A $1 BILLION Bitfinex IEO?? – Crypto Happy Hour

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

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what is up crypto stephane ninja grass
Master Hello Kitty what's going on
what's going on
so today wanted to talk about a few
different things the BitFenix potential
ILO what's happening there also have the
new gold art suite looks like it's good
also have the new drop gold buy Bitcoin
advertising campaign that actually got a
lot of a pick up and that was from
greyscale investment trust who runs the
which is I believe a subsidiary of
digital currency group or DCG who runs
the gbtc investment vehicle which allows
you to purchase a essentially not a
derivative but essentially purchasing
Bitcoin without purchasing bitcoins
sometimes comes the large premium so we
can definitely talk through that and
much more as well as all of your
questions obviously so we'll get into
all that and we'll have a good time
doing so so first off not sure if
anybody saw this they can't just came
out this afternoon
but if unless you've been literally
sleeping under a rock for the past
couple of days bit finnex has run into a
whole host of legal issues and for those
who are not aware there's kind of a an
issue that's essentially coming to a
head court
I believe on May 6th so right now with
the BitFenix and tether jarama there is
a potential for it to have really either
materialize or turn into a non-issue on
May 6th so that is the time frame I
think you really want to keep an eye on
that is Monday
shut up hope to calendar to check that
out but in addition to that they are
this was rumored basically that the day
really within hours of a lot of this
kind of negative information coming out
I think del V Wan was the I think I
think this or last name Duffy was the
kind of one that broke this from a
telegram group there were a number of
rumors about this but BitFenix doing a
token sale up to 1 billion dollars
copying some aspects of the B&B token
you know with trading fees or a
reduction of trading fees if you hold
the token and also it sounds like
convertible to equity similar to what
Biddeford X did during the 2016 hack so
a lot to eventually unpack here but I
think this also does go to show a lot of
the legitimacy of the the issues right
now that they're surrounding BitFenix
that if they really you know this is a
profitable supposed to be a profitable
business and a profitable enterprise
you're not really gonna give away equity
or you know giveaway giveaway potential
convertible to equity if there aren't
major issues that you need that money to
to overcome so this is something that I
would definitely be keeping an eye on if
you are interested in this stuff in the
space for sure
and then on the other end of the
spectrum too so we have yet–but finnex
and then this is something what's up bro
man doggone twitch what's going on
brother so this is something that I
thought was was pretty cool pretty well
executed and for those who might not
know I do not I don't think unless I
have like unless my financial adviser
puts me in gold somehow I don't know but
I am NOT a big gold guy I'm not like a
Gold Bug it's never been an impeding
investment vehicle for me I've never
really thought gold was that interesting
outside of crypto I basically just put
my money in stock equities and it's
mostly just low-cost ETFs I use like
betterment wealthfront
and then have a than half then of a
financial advisor takes care of all the
other stuff but the the potential I
think there is this whole kind of
generation or this whole group of people
that are just very interested in in gold
and it's I mean they have a name it's
gold bugs and the team at greyscale has
gone after them basically saying he
needs to drop gold they did this whole
commercial it was covered in ad age
which is one of the bigger advertising
and kind of like media publishing
websites blogs attracts a lot of
different ad campaigns so it was pretty
interesting to see how greyscale is kind
of doing this like viral type of
advertising I thought it was really well
executed I thought they did a great job
thought they did a great job with this
talking about hey a lot of people like
gold and this is I mean if you look at
like if you look at this collection of a
investment portfolio per se this kind of
mirrors would I have for me personally
you know stocks cash bonds and gold
except you'd probably replace definitely
gold but also mostly bonds as well with
cryptocurrency and that would be also
kind of the equivalent amount in my
portfolio for me as well just because I
can't be a total psychopath and have
100% of my net worth in Bitcoin and
other cryptocurrencies but this is a
really interesting I think approach to
having people exposing Bitcoin to more
people and exposing it for the
alternative I think a lot of people talk
about Bitcoin as digital gold a lot of
people talk about certain aspects of it
as a as a store of value but it hasn't
really kind of gone out there maybe in
full force like this and I do think this
is most likely a fairly effective
campaign and and I I hope that it turns
out well there's an entire commercial
for to if we you know likely to invest
in gold are you living in the past if I
could get the actual commercial for you
guys so you could see it white did you
invest in gold are you home nope not
getting the audio grayscale Bitcoin
investment trust maybe isn't the most
attractive thing for some people if you
go down here you can see some of you
might not have known this some of you
might but if you go down and check it
out you can actually buy gbtc on a
variety of popular places like etrade
like fidelity like TD Ameritrade
Interactive Brokers etc etc so it
already is something that is kind of
widely available a lot of people point
to like we really need an ETF this is
something that is available on OCC
markets right now we're on it's not like
the New York Stock Exchange the sound
OTC is that is the name of essentially
the name of the market that they are
traded on and not over-the-counter but
it does have availability on e trade on
fidelity on Charles Schwab and a lot of
these other places I don't think there
is massive massive awareness this was a
smart job by the team at grayscale to
number one show that the different value
proposition of Bitcoin over something
like show the different value
proposition a Bitcoin over something
like a gold and then also provide an
actual investment vehicle for people to
do something with it because a lot of
these people are not actually a lot of
bugs are probably not buying gold and
shoving that on under their mattress not
coming out buying gold bars – probably
