A Skunk With a Limp | The Unimaginable Dr. Pol

published on July 3, 2020

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DR POL: Keili has a pet skunk

This animal came from a farm

When they are born, they take
the scent glands right out

It was raised on the bottle

It's very tame and acts
like a long-haired cat

She has a habit
of getting spooked,

and she jumped off the
bed and started limping

Come on in

She's a good size one


So she jumped off the
bed and hurt her leg?


DR POL: Let's put
her on the floor,

see how much she's limping

What leg is it?

Come on

MAN: I think it's her rear–
DR POL: Right

MAN: –right leg

DR POL: Yeah, that's
what I thought

OK, bring her up on the table



So how friendly?


This skunk was, of
course, very tame so we

could roll it over like a cat

All right

Put her down as
far as you can

There, just– that's perfect

You're OK

DR POL: So this is the
leg she's limping on

That's a scab

That's more than a callus

I don't know

This is what hurts her

This was an old injury

She got a scrape on
something or other

And what I'm trying
to do is get–

there it is

– Oh, no

That's like a–

MAN: Oh, no

Something was stuck in there

I'm just going to see
if I can get that callus

off and see what's underneath

Oh, gosh

Don't faint on me

I won't

I just don't like when
my baby's hurting


DR POL: Ah, now see here


What is that?

I don't know, but
it's pretty hard

Is it glass maybe?


MAN: A wood sliver?

DR POL: I think
so, a wood sliver

that's not what I would've

guessed that I thought it was

No, I know

I guess she got some wood
stuck in the bed of her skin,

and that's why
she'd been limping

Now, put her on the floor

I bet you she's
walking better already

still a little tender

DR POL: What did I tell you?

NARRATOR: But getting
around better


Ha ha


No hiding place


Once she heals up, I
think she'll stop limping

and be a lot happier

So get the Neosporin at home

Put it on there, put it
on there, put it on there

Every time she runs by you–


DR POL: Then
everything will be fine


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