Acer ConceptD 9 Complete Walkthrough: A Designer’s Dream

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

A sir not too long ago was one of the first laptop manufacturers to realize that there's a huge group of professionals that buy their gaming laptops but not just to play games they use them for professional applications like video production animations photo

Editing and more and that there is even a decent percentage of them that buy gaming laptops and don't play games at all this guy so they decided to not just create a laptop aimed at this demographic they decided to create an

Entire lineup and brand around them laptops in every size desktops and even a super color accurate monitor were all announced at once under the new name concept II I was actually the audience when this was announced and because I

Very much am the user in question I remember muttering to myself under my breath finally now it's been about a year since a sir told us about their idea behind concept D and I have here what essentially amounts to their

Monstrous crown jewel of that lineup the Acer concept d9 and since they let me borrow it for a bit I figured I would try to do a complete walkthrough run it for you guys now if you're not familiar or completely walked on this channels

Where I try to go through every single feature I possibly can on a new device so you guys are better prepared should you be in the Mauri to actually go buy one with that said there is a lot to go through so let's get started with the

Hardware firstly it's not small the laptop might have a 17 inch screen but that's the display itself add to that about an inch of bezel on either side along with these hinges beyond that and you're really looking at like a 21 inch

22 inch laptop it's to the point where not only does it not fit in my backpack like my 15-inch does but it barely fits in my carry-on luggage and it just shy of nine and a half pounds it'll probably push your checked bag a

Little over the airline limit too now because of all this it's less of a portable powerhouse and more of a desktop replacement that you can easily move to the conference room or around the office in my opinion the entire

Chassis is made out of aluminum with just some plastic around the screen speaking of we have a 17.3 inch 16 by 9 4k LED backlit IPS touchscreen display and one of the party pieces is the fact that that screen is attached to two

Metal hinges and allows it to be positioned in a number of ways like a notebook flipping it over to show clients or collaborators what you're working on and windows automatically flips the screen when you do that by the

Way to laying it flat or propping it up as an easel and everything in between since the hinge mechanism actually feels super solid and wherever you put the screen as where it stakes even if you're touching that screen those last two

Positions and the sturdiness of it all come in quite handy when you opt to use the included Wacom EMR pen that by the way magnetically attaches to the top of the screen and does so pretty snugly might I add if you aren't familiar Wacom

Is basically the de-facto stylus company for professional creatives that do any sort of drawing in their job so it's nice to see a sir use a tried-and-true manufacturer that is familiar to them for this almost essential tool for some

Versus trying to create their own again this is a laptop aimed squarely at professional creatives Acer made sure the display was validated by Pantone the company behind the Pantone color matching system a widely used

Standardized color reproduction system now without delving into that too much here so if Isis say that Pantone certified essentially means that when a designer is looking at a specific Pantone color on their screen that it's

Guaranteed to look like that color when it's printed using the same matching system in addition to this they also managed to achieve an average of delta-e less than one now Delta e is the difference in a color compared to real

Life the lower the number the closer it'll be to the real life color basically and lastly for all the screen testing they also claimed to cover 100% of Adobe's RGB color gamut which for anyone using Adobe's creative software

Is just another way of ensuring accuracy and it's out of that screen we have a 1080p webcam that looks and sounds like this and also is apparently Skype for business certify which just means that

Microsoft has certified it to work well with these Skype for business app beneath that screen we have what looks like the speakers but actually is the exhaust vents for the dual fourth generation AeroBlade 3d fans as acer

Calls them the speaker of which there are four of them actually took me a sec to locate while playing audio there under the front edge it seems and that's because they do a good job of bouncing the audio at you where it sounds a bit

Like surround sound in my opinion which is kind of crazy the keyboard itself is a proper mechanical keyboard and amber glow that you can adjust using function plus f7 or f8 the fact that it's mechanical means that it is super

Clicky and I really enjoy typing on it frankly you will just have to keep in mind how close you sit to your neighbors as again because it's mechanical it makes a bit of noise albeit less than others that I've used actually my one

Gripe about it is that the right shift key is super tiny and crowded by other keys that also kind of seem out of place to me so I found myself hitting page up a lot out of muscle memory for a larger shift button would have been for example

Of course though that's something you'd probably get used to that keyboard is also offset to the left to make room for the trackpad on the right the pad itself is smaller than most nowadays and also has physical buttons under it for click

And right-click which I'm sure has something to do with maybe them being more accurate but frankly if Mac can make an accurate track pad and a Magic Trackpad etc I feel like Windows OEMs should be able to do that as well

