A Canine With a “Horn” | Critter Fixers: Nation Vets

published on July 2, 2020

[music playing]

NARRATOR: Shih Tzu, Mr
Magoo, has arrived at Critter

Fixer for an unusual problem


Yes, sir

How many fingers you got?


How many nails you got?


Let me see your neck

Why you wanna look at my neck?

You ever seen a toe
nail growing off a neck?

That's pretty
strange, isn't it?


– You sure you ain't got one?
– Huh?

Do I?

This nail was a
pretty good size

It was almost the
size of a normal nail

I've seen this before,
but this is very unusual

That a toe nail?

Toe nail growing off a neck

So I'm gonna need to shave
this off so we can get to it

Sometimes, man, you get
different dermal cells

growing off the skin

Sometimes you get animals with
five legs, extra appendages

So I think we just
got dermal cells

that grew a nail from there

NARRATOR: Known as
a cutaneous horn,

this anomaly growing
from Mr Magoo's neck

is composed of compact
keratin, the same material

that makes up human nails

You're pretty good dog

Am I gonna have to
put you on anesthesia,

or can I give you
some local anesthetic?

I think I'm gonna
try to dent it–


–and just get it off
because it's not very deep

Can you get your
lidocaine, please, sir?


VERNARD HODGES: And then– so
typically, when I find a nail

that's growing in a place
that it shouldn't be growing,

as long as it's not really deep,
it's just in the– the dermis,

we typically just use a local
anesthetic, and we cut it off

All right

Let's get this thing off

Split till we get it down

[music playing]

Make sure it's not
deep down in there


You took it off?

I thought you were
gonna just polish it up

I took it off

[music playing]

Great patient

We got a little bit of
blood supply still, I see

I'll close that

Good deal

We're good to go

Hopefully, I've
gotten it all and gotten

all of the errant cells, and
hopefully, it won't grow back

All right, puppy

The nail man

I'm the best neck nail remover
around this part of town

You are that

Let me send my wife to you, man


You're a great nail
neck remover, man

I appreciate it

You're the best I ever seen

[music playing]

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