buying gold ETFs or gold related stocks
this is a similar manner to how they
would do that
pamela thoughts on cannabis stocks and
best invested a position in aurora
cannabis i have enough where ease in my
life about coins i don't need
weed stocks so i I stay away from
cannabis stocks I also am little loser
and don't know much about cannabis in
general so as far as my evaluation would
would go
I'd probably not be the best person I
prefer to prefer to take my take take my
substances in the form of whiskey and
beer over over cannabis and though I
respect everyone's preference out there
a good question there from a man that
ninja grass master Quinn bass do you
approve dogecoin being added as a coin
base well first of all the thing that we
need to differentiate is Quinn base is
getting some some for this which is
kind of funny in general but coinbase
added dogecoin to coinbase wallet so you
cannot go to coin base right now or coin
best Pro and trade doge shoutout Doge
got me to crypto in 2013 my first
original coin and the first thing
that I you know the first thing that I
ever ever mined or anything like that as
well so I have a soft I have a soft spot
for Doge I've always had a weak spot in
my heart for Doge
but coinbase came out and a lot of
people like yes maybe a lot of
bitcoiners were not maybe happy about it
whatever but they came out and said
they're supporting Doge within the coin
base wallet for me I don't think that's
this but that is necessarily a massive
deal I believe it used to be Toshi it
used to be primarily aetherium and
they've changed it to the entire
columbus wallet you get store if we go
over here I mean it's just for storage
but you could do canoe Bitcoin aetherium
a theorem classic XR peace dollar lumens
you could store any of your ERC 20 or C
21 tokens on there so rolling out Doge
is what it is I don't think it actually
moved the price or anything like that
I have never I've downloaded a coin
based wallet I haven't actually used it
for anything in particular but yeah I
don't I don't think there's really a
need to be upset I do think that it is
interesting watching the kind of
continued movement of coinbase to more
to support more and more
cryptocurrencies rather than like the
initial concentration where I mean for
for a very long time coin base was just
Bitcoin than it was Bitcoin and
aetherium and Bitcoin aetherium and
litecoin and it was like that for it for
quite some time at least it felt like
that for me and then Bitcoin cash thing
happened you had the Bitcoin cash fork
and then there was just a variety of
assets that kind of slowly got at it
slowly got at it now it feels like we're
kind of rolling down the hill with more
and more coin based assets so yeah I you
know it seems to me like it's more a
little bit more competitive with what
buy Nance is doing then some of the
other exchanges out there like for me
you have Gemini which appears to be very
very like highly regulated somewhat of
like kind of what coinbase was in the
past almost in my mind and I think coin
base is kind of straight away from that
and has moved more towards like the
finance strategy of it's nowhere near or
– is that it all right now but moving
more and more towards sharing towards
numerous assets and then you also have
Square which there was some information
we could talk about that today but
Square will pull it up here the number
of bitcoins sales actually topped sixty
five million dollars on squares cash app
in q1 of 2019 which is nice to see and
Square is a public company so that
information came out when they announced
their earnings call and you could see
the the popularity there that is
increasing Foursquare and the cash app
in terms of Bitcoin you listen to any
podcast at all as well you probably
heard you've probably heard
advertisements for the cash app like
their squares probably one of the most
prominent podcast advertisers out there
I'm a big part of my take I am barstool
they're like the official sponsor of of
pardon my take and even when like big
cat is reading the square or the cash
app advertisement talks about you know
buying and selling different things and
be even be able to being able to buy
within the ad so I think you know that
type of thing has helped spread
awareness it's still I think a
relatively smaller amount of just
Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general the
one thing I would say though that will
be interesting if and when we ever do
see another like quote-unquote bull run
another thing I think will be really
interesting is the infrastructure is so
much better than it wasn't 2017
to actually accommodate people if they
are interested in investing in in
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
rather than 2017 like if you guys were
around in you guys were around in 2017
for now whatever it was like October
November December and then like January
you had like bit tracks and Polonia acts
and all these exchanges closing closing
new registrations was one of the reasons
why by Nantz really came into the fold
was because they were one of the few
companies that are actually taking new
registrations and now you have
legitimate companies out there like
square you also have companies like
coinbase and gemini and crack in that I
think have scaled up their
infrastructure and improved their their
tech infrastructure significantly to the
point where if you do see this like
crazy hockey stick of growth of
onboarding in the crypto ecosystem of
people trying to invest there's not
going to be at least in my mind it's
they're probably not going to be as as
held back as they were previously by
some of the lack of accounts or just the
user onboarding or the lack of kind of
just readiness from the actual companies
we saw you as more of a calm
I don't drink that at all I'm drinking
drinking water right now tonight we'll
go protein shake is trying to get back
into meathead Bobby form we'll see if
that ever happens but trying do my best
and start shooting questions away as
well always be you know always happy to
to talk about those so this is
moist boys not a big fan of the word
moist but hey it's in your user name so
we'll roll with it
have you heard of Maddox supposedly
backed by coinbase just listed on by
Nance thoughts so I'll pull this up so
coinbase has a ventures arm similar to a
variety of other companies out there I
do not think that it's it's let's say
slightly a big deal
but just because coinbase ventures has
invested in a invested in a project does
not necessarily mean that it is going to
get I think in my mind some type of like
crazy holy crap special treatment I mean
they've invested in a lot of different
companies Matic is one such company
