Actual UFO Spotted On A Truck Heading To Area 51

published on July 9, 2020

Area 51 has been the focal point ofalien conspiracy theories in America fordecades and now that a flying saucerconvoy has been spotted driving down aroad in the Fort Leonard Wood area ofMissouri the extraterrestrial chatter is

Reignited since it began researching spyplanes in the 1950s area 51 has beenshrouded in secrecy only recently – thegovernment formally acknowledgesexistence but the majority ofinformation is still kept under wraps so

What's so special about this militarybase is there any truth to the rumorsand what does all of this got to do withIran let's find out no trespassing signsaround the perimeter more signs indicatethat rule breakers will be met with

Fines jail time or yup even deadly forceharsh desert heat prevents the commonman from scoping out the facilityimpassable military security forbids anyunwelcome guests numerous pick updriving guards armed with m16s patrol

The outer fence allowed to neutralize oncooperating intruders the closest legalvantage point of the base is at the topof ticaboo Peak around 26 miles away allthings considered it's as clear ascrystal there are a few places on earth

That match area 51 in terms of secrecyand security hidden amongst a ring ofmountains smack bang in the center of anextremely unforgiving desert area 51 isone of if not the most secret militaryfacility in the world and yet it is the

Most famous all due to its mysteryfalling under the umbrella of the Nellismilitary operations area this lucrativebase has served as a military testfacility for nearly 70 years evidence ofits operations have remained classified

Which has only encouraged more and morespeculation as the years have gone onofficially called homi airport or groomlake after the neighboring salt-flatarea 51 sits at 4461 feet above sealevel and spans 60 miles squared with

Runways up to 12,000 feet long but wheredoes the name come from we don't knowfor surehowever the consensus is that it'srelated to the Nevada nuclear test sitesgrid which was established by the now

Dissolved Atomic Energy Commissionthere's so much we don't know about theinfamous air force base it's mysteriousit's a potential cover-up it'soff-limits to the general public andyour guess is to the secrets inside are

As good as anyone's with that in mindthere are a number of facts that weindeed do know characteristics whichhave emerged with proof throughoutrecent history for decades the Nevadatest and training range didn't appear on

Any public map these days we knowexactly where it's located about 1,500people are believed to work thereaccording to Annie Jacobson on area 51historian some of the world's mostadvanced espionage programs operate at

The secretive site even though officialinformation is difficult to obtain withthe lips of those in the know remainingforever sealed it is widely acceptedthat the US military has used area 51 todevelop cutting-edge aircraft and

Continues to do so to this day theresearch began with the u2 dragon ladyspy plane in the early 1950s at the peakof the Cold War in 1957 the base movedon to testing aircraft that were part ofproject oxcart which saw two of the

Fastest highest flying planes in UShistory flown over the Nevada desert theone seater Archangel 12 and thetwo-seater sr-71 blackbirdthe a12 clocked a sustained speed ofmach 32 at an altitude of 90,000 feet

That's just over 2,200 miles per hourover three times faster than a typicalAirbus a380 it just goes to show thatthe aircraft tested if this facilitywere and still are unlike anything elsein action across the country area 51 was

Also used to study foreign warplanessuch as the Soviet mig-21 jet fighterAmerican military personnel wouldinspect and reverse-engineer the enemyfighter in order to learn how itperformed and compare it to us fighter

Planes fast forward to the 1970s an area51 was now focused on developing andtesting the nation's first stealthbomber the f-117 Nighthawk note thestructure of these aircraft theirboomerang shaped bodies resembled the

UFOs that had transfixed publicimaginations since the mid 20th centurycoincidence perhaps but we'll get to theUFO stuff later in the 1990s the airforce at area 51 teamed up with Boeingto develop another top-secret aircraft

Of prey its mission to create planesless visible to the eye and undetectableby radar tactical and discreet testingof all of these planes is what we doknow what we don't know is if there isany truth to the wild theories regarding

Extraterrestrials that have been foreverassociated with this tight-lippedmilitary base the more audacious amongus claim that area 51 is hidingsomething but what exactly is it hidingit depends on who you ask all kinds of

Out their ideas have circulated throughthe conspiracy web everything from atime-travel research base to a bunkerthat harbors captured UFOs to an alienexperimentation facility a man named BobLazar would certainly agree in 1989 he

Claims to have personally worked on analien spacecraft within the walls ofarea 51 and witnessed alien autopsyphotographs some people even think thatarea 51 sits on top of atranscontinental railroad that leads to

A secret laboratory where government'swork hand in hand with aliens toreverse-engineer intergalactictechnology oh boy the devil's advocateshowever maintain that all of this isnothing more than speculation and that

