Africa’s heaviest music scene

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

you can find heavy metal in almost any

part of the world China Cuba

Jacksonville but many consider Africa to

be metals last frontier and so Botswana

in metal is a rare and rad treat

in 2012

reddit user Depot made this amazing map

using data gathered from encyclopedia

Matt Allen to try to determine the most

mental countries in the world

no big surprise up there in Scandinavia

but there is obviously some undiscovered

country pockets here and there yet

untouched by the magic of DL

most notable though is almost the entire

continent of Africa painted a light non

heavy baby blue but we know that metal

has crossed languages and borders and

built up a global community to the point

where there is a very popular

documentary called Global metal in high

school I played Purple Haze on stage

with a black one of these all the Indian

kids that listing the remixes and indie

pop stuff I don't relate to all that

I've won my music to be strong it's no

surprise then that when bands in

Botswana started to make noise good and

loud noise people were stoked

rust spell twr UST are the poster boys

for Botswana's metal seat bikes wrote

about them in 2011 blabbermouth has been

profiling them since 2004 and in 2014

they were the focus of a feature-length


but one band does not AC make people

skin Flint

in my personal favorite because their

name and vibe is so good over thrust

there are two reasonable reactions I'm

expecting in the comments right about

now one is this is rad and I'm going to

go check it out right now

and the second is why who cares where a

band is from and I sort of understand

that but I think what we've seen with

the global spread of heavy metal is that

regional sounds can be one of the most

exciting things about discovering a new

band new ideas new instrumentation I

always use Sonic as an example of this

boomed in Taipei in 1995 banach are a

death metal band or a symphonic black

metal band or a folk metal band

depending on who you're talking to and

they've always incorporated defined

political themes from their homeland

alongside traditional Taiwanese musical

elements like the airfield which sounds

more like this when it's not ripping on

stage at Ozzfest and while they

certainly incorporate non metal

influences Japan's wagashi ban famously

mailed traditional instrumentation into

their folk metal James

for all of its rules around hair and

t-shirt color metal is generally a genre

that is wildly open to new

interpretations like bukkake band and

because it tends to inhabit the fringes

of society except in Scandinavia you

dark weirdos it allows an outsider

perspective to find a voice like thought

and so a country like Botswana

developing a metal scene is a really

exciting thing not the least because

metal is a global tribe it's a community

and anything that allows us to relate a

little better to each other in this

world is a good thing it's a very good

and very loud

what do you think is botswana and metal

extremely rad the answer is yes so how

about what's your favorite band from a

country that's not your own and did they

help you understand the world outside

your door a little better let me know

what you think in the comments and be

sure to subscribe for new so that this

exists every week be excellent to each



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