No truthfully Oh any creative myself included refuses to use a Windows trackpad while working and opts for an external Mouse instead and Acer seems to have thought about that at least as the trackpad has a neat trick when not in

Use it can be turned into a number pad for easier number crunching and you do that by double tapping this button here now the only thing is is that it is kind of this touch sensitive group of buttons now and well it's just not the same as

Tapping real keys so just keep that in mind now making our way around the laptop we have every port ever basically on the Left we have one USB 3.1 gen2 3.5 millimeter audio port for microphone and for headphone which is nice and a USB

2.0 port maybe for legacy peripherals I'm not sure why they didn't just put another USB 3.1 port in here but there you go on the right we have an end lock to lock the laptop to a workstation for example

The power button one USB 3.1 type C port that also doubles as a Thunderbolt 3 port another USB 3.1 type C port that also supports DisplayPort over USB C another USB 3.1 gen2 a killer Ethernet III thousand 2.5 gigabit per second

Ethernet port but that's not all around the back we have a proper DisplayPort 1.4 an HDMI port and the port for the AC adapter I kind of like that they chose these specific ports to put on the back by the

Way as it means that when you're at a desk the cables that go to the wall outlet or to your extra monitors are all hidden from view for connectivity we have a killer doubleshot pro adapter built-in that offers Wi-Fi 6 and we have

Bluetooth 5.0 support as well inside this monster we have a ninth Gen Intel I $9.99 a eh k-8 core processor and that is also paired with 32 gigs of DDR for RAM which is by the way user upgradeable but the maximum that the computer can

Utilize is 32 gigabytes for storage we have a one terabyte PCIe nvme SSD that is also user upgradeable graphics wise Acer didn't skimp there as you would expect considering it's aimed at 3d animators CAD designers video editors

Etc we have an Nvidia r-tx 2080 GPU with eight gigs of Gd r6v RAM and as I've used plenty of laptops in the past with this GPU and even less capable CPUs it handles whatever video footage I throw at it even in full resolution with color

Corrections etc and for anyone curious here are some common benchmarks on it so you have something to use to compare it to other laptops at least now for the battery we have the seventy

One point nine one hour battery in here that Acer claims will last about 2.5 hours of Wi-Fi use so let's do a very unscientific test and see how close we get to that

Now team I know that's without engaging the very power hungry GPU really and so if you do any work on this using that you can expect even less battery life again all of this furthering my use case of a desktop replacement that doesn't

Travel too far from an outlet for software we're running Windows 10 homes 64-bit and have a decent amount of pre-installed what I would consider at least bloatware this includes a few games Dropbox promotion literally called

That in the app list and some others like Norton AntiVirus which I find quite annoying frankly but thankfully though as with all Windows laptops you can easily right-click in the Start menu in any of these and uninstall the ones you

Don't like besides these though Acer did add some useful software to the computer we have waves Mac's audio which is an app to adjust the equalizer for the speakers as well as

Enable 3d audio when using headphones there's the Acer Care Center which is a sirs own app for memory and storage optimizations updating if software recovery tools etc we have a very basic voice recording app also included and

Because of the killer brand Ethernet and Wi-Fi we have their own app for monitoring and optimizing network traffic there you go the Acer concept d9 is available now with two models the one I have here with the specs I listed

Already for four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars and there's a pro model that swaps out the r-tx 2084 a Quadro r-tx 5000 and the one terabyte storage for two terabytes now i'll leave a link below to the best price that i

Could find on the laptop for anyone interested or if you just want to learn more info about it now personally i really like using it it just feels super solid the GPU CPU combo handles basically whatever my video workflow can

Throw at it the keyboard is super satisfying etc but it's not for me and not just because of that $5,000 price tag it's also because I need that power for sure but I need it to be able to go with me whenever I go places now also

I'm not the demographic for this period anyway mostly because of the portability I need but for other reasons as well I mean the rotating screen is something I don't really need the pen is something I don't need etc it's definitely meant

More for designers 3d modelers people that have to sketch are working in a professional environment where they can probably leave this at a desk most of the time etc now guys run-down walkthrough acer concept d9 let

Me know what you guys think about this laptop about this video the length of it I'm still trying to improve this as best as I can was this too long too short etc in the comments below I always love hearing

From you guys anyway also if you liked this video please thumbs up it or share it it's greatly appreciate it also trailer rest the channel feel like would you see there please subscribe and ding the bell next word subscribe so you get

Notified when I do new videos as always though regardless thanks for watching

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