Adam DeVine Teaches You Nebraskan Slang | Vanity Fair

published on July 2, 2020

– Hey guys I'm Adam Devine

and I'm going to be teaching you some Nebraska slang

[upbeat musac]

Aksarben, aksarben is Nebraska backwards

Our main like civic center I guess

where Boys 2 Men would play,

which I saw them in fifth grade

when Brandy opened up for them, no big deal

It was called the Aksarben Center

so we're pretty clever in Nebraska

Huskers, go big red baby

I think most people know this one

Huskers are University of Nebraska at Lincoln,

that's what all of the sports teams are called

and most importantly our football team

which probably are going to be national champs

within the next 15 to 20 years

Detasseling, so if anyone like grew up in the Midwest,

which I did you would have to like wake up at 5:00 am

and get on a truck with a bunch of strange men

and go take off the top little

♪ Scroblidos ♪

on the top of corn, a piece of corn

So you would rip those off and then you'd come back

all bloody and you're like, "Worth it

"I made 13 dollars an hour"

The Farmer Wave, I feel like other people call this

like the Jeep Wave or the Convertible Wave,

but it's when you wave to someone

and they are polite and they wave back

Like when you're driving through the corn fields

and you see a farmer,

100% of the time they'll wave back to you

So you just give them a little


and they go

Red beer baby!

Red beer is just like a beer

and then you put tomato juice in it

Like Mexicans have Micheladas and those are delicious

We sort of do that without any of the delicious spices


We have like the whitest version of a Michelada

and it's just called Red Beer

Also pretty delicious though

Runzas, ooh mama, runzas baby

Runzas are like a fast food restaurant

in specifically in Nebraska and they're basically

like a meat filled Twinkie if that sounds disgusting

But it's not sweet, it's sort of like a Hot Pocket

with cheese and ground beef and cabbage

and it sounds gross, and I get that,

but it's actually delicious

Oracle of Omaha, my boy, the king himself Warren Buffet

we call him the Oracle of Omaha

because he's from Omaha and he's like,

I think he's like the second richest man in the world

or something like that and he's just really good

at doing the stock markets

And Omaha weirdly has like the most millionaires

per capita, at least was a fact

that I heard when I was a child

because of Warren Buffet

Because everybody was just like, "This guy seems smart,"

and invested with him and then he made everyone super rich,

except for my parents

Buggy, now I didn't know

I thought that everyone called shopping carts

like at a grocery store buggies

That's what we called them in Nebraska

And I worked for a grocery store when I was a kid

so I was constantly going like,

"Yeah I'll just go grab a buggy

"Oh you need a buggy?

"Hey do you want me to take the buggy

"and help you out to your car

"with the groceries in the buggy?"

And then I came out here and I'm like,

"Hey you want me to grab the buggy?"

And people are like, "What are you talking about you idiot?"

Sandhiller, that's what we call people that live

like way on the west side in Nebraska

and they live on the sand hills out there

and we call them and we're like

"Ugh, look at that sandhiller,"

and "Oh cool, are you a sandhiller?"

See so it can be used as a derogatory term

or like a hey what's up, sandhiller's in the house,

which I've never said that

Doodinkus, that is, it's like a doohickey

It's like a little knickknack or a gadget or something

and I've only heard like really old people say this term

Like I don't think young people say doodinkus a lot,

but like you'll catch somebody's great-grandfather

and they're like, "Look at this doodinkus,"

and you're like, "It's just a car key"

Blackshirts, yeah baby!

This is Huskers we give our defense

and just certain people on the defense

that are really killing it we give them black shirts

to wear underneath their pads

and to be extra bad ass

Puppy chow, now we eat this in Nebraska

and it's not dog food and a lot of people are like,

"Ew, you guys eat puppy chow?"

I'm like, "Yeah I love puppy chow"

They're like, "You guys eat puppy chow,"

and I'm like, "All the time

"I can't get enough of the stuff"

What it is, it's not dog food,

it's Chex Mix with peanut butter and chocolate

and powdered sugar and it's all mixed together

and it is so good dude

Bugeaters, that's just something we like to do for fun

Like to, I just find them on the ground

and I start munching, high protein

That's not right

It is actually the Huskers were called the Bugeaters

before we were called the Corn Huskers

because we were bad at making names for ourselves

Who would name their sports teams the Bugeaters?

That's not what you want to be known nationally for doing

So what, maybe we ate a few bugs back in the day

We don't want to spread that truth about ourselves

So now we are the Corn Huskers, thank god

And that's it

And those were Nebraska slang terms

with your really, really good friend Adam Devine

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