AirPods 3 Final Design & iPhone SE 2 Confirmed!

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

hey welcome back everyone got a
jam-packed Apple news and leek session
for you today including the new air pods
3 the actual design has leaked via Apple
all but confirmed we had some difficulty
modeling that up but finally got it and
render that up for you not so bad
actually got the iPhone se 2 and some
fresh details on that and it's
definitely not what we thought it would
be but still will be I think a fairly
unique device coming in 2020
some future Apple tech the new ipad
pro's and more wanted to say sorry I'm a
little bit behind on some videos here
we've been working on a case trying to
release that by end of year working on
the website for pre-orders right now and
I'll have more info on that soon anyways
starting with air pods 3 so this
actually leaked in iOS 13 point to the
first beta a glyph was found in the
accessibility section in regards to a
new focus mode and we'll talk about that
in a second but the actual design is
directly correlated to an earlier leak
from slash leaks you can say that these
are 1 & 1 look very similar actually
commented earlier about that leaked from
slash leaks that the case looks very
reminiscent of apples that it actually
has the same LED placement in the front
a very similar looking hinge in the back
and actually rendering that up you can
see that the similarities certainly are
they're very close in design to air pods
to now as for the actual air pods
they're shorter they feature a shorter
stem and they're an in-ear headphone
that was rumored that Apple has been
focusing primarily on sound for the
upcoming air pods
I'd say the design is a blend of the
beats in ear headphones combined with
current air pods so it is an in-ear
headphone but I'm sure that Apple will
do it fairly well personally I've never
liked in-ear headphones and my opinion
may be changed with this one it's a very
beefy design just that inner ear part
the stem is actually shorter and I do
like that and the design overall will
look very similar to air paws will
likely have that silver portion on the
bottom for charging the left/right
labels and one thing I noticed is that
the actual proximity sensor is now built
into the exhaust port on the side so
that's a nice little cleanup of the
design but there is an additional sensor
which could in part be for some sort of
health sensor details are scarce I mean
we only have that glyph in that
prototype casing but we were able to
determine the final design from this and
I personally don't think it
look so bad the new Microsoft Surface
earbuds look way worse in my opinion
like so it's like a coin in your ear in
comparison to that these look pretty
dang good to me now in conjunction to
that glyph MacRumors also found
reference to a new focus mode which is
probably a beefed-up version of live
listen it's like hearing aids but using
your air pods instead and these are in
ear headphones so it's understandable
why Apple would dedicate a certain mode
to that now now what else do we know
about these upcoming air pods before air
pods – or even announced there were a
ton of rumors and leaks regarding some
features coming to those but then they
were pushed back to a future version of
air pods which we're now gonna be seeing
one of those rumors being a matte black
coating so Apple could finally be giving
the air pods a new finish part of their
distinguishing factor was the fact that
they were white everyone knew right away
those were air pods but now with a black
I guess it won't stand out as much I
certainly think it's long overdue for a
matte black option I'll be very cool
easier to keep clean I think also a very
big one is water resistance the new
iPhone is incredibly water resistant why
not make the air pods as well and this
will likely be some form of splash
resistance you don't need to swim with
your air pods so I don't see why
waterproofing would necessarily be
important but splash resistance would be
sweat resistance currently the air paws
are not officially rated at all but they
seem to handle it fairly well so Apple
will be expanding upon that with these
upcoming ear pods three in a biometric
sensor has long been talked about that
Apple will be adding some sort of health
monitoring to the air pots they've been
focusing on it extensively with the
Apple watch it only makes sense and that
sensor could be a PPG sensor a blood
flow sensor recent patent filing
indicates that Apple is working on
adding this to the air pods and that
could be what that little sensor is on
the inner ear parts so Apple is working
extensively to add a ton of features to
these to make it worth your while they
will likely be more expensive at 249 to
$300 over air pods – with a release
dates potentially being announced in
October and a release date by end of
year that's what many of the leaks have
been saying and I thought it was funny
that ESR is already planning a sleeve
for the air pods 3 these companies I've
noticed that it's been a recent trend
here design a case for an unreleased
product build hype and then when it
comes out people already know that your
okay on something for it's just free
marketing and a few more concepts of the
air pods three one from phone industry
which Maj ins these air pods in several
different colors
the one little design thing that I'm
seeing from concept to concept is no one
really knows how the connection between
the stem and the actual in-ear part will
work so some of them have this weird
distorted stretched design and has been
proven time and time again Apple always
makes it end up looking way better like
the iPhone 11 Pro lenses with that bold
design it look ended up looking way
better than any of the concepts we
release and next up the iPhone se 2 has
been detailed by Ming Chico this
long-awaited long hyped device is
actually real but it won't be as
exciting as you think so it will be a
smaller iPhone but it'll be a 4.7 inch
