A history of music’s fake languages

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

language can be an obstruction in art

there are limits to expression like how

the Klingon language has no word for

hello but three for fight naturally some

enterprising musicians have avoided this

problem altogether by simply inventing

their own

I want to get Esperanto out of the way

the most famous constructed language

with an estimated two million speakers

worldwide Esperanto was not invented by

a band but its ubiquity makes it a

valuable starting point can the

Esperanto society be far behind

I mean Sula Esperanto so CEO dou st

multi milan town

hello Zaman ha published the first book

describing Esperanto in 1887 since then

it appeared on signage in Charlie

Chaplin's the Great Dictator as the

theme in final fantasy xi and as the

sole language in the 1966 horror movie

Incubus starring William Shatner mellow

just tha and naturally there are

Esperanto bands there's pop fans and

rock bands and New Age of bands and more

new agey bands and ska bands speakeasy

Haley echo who runs his soul rate soul

was an earlier constructed language

invented by composer Francois Sodra in

1827 with only seven basic phonemes

modeled after a musical scale it can

sound primitive that is the balcony

scene from Romeo and Juliet

sir a soul can be spoken sung or painted

since each phoneme has its own

corresponding color and musical note but

it was invented by a violinist who

longed for universal communication not

by an indie band who wanted placement in

an Apple commercial


city of their somber post-rock mega jams

in their own invented language of

Valencia or hope Landvik but it's

basically just a scat version of their

own native Icelandic unlike Koba Dibby

did how the Coco by Yen koba koba is

unlike Co Bayan ko Bayan unlike kabayan

Christian Vander and his band magma

invented kabayan in order to narrate

their 10 album millennial spanning prog

rock tale of humans fleeing a destroyed

earth and settling on an alien planet

called caballo

admittedly this is still basically just

Slavik Germanic yodeling more exciting

than any as luck seein though

created by Enya's lyricist roma ryan

locks ian is like kabayan intended to

represent an alien language I'll be at

one with a much more chilled out cool

mom yoga studio vibe

then there is the bizarre phenomena of

belgian Eurovision contestants and

constructed language Belgium has three

official languages an Ishtar sing in

none of them instead their 2008

Eurovision Song Contest entry was sung

in an imaginary language that most

closely resembles Ukrainian five years

earlier another Belgian group placed

second with this song

urban TRADD tsunami came within two

points of winning Eurovision in 2003 a

curious side note their singer was not

allowed to participate in the contest

because she might be a neo-nazi here's

another esperano band that aren't


did I miss your favorite constructed

language is even fair to call these

constructed languages when they don't

have the grammar or semantics that we

associate with traditional language let

us know in the comments and be sure to

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exists every week Gee's ravit Oh


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