Matic was just listed on Finance and
then I believe there was like I saw this
on Twitter where people are talking
about it like this was on the coinbase
website and they took it down or there
was something like that and then once
they finally got confirmed it pumped the
price of automatic I mean this is this
is crypto so if you if now in every
article like if we go back here you can
see it is in coin based ventures in coin
based ventures a portfolio list there
but now you can see you know cumbias
ventures mattock coin based ventures
Columbus ventures so something a lot of
people I guess you know we'll kind of
get things attached to similar to what
happened with Circle like if you look at
circle and every single articles goldman
sachs invested in circle and every
single time you see an article about
circle in any mainstream news now it
always says goldman sachs backed company
or goldman sachs back circle or goldman
sachs back crypto company doesn't even
lead to a circle it just is like goldman
sachs goldman sachs goldman sachs same
kind of thing might end up being true
for better for worse for 4matic here
thoughts on who Satoshi is hal finian
nick szabo
that's Craig right though I got to say
Craig Rhett I don't want to get sued
Gordan Bryce this is a really good point
so if any of you guys let me know if
you're familiar with dy/dx this is a
it's kind of it's a defy company it's
built on top of a theory I'm see if I
can pull it up I don't have meta mask on
the new version of brave dope so this is
pretty cool it's basically like a
decentralized version of bit Mex one
might say it is margin trading it's it's
leveraged trading for aetherium right
now but I had a chance to you actually
in in the in the old day job had met
with somebody from the dy/dx team at air
swap recently and actually earlier this
week I think was on Monday got a chance
to get a demo of dy/dx before it
launched which was awesome and I really
do like this I think it's it's solid you
know there might be some initially it's
certainly not going to be as liquid as
some of the other some of the other
places out there you know like a bit max
or anything like that but this is
something that will allow you to either
go leveraged long or short on aetherium
and then I believe they're looking to
open that up to other other crypto
currencies as well so shouldn't just be
limited to but like if you're a big-time
aetherium hater then this is something
where you can open up a short position
you go up to 4x short right now on a
theory immune to isolated margin or if
you do cross margin as well in addition
to that you can also right now on die
and on a theorem you could both bar you
could both deposit aetherium as well as
deposit die to earn you could earn 12%
interest on die right now this
fluctuates it's similar to compound
finance so we're you know due to supply
and demand the rate will actually
fluctuate so right now if you were to
borrow die you would actually be paying
about 22% so definitely not the best
place to borrow die but if you'd like to
supply die and earn an interest rate you
would earn about 12% annually on your
die but again that flux
Kuwait's on a consistent basis
Josh Ram portal would you would you
consider yourself or would you call
yourself a bitcoin slash etherium
maximalist uh I don't know
I'm alight but might the two things I'm
most interested in are definitely built
Bitcoin and aetherium I have a fat
portion of my crypto right now is in is
actually in Tesla's holdings and I've
also kind of been slowly building up a
position in cosmos as well so I don't
think you know I don't know we'll see
what happens Harris oh it's mr. blah
again hey Faris what's going on buddy
dolla bill didn't die increase the
maintenance fee recently so there's
there's I talked about this in the last
crypto happy hour and I should probably
make I mean I think I made a video about
this back in the day where I talked
about how to open up CDP dolla bill if
you're really curious about that you can
actually go to you can actually go if
you search on YouTube and search like
crypto babi CDP it should probably come
CDP died maybe it should probably come
up where I did a video tutorial on how
to open up a CDP with maker Dow but when
you just touch die if you do not
actually utilize the CDP at all you
don't know what that means but you just
you know how you take etherium when you
buy die you don't have to worry about
the stability fee really ever it's not
really a worry for you you're not gonna
ever interact with the stability fee of
the maker dau system unless you're
utilizing that the CDP's which are the
collateralized debt positions
a question from delirium that I think is
pretty solid do you think crypto sells a
long way to go to become more noob
friendly it's still complicated with
seed phrases addresses needing to set up
a lightning connection connection etc so
I don't know if a long way there are
certain companies and products that are
coming out that are pretty cool so if we
pull up here like so this is something
we're integrating in the very near
future at a tear swap it's a company
called Portis and what it allows you to
do is it allows you to create an
aetherium wallet with outs so I'll click
on get started you can create an
aetherium wallet with your email and pet
you can do an email and a password
essentially and that's all you need you
can export the private key if you'd like
but it's much more similar to a you know
kind of like a traditional bank account
rather than what you would find with
another type of you know it's it's just
more like a traditional account rather
than what you would see with like a meta
mask or something like that so it's a
lot more familiar to people it's it's a
newer service it's a newer company but
Portis is one and also for Matic is
another one we're working on integrating
with as well so automatic is for kind of
phone numbers – I believe I haven't
gotten a chance to interface with this
one as much but basically it works with
you know web browsers mobile browsers
and all you need is a phone number to
onboard somebody into your DAP and then
like this type of thing I think is what
will help also just on board people
additionally you always have to check
and you always have to make sure that
the security is there with these
companies in addition to that but a
Portis allows people to sign up and
basically get involved into the etherium
ecosystem through their email address on
the other end of the spectrum 4matic
allows people to do so with their phone
number both of those kind of abstract
the part of cryptocurrency is confusing
for a lot of people and I do you think
that both of these have potential to be
