A Hedgehog Examine-Up | Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

published on July 2, 2020

back at the Haynes clinic it's time for

a small but lovable creatures checkup my

name is avery and I'm bringing my

hedgehog Olivia to the clinic today

owning a hedgehog is really fun they're

super cute and they can get cranky but

when you get used to them they're super

awesome animals sweet savory nice to

meet you I've seen only a handful of

hedgehogs here in Alaska and the Yukon

they are still fairly common pets

everywhere in North America even in the

North so she's four years old now okay

cuz she had any health issues along the

way or any problems she hasn't no no but

it's still good to bring her in and get

a checkup

as you know cuz they age and they can

have issues too yeah so so she pretty

friendly she looks like it yeah olivia

is getting to be older she's already

kind of a middle-aged to older Hedgehog

at four so you like brush her with a

toothbrush that's awesome

this little Hedgehog is very well cared

for have you ever noticed her scratching

or being itchy at all not too much now

her owner Avery has been reading up on

the best things to do for her and she's

done an amazing job so first thing I'm

gonna do just try and listen to her

heart so today she wanted to make sure

that she didn't have any bigger health

issues so she's brought her in for an

overall checkup

oh oh perfect she's been feeding her all

the right things to keep her in a good

body condition that letting her didn't

get too heavy okay so she is 330 grams

perfect that's like the ideal Hedgehog

weight the other important thing to do

is actually an oral exam we could even

snap a quick x-ray of her so we can kind

of do the full physical okay one of the

more common things that I do see in

hedgehogs that come in are either dental

disease like problems with their teeth

or oral tumors or masses they scratch

you but if you catch them early you can

remove them quickly and help them out

and prevent any further disease to

perform the checkup Michelle must put

Olivia under but that requires ingenuity

we're gonna actually put the anesthesia

cone right over her and make like a

little chamber

and then once she gets sleepy then we'll

switch it to a mask that we put on her


I miss we're gonna put your little face

in there so as soon as she's out we put

her down the table okay good stuff

who then get a nice x-ray down so we can

see all of her organs perfect and we do

a lateral view as well so we can see get

two views of what's going on in her

belly perfect that's just about all we

need I wouldn't have a look at her teeth

so you can see that looks totally normal

I'm also looking for any sign of like

bad tartar or rotten teeth and actually

her teeth look really good so now we're

just gonna give her oxygen we can bring

her little house over we're gonna put

you in your little house so one up high

oh you're awake that was quick



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