Aaron Paul Breaks Down Breaking Bad Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair

published on July 2, 2020

– In all honesty, these
people with these theories

aren't based in reality

[upbeat music]

Hi, my name is Aaron Paul

and I'm going to be
reading some fan theories

about El Camino: A Breaking
Bad Movie and Breaking Bad

So here we go

This first one is posted by SolumDon,

hope I'm pronouncing that right

This is my guess at what
El Camino will be about

In the penultimate
episode of Breaking Bad,

Saul advises Walt to
turn himself in, quote

– You walk in with your head held high,

you'll be the John Dillinger

of the Metropolitan detention center

How bad is that?

And you bring a barrel full of drug money,

maybe that soothes some troubled waters

– This is a serious theory

My guess is that Jesse's
story in El Camino

would deal with finding that blood money

so he has something to barter with

in order to get on with his life,

thus fulfilling Saul's advice to Walt

I think the movie ends with Jesse

rolling a barrel of drug
money up to the DA office

in exchange for his freedom

That is a great theory,
however, completely wrong

Sorry, everybody in this room
who hasn't seen the movie

No drug money will be rolled
in a barrel to the DA office

This next fan theory is
posted by TammypersonC137

What does that mean?

Walter Jr, Flynn, and Jesse
Bruce Pinkman, Captain Cook,

are never seen in the
same room at the same time

over the course of five long seasons

The truth hit me like a ton of bricks

Jesse and Flynn, haha,
are the same person


Well, you know what, TammypersonC137,
you cracked the code

That's not true

I mean, I think she's joking, right?

[quiet funky music]

I mean, Jesse and Flynn
are not the same person


Now, I'm confused

Posted by keithohara

The Breaking Bad movie
is a laser tag tournament

between the remaining living characters

Um, no, man

Are these serious?

– It doesn't add up

– It adds up perfectly

Walt's a scientist,
scientists love lasers

– Pythonhunter42,


I want to meet this person

Breaking Bad started in
2008 and ended in 2010

The outbreak in Walking Dead
started sometime in 2010

If Walt's meth did
indeed cause all of this,

what the [bleep],

then the Jesse movie will
be a zombie movie about his,

what is this?

In Walking Dead, they showed Walter's meth

in season two, they did?

In Fear the Walking Dead,

we hear the Ballad of
Heisenberg in a market

[singing in foreign language]

Come on guys, it's a zombie movie

The Breaking Bad movie
and The Walking Dead movie

are the same thing

We will see Aaron Paul and Andrew Lincoln

as the main characters

It all makes too much sense

Listen, man

Breaking Bad is based in reality, okay

Walking Dead is not

There's no zombies

No, Walking Dead is not real

Well, Breaking Bad is
not real, either, so

Posted by abnorml1

Just watched the newest
trailer this morning

I think what was left of the Nazi's money

is locked up in the evidence room

Jesse is going to get his money back

with the help of Badger and Skinny Pete

It also looks like he rigged a bomb, too,

learned from his time with Walter

It's ironic, in the end
Jesse embraces science

That is a great theory

However, it is wrong

He did rig a bomb and
while shooting that scene,

no joke, I thought I
was gonna catch on fire

Skinny Pete and Badger did help him,

but they did not help him get his money,

but yes, Jesse does embrace science

Science, bitch

This was posted by devilliars98


Where the hell did you come
up with that name, man?

What if it was all a dream?

Jesse's asleep in Mr White's class

[slaps knee]

That would be just the saddest dream ever

That is an incorrect theory

Posted by Ghost_Nation03

In the final scene of El Camino,

we will be shown a Denny's

The camera will pan through
the inside of the Denny's

and reveal an empty table

Sitting on the empty table
will be a plate of eggs

with bacon in the shape of 60

Cut to black

Walter White will return

Walter White is dead

He died in the finale of Breaking Bad

He bled out, he was shot in the stomach

He died in his meth lab that he created

It was a perfect, poetic ending

I'm sorry

Posted by Coffee_and_Wifi


It's a great name

El Camino theory about Mike

I'm re-watching the series
in preparation for El Camino

and I'm at season five,
episode six, Buyout,

and I realized that
there is a missing scene

in this episode between Jesse and Mike

where they both decide to
get out of the business

after Jesse sees the news report

about Drew Sharpe on the TV and before

he and Mike confront
Walt at Vamonos Pests

I think this is a flashback scene

we are seeing in the trailer

Jesse's wardrobe matches,

you can see a bit of blue on his shirt

Well, ding ding ding,
that is exactly right,

Coffee_and_Wifi, that scene
is in fact in the movie

and that is the one
episode that I rewatched

in preparation when shooting
this film was Buyout

I wanted to see where
Jesse was at emotionally

before diving into it, so
well done, nicely done

Keep drinking that coffee,
keep getting on that Wifi



whatever that means,

what are the odds that Jesse knows

where Jack has hidden Walt's money?

He had a lot of time to
overhear something or maybe,

being as they had originally
planned to kill Jesse

before Todd talked Jack into keeping him,

he knew firsthand where they kept it

because they were careless

Jesse doesn't know shit, so, that's wrong

Yeah, no, Jesse has no
idea where the money is,

and also, Jesse wants nothing to do with

what he considers blood
money, so he wants to

just get the hell out of there

He doesn't care about the money

He just wants to run away

Oh my god, I'm so tired

Posted by, wow, posted by that

All right, you got the, okay here we go

I have a theory, are you ready,

spoken to Jesse and none
other than Michael Douglas

I just met in the hallway

I believe he is a major
character in the movie,

sadly, not true,

most likely a law enforcement type

That's so weird that you're saying this

He was just there

Listen to it and tell me if it's not him

Please, I want to be wrong

Well, you are wrong, so there you go

Posted by screw the,
screw every Patriots fan

I'm kidding, you know who you are

You know, honestly, I'm
happy for your team, 'kay?

Seriously, good job, good job

You got Tom Brady, got a
great team, congratulations

Damn Patriots [bleep]

Okay, screwthecpa, I don't know, whatever

El Camino will kick off a new

Breaking Bad series about Jesse

It would be a great way
to start off his series,

hopefully direct to Netflix


That has a lot of potential

Hey, listen!

Has a lot of potential
given the creative power

of Vince Gilligan, yes, and a
love for Jesse and Aaron Paul

Funny enough, we are actually starting

to shoot the next, not the next,

no, this is just a one-off, sorry guys

That's it

[clicks tongue]

AldienTheRed, this might be a stretch

but I couldn't help but notice

that there are quite a few bald

or very short-haired
characters in this show

I wondered if the point
when a character went bald

or shaved their head was symbolic

of becoming desensitized to violence

When we met Mike, he's had a
long history with violence

Hank as a DEA agent sees violence

or the effects of it nearly every day

Walt goes into his hair loss
shortly after his first murder

and Jesse shaves his head
shortly after killing Gale

That's actually very profound

I kinda agree with you

When Jesse lost his hair, that
was actually an idea from me

When I read that script,
it was after he killed Gale

and in reality, whenever we
go through something traumatic

in our lives such as a serious breakup

or a death in the family or
something very traumatic,

you tend to sort of shed some hair,

a different hairstyle,
start fresh, start new,

and there was a scene where
Jesse is shaving a guy's head

and I mentioned to Vince,
what if when you see him,

Jesse already just has a shaved head,

so you just assume that he shaved his head

just before this guy?

Ding, ding, ding, I
think you are right on

[eerie music]

Hey, thank you everyone
for all of your theories

Make sure you watch El
Camino and see if you

are actually correct on Netflix

[pops lips]

Yeah, bitch

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