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published on July 3, 2020

it's definitely a plastic is plastic a

the mess is really distracting we can't

see the snake it actually hinders us

looking for it I think I see a snakeskin

it's a bit of plastic you want to get

some latex gloves out there they're in

there sometimes we're not just dealing

with dangerous snakes we're dealing with

rats and wherever a rat goes they drop

me urine and feces feces everywhere so

sometimes somewhat more dangerous

because the rats then the snakes

rats can gather a lot of trash in their

hideouts without anyone even noticing

but now every bit of rubbish every bit

of dirt is setting off OCD alarm bells

in my head I don't deal well with germs

and there could be a Mamba lurking

behind all this I must focus yeah you

keep looking I'll just keep just in case

you see what it is dance for it

I can't see any snake under there the

moment that's very dirty Oh got to get

though cockroach snake doesn't mean say

mistakes on here that connected get

behind this hole my gut tells me there's

definitely a snake living in this

kitchen hiding somewhere so and it could

come charging out at any moment

actually before I do that let's check

underneath if I can squash anything nice

and warm in back of the fridge freezer

so they sometimes go in there with a

motive and they sit there sauce of warm

but I can't see anything

could get under the cover there maybe to

the next one they have a gap not much so

maybe an inch let's just have a look

down here because they often in the back

there's nothing in there

she's not

it's not what you're looking for I pull

this right out there's definitely been a

snakey rats and mice spread diseases and

there's rats clearly living in here

that's why the snake is there to eat the

rats all right so there's no snake

they're looking at covered first out on

a break on the kitchen really there's

definitely a snake living in this

kitchen but we're vidya phobia is a real

thing that's a fear of snakes so this

poor woman she is absolutely terrified

notice that she would do you want us to

break it yeah in a minute no yet let me

check inside droppings here there's been

rats and mice here by little things

because in a description they said if I

were to find it's black and I said you

sure it's not gray she's no it's black

but in the kitchen it's quite dark when

we got it so it could be a black mamba

remember people exaggerate oh it could

just be a harmless house thing either

way they don't want to live here anymore

until we find it to catch a snake you've

got to think like a snake if I was a

snake I'll be lurking in there somewhere

in the dark in the damn perfect

environment for waiting to latch onto a

mice and rat let's do this

they say it's a big snake look good well

be I mean it's quite a lot of place if

it can go this is a perfect hidey hole

first name there's food here

well there was is eat normal not knowing

which snake we're after can be quite

unnerving feeling the best today that

actually got chest infection about for a

few days

breathing all this in isn't particularly

not wheezy anyway there is in the



hey it's not black it's brown but this

is why you can never trust people's

descriptions because it could have been

a black mamba Houston and they said it

was huge

this is not a huge snake it's not a nice

little house snake yeah you wanna hold

him for six suits gonna get better dirt

off my hands there it go

damage town so this is a heart

completely harmless snake and this notes

actually doing him a great favor because

it eating all those mice and rats and by

looks of things is eating more Brown

house snakes are constrictors after

squeezing the life out of their road of

prey they swallow it whole and I reckon

this snake has been having a feast in

this kitchen

pal snakes are super important for

keeping the world rodent population in

check we should welcome them not be

scared of them probably would have

exited in its own time when they're

asleep in bed at night time how snakes

these are the ones we always find in

kitchens and people's homes hello you

live here you go that's way it's okay


yeah come down it's not dangerous this

one's a good one it's completely

harmless harmless can't hurt I'm gonna

see come see I promise you Ryan hurt you

children people's pets no no you can't

nothing this one's not dangerous

beautiful that pretty is did you know

it's there it's just eating the mice and

rats so they've all gone it's actually

got rid of all your rodent problem now

your house has no more rodents the rats

have gone it's eat animal so just get

someone in to come and tidy the rest up

and then you're good to go

everyone do you guys want to come come

see I understand her phobia but at least

we've got to teach the younger

generation and they are the ones are

gonna make a difference to the future

you see the markings the white mark is

it's a safe snake well my gut instinct

paid off I thought it would be in there

somewhere it's just a matter of going

through everything nice dark hole like

that nice dark places nice and damp

rodents were there snake was there to

eat all the rodents

just a shame that soon they were

terrified of it but no need to worry now

yeah pop that in there cope all rights

go bye-bye



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