Affordable Shower Glass Door Installation | Quick and Easy

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

In this video I'm going to install a simple glass door system that's a great way to finish off any bathroom renovation especially when you got a wall that pops like that so if you've done a bathroom renovation

And you've got a gorgeous stone that you installed the last thing you want to do is hang a curtain loop there we go so what we're gonna do is we're gonna show you the steps for installing a glass door now this isn't just any glass

Door this is a simple one this seems like there's a lot of things on the market that are designed to help you spend your money and this one's not one of them this is designed for functionality and it is really simple

It's a 40 inch door that has one little fixed panel and hinges so you can open and close it it's got a towel bar what else is a personal one best part about a door like this it's only a couple hundred bucks and it's not that heavy so

You can carry it yourself and you don't need to call three or four friends to help your lug it up the stairs so step one is to remove all of the parts from the packaging get them sorted out and understand where and what

Everything is be careful with this you don't want to be in a hurry there's always a lot of tape it's a lot of plastic not everything plastic in the shower door kit is garbage some of it is actually trimming parts

That are really crucial to functionality when you take out a piece like this it's a great time to grab some of this foam that came with the packaging use this like little blocks to set on the ground if you're gonna set it up against a wall

So that your glass isn't on top of the stone or something like that this is tempered glass but if you set it on something that doesn't have any mercy it will break quite easily so I'm gonna get this one inside here for now okay so

Already I'm in love having a quick look through the installation instructions yep that's it nothing like simple I love it already okay hello Lala I'm just gonna familiarize myself with the process no

Big secret there got it good nice nice nice piece of cake Wow that's awesome so this is eight steps let's go through the steps together now I imagine all of the doors that are like this there's

Similar styles available some of them are as low as 130 dollars on Amazon and we'll put some links in the description to those products as well for you but they're simple there's six mil glass so they're not that heavy you can buy eight

Or ten mil glass man that stuff gets really heavy they all install basically the same you need to have an ability to have a nice level line hopefully your tub is somewhat level as well and after that just a couple of adjustments in

We're done so here's the workhorse this little piece here does all the job what it has is has three positions pre-drilled and this goes up against the wall over here okay you want to level it mark your spots drill your holes ideally

You've installed your tub with wood in behind this corner that's a pretty standard installation nowadays if you don't then you're gonna have a little bit of difficulty getting a good seal but you can always use a structural

Silicone on the back in conjunction with your screws okay and then let that set up and cure for 48 hours before you hang the rest of the glass panel that makes it a two or three day process but if you don't have wood behind your wall let

This set and cure before you put any weight on it so this is one of these situations where it's good to know the end before you start this metal piece here that's attached to the fixed panel will slide into this track okay and so

There are little holes on one side here these holes are facing inside the tub so when you're done you can attach the set screws to hold everything nice and level so make sure you don't install this the wrong way or you'll be kicking yourself

Later so here's one of these situations where it's nice to have a laser level if you haven't got one yet there's gonna be a link in the description for this fire cord level well they have a version that does just a simple cross line it's only

Sixty bucks so if you need one it's a great place to get it from our amazon store now we just use a black marker here three holes that are in the back of this trim you just want to put a mark on your tile so you can draw those out it's

That simple the laser line lets you make this nice and plumb within one thousandth of an inch brilliant here we go so we're just using a simple glass and tile bit nothing too extravagant I like to work a ceramic tile not

Porcelain just for this purpose now if you've seen my other glass door installation video you would have seen us fighting with one of the most brutally hard porcelain ever it was a it was a full slider track style door so if

You want to check that I will put that link in the description as well this is so much easier just push and go is that no it's not sure the other lariat I'm just going to make sure that I hit the wood nice yes

All right so just a little tip from me to you not everybody calls for this but if you take your sealant and you run a bead right down the middle of the back of this track what it gonna give you and