no great for individuals to to use
without the confusion that that
and of it can stem from certain aspects
of things
a guy with great question you've ever
cooked a steak on a weber gas grill or
just new york city frying pan you still
live in Jersey and had my own grill so
yes I have cooked the steak on an actual
grill and I prefer charcoal if we're
really being honest over anything but
charcoal is kind of a pain in the ass I
also have an apartment so I have a grill
but it's not mine and it's gas and gas
sucks actually no the grill my
apartments electric and that's the worst
thing in the world it's a joke
absolutely a joke
thanks a lot Dennis I appreciate that
so mr. Simpson says a Bobby can Bitcoin
be inflated and I think previously the
question was around the topic of the
topic of Ken developers kind of get
together and inflate Bitcoin I in my
mind I I don't see that happening I
think that there that is a there's
definitely like a slight risk of that
it's it's a it's a possibility but I do
think that it's a very very small my new
possibility the the biggest thing I
think that Bitcoin has or won't you know
one of the biggest things that Bitcoin
has is the fact that it is a known like
monetary policy you know exactly what's
gonna happen with the basically
according to the block schedule you know
what the inflation rates gonna be you
know when the halving is going to occur
you know those types of things they are
predetermined and I don't think that I
don't think that what's happening with
that is necessarily going to be changed
and I think if anybody tries to change
it they will get forced out of the
Bitcoin community before they can
actually input those changes because I
think that that level of stability is is
crucial to to how Bitcoin is going to
kind of continue on in the future
let's see John Silva says
have I bought pack coin no I know I have
not bought Paquin
I don't think that necessarily anybody's
gonna change the monetary policy of a
Bitcoin at least any time soon
the big debate with with Bitcoin and the
the kind of big component of the future
that is very hotly contested it's very
far out but what happens when the you
know mining rewards essentially go to
zero and that will happen eventually and
the kind of initial thought process so
the initial justification was at some
point in time when that eventually
happens in the far out future the price
of Bitcoin will be so high that the
transaction fees that miners will
generate from processing transactions
will be enough to sustain what they
basically to sustain the profit margins
that they need to run their mining
operations and that is a hotly contested
hotly debated topic in Bitcoin and it
will be for quite some time I think it
will be for a very long time do I have
the answer to that absolutely not I do
not know and then also when you look at
that and people throw in Lightning
Network as well and they say well no
transactions and lightning Network are
nearly free at this point in time it's
it's almost you know it's almost free to
transact within the Lightning Network
what happens if a lot of the
transactions move to the Lightning
Network there's not as many transactions
on the base layer is that not going to
eventually sustain the the miners in
addition to the block reward so when the
block rewards run out a lot of this is
very future conversation but it is
something that needs to be planned at
for ahead of time as well
5:25 p.m. any dating relationship advice
for the single Krypto enthusiasts not
finding my Bitcoin knowledge to be much
of a panty-dropper my best advice would
be to not talk about cryptocurrency on
your dates that is that's your advice
hot tip whether you are I don't know I
would just say don't talk about Bitcoin
or cryptocurrency especially on like the
first five dates if you want to you know
continue to go on dates with that
individual however if you are out on a
nice blind date or you know an app date
or whatever and you don't like that
person yeah talk about the Bitcoin block
size debate if you really want to chase
that person away you'll be good to go no
drinks tonight now going going straight
water why not
good question unknown essence do you
think the Lightning Network is the
future of payments or will an altcoin be
used for shopping in person
I mean shopping in person is also like
that's that's a whole part of the debate
too I think that I don't think shopping
a person is ever gonna go away but I
think ecommerce continually eats out
brick-and-mortar retail and will
continue to take kind of chunks of that
business basically from now until
forever I don't think we'll ever go to
zero for brick-and-mortar people always
enjoy a brick-and-mortar retail store
and even when you look at a lot of these
like online first brands at least in New
York for me like there's a lot of
companies like if anybody's familiar
with like bonobos and some of those
other companies a lot of them have
retail stores now like Casper mattress I
think as a retail store or what who
waste suitcases as a retail store so
that's a whole nother thing but I am NOT
a big big fan of cryptocurrencies that
solely try to compete with Bitcoin on
transaction speed alone because I think
eventually there's going to come a time
where you know Bitcoin will be able to
scale whether that's through lightning
or something else and you know when
you're only moat is the speed of
transactions that could be an issue in
the long run so that's not my favorite
component I think there are other crypto
currencies like there are other
different moats
that make a cryptocurrency maybe more
valuable and more protected from that in
the long run
Oh interesting delirium and and you guys
can sound off in this to delirium says
he was in a debate the other day again
with some of the counter arguments for
the same for the Brazilian time
basically the debate was stating that
Bitcoin will never come to I guess
fruition due to use of it's used for
crime and dark web activities your
counter so I think Bitcoin is becoming
more and more and more legit over time
almost to the point where it's it's
detrimental in my mind why do I say that
because you know Bitcoin while initially
Bitcoin had let's say you know maybe
less than less than clean roots you know
Bitcoin rise rose to prominence with
Silk Road that was one of the really
early primary predominant use cases of
Bitcoin was Silk Road and you can still
conduct various nefarious activities
utilizing Bitcoin however it is insanely
stupid to do so it is very very dumb to
do so why do I say it's dumb to do so
because if you have ever KY seed through
basically any us or large exchange they
all use chain analysis or some type of
other blockchain tracking software out