Area 51 is little more than a secrettesting space for experimental aircraftsome of which may look like UFOshere's the thing though it's not justspeculation rumor and accusationsthere's plenty of evidence to suggest

That there's something going on thatthey're not telling us for whateverreason the government refused topublicly acknowledge the existence ofarea 51 until the year 2013 some 60years after it first went into operation

Only once declassified CIA reportsemerged was the base confirmed theheavily guarded US Army base has beenconsistently spoken of as a front forintergalactic secrets with UFOsregularly being the center of attention

Just recently the Pentagon formallyreleased three unclassified videos takenby Navy pilots as you can see thesevideos display interactions withunidentified aerial phenomenon or UAPfor short when asked for an official

Statement this is what the US Navy hadto say about their footage there havebeen a number of reports of unauthorizedand/or unidentified aircraft enteringvarious military controlled ranges anddesignated air spaces in recent years

You make of that too vague forindication or a clear answer to a longpondered question about the existence ofalien life let us know your thoughts inthe comments it does make you wonder whydid the Pentagon wait such a long time

To release this footage here's a thoughtperhaps they never intended for thefootage to be released at all somehowtwo of the videos were leaked withoutauthorization in 2007 and 2017 attentiongrew and the Navy verified their

Authenticity they didn't verify whatthey were seeing but they did make itclear that these videos were real we'resure you all remember the wild Facebookevent planning to storm area 51 hordesof curious Internet users would Naraku

Run into area 51 and uncover its secretsbecause they can't stop all of us rightwrong they could stop all of us and theythreatened to do so with military actionsure this event started as nothing morethan a joke but it exposed the

Military's readiness to protect itsassets at all costs there might beanother chapter to area 51 story thathasn't received anywhere near as muchattention as the Pentagon's videos takea look at this the witness who recorded

The video says that he saw what lookedexactly like a flying saucer strapped tothe back of a truck in the middle of apolice convoy escort it was captured inthe Fort Leonard Wood area of Missourion February 1st 2017 at precisely 10:15

Pm a time where very few other carsare commonly on the road with a distancebetween the locations of the video andarea 51 being some 1500 miles but itbegs the question where was this convoygoing it may have something to do with

The fact that Fort Leonard Wood isn'tfar from the wright-patterson Air ForceBase a base which conspiracy theoristsregularly associate with UFOs and alienbodies could this have been a clear-cutcase of transporting a crashed UFO from

Wright-patterson to area 51 we willnever know for sure the UFO was dullmetallic gray with thick short legscoming from the center bottom like fenceposts and a thick central body taperingto very thin edges furthermore it had no

Cockpit windows or significant markingswith all of this in mind it's importantto realize that a UFO or UAP doesn'tnecessarily correlate to alien activityit can meanthings unreleased aircraft large drones

Parts of construction equipment and soon but we'll let you decide that one foryourself if it really isnever-before-seen technology then itpoints to multi millions if not billionsof dollars worth of technical innovation

Potential these intriguing events aren'texclusive to the United States whilearea 51 is the world's most famousmilitary conspiracy it's not the onlyone by any means the Iranian militaryhas been experiencing bizarre events as

Well the first of many interactionshappened over Tehran the nation'scapital during the early morning hoursof September 19 1976 here's the gist ofwhat happened after spotting strangelights in the sky Tehran residents

Started to freak out phoning in reportsof what looked to them like a movingflashing circular spaceship Iran'sgeneral Youssef II stepped outside tolook for himself and sure enough he sawthe lights as well he immediately sent

Out two Iranian Air Force f4 phantom jetinterceptors to investigate but as theygot closer they reported losing controlof their instruments and communicationtools as soon as the fighters flew awayfrom the UFO their electronics came back

On indicating that this puzzling UFO hadsome sort of built-in Electronics jammerone of the pilots then spotted the UFOdrop an item from its main hulldescribed as a torpedo of light what doyou make of it all did you know that the

Air Force has stated on the record thatit quote always stands ready to protectAmerica and its assets and quote yeseven from its very own citizens whatdoes that mean to you how far do youthink they would go to cover up

Whatever's hiding in area 51 is theresomething worth hiding in the firstplace or is it nothing but conjectureand could this all be a part of a largerinternational project if something isbeing kept from us and remains well

Protectedthen we'll likely never have a clearanswer but one thing is for sure unlesswe can break into the impenetrable area51 and see its inner workings with ourown eyes it'll remain a never-ending

Mystery so go ahead and share yourthoughts in the comments do aliens existyes or no don't forget to like thisvideo subscribe to the channel and asalways thanks so much for checking outthe richest see you next time and have a

Great dayOh

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