A Qualcomm SCAVENGER HUNT at CES 2020

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

oh this well let me tell you how this
became part of what might have been my
favorite CES ever put that one there
it's Joshua Vergara what's going on
and I'm gonna recap for you a couple of
things that happened at the Consumer
Electronics Show of 2020 primarily what
I did with Qualcomm and I wasn't alone
that was of course with ISA Rodriguez
and the two of us were able to take part
in a big scavenger hunt sponsored and
hosted by Qualcomm where we had to find
Qualcomm enabled products all throughout
the show floor our adventure with
Qualcomm would start off with an
autonomous demo where we were able to
get into a car that was outfitted with
Qualcomm tech and it would literally
drive itself I'm actually not all that
experience when it comes to autonomous
driving I've been in a couple of cars
that had it enabled but this was like a
full-on demo something that I could
actually see everything happening in
real time as it was zipping down the 15
freeway in this case I wish I was able
to actually record my reaction though
because I will admit I was a little bit
nervous coming into this car after you
and overall the experience was pretty
positive I was in the backseat and there
was this big screen in front of me and
it showed me in data points all of the
different things of the cars sensors and
cameras were detected including cars
coming up on emerging lane even with
cars appearing out of nowhere from on
ramps and merges and whatnot the car was
able to adapt accordingly and it kept
maybe two to three car lengths behind
the car in front of it now this is all
probably not new to anybody who might
have an autonomous vehicle already
electric vehicle that has autonomous
technology in it but obviously this is a
look into the future of into how our
daily lives might be changed if we allow
technology to actually take the wheel
quite literally see even as a typical
driver I Drive like every single day I
live in SoCal I already had my foot on
the brake as I got into the car because
that's just my instinct what I love is
that there's this huge red button right
here and that's the button that the
would press if they wanted to actually
like override any of the automatic stuff
in the car was not only myself Esau
Rodriguez and the engineer that was
giving us the demo there was also Carl
Conrad a fellow youtuber that would end
up being part of our scavenger hunt so
let's go ahead and get into that right
now this was the playing field of the
scavenger hunt the five of us were going
to run around CES 2020 and find Qualcomm
enable products and we would get points
scored to us based upon instagrams
stories that we posted tagging Qualcomm
and also naming off the processor or
technology that Qualcomm has in that
product there was a bit of a plot twist
though if you follow my Instagram and my
Twitter then you would know that instead
of the five of us being on the field
there were actually four teams because
Issa Rodriguez and I were going to team
up and before you say anything it is not
cheating the reason why is because the
two of us were going to go to all of the
locations together and even if we were
posting on our own social medias we were
going to have the same amount of points
because we would have the same amount of
products anyway and it wasn't like the
other participants didn't have help as
well call Conrad had his videographer
and fellow collaborator with him Andrew
Edwards had Kevin the tech ninja with
him and John R Ettinger had a couple of
people from his team as well so with the
playing field set and all of the
products in mind we
went ahead and started from the Qualcomm
booth in the North Hall and darted off
to find more products now one thing to
keep in mind is that Qualcomm did give
us a certain list of products that they
knew we're going to be available on the
show floor these were ones that we all
confirmed are going to be there so we at
least had some sort of guideline as to
where we should go right now a lot of
people here I know that my girlfriend
has pink energy is how to easy to lose
each other right now hitting all of the
products in that particular list was not
a requirement and even then we could add
even more products on top of that in
order to get more points if we happen to
know they would be there so as we were
going down the list I was wracking my
brain with Issa as we were running
across the North halls trying to find
everything we ran over to one of the
major mobile booths like Samsung and
started naming off every one of the
phones that were there and there were
extra points for naming off 5g variants
you could take golf carts between the
different halls but Issa and I knew that
the distance between the halls was not
all that great so the matter of
convenience was trumped by our desire to