there they all use something like that
and they track the blockchain analytics
companies can figure out who you are
where you came from where your money was
sent to and conducting nefarious
activities on the Bitcoin blockchain is
not a smart way to do things if you want
to look at like Bitcoin never gaining
prominence I don't think that is one of
the reasons if you want to look at
Manero never gaining prominence yeah
sure but Bitcoin specifically it is you
know it's better to do illegal things
with cash in the United States I think
it was one of the one of the quotes
that's always resonated with me the most
but Kris Pearn s key I think said this
at consensus invest in 2017 and this was
in 2017 he said this he's like you're
better off buying a kilo of coke with US
dollar cash than you are with Bitcoin he
is it is easier to track you with
Bitcoin than it
to track you with cash so the nefarious
activity is like saying Bitcoin will
never you know become successful I would
say u.s. dollars pretty successful and
cash is pretty successful and basically
damn near impossible to track either of
5:25 p.m. we're we're always here for
the outlandish comments you got to make
things interesting every once in a while
and if it's dating advice for you I'm
happy to help out it might not always be
the best but I do think that you know
what I'm saying
just don't talk to I don't know five
twenty five pm I don't know if you're a
male or a female either way I would say
that do not know do not talk to your
dates about cryptocurrency stay the hell
away from it I literally have a buddy
that went on I think it was like three
dates and on the fourth day was talking
about like their coin and crypto
currency went on the whole tangent never
got the fifth date
crypto Pappy what's your current mic
setup correct it's a shure sm7b mic with
some amazon plug-in and then i have a go
XLR mixer so it's uh I just have the mic
plugged into the mixer and then we're
good to go
Greta's attender where I talked about
Krypton my portfolio not one hit shocked
doc buddy
interesting yes Josh that's a very good
point and something that you know we
could definitely talk a little bit about
more so Josh basically goes back to the
same question but now for Manero feel
like government gonna try and shut that
so that is something that you know I
don't know how and where the government
will necessarily shut Manero down Manero
is one where Manero has privacy by
default and you can look at Z cash right
and God the Z cash chart is like if you
want to see just you want to look at
what death looks like in a
cryptocurrency chart let's pull up Z
cash to Bitcoin
this is

it's just slow
just like cutting the wrist and slowly
bleeding out it's it's not fun it's it's
death that's that's what death looks
like personified that's the Z Cash chart
but getting back to that with Z cash so
Z cash is is optional privacy so there
are shielded addresses and then there
are like the transparent normal
addresses because Z cash has shielded
and non shielded addresses Z cash was
actually approved by the New York
Department of Financial Services the NY
DFS Gemini offers Z cash Gemini's never
gonna offer Manero most likely most
likely unless they used kind of like
your ring signature identifiers that
like Rex uses I think but because
because Z cash is privacy with
optionality maneras privacy by default
having default privacy is having default
privacy is something that I don't think
regulators are really interested in so
hex awareness team I go
my hex coins now I'm not
what's up Stefan
oh that's that's why I only have like
194 listeners cuz bullies on crypto
Street what's up Dale what's up Prince
what's up killer
what's that bully
take away streams screen time from those
boys but hey it's gotta fight for every
ounce of attention on these crypto
aha Michael thank you very much for that
super chat I appreciate that would I go
on Joe Rogan as a crypto ambassador I
think there are other people that are
more qualified to do so personally I
mean I'd love to be fantastic but there
are definitely other people that deserve
that more than I do personally Andreas
Antonopoulos was on Joe Rogan before I
don't know if he's had any other crypto
people on he's talked about crypto in
his podcast a few times but yeah that's
Adarsh gone to prison
hey you just all you have to do is you
mix Bitcoin and DMT together and then
that's boom the Joe Rogan podcast so
you're good to go
take a look at these questions here
nighthawk hello is eath going up soon I
will look into my crystal ball right now
I am uncertain about things until May
6th I I would really like to see for
Bitcoin for aetherium for basically the
entire market I'm pretty I'm pretty
hedged right now to neutral exposure at
this point in time or just kind of
crypto as a whole with just kind of a
neutral short position it's or a larger
short position to basically get my
Long's at at neutral
so I've hedged myself right now just
because I I don't know what's gonna
happen on May 6 I don't know if there's
gonna be you know some more information
but the bid for next tether stuff does
actually make me a little bit uneasy and
not super stoked about everything so
waiting for the happy hour dump it has
not happened yet Philip surprisingly I
mean actually knock on knock on wood the
past couple times with a happy hour
really hasn't dumped outside of roof
there's Adam geez that happened quick
nice discovery
down from the peak there yet
by a little bit more
Adam if it keeps dumping off why not
Delirium your thoughts on private
company government-driven blockchain for
car titles house deeds etc versus
government's using public blockchains
like eath
it depends on the use case I think
there's a lot of complexities with
private blockchains in some cases where
they make sense in some cases where they
don't so I think you know you want to
evaluate it on a one-off basis and you
know what are they using for said
private blockchains is it like you know
a hyper ledger type thing is it a you
know like what JP JP Morgan's doing with
a version of a theorem with quorum like
a fourth version of a theorem that they
built themselves there's a lot to look
into when you think about what happens
with what's happening essentially with
the utilization of a private versus
public one of the guys I work with and
some of the team I work with are
actually doing a nickel blog post a
pretty detailed research piece on
private versus public blockchain
specifically for securities so that'll
be interesting I'll let you guys know
when when that actually gets published
as well
rules for rebels interesting why is
being be dropping well I mean BM B's
