$9,000 Bitcoin is BACKK – Crypto Happy Hour

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

We're having a great day great night wherever you are watching or listening in from and if the patented crypto Bobby Jenks is is not something that you'd typically believe in I went live or decided to go live today when Bitcoin hit nine thousand dollars

As you can see by the title of the video we have $9,000 Bitcoin is back literally the minute I pressed to go live we see Bitcoin fall a few hundred dollars back below eighty five hundred dollars pretty crazy to watch in real time so apologies

On that if you had a long whatever it might have been but I I guess I'll take full responsibility for that and that's on me because the patented crypto Bobby Jenks is in full effect I should have bang this short that

Should have been the that should have been the smart move on my end but I unfortunately did not do it what's going on Vinny what's going on Kevin what is happening Garret Richard hope you guys are having a great day great night

Wherever you are watching in from and I'll pull this back and see what's happening yeah pretty much the entire market just just dropped off the face of the earth the second I went live eath dropped about ten bucks down to 276 LTC

He's actually doing all right bsv shout out Satoshi's vision I am short right now since 212 so I love to see it down to 196 197 I don't hate that at all could be worse and yet just wanted to want it to pop in

Today I know it's been a little bit of time here guys since the really the last video been pretty busy the past like two weeks or so unfortunately as far as content goes but working on something new that I think will actually go out

Probably be live in the next like 2 2 or 3 weeks that well in some cases I think be helpful to some of you guys so I'm excited about it's been something I've been something I've thought about doing for for quite a while but I think you'll

You'll enjoy it when we get there so that'll be that'll be an exciting aspect and stay tuned to I'm actually recording a video this afternoon but I'll publish it tomorrow it's with clay collins from phnom –ax which is a company that does

Data aggregation for the cryptocurrency space and they run an api for the cryptocurrency world so you can actually get clean and trustworthy data and what we're gonna do in that conversation this afternoon but i'll publish it tomorrow

What are we gonna do in that conversation this afternoon gonna talk a bit about really the issues with the crypto changes a lot of the fake volume and the garbage you'll see on coin market caps I'll walk through how you

Can look at some of the garbage that is on coin market cap and protect yourself from that just be aware of some of the nonsense that happens there on a continual basis so that'll be exciting to see and I should probably turn this

Off the one minute charts as well hopefully I don't you know mess up here your eyes too much there but yeah pretty pretty crazy little little pump over 9,000 dollars in an immediate dump back to 8500 pretty pretty nuts to watch and

Guys as always make sure to make sure to leave as many questions comments want to interact as much as possible as we're I guess get in here too Garet old cot thank you for shorting BTS v so overvalued so i can just give a

Little bit of high-level thoughts here on that I'll get rid of this stupid thingy but the BTC or excuse me Bitcoin Satoshi's vision I'm not a fan of it I also don't want to get sued so I'm not

Going to go too much in depth but now it is up a it's up a cool do we have Satoshi's vision is up 230 percent in the past ten days which is a pretty damn good play if you bought the bottom that shoutout loom dart was one of the people

That literally publicly tweeted about going in at basically the exact bottom and I saw a lot of the run-up was was due to the coin geek concert today the coin geek concert the coin key coin geek conference which if you're not familiar

With coin geek is owned by Calvin Eyre who is kind of the buddy of Craig Wright and one of the big proponents behind Bitcoin Satoshi's vision so my thesis with that was now if you look back at ripple and swell the ripple swell

Conference ripple pumped incredibly into that in September of last year dumped off a cliff really right before the swell conference are right around the time the swell conference and I figured after a two hundred thirty percent move

You might see some type of logical pullback one thing that's a little bit scary a little bit worrying is that you know the the bsv crew has a pretty PSB crew has quite a bit of money and I would expect maybe some continued

around what bsv is is trying to pull and don't know if this is necessarily the top but hey I'm gonna play it with a relatively tight stop-loss and see what happens so you know you gotta fight the good fight you

