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published on July 2, 2020

back at the clinic the docs turned their

attention to the Canada Goose with the

broken leg but this goose bad goose is

not interested in cooperating I am NOT

going down as the vet who lost a finger

to a goose so we've gone out and picked

up his goose with the broken leg and we

brought him back to the clinic so we're

gonna do a physical exam some x-rays and

see exactly what's going on with this

goose is late he got a nice break huh

exactly fractured right through the docs

discovered the leg appears to have been

broken for at least two weeks

yep telephone me put a splint on that

thing man so we look at the x-ray and we

see that this is not a new break it's

been going on a while the body has

started to heal itself so at this point

our best option is we splint it for

awhile we try to reduce it back to as

close to normal as we can bones to

normal bone and to bridge those things

and heal them together we don't need to

do so to get this guy down because he's

really really fractious weather give me

someone called a happy juice or

basically anesthesia it kind of relax

she'll be down in a minute

meantime see if I can get the UH rehab

you see if I can get a rehab on the

phone so after we place this splint on

this gooses late

it's gonna be very very important that

we keep it in a very very still place

sort of this lake and heal and

fortunately we have a great rehab er

all right we'll get him a little gas

yeah night-night bird

dr Ferguson fashions a splint out of

gauze and self adhesive tape to

stabilize the leg while dr Hodges

monitors the gooses vitals it's turn now

just a little bit what's going on

make sure you got some fat febrile


birds are very very difficult on

anesthesia so you really want to make

sure that this goose has what we call up

to people reflex and that's blinking

because even always breathing we want to

make sure this

doesn't get too deep so as I'm kind of

checking I'm noticed that the reflexes

aren't quite there and start to try to

get this goose up a little bit I'm just

gonna use the beak to stimulate come on


I want that blink reflex now I want you

to bite now I want you to bite back ah

there we go now all right now we're

waking up the duck now we touch and you

got a blink reflex Birds can get a

little stressed out on out of season but

this bird getting a little deep really

stress me out

all right we got a place to take him so

he got a good place to rehab so we found

a rehabber who knows exactly what

they're doing for their make sure to

explain the change make sure we're on

the right diet make sure you're not

going to get wet advantage but my main

concern is is the bone going to mend

together now we're just going to pin on


if this thing heals up or not



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