down point 1 1 or like less than a
I mean why is being be dropping because
it went on the most ridiculous run from
December it's still up if you bought
this stuff in December you're up 220
percent against Bitcoin and bitcoins
been up in that timeframe but that's why
it's always some something like you know
where I'm always a little bit nervous I
mean it's only down fifth it's not even
down that much now 15% from its peak
it's not down that much at all but
that's always why I'm worried about it
you know if I'm if you're buying
something that's up a hundred two
hundred three hundred percent whatever
it might be
you never want to buy you never want to
buy the top sometimes you'll you know
miss out on an additional pump but I'm
never I'm never somebody who's super
super interested in buying somebody
else's bags it always scares me
Adam 50x I see oh yes so I am slightly
buying somebody else's bags with that
hospitals ico was a hot minute ago if I
do remember correctly
effectively it went through the bull run
yeah it closed two years ago Dogen still
happened on April of 2017 so it
I don't want to say deserve is a 50x
pump at all not in not in any respect to
whatsoever but
do I do I think it could still pump more
if we see like an actual bull run where
it is a public cryptocurrency yes same
with tezo's
what's up no vino thank you for that
super chat man I appreciate that love
the show for a while thank you very nice
view I think the market is smarter than
2017 predictions all prediction alts
won't run in the next bull run yes and
no I think part of that is correct I
think part of that is not I don't think
like basically everything in encrypt I
ran in December 2017 2018 like
everything was you be hard-pressed not
to find like I've at least a 100x but
like most likely got 500 acts like you
would have been hard-pressed to find
that I do think that for the most part
people are smarter and I do you think
Bitcoin will 100% lead the way but I
also do think like some of them maybe
like mid to large there's there's gonna
be opportunities outside of Bitcoin
there are gonna be all coins that do
well I mean looking at the chart right
now like B&B is and we're not in a bull
run B&B still pulled a 200 at you know
two hundred two hundred percent move
against finance or excuse me against
Bitcoin you look at something like Raven
Raven still Raven has retraced pretty
heavily now this is also like Raven more
so than B&B Ravens down 40% now from the
top that it hit in April and looks like
it's approaching
I wouldn't touch Raven right now at all
that's just me but
it's still possible for altcoins to do
really well do I think people might be
more selective yes but I do think that
the you know I do think that with with
tezo or seeing Tesla's in the comments
of now I do think that a lot of the
tendency that people have and I've said
this before and I'll say it again a lot
of what happens in my mind is you know
people you'll see a run of Bitcoin and
some of these other cryptocurrencies but
mostly Bitcoin maybe you'll see a
theorem and something else and somebody
will tell their friends like I just made
so much money on Bitcoin ich made so
much money on aetherium the friend looks
at that and says well my friend already
made all their money you know the person
on CNBC who's talking about Bitcoin
going up they already made all their
money what's the next Bitcoin what's the
next etherium what's the next thing I
can make my money in
yes I'm sure they're gonna put some
money in that but that's also one of the
big reasons why alt coins do well in my
mind is people are always looking for
the next thing they see what happened
with the theorem they see what happened
with Bitcoin they see what happened with
some of these other with XRP whatever
oh wow XRP went from one cent to two two
dollars you know a theory em went from a
dollar to a thousand dollars whatever it
is like what's the next one to do that
and they want to find that because
that's the way that they're gonna retire
and that's the way they're gonna buy a
Lambo and all that type of stuff
taking a look at some of these questions
Freeman young I do think a little bit of
it depends bond tether I think we need a
little more clarity there to break above
6k I think that could potentially be
something that'll help us get above that
range but I do think we're gonna need
some level of clarity I do think that
the situation is is not ideal I don't
like it I wanted I'm done I like I'm not
done because I kind of have to but like
I want to be done talking about bit for
next I want to be done talking about
tether I don't think it's a value add
for the crypto space I don't want to
defend the actions because I don't think
it's advantageous for the users if there
are some hardcore people that have been
in the space for a while that still do
defend them
and I do think it's kind of because they
you know bid for next has been in the
space for a while and they have a soft
spot for them but I don't think it's a
hill worth dying on and I think
eventually it's gonna be something that
gets flushed out of the ecosystem in my
mind most likely
a delirium or shave a mohawk if BTC
races reaches all-time highs this month
I know this that the hair it's it's got
to stay on the head I mean it's been too
much time grown grown the hair out I can
I can't she have a mohawk no I'm not I'm
certainly not McAfee I'm not going to
eat my own genitalia and I am also not
going to shave a mohawk
shave my face when I said I did I grow
out a beard for the bear market and I
shaved the bear I shaved the beard when
the bear market was over I did that and
that was for the good of everyone that
was for the good of the good of humanity
and they could have crypto Twitter
well I shaved my head friar Munk style
pick when reaches 20k by June now it's
not going hounds there's flow stand
trying to get on Luke Martin level with
the flow it's not it's not gonna happen
cuz he's got that natural flow but I'm
trying to trying to grill the lettuce
BitFenix and tether BS is already priced
in I don't know if that's the case I
mean there's there's no way to really
accurately know that I am slightly
surprised to that Bitcoin has held up so
well it has been it has been nice to see
Bitcoin only dropping 5% and then
basically recovering I mean where were
we it's bitcoins down about $300 from
what it's recovered 50% of the fall
which wasn't that much so it's down
about maybe what two and a half three
percent so it certainly has not crashed
the market that does say I think two
things people are very bullish on
Bitcoin right now and in willing to
discount the or ignore the the tether
and BitFenix issues either people don't
believe them or we just haven't seen the