win we just blasted by Andrew and Kevin
and we ran all the way to the next Hall
so that we can continue the hunt and I
came up with a bit of a plan as you know
here on my channel I want to do more
audio products and I have plenty of them
that are going to be reviewed over the
next number of weeks and some of them
were represented at CES 2020 they're
Qualcomm technology was the apdex codec
southall I know is where you get a lot
of audio products and while we were
clamoring to get over to the sands Expo
which is another portion of CES what I
wanted to do is make sure we went to
some of the audio booths and we found
all the app decks we could find
we're not being distracted stop getting
here's one another bit of strategy came
into mind there are many ways of getting
from the Las Vegas Convention Center to
the sands Expo you can of course take an
uber or a lift or a taxi but the taxi
lines might be kind of long so that left
one option and thankfully Issa and I
already tried it out earlier in the day
and even the day before that would be
the free shuttles route 12 going from
the sands Expo directly to the gloss
Vegas Convention Center and back once
you get to the sands Expo however we did
notice that we were missing a few items
on the list which kind of freaked us out
a little bit we thought we weren't going
to get as many points but we got to the
sands Expo went into the tech Innovation
Awards area and we found a couple last
products before heading over to the Wynn
where Qualcomm was stationed and that
was going to be our finish line all
right with this sign and the room back
there we are putting a stamp on our
scavenger hunt experience hopefully we
did enough to win let's see what happens
even as we were scarfing down tacos at
tacos El Gordo
not necessarily a victory meal but
definitely something we thought we
deserved after all the running around
that we did we thought back on this
scavenger hunt and realized that there
were a ton of Qualcomm products that we
didn't even realize were there because
we gravitate to the smartphones but
there are always a ton of other things I
know I gravitate to the audio products
but that's just one of my perspectives
but we also found other products like
dash cams and 360 cameras and Roombas
that had Qualcomm technology in them too
one thing we did regret was that we
weren't able to take a look at laptops
or always connected PC is what the
snapdragon 8c X processor inside we
thought we were going to lose points
from it but later that night we went to
the Qualcomm mixer and we found out some
really awesome news because of all of
the times that Andrew and Kevin were on
our tails we knew that they were going
to be our main competition but it seems
that all of the audio products that I
had in mind actually boosted us all the
way up because we got over 200 points
and ended up walking away with this here
trophy that I have in my hands this is a
shared prize between me and ISA of
course if you want to hear her
perspective on how this whole scavenger
hunt went and also why it turned out to
one of her favorite CTS's of all time
same with me of course he can head over
to her channel it's appearing in the
card above and it's in the description
down below I want to give a quick shout
out to Qualcomm thank you so much for
sponsoring not only this scavenger hunt
but some of our content over at CES 2020
it's because of them that I was even
able to come to this Consumer
Electronics Show this time around and
well it turned out to be one of the best
but I also want to extend some gratitude
to our fellow contestants Andrew Edwards
Jon Ranger and Carl Conrad the three of
you we were honored to be a part of this
group and we all have such a blast
together that I hope we were able to do
it again but with all of that said I'm
gonna call it on this one I hope you
enjoyed this little recap this little
vlog e.type recap including all of the
IG stories from the Qualcomm scavenger
hunt the CES 2020 challenge as it were
and yeah let me know how you guys felt
about CES this year let me know what
Qualcomm Products you probably knew or
didn't know we're on the show floor and
maybe you were surprised by some of the
ones we represented in this particular
video and in this particular scavenger
hunt again to the comment sections down
below let's have that discussion drop
some likes on this video and subscribe
to my channel if you haven't already
there's a lot of stuff that's still
coming and I'm finishing up my coverage
of CES 2020 one final thank you to
Qualcomm for everything and with all of
that said I'm gonna go ahead and call it
on this one and I'll just remind you to
enjoy your tea everybody people kept
telling us to pour stuff in there and
drink out of the trophy we haven't
really done that yet
maybe some tea would be on brand yeah
we'll see

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