AirPods Pro Confirmed! + Fresh iPhone SE 2 Leaks

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Hey guys big news day today earpods Pro have been confirmed that's the naming of Apple's upcoming air pods and I'm an exclusive leak on those the iPhone se 2 we have a pricing and relative release date and some stuff on the 20/20 iPhones and more Apple news

And before I begin just wanted to say I'm still finishing up the giveaway we have two days left until we're giving away a tie phones with mr. who's the boss last chance link down below and for this

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The latest post and I'll be announcing winners in about a week here ok let's get into the news so most recently a report out of China from EDM is claiming the Apple will be calling their upcoming air pods ear pods Pro it'll be a

Different line from the air pods to your air pods one a more professional version of the air pods and we've already seen that design being leaked they're basically confirming the naming will go pro they make sense the new iPhones have

Gone pro we have the iPad pro MacBook Pro Apple's pretty much putting it's an entire line into a consumer version and then a pro version for also consumers I mean the new iPhones are hardly Pro but the naming works they're also claiming

The pricing will be going up of course with that pro naming how can it not from two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars that doesn't sound too bad if this will indeed be a more professional version of the air pods and we'll get

Into those details as to why it'll be Pro and from the guys over at potaka that make these really cool cases they sent me this a hands-on with the upcoming air pods probe and it gives us a cleaner image of that leaked prototype

Casing essentially confirming everything that we know this is the design of Apple's upcoming air pods Pro it looks very similar to air pods to just an elongated casing button on the back LED on the front very similar looking hinge

Just a little beefier and it appears Apple didn't stray too far from air pods to design pretty much the same thing here on the inside we've already seen the confirmed design from Apple in the iOS leaked and all in all it's a beefier

Slightly larger version of the air pods in ear these are likely to be water resistance and of course have a host of new features and in Patong COEs memo to me there saying that between insiders the number

Three hundred and fifty nine dollars is going around which really seems excessive who would pay that much more over standard air pods for the pro naming it just doesn't seem justified I'm hoping that's a mistake and it's two

Hundred and fifty nine dollars which seems fair matching up to the edn report and if you want your own plastic prototype earpods Pro casing Vania Gaskin says you can buy it for forty thousand dollars by a Bitcoin or

Cash in person take that as you will and I have an exclusive report with Max Weinberg regarding air pods pro before that report broke today he did confirm to me the air pods Pro will be the correct naming for these upcoming air

Pods some details about the casing it will support wireless charging and the battery life in the casing itself will be about double that of air pods – or original air pods also the battery life will be better in

The actual stems or the air ponds themselves although he isn't aware of how much better it will be over air pods – and way back in the day I actually brought you a leak with max wine back regarding air pods and a casing itself

Being larger on the upcoming version that wasn't correct for air pods – it was correct here it's obviously a larger casing and in that report fast-charging was also mentioned that Apple will have a faster charge option for these ear

Pods Pro so you'll be able to potentially recharge not only the air pods inside but the casing itself faster than standard air pods – and a 50/50 chance that a matte black colorway will make it into production max why max says

It's unclear at this point if Apple will be pursuing that but we did hear rumors about that for air pods – originally from actually several different sources that Apple was looking into matte black ear pods that's definitely one of my

Biggest feature requests for upcoming air pods and as for release they Apple will announce these at their next Hardware events which Max Weinberg says will likely be spring 2020 I'm less and less convinced that we'll even see an

October event this year it's quite late for them to be sending out invites but I'll wait until Monday or Tuesday to pass judgment on that Neal sigh Bart says that if there were to be an October event it would likely be on October 28th

Maybe 29th but no later and if we don't see one in October the next zone will of course be in spring and lastly requests that ear pods Pro I really hope that Apple will include the U one chip inside of the casing

Allowing the air pods Pro to be tracks within a few feet within a building this chip was included in the 11 and 11 pros this year an ultra wideband sensor the potential for it is huge there's actually a write up I'll include down

Below that goes into detail as to why this is one of the biggest most monumental things to happen with the 11pro this year and to be included in the upcoming air pods which they speculate it maybe would be

Revolutionary you'd never lose them again you know exactly where they were in the building without needing sound or something complicated like that and not to mention perimeter fencing if you left your air pods Pro behind your iPhone

Could notify you letting you know how many feet you walked from them really cool stuff and my boy Ming Chico is back with a new report on the iPhone se 2 he's claiming Apple will be launching it in quarter one of 2020 further leading