worst of it yet
so I don't know exactly what's going to
I don't know exactly what's going to
occur it's it's really tough to say but
I'm I just I don't like the situation
it's not something that not something
that I'm a massive massive fan of I'm
sure they're going to eventually get
their way out of it but
dollar bill going to 43 Hyundai if
Bitcoin goes to 43 Hyundai I will
definitely buy definitely buy at that
range and again I'm hedged right now
pretty much neutral exposure so I'd be
putting fresh Fiat into Bitcoin if it
went to 43 hundred but yeah I don't I
don't know if we'll be seeing that
anytime soon but I'm prepared if we do
do Julio what's going on man thank you
very much that super shot super kind of
you super chat super kind really do
appreciate that brother 50-day moving
add you're at can't speak English right
now 50-day moving average has upwards
momentum and 200-day moving average has
downward momentum first the two hundred
DMA needs to level out and then we both
are then both the fifty DMA and the two
hundred EMA have upward momentum and
Golden Cross you have the bull market
believe you already had the
quote-unquote Golden Cross too lazy to
put in yeah we have the Golden Cross on
Bitcoin a few days ago actually like a
week or so ago you have the cart you
have the 50-day and 200 a crossover so
that's already something that happened
it's not necessarily a guarantee for a
bull market though I think it's
something that typically is associated
with a bull market it's a it's a bullish
no it's a bullish pattern but there have
been times in the past where Bitcoin has
indeed printed a Golden Cross and the
market has not actually maintained
bullish momentum for a long period of
time so certainly not a guarantee but I
appreciate appreciate that statement for
sure Julio
what's up Giovanni on twitch how's it
going my man
shout-out to my my limited twitch
audience we're growing we're strong
I see all two of you on twitch you don't
subscribe to me on twitch yet crypto
Bobby 12 do it
when is the ETF coming I have no
freaking clue 2020 about 2019 2020
shoutout hipster for the bat he sent for
beer I love drinking beer even though
I'm not drinking it right now I'm gonna
have a protein shake in a little bit
because I'm again trying to get back in
it's almost beach season and I'm gonna
get sunburned like I always do and look
like a lobster on live streams to you
guys cuz I know you guys enjoy that so
make sure that happens and hopefully not
be as as as fat as I usually am on the
beach I'll give that a shot
but hipster thanks for thanks for the
bat if you guys used brave I am a
certified publisher on on brave on my
youtube channel twitch and on my website
so if you ever need anything or if you
want to contribute to the site I'm here
for you
always what's up my man
watch out Reaper set three people on
twitch right now whoa watch it watch it
now benching 225 you got to keep up with
him bench has never been my strong suit
and I love to get up to 225 but right
now I'm a little little weenie boy so I
don't think that's happening time soon
ah Richard well we get another cooking
video from lobster Bobby Flay you like
one I'd happily produced one I'm working
on a few new things in the repertoire
but always happy to cook steak I've been
on that garlic shrimp kick lately that's
been quite delicious yeah
big fan
classic is coming yes I will I'll be
attending and I actually am speaking at
consensus I'm on a panel so I am
speaking at consensus I think briefly
like a 45 minute panel or something like
that I'm talking about the quadriga CX
hack with a few other folks so speaking
on on behalf of or speaking like
representing air swap for that so just
talking about like the quadriga CX hack
in particular as well as how we could
prevent that too or prevent that in the
future and I think that the stance that
I'll likely be taking is the stance that
I'll likely be taking it for that is on
the non-custodial side of the house
because I do think non-custodial trade
is really important not providing your
your keys to a a cryptocurrency exchange
you know like whether it's an air swap
or a bisque or a yuna swap or just just
always maintaining custody on your own I
think that's awesome
I'll also be so fluidity summit fluid
ease the parent company of air swap
somebody just mentioned do like a vlog
one of the things we're talking about
the other day at least for fluidity is
I'm not speaking at fluidity but I might
actually have a like a videographer I
might just walk around and interview a
bunch of people at fluidity and just
record that and put put out like a video
of kind of you know the you know the
videos where you have people like going
around interviewing individuals for like
at like election rallies and like
that and kind of joking around having
fun asking people questions I think I'm
gonna go up to every single person at
fluidity including like you know the
head of Goldman Sachs crypto and and
Citigroup and all these come places yeah
you know
quite price prediction I'm not actually
gonna do that but yeah I'm gonna do
something pretty cool I should do
something fun for that
huh make sure I announce the corn
of the week when I'm on stage yeah I
will I'll go for that I boss might not
like that but more people on Twitch
things are lit right now it's it's it's
poppin which is poppin right now this is
the most we've ever had about to be a
pro twitch in no time
watch out ninja
never played fortnight never will
delirium ever been outside the US yes a
lot of times

two in the last year I went to Dubai for
a crypto conference I went to Prague for
crypto conference went to Jamaica last
year went to Canada to ski I'll say go
it's probably probably about it last
year I've been doing a bunch of places
in the Caribbean been a Europe once or
twice so going in to make again in the
fall because I like to make ax and I
like drinking and eating jerk chicken
and going to all-inclusive resorts cuz I
get to drink and eat as much as I want
which is the ideal scenario in the world
dumbs gonna be now dumped you can't beat
a dumb alive stream only did a 24-hour
hold we did a 24-hour live stream in a
row which is pretty damn incredible
tell us about a time you got wrecked one
haven't I gotten rekt and cryptocurrency
err coins Li no I mean I think there's
been there's been a number of different
times I've I've gotten rekt whether it's
been you know participating in an IC
o—- that hasn't gone well you know I
put some money in the you know in the
old polish war my co token sale that did
not was not a good one for me that was
not a sound investment for me our chain
was probably like the biggest Rho C was
one that I have capital losses with our