iPhone like design in fact Apple will
likely copy most of the design from the
iPhone 8 although he didn't say it would
be a carbon copy most if not all of the
changes are happening internally this is
a budget and device I don't think that
Apple wants to spend too much time on
R&D and just making it its own special
thing much like the original iPhone se
recycled parts and the chassis from the
iPhone 5s this will likely be the same
thing so we'll see some internal
differences he's saying we'll see the
Apple a 13 and 3 gigabytes of RAM which
is adequate for a device this small and
he believes we'll see 30 to 40 million
units shipped in 2020 meaning that
there's a considerable amount of people
holding out for a cheaper iPhone a
smaller iPhone and this could be it
coming quarter 1 of 2020 so our design
imagines a fresh take on the iPhone 8 of
course I highly doubt that Apple would
do something like this give it its own
little platform on the lens similar to
the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro I just thought
it would be cool to mimic that style I
do hope that they Center the Apple logo
but again they don't have to I feel like
they did that on the new ones in part
because of how big the lens was and they
wanted to take some attention away from
that with that logo placement although I
do think it would look cool on a device
this small also a map back is of course
unlikely as Apple is saving that for
their premium devices so Glaus will
likely be the finish although a matte
what would look pretty cool here and
like the original se I'm assuming that
Apple will be adding at least one
special edition in color to entice some
people to upgrade from older iPhones
Ming Chico is saying that the main
upgrade focused
here is I phone six owners people that
are not enticed by the full-screen
design of the iPhone 10 and newer
devices that still like a home button
touch ID so they're the ones that will
be upgrading to the new iPhone se likely
to be priced nine to five Mac estimates
roughly about 350 to 399 dollars in a 32
gigabyte configuration and looking
towards the future of the iPhone Apple
is working extensively on removing the
iPhone knotch and now there's an
exciting new patent showing us in which
method they'd be doing this it's very
complex I'll try and explain it how I
understood it but essentially the notch
would still be there
it would just be hidden beneath the
layer of OLED pixels and Apple will be
using color filters to allow the true
depth camera system to work through
those pixels when they're not in an
emissive state meaning that they'll be
turning black when you're using the
camera you'll still have a little mini
notch up there or potentially just
little circle black cutouts where the
camera is in use when it's not in use
those will go back to an active state
and you'll have that full screen display
now how soon this will be coming to your
iPhone it's very unlikely it'll be next
year in 2020 we've heard many rumors
saying that Apple is switching to a
smaller knotch style and as we know
Apple has a three year cycle now three
years of the same design so we would be
seeing a notch less iPhone as soon as
2023 even Vania Gaskin agrees 20% is how
likely Apple will be going notch less in
I've been disappointing to hear but this
technology cannot be rushed if you want
it to be perfect and seeing as how many
other Android competitors are still
battling with the notches you know I
don't think Apple is in a hurry here
they're probably gonna take their time
and release when ready
and of course nickel and dime you along
the way and the cool thing about that
tech is that it would allow touch ID to
work on the display in the very same
manner and in a separate report Ming
Chico is also predicting that Apple will
be releasing their first mini LED
displays on an iPad in a MacBook as soon
as the end of next year quarter 3 of
2020 or quarter 1 of 2021
so that display technology will have
been improved they're using it first on
the pro XDR display which only has 576
of these mini LEDs the upcoming iPad or
MacBook display will have as many as
10,000 so Apple is slowly perfecting it
before adding it to the iPhone and it's
exciting to see that we're not that far
away from this tech now before we see
that mini LED iPad at the end of 2020
we'll be seeing a refresh with that
triple lens camera this month likely and
Mac rumors actually obtained a dummy
model from sunny Dixon and they shared
with us what that could look like the
actual orientation of the lenses is not
the same as the iPhone 11 probe I'd like
it to have been although this doesn't
look terrible it does have a different
border so it could be that there's a
good reason why Apple didn't arrange it
in the same way then again this might
not even be accurate I would love to see
a midnight green version of the new iPad
as well and I never thought this would
be possible again but you can run
theoretically Android on the iPhone 10 8
7 and older series all those new iPhones
with the recent boot ROM exploit by
axiom X now someone would have to make
drivers make it all compatible but you
could install Android on these devices
things to an unlocked bootloader now
that blows my mind I've done that before
with the 2g and 3G on this channel using
I droid now it could theoretically be
possible and I'm sure someone will do it
on the iPhones hat I'd love to see that
another super cool thing you can do
because of that boot ROM exploit is
verbos boot on the latest iOS 13
firmware is on the iPhone 10 and that's
just such a cool process to see the
inner workings of the iPhone it blows my
mind that these iPhones will be jel
breakable for life and will continue to
see all the latest iOS firmware as being
jailbroken on these devices ok guys
that's the latest collection we've got
ear pods 3 the new iPhone se 2 and more
products coming at this October events
be keeping you updated on any more
details stay tuned face

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