A Bald Eagle’s Highway to Restoration | Alaska Animal Rescue

published on July 2, 2020

every time a bird comes through our

doors our goal is to return them back

into the wild

but sometimes birds are deemed

non-releasable due to sustaining some

sort of permanent injury or impairment

that prevent them from being able to

actively hunt on their own in the wild

and then that's when they'll become an

educational ambassador to teach people

about their species instead so we've

been watching skewers wounds heal over

time and every week we look it doesn't

look like he's healing that much and

then this week when we had a look it was

like a miracle boy that looks a lot


we went from a giant scab to a very tiny

scab it was amazing how much healing

happened underneath a big change it was

huge progress and that's what made me

decide to move him out in the main

flight our main flight is the final

stage of rehab for our birds just the

ultimate place for the Eagles to

complete their rehabilitation

caring for injured bald eagles means a

lot to me but if we can teach people

that these birds are amazing and if you

think they're amazing you've got to save

their habitat then we're actually doing

something and that's the bigger message

that's really important to me I would

say he's defying the odds right now

because we've never had a situation like

this where we had a bird with a huge

hole in its wing pretty amazing that the

bird can even fly there he goes

even with the big hole in this wing he's

an amazing flier

I want him strengthening his muscles

I want him stretching his wings to make

sure that he isn't forming any adhesions

or scar tissue that would keep him from

opening his wings and if he continues to

heal beautifully we might even be able

to release him



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