chain probably for the next like 80
billion years I bought it I think in May
at towards the end of May of 2018 at the
tail end of the the second like mini
altcoin run and our chain was a project
that like had a lot of decent like hype
I think and like there were some people
like technically that that liked our
chain my buddy my buddy Rocco who's on
the channel earlier this week if you
guys haven't seen that video
Braco is the one that introduced me to
Cardno in 2017 which was by far my best
trade of 2017 buying that at like three
cents and selling it a lot lot higher
than three cents so that was definitely
my best trade of 2017 so I always take
Rocco's word with Rocco's phenomenal
researcher Sony's like yeah man our
chains worth worth taking a look at
Boston marching and there was behind
closed doors apparently a bunch of
infighting and people are dumping it and
I got absolutely roasted on on that our
chain investment that was like look at
97% loser so time i got rekked house 97%
for you
it's funny because I see some of the
telegrams to where it's like people
coming in like and moan and it's
like didn't like going the are chained
telegram group and be like sir please I
want a refund it's like yeah I'll make
fun of it occasionally and be like yeah
I'm down 97 percent cuz I'm an
but is what it is that's nobody put gun
to my head and said you have to buy our
chain I was like hey this is gonna go up
so I'm gonna buy something place to play
stupid games win stupid prizes as they
seven people on Twitch
that's it I'm ninja it's fine we're good
ESPN what are you gonna do a profile on
me for my twitch stardom it's pretty
make sure to subscribe or do whatever
people do on there because I'm just
figuring out how the hell to actually
use it so shout out to my homies on
well my comment button here's comment
things broken oh there we are
I need to reload my stream thingy here
I got semi wrecked when litecoin went
from 4 to 14 then I sold and bought back
in at 28 yeah you know happens it
is what it is
that's its life in the speculative
crypto game
so I was taking a look is our chain
still alive it's on its last leg I
believe I would not five if I'm you I'm
not buying our chain anytime soon I
think a lot of it is moving to Casper so
I would not I would not be the person to
be you know holding on to that for you
know for much longer
so can I cover what's going on
that might be May 6 we're talking about
so here hold on see if we could pull up
see if we could pull this up for you
guys half a second here
let me let me get on the other screen
where's my man no man we did this out
so here's here's what's going on and I'm
not a lawyer Stephen could probably
comment on this a little bit more but
this is basically what what part of the
issue is for tether on May 6 what I was
talking about previously what the
commentary is there for that
so with tether on May 6th you could see
here that the a judge in New York
ordered did a order to show claws and
has ordered that the petitioner I
believe who is the NY DFS needs to show
cause before the court on May 6th at
2:15 as to why they should not order an
issue vacating the ex parte with bid
Phonak so in English here Stephen says
it is not at all unusual for a court to
issue a show cause order after issuing
an ex parte order where the respondent
has briefed in opposition whatever you
think of BitFenix or tether where the
merits of their argument we live in a
country where state actors can be
challenged so Stephen says I would have
done the exact same thing if I were this
judge now the state attorney general has
an opportunity to explain why the other
side of this is wrong and why the order
should stand then the court will rule
this is exactly how it should be so what
the hell does that mean what are we
talking about right now what does that
mean at all so basically BitFenix and
tether challenge the New York Attorney
General's v next tether kind of
challenged the the order that the New
York Attorney General put out that was
the the cause of all this craziness
recently so they put that out there and
the team from BitFenix the the legal
team v next tether have opposed that in
some respects and has put out and have
required the Supreme Court of New York
not just the New York Attorney General
but the actual state of New York I
believe to have the New York Attorney
General show why in order should not be
issued vacating so this is going to be
it's up to at this point time now it's
kind of back in the New York Attorney
General's point to show why they have an
opportunity to explain why BitFenix and
tether is wrong in this scenario and why
their order should stand and the court
has an opportunity to rule so right now
the balls in the New York Attorney
General's Court which is why I'm a
little bit nervous because they're kind
of on the offensive now and if they
don't maintain the offensive then
they're going to and they put out this
order initially and they're gonna lose
kind of the the momentum that they had
and we're gonna go away here so
brawl coming mcafee versus crag
if they want to take themselves both out
that's fine I the space will be the
space will be no no worse off
Freeman young I did not I did not I
don't think I ever held wine chain it
was something that I was watching
watching early on I had gone to I wish I
got in on the ico for when she and that
was one that was like you knew that if
you got in on the I see oh you're gonna
make money but that came out like a
multiple X of what the ICEA was at a
time where you know the returns for
crypto were somewhat dying down so I I
decided not to buy buying to kind of
that inflated price and it turned out to
not be the worst thing in the world
Enrique y'all's guys playing with fire
bitcoins scams
well that's fine buddy watch out
bitcoins coming to get you
my portfolio need to update that on my
website it is not currently up to date
definitely not currently up to date
guys at this point in time I'm out of
water and
desert slash my protein shake so I'm
gonna go do that I really do appreciate
everybody that tuned in though tonight a
lot of people on Twitter chat with my
homies on twitch chat out to the people
on telegram and as always folks on the
ETA because of the oh geez he has the
real ones to love you all but appreciate
it if you are new to the channel by any
chance make sure to hit that subscribe
button if you've been here watch the
whole thing if that like button always
helps your brother out with that hope
you had a good time tonight for Krypto
happy hour I will be back as always
later this week with more content thank
you guys hope you have a go on pace

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