A Prairie Canine Pup Forages For Meals | Prairie Canine Manor

published on July 3, 2020

[country music]

NARRATOR: In the highlands,
Scarlett's pups are

all healthy and happily eating


But for how long?


[folk music]

That blazing sun has
been beating down

every day for weeks
with no rain in sight

Five inches in the
springtime is normal

But lately, nothing

[birds chirping]

Scarlett and the other
dogs need rainfall soon,

because if this keeps
up, many of them

will not survive another year

When they're young, pups
get whatever nutrition

they need from their mother

But now, the kiddies are
transitioning off milk

and looking for solid food

The good news is
prairie dogs don't

need to drink to stay hydrated

They can get all the water
they need from the greenery

around their burrows

The bad news is if the lack
of precipitation continues,

all this vegetation will
have little or no life

sustaining nourishment at all

The trick is to find
whatever good stuff is left

Charlotte, Champ, and
Scarf are busy hunting down

what they can

Then Charlotte hits the jackpot

She finds a nice little
crop of grade A roughage

But when everyone
is on the hunt,

you have to look
out for yourself

[folk music]

Another pup from a neighboring
burrow sees the food, too,

and here he comes


The little rascal has no
ill will toward Charlotte

It's mischief that
drives him, not malice

Youngins play fight all
day, but Charlotte doesn't

seem to know how to react

Champ and Scarf run over to
lend a hand, but it's too late

The little pup beats the rest of
the small patch of Charlotte's

greenery while she
turns tail because she

wasn't prepared to wrestle

You won't get any
sympathy from Scarlett,

so it's up to you, Charlotte, to
go find something else to eat

But who's to say another pup
won't want to wrestle with her?

Charlotte will have to toughen
up if she wants to survive

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