Then I mean a nice healthy bead around the screw holes it'll hold it against the wall when you're trying to screw it in but more importantly I'm just get it Justin it will close up the gaps that appear in tile work especially from grab

Lines and give you a nice seal on the back here so you don't have to use silicone on the chrome to the tile after the words because that always looks messy okay nice big dollop at the bottom now we're going to just set this where

It goes and line up my hole nice and gentle push boom okay so much easier to work like that in it that's a noisy drill okay now before I tighten it up I want to put my laser level on that again just

To make sure I'm plumb and we are now you want to make sure that you have really solid contact here but you don't over tighten because you know this is still just a chrome trim and those screws are going into wood if it pulls

Off the wall at all give it another little tug I am loving that okay good to go looks like the top and bottom are exactly the same here so that's good what we're gonna do is we are going to

Rock this in because this whole piece goes inside this track and if you start off with just a small little piece like that then you can rock it in place nice and gentle don't be too aggressive here because don't want to break the glass

Okay now you'll see that this wall is not plumb to the tub and that's what this is is a about a quarter inch up to nothing okay so if you close it at the top you're fine this is designed for that adjustment to happen for your plumb

And level so don't be concerned if it doesn't go all the way in the last thing you want to do is push it tight and leave a gap across the bottom okay that requires a lot of silicone so leave it sturdy sitting flush to the tub and then

Slide it in where it's comfortable don't force the issue whoo nice so when you're reading the instructions it gives you the general feel and you may have enough information if you've done installations like this before but in a lot of cases

What you want to do is take all of these little parts out of the plastic bags and then kind of go through the installation in your mind even dry-fit everything make sure you'd understand where everything goes because these things are

Reversible a lot of times you'll have twice as many parts as you need because they'll have the left and the right hand version of everything so it can be a little frustrating so here we go let's figure this out so okay so this is my

Lubricant because this is a hinge system all right so that's good to know boom boom that makes some sense yeah there we are okay so it's there okay well now that I'm familiar with the parts I know exactly what I'm getting

Into it basically comes across as being a simple process but it may not be as easy as I think one thing thank goodness I've got clearance this little part gets screwed on after the fact but it comes assembled because it's reversible they

Don't know what the top or the bottom is so once you get your thing installed you need to remove the two screws that are up here you pull this trim off thank God okay that's gonna work I mean this thing is it's seated in this trim and it's

Totally encapsulating that glass so you don't want to be too aggressive with there we go so we have that now this is all starting to make some sense now the secret here is in the preparation because we need to have lubrication in

Both of these hinge points yeah nice I'm not sure what they suggest I use to get that out of there but that looks just nasty looks like they're just using that yeah just a petroleum jelly and I don't want to see a bunch of

Comments in the comment section about ow I'm an expert with my petroleum jelly all right are you gonna do this from inside the shower all right instructions tell me that I'm supposed to put that in here and the groove

Should be this way just the bottom of the door is wedged like this and that's to make sure that it sits in there really nicely these I'm gonna need this for need handy okay can I do all this in one motion this is for having the black

Plastic on the glass mess is where this comes in early handy having that cap on here protects the tub from the glass until you get the same grit in position okay now we're gonna lift this up and set this into the gasket and then wedge

It all in place that's nice this is gonna pull off the wall but that's fine let's just keep the assembly together oh we gotta get these screws back in every door system that I've ever done can have its own level of real tricky involved

It's good to have a little step stool cuz you really want to see where you're putting that screw please like up anytime you're screwing something start rivers and wait till it seats okay nice and easy do not overtighten

This stuff chances are the screws are a very soft metal and if you use too much torque they'll just rip in half and then you're done okay perfect now there are three self tapping screws and these are

Designed to go through the metal on that trim and they come with these wonderful little plastic cups here the idea is you put the screw inside of it then you drill through and after you're done you can use this decorative cream cap the

Snapping place so these parts are all very important don't lose them my recommendation is is that you lift this glass to put this panel back in its original position remember it was nice and tight against the bottom of the tub

