the Apple h1 chip inside on this system in package chip so you can expect relatively similar results to the air pots too in terms of performance and speed I'd say the biggest reason that

Apple did this was to maximize space inside of the air pods it's a very small form factor even smaller than standard air pods so that gives them the ability to do the big battery possible on the inside and I'm

I'm really looking forward to the teardown by I fix are these using a similar metal shaped battery as the series 5 Apple watch with 40 millimeters with the aluminum enclosure because I don't recognize the battery in their

Teardown picture Apple has also added a sweat and water ipx4 water resistant rating to these new ear pods Pro which means they're not submersible but you can be splashed from any direction essentially go running in the rain or

Have a heavy workout without any fear of damaging the actual air pods and as far as battery life they're exactly the same as air pods – with active noise cancellation turned off as soon as you enable that feature battery life goes

Down to 4.5 hours on the actual air pods the casing has over 24 hours of battery life in reserve so pretty much the same just a little step down with the new pro features still gray I've never went one session where I drain them completely

Unless it's like a long flight and in five minutes they can recharge an hour of usage time so not really a problem we haven't seen that new battery life or fast charging that max whine back rumored so that was a little

Disappointing to see also in the Box Apple is including a USB C to lightning cable which is interesting but considering that the new iPhones come with that USB C block it makes sense the fact that it has lightning what does

That say about the 2020 iPhone you know it's very likely that we will see air pods with USB C in the future it's very likely that the iPhone is going to USB C in 2020 you know III don't think it really matters that Apple's sticking to

Lightning it's really gonna take a long time for them to transition over entirely unlike all their accessories and over the weekend from economic daily news we heard that there might be new colors on air pods Pro such as midnight

Green or a black version to match the new iPhone colors so far that has not materialized and I wonder if Apple could drop that as a special edition in the future but B stick with the same color palette as air pods one or two in just Y

And air Potts Pro aren't even out but the clones are being worked on the air pods one and two have got to be one of the most cloned Apple products ever and already air pods Pro are going to be seeing a clone as we saw a leaked shell

Of that clone over the weekends so I'll be checking that out when it's out and as predicted I was 13.2 did drop today before the official release of air pods Pro or beats solo Pro dropping on the same day Wednesday October 30th so in

Order to those fully you will need to update to that version it's a fantastic software update I've been using the beta for a long time and all the features new emojis if you want to learn more about

Those I'll leave a link to the review down below and the new apple tile like competitor which we've seen leaked extensively in Iowa's Vedas has once again been referenced in 13.2 and it's called air tag that will likely be the

Official naming of that new product there was also reference found to the fact that these will have a replaceable battery inside and a new setup menu basically confirms this showing you that there is a pull tab that you pull out

From between the battery to activate this device confirming replaceable battery will very likely be a thing here I'm very excited for this product you know I like tile but this will be integrated in iOS perfectly I'm excited

For that now as for release there is speculation that we might be seeing products dropped every single day of the week like we did last year as Apple's gonna have this very fun release week so we might see this new Apple air tag the

Mac Pro final released they dropped two and potentially new smart battery cases which have also just been shown in iOS 13 point two so the new images basically confirm Apple is releasing these for the 11:11 Pro and 11 Pro Macs they look

Identical to the older ones so we should be seeing those here fairly soon if not this week you know very likely by end of year an apple also pushed out an update for iOS twelve twelve point four point three with security fixes it's simply

Amazing that they're still supporting older phones like the iPhone 6 down to the 5s and all the iPads with the latest security fixes unlike Android you know forcing you to get a new phone just to have the latest security

I respect apples so much for that and a couple other reports regarding future iPhones which got me very excited one from digit times which was taken out of context by some media outlets saying that the future iPhone will have a

Promotion 120 Hertz display in 2020 which isn't exactly what the report said what the report said was that there would be more demand for a high refresh rate display on phones coming out with 5g in 2020 and Beyond which adds

Speculation to the fact that Apple will be doing it on next year's iPhone not specifically that they would they basically said it remains to be seen if they'll add it but we did hear earlier from ice universe that Apple was looking

Into a 120 it's display so one can hope it's certainly technology that's not impossible anymore just depends on whether Samsung will be adding or creating those displays or will Apple

Have to seek out other suppliers to add it to the iPhone so not only could future iPhones feature a promotion 120 Hertz display the elec is claiming that Apple will be adding an LTO display to upcoming iPhones which is the same

Display that the Apple watch series 5 got in order to enable the always-on display mode so essentially it's a variable refresh rate display which would perfectly tie in with the rumor that promotion is happening but they're

Not necessarily needed to work on their own so this would enable a refresh rate from 1 to 60 Hertz and you need a 1 Hertz display in order to run and always-on display this would essentially allow for

Complications on the iPhone you know much like the Apple watch has many apps that work in an always-on mode I would love to see that on the iPhone I'm truly excited for the future of software on the iPhone me an apple is killing it I

Seriously don't even recognize this company anymore with the amount of innovation they've been doing recently they've simply out done any of my expectations for them so I'm excited for 2020 more and more also Ming Chico has

Published a new report on the iPhone se 2 claiming that Apple is entering production in January and they'll go on sale in March so it's very likely that Apple will indeed have a March event where they'll announce the new iPhone se

2 and he expects them to sell between 2 to 4 million a month alright so there it is air pods probe we'll have a review on those later this week really excited to get my hands on those otherwise stay tuned for more peace

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