Credence to the fact that Apple will have a spring events and it'll have a starting base price of three hundred and ninety nine dollars with 64 gigabytes likely to jump up to 449 I'm guessing maybe $4.99 at 128 gigabytes and he gave

Some hardware details we'll see the Apple II 13 Bionic inside 3 gigabytes of RAM and three colors silver space grey and red probably product red since this is being derived from an iPhone 8 design and he confirms no 3d touch I'm a little

Disappointed that they won't add a new colorway if he's correct since this is a special edition but then again it may not even be called the iPhone se Ben Lovejoy of 905 max speculates that this will not be an iPhone se 2 as everyone

Is naming him Apple will have their own dedicated name for this device and from a report back in April from economic Daily News they claimed the iPhone se too would be called the iPhone X II which actually makes sense to me

Although I don't know what that would stand for 10 additions and a report from Dan Ives at Wedbush claims that all four new iPhones in 2020 likely including this se will have 5g capability rear 3d sensing cameras and motion control

Whatever that means possibly radar control like gestures like on the new pixel 4 to me it seems really unlikely that Apple would add 5g and a 3d sensing camera to the iPhone se but just wanted to include that bang Chieko also claimed

That the iPad with a rear 3d sensing camera will be arriving in of 2020 which leads me to believe that a spring event is far more likely than an October event this year as the iPad is on a one and a half year release cycle

And a triple lens camera basically just confirmed by Ming Chico will be happening in a spring Ling Chico himself did say that the rear 3d sensing camera would only be happening on two of the 20/20 iPhones the iPhone 12 and iPhone

12 Pro likely and Ming Chico delivers some bad news on the 2020 iPhones saying they will likely be more expensive significantly so because of two things one the new frame design because of some new composite materials Apple will be

Using and that new iPhone 4 like sandwich design Apple is putting significant resources here into that making it work and 5g connectivity if you thought 5g would be cheap you are wrong you will likely be paying more for

Your service and for the phone supporting that service as Apple will be paying royalties to Qualcomm for their five G modems up until likely 2022 Fast Company is saying that that's the strict deadline when Apple wants to develop

Their in-house modem although they do speculate that it likely won't happen because of all the testing and certification required to develop its own modem and they're pushing that date back to 2023 predicted release date for

Apple's in-house 5g modem by the way we adjusted our 2020 iPhone design made it a bit sleeker it still has a rounded profile we tried to keep that as much as possible because I'm more than positive Apple will let's still be more blocky

IPhone 4 like as the leak suggested and will be adjusting that as we learn more and more leaks throughout 2020 and from the madman over at strange parts Scotty he's trying to put USBC or install a USB C port on the iPhone 11 Pro he's a guy

That was known for the headphone jack and I really wish him the best I would love to see this before Apple adds it on their own 2020 iPhones and the 16 inch MacBook Pro design has leaked let's just say I'm extremely disappointed not at

All what I expected from such a big refresh found by Mac generation in the latest beta of Mac OS some pictures referencing the 16 inch MacBook Pro directly and when you overlay them with the 15 inch you can tell that it is

Different the leaks did say that the bezels would be shrinking indeed they have but not by much I mean the Dell XPS is look way more futuristic than the bottom portion got a little wider I'm assuming a bigger battery it will be

A much more capable computer and apples beefing it up although I expected the display to look a lot more futuristic regardless I am still excited for it I'd like a larger display and even a midnight Green Edition isn't that too

Much to ask for I think now what would be interesting – midnight green all the things and for those of you with an older iPhone 10 or 10 s that wanted an Lemmon pro but didn't want to splurge here's an easy mod for you just take

This sticker pop it on the back no shell swap even necessary to get that 11 Pro look thought this was the highlight of the week really funny I'm sure it'll fool a good amount of people and a completely pointless mod the one that

Made me go cool you can turn an 11 pro into an 11 Pro max with a simple transistor swap on the logic board they're the same logic board except for that one transistor and then it'll show up as an 11 Pro max in your settings

Yeah I don't know why you'd want to do that but it's possible am tech published their iPhone 11 Pro review inside they're claiming that the a13 processor in the 11 Pro is twice as fast as a competition and this goes in line with

The new snapdragon 865 processor benchmarks that just leaked which show an improvement over the 855 but not as much as you think still behind the Apple a 13 considerably in the single core score by about 1250 points multi-core is

Almost there and ok guys that's it thanks for watching do participate in the iPhone 11 giveaway if you haven't already and six new air pods be given away on phone rebel all details down below thanks for watching


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