A Porcupine With a Pores and skin An infection | Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

published on July 2, 2020


Oh that was a growl

He literally growled at me

I've never heard
a porcupine growl


is checking Snickers

the porcupine for
mites by taking a skin

sample from beneath his quills


WOMAN: Boy, if a
porcupine could curse,

he is cursing you out right now

MICHELLE OAKLEY: He's mad at me

He knows that's
where his owies are

He knows we're
trying to help him

But he's going to protest

He's going to let us
know he doesn't like it

Unfortunately, I have to
scrape until it looks reddish,

you know, because that means
I'm getting down into the layer

where the mites like to hide

I'm going to try
and prick him here


You little stink pot

That's not how I thought
you would get me

WOMAN: Did he bite you?

He tried

NARRATOR: Michelle finally
gets the samples she needs–

a good boy, Snickers

NARRATOR: –and begins her
search for tiny parasites

Oh, Snickers, I've got my
back turned, and you're going

bite me in the booty, huh?

I almost kind of wish
I see it, to be honest,

because it's an
easy thing to treat


Well, I'm not
seeing mites, buddy

Nothing creepy or crawly

Now I'm just kind of
going and lifting

absence of parasites

leads Michelle to suspect
another irritating condition

He's getting like a
skin fold dermatitis,

which is basically
just an infection

of the skin around it

They can get these skin folds–
little multiple muffin tops–

that can get infected in there


They can get lots of bacteria

It's often a yeast infection
that gets going in there

So I'm glad we're going to
catch it now and deal with it

NARRATOR: Antibacterial
spray will help

dry out the porcupine's folds

He might just be too chunky,
because he has a lot of folds

Ooh, look at that

Now I can really see it

He's getting mad at me,
so he's showing me–


WOMAN: It's OK, bud

the dermatitis,

Michelle soaks every
nook and quill

I can basically kind of lift
him up into like a wheelbarrow

And then I can get a really
good look at his belly

I can look at the
insides of his legs

Hang on

I'm sorry

I just want to look



Those are in me


All in a day's work

NARRATOR: In addition to topical
spray, a course of antibiotics

will treat the problem
from the inside out

So we can put it, like,
in an avocado or something

I know
I'm sorry

You were so good

But at least we
didn't have to put

you through another anesthesia

I'm glad we didn't
have to put him down

the coming months,

Snickers should regrow
his lost quills

The team will continue
to monitor his progress

WOMAN: Well, If
you're OK, then–

I'm good

–we'll take him back

Let's take him back

We're going to see
if we can clear

it up with some medications

But if that doesn't
work, we're going

to need to dig a little deeper


See ya, Snickers

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