A Pad That Charges Your Mouse – Logitech G PowerPlay Review!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hi guys it's mark from silenced Tech
today we're taking a glimpse into the
future with a new liner from Logitech G
called power play people their own
gaming setups generally love this space
to be clean and there's nothing worse
than a slightly cables all over the desk
from a mouse and keyboard people even go
as far including myself as drilling
holes in the desk to hide them while
that works perfectly for a keyboard it's
hardly ideal for a mouse cable as it can
restrict movements or even worse damage
the cable over time when you're using a
wired mouse you can suffer from cable
drag for a number of obvious reasons
this can upset the balance and feel of
your favorite Mouse a lot of people have
switched and gone wireless because of
these issues especially in the last 12
months since the release of the Logitech
G 904 Ofri since their input latency is
on par with wired mice unfortunately
there's still one problem faced by all
the people that are switched to a
wireless mouse the fact that it still
needs to be charged every couple of days
possibly running out of juice when
you're knee-deep in the game at the
worst possible time it's a major
inconvenience you might as well have
stayed with a white mouse in the first
logitech's power play aims to tackle all
those issues in one go by charging your
wireless mouse while you play pricing at
a hundred US dollars and $109.99 UK
pounds it will certainly leave a dent in
anyone's wallets especially when the
only two compatible mice are around the
same price as well personally I believe
the price is worth it just for the
convenience of not having to charge your
wireless mouse wherever you like the two
mice available from Logitech however is
up to you hopefully there will be more
options available in the future power
play isn't just a mousepad it refers to
the whole lineup I'm hoping Logitech may
add a headset into the mix real soon but
of course at the heart of it all is the
wireless charging system that comes
attached to the mouse part the system
not only charges your mouse but acts as
a wireless receiver as were
previously dealt with by a separate
dongle that came with a particular
wireless Logitech mouse you wars
if you wanting to buy this setup the
performance of the mousepad
is going to be extremely important and
let's face it what's the point of all
these features if the mousepad is bad
the mousepad comes with two completely
different surfaces one hard plastic and
one soft fabric the hard surface as
you'd expect has little to no friction
so the mouse tracks extremely well hard
surface lovers won't be disappointed the
cloth surface on the other hand while I
certainly won't call it a control pad is
aimed more towards fast movements it
still performs excellent even in the
most tensest of moments that said if you
prefer a mousepad that gives you control
ravelin speed both of these surfaces
available might not be ideal for your
play style although you still could
potentially use the base that charges
the mouse under any mouse part you like
I'm also hoping the Logitech find a way
to sell an extended version of this
mousepad in the future that might not be
possible though since you can't actually
bend that the mousepad space and
shipping an extended version would prove
difficult during my testing I noticed
that the mousepad has an extremely slow
charging rate in fact the mouse appeared
to be slightly losing power
while the RGB lighting was on and I was
gaming once I left the mouse out of
action the charging percentage in the
Logitech Gaming software increased
so that might be the software only
updating its reading of the mouse every
so often and you also know when the
mouse is charging as there's a very
conveniently placed white LED on the hub
that lets you know if the mouse is being
charged overall I must say the system
works flawlessly the size of the pad is
fairly small at 321 millimeters in
length and 344 millimeters wide so
there's not a lot of room to work with I
don't know about the DPI but if you're
seriously low dpi player this mouse pad
may cause an issue the charging base is
also 2 millimeters thick and adding to
that is Eva the cloth surface which is 2
millimeters thick as well
or the hard surface which comes in at a
whopping three millimeters of thickness
my wrists certainly notices it and also
I found the edges on the hard surface
pretty sharp and it didn't feel
comfortable over a long period of use
rounding off the review overall I'm
extremely impressed with the innovation
of Logitech tried to deliver with every
new product they release they really try
to push the boundaries of what's
possible making things better for every
PC gamer out there now I guess all
Logitech need to work on is getting the
weight and size of wireless mice in
general down then there really wouldn't
be any reason to ever use a wired mouse
again the powerplay system is one step
closer to that possibility and for that
reason alone I'm going to give the
Logitech power-play system a platinum
award it should be gold because of the
heavy pricing but as a whole the lineup
is so innovative it deserves my highest
award which is platinum pulling back
from my overall excitements I still
believe the powerplay system is more of
a stepping stone to something greater
the death of the wired mouse our
logitech there yet no not quite but
they're pretty darn close anyway guys I
hope you've enjoyed the review my name
is Mark from silenced tech whoo bye

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