A Snake in a Hay Stack | Jungle Animal Rescue

published on July 2, 2020

a wildlife SOS rapid-response team is

trying to rescue a snake from a farmers

grain store the situation is threatening

to escalate before they even find the

reptile we got a lot of people if things

get out of control we don't have any

crowd control here we're in the middle

of nowhere I'm scared of people rather

than animal because anything can happen

from than mob we just really need to get

in and get out before more people show

up and we lose control of the situation

this is definitely a Indian rock python

python is under the hay or something is

no stoolie will be always careful it can

reach up to 20 feet in length they hunt

by constricting their prey they wrap

their body around the animal and squeeze

to the point that they suffocate people

don't necessarily think about them

biting but I have seen Python bites and

they're pretty nasty so I'm just going

to grab him because we don't want the

animal to go out we can slowly see what

is he doing and then so see he you can

see him now

so now the habits that so slowly we do

this way it's retorting its body and

response is being touched is very

typical of a constrictor okay you can

slowly close the this thing so now he

had done this so slowly we'll do this


now he's safe so you can lock it

he's beautiful yeah really nice body

condition obviously been snacking on


exactly so yeah yeah odd you got a


I put the pataga Yankees decode our

niggas the Rodney somebody gonna copy

tomorrow we'll get the coiba sample will

be January Tompkins LD cover Carmack

homogeny pocket liquid martini Jim

killed John will be looped okay Jerry a

murder this form is kept as Mike Jordan

game people are so respectful of buys

you so even though everyone was really

curious and wanted to get in there and

kind of nervous it actually went a lot

smoother then I was kind of worried that

it would go I told them because they are

citing more often this Python so I told

not to kill the snakes because they are

very very helpful for the farmers to

keep the rodent population under control


pythons in the wild can get very worked

up very quickly and it's almost like the

harder you try to restrain them the

stronger they get and with buys you it

was the least amount of restraint yes

possible yes and that's why it went so

well thanks for by Jesus and master no





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