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published on July 2, 2020

[music playing]

Dr Hodges and his technician,
Paul, are out of the office

and on the way to
a horse sanctuary

to see Cowboy, a horse
with a painful hind leg

Hey, how are you?

Good, how are you?

doing very well

This is Cowboy

He's going to be your
patient for the day

DR HODGES: All right

And what's going on
with Cowboy today?

Cowboy has stifle lock
pretty bad in his back legs

We got a horse a few
years ago on a call–


He came from Florida

He's had stifle lock

He's had it since the day
he walked off the trailer

And it's just
progressively gotten worse

So we called Dr Hodges here
to see what he could do

NARRATOR: Equivalent to
the human knee, the stifle

is located in the upper
hind leg and is the largest

joint in a horse's body

DR HODGES: Does he
sleep standing up?

He does

Yeah, so that's–
that can be one problem

Stifle lock– and what that is,
the patella tendon was getting

stuck in an upward
position, so he kind of

pulls his leg a little bit

So he kind of walks like this
instead of being able to flex

What you have to do
sometimes is you go in

and you snip the
actual patella tendon

And you loosen it up

But it tends to
lead to arthritis

So what we're going to
try is a newer technology

We're going to use
some laser therapy

on that tendon to go in there
and release some inflammation

And this laser therapy,
it works real well

All the major league baseball
players, football players,

have been using it
for the last few years

and seen some
tremendous results


Hopefully that works and
makes Cowboy run around and have

a good time and enjoy life

[music playing]

I'm a firm believer
in let's try the least

invasive method first

Laser therapy is one
of the newer therapies

that is used in
veterinary medicine

As a matter of
fact, 20 years ago

when I graduated vet school,
it wasn't even an option

I wasn't even taught
the technology

because it didn't exist

therapy uses pure light

of a single wavelength
to reduce inflammation

and stimulate tissue repair

All right

Great patient

Does he get much
time in the pasture?


We try and leave him
in the pasture 24/7


So– hey, I'm sorry, bud

He may be feeling a little
bit of a warm sensation,

but absolutely no pain at all

I just want to kind of loosen
that tendon up a little bit

What's my count
down there, Paulie?

Five seconds

DR HODGES: Five seconds

The laser machine, we
use it on everything

We use it on dogs,
cats, mice, turtles–




And one

Awesome job, Cowboy

Awesome job

So you got the same
treatment that all

the NFL and NBA athletes got

TIFFANY NEWMAN: There you go
You're the next Tom Brady

DR HODGES: There you go

You're the new Tom Brady


All right, Cowboy

Let's walk around a little
bit, see how you feel

[smacks lips]

[music playing]

It seemed like he's
starting to show some response

to the treatment already

I think with some
more treatments,

he should do pretty well

Dr Hodges said it would
take a few days to really

have the inflammation go down

So to see results right away
was just like, wow, all right,

now I'm excited to see what
he looks like, you know, two

to three days from now

Good boy

Good boy

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