Because the door itself is gonna have a plastic strip we're going to put in just a minute and that's gonna create the seal against the tub so the most important is to make sure that we are solid and this panel here needs to be

Tight to the tub so love Phillips screws work with that here good and again really easy with the pressure like a slip off you could break the glass okay got it all right now that's anchored we can use the door the hinge

Is in place we have too much lubrication squeezing out of here now okay so before we go in and set the other screws we're gonna finish installing all this stuff so the profile of this gasca's set to go in the glass down here okay and we're

Gonna just press this in place mmm that's right not everything is installed yet that give us a nice seal on the tub now for your situation it's not closing properly you can always take the edge of this plastic and you can push it down

Off the glass just a little bit because it's got it's actually got a lot of glass in this track so you can actually push this down a little bit make sure you got a solid contact with your tub nothing worse than having a gasket that

Doesn't keep the water out okay next step is to install the brace okay so make sure that your door is where you want it on the tub ledge got it you set this on the glass and it has a gasket built into it so it won't scratch or

Damage anything and the reason you want your door open is so that you can stand on your tub so this is an easy installation okay so what we're gonna do is just eyeball something that looks pretty darn sweet okay I like it mm-hmm

We're back live a tape measure that has a rubber end on it yeah there's a perfect hammer for putting plastic things up against I'll know we have to take off the arm so we can install this and then we mount this afternoon

nice ok now I'll attach it at the wall nice and firm okay and then and we're gonna tighten it to the glass but we're gonna close the door first throw the laser level back on it make sure

Everything is standing upright so in this situation what I want to do is set a light up that is going straight up the wall there we go so what I'm looking for is a laser line that is the same one-inch there when

It's up here and it should be perfect it is but now we want to do is go here in this reading inch and a quarter so I know that this is not plumb so we're gonna go like this now and pull this door there we go

Pull this to one inch just like the rest of it so we want to set the base of the door same depth from the line is here cuz my line is coming right across the profile that's up and then so I'm gonna keep everything square now I have three

Points to contact that are one inch both ends of that attach to the wall and the base of this so now I'm going to set this panel at one inch and all I do for that has give it a little bit of a tug I am one in 1/8 I'm one inch okay so when

I tighten up my glass I'm gonna pull this arm this way and give it a bit of a tug and then tighten all right we're just gonna set our set screw okay again we're tightening the screw against the glass and this is just for stability so

Don't over tighten and then we're gonna tighten our screw up here as well there we go now this is nice and rigid and what that's gonna do perfect this is going to give us a lot

More structural stability for this hint operate so this panel isn't flopping around when you open and close there we go perfect every time I think is the same so now we're just going to set this make sure that you have one of these

Plastic washers on each side of the glass when you're tightening on your handles and just do it finger tight for now again go backwards until you feel it sit in here we go nice and tight hand tight no it's going to come with a

Little allen key and you're gonna see you see this little hole here okay that's designed so that you can put your key in there and then finish the tightening nice and snug with it that way you don't have to use a wrench

On it the point is is that by doing it this way you get great leverage and you can tighten that up and perfectly snug that's basically the end of our install all that's left is clear silicone and the other two screws alright so we're

Just gonna finish installing those other two set screws it's the most nerve-wracking part of the job I've had so many of these things break on me over the years then you got to drill them out and then you got to go to the store and

Buy up just a little bit bigger set screw if you have good set of drill bits it would not hurt to pre-drill the hole and then you don't have to be quite so paranoid but I left my drill bits at home today so I'm gonna do this paranoid

Don't be in a hurry no all I can say three four three that's a miracle okay where we go last step is just to take care clear silicone and put a nice bead

Across the bottom there we go and get right up to the very front of this mount there we go and then don't touch the door for 24 hours ooh there we go there we go guys give us a thumbs up ask questions in the comment section below

We're here to help we'll see you next time

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