A Kobe Bryant story…

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

an actual story I have about Kobe Bryant
has to do with this final game and how
my brother and I went to watch that game
but also didn't if you're looking for
the tech portion of Tekken T this is
this was back when I was trying to vlog
like daily vlog I was highly inspired by
like the casing nice status of the world
and I wanted to vlog and I was trying to
test out some different cameras for the
for the job so in my case it turned out
to be like the GoPro at the time I want
to say it was I don't even remember what
version of GoPro was but I had it on a
tiny little thing and I remember my
brother and I getting tickets to Kobe's
final game the one in LA where he scored
60 points and we we were so excited to
go and that's the reason why I wanted to
record the entire thing it was gonna be
a great piece of content for the vlog it
was gonna be a great day we would be in
high spirits it was just gonna be a
great moment in time where we get to see
off our childhood hero Kobe Bryant from
the team we love we have loved for
decades and we remember rigging up my
car or was it his car I'm trying to
remember I remember rigging up the car
so that we could talk about you know how
excited we were in the things we wanted
to do we were just excited to be a part
of it even if it was all the way up in
the in the cheap seats all the way in
the very back we've done it before we've
watched Laker games all the way up in
the nosebleeds but it's always been a
good time only to find out when we got
to the actual Staples Center we went up
to the ticket scanner people and the
night really changed because apparently
those tickets were fake my brother got
swindled I'm not gonna get into any
details about where he got it from or
anything like that but they look too
legit let me tell you that much they
looked absolutely legit and we probably
should have been giving people a little
bit more credit that they could create
something that looks so official when
really it's not so that was a very
significant bummer and
it just kind of that's just the first
way of me illustrating just how much
this person had an impact in me and my
brothers lives that we couldn't be there
physically for his actual final game you
know because we we grew up watching this
man we adore him and we were inspired by
him honestly and we wanted to be their
first final game I remember my brother
who had put down a lot of money for
those fake tickets I was really bummed
out but we weren't about to just like go
home and sulk we ended up going to a
place not too far away I think it was in
Glendale that was a it was a bar
and sure enough most of the bars I feel
like in the LA area probably had a ton
of fans and this one was no different we
got some drinks I told my brother hey
this sucks
but I will buy you some drinks let's go
ahead and just sit down and enjoy the
game and sure enough I think my brother
was the one who said it in one of the
clips from what was supposed to be a
vlog way back in when he said it was
almost as if Kobe knew that something
like this could be happening not to say
that he was doing it for us but it was
exactly what we needed we needed us we
needed some sort of magical performance
that night and you could see it in
Kobe's face too though he was winded
like this was definitely the Twilight
hours of his career and despite being
incredibly winded and tired and and not
having the same vigor that he used to
have especially when he wore number
eight this number 20 for his final game
put up 60 damn points and it just felt
so good and everyone else in that
stadium was feeling that energy as well
even the other team who made it very
apparent that they were like this is
this is his final outing let's give him
the let's give him the the exit that he
deserves the tribute and exit that he
and sure enough he put up 60 Lakers got
the W and it was just a really awesome
night that started off incredibly bummed
out but since we went to that bar we
watched the game and every time the
Laker scored especially when Kobe scored
everyone in the bar just went nuts
I think we chanted MVP in that bar at
some point but everyone that the energy
was palpable in that bar and it just I
think back on and now especially with
everything that's happened with Kobe's
death and I do really cherish that
moment as as weirdly rollercoaster like
as it was we were still able to share in
that moment my brother and I and even he
said afterwards you know It was as if
Kobe knew and he wanted to he wanted to
give us the kind of show that only he
could put on even if we weren't in that
stadium we were all still together as
one as a city as fans as Laker fans and
that same amount of just camaraderie
among all of us is happening right now
here in LA so I just wanted to take some
time to talk about that for a bit rest
in peace to Kobe his daughter Gianna all
seven of the people who were there with
them on that helicopter I don't have the
names right now but I would if I if I
had my if I had my browser up right here
condolences to all of their families and
right now Los Angeles is is here for you
it's here for not only the people who
lost somebody in the crash but for each
other and I think that is something that
we all need to be reminded of and I
wanted to take some time to do this I
know it's not your typical content here
on either my youtube channel or as my
podcast but this means a lot to me and I
just wanted to put my feelings out there
because it just kind of felt right I
gave it a little bit of time and I just
felt like you know what I'm gonna hit
record and just and just put out those
feelings and hopefully someone who might
be feeling the same way that I do can
get a little bit of solace from from
this content it was also nice for me to
finally take a look at that footage
again because it was one of the first
things I thought of when people were
giving their tributes and talking about
his final game I was like wow
technically my brother and I were there
maybe this is just my way of sort of
processing how I feel so to anybody out
there who might still be kind of
feeling from this I know it's just been
less than a week still since it all
happens at the time of this recording I
hope you can feel it in the air at least
in Los Angeles if you are here that
everyone everyone is trying to be there
for each other right now because this
this is this has been one hell of a week
obviously it's been said a billion times
by now over the last few days but you
know from on behalf of Los Angeles Thank
You Koby and thank you for all of the
memories thank you for everything and
yeah I'll see you in my next video
something probably coming pretty quickly
as I'm in the office actually working
trying to have that mob of mentality but
yeah until my next one I'll just remind
you to enjoy your tea and enjoy each
other's presence everybody and you know
what just to kind of leave this video
off on at least somewhat of a somewhat
of a lighter note here are the outtakes
from you trying to make that I had that
intro happen

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