Got a short the garbage see what happens and hopefully make a little bit more money on it makes more Bitcoin and they take a vacation from it so and to that point yet Bitcoin SB was on Bloomberg I believe that was Bloomberg Canada I

Tweeted that video out with like seventy five crying emojis so there are multiple versions of Bloomberg that Bloomberg in particular was Bloomberg America's hat even though I love Canada shout-out Banff beautiful place

Dick coin hit $9,000 and then I went live so yes apologies on that I'll pop coin desk – it's been interesting – just to watch the the

Market as a whole and the improving mood around crypto I would say it is very much AI a lot of people still are trying to hold on to our we na you know we're we're not out of the woodwork we're not out of the woodwork I am very much of

The opinion that you don't fight trends now especially after you know kind of living through a few different trends in the crypto space and I am of the opinion that you really don't want to to fight trends specifically and right now the

Trend is clearly on the up and I think there are more factors in play for the time being that might contribute to that move up and there's enough hype and excitement and I do think retail is getting back into it I tweeted about

This the other day I was kind of a joke but literally is it is something that actually happened I was in the gym and it was actually that it was uh the the locker room cell there's like two bros getting ready to leave the gym and one

Guys like dude have you seen Bitcoin yet and the other guys like yeah man it's already up to like 8,000 bucks and the other guy goes oh what did it get down to I was like it went all the way down to like $2,000 and the other guy's like

Bro I know I was so depressed I couldn't even thinking about it I couldn't even think about it but now I got to you know I'm getting back into it I'm excited about it again and I'm probably gonna buy more I just need to find my ledger

So I do think like granted that's one random conversation but those conversations you didn't hear about nine months ago nobody was having those conversations again like I'm hearing that I'm hearing people talk about

Bitcoin more and more and more and cryptocurrency just kind of in publican and random places and you're starting to see retail come back a little bit which i think is is a positive thing if you want Richard top confirmed LOL a lot of

People tweet about that but you know – to the credit of the gym it's an equinox you know rent aerate and rent membership to equinox basis it cost a Bitcoin a month so these aren't like uber drivers that are buying more Bitcoin so

Hopefully they'll move the market up a little bit more and maybe it's not the full top but um beneath and beneath and beneath I never forget Zach never never ever ever that son-of-a-bitch mineva

This is the end of the bowler on a key betting on it Benj em and how much bitcoin to buy your hand in marriage I'm not for sale not a piece of meat then come on

I'll pop over here and see what's happening i extremely appreciate that super chet thanks a lot brother so as always guys make sure to you know throw your questions in the comments if you have any specifically if there's

Anything you absolutely must have answered throw in a super chat and i definitely will get to it but yeah continue to just kind of jam out here for a bit of time so the one thing that's been interesting when dudes talk

About buying BTC at the gym you sell it's not what dudes talk about so that's also one of the things that i kind of think about and it's this is again one singular conversation so determining market movements based upon the based

Off this is the most ridiculous idiotic thing on the planet but it's not necessarily when people are talking about buying bitcoin at the gym it's when people are talking about how much money they made off bitcoin at the gym

That's when you sell that but again this is this is Equinox it's not it's not your bird driver so hopefully a awful these people are slightly ahead of the trend who knows you

And the one thing I think that's been worth the one thing I think that has been really interesting and worth watching has been the money cycling right now I've talked about this and basically every video I've made in the

Past month or so but the money cycling between your Bitcoin and between the altcoins and how that cycle is occurring and where that cycle is occurring because right now that's something that's kind of continued to happen is

You have Bitcoin lead the way with these pumps and then it will suck value out of the altcoins at least on the Bitcoin perspective and then the money will move from Bitcoin or some of that money will move from Bitcoin into those large cap

Crypto currencies the more liquid large caps those will pump slightly and then you'll see that kind of trickle down to this to the mid caps and so the small caps kind of over it over it's been this a little bit of a repetitive cycle

Granted if you are somebody who's not trying to trade consistently or anything like that the I'm just just buying and holding Bitcoin right now has been a pretty damn good move and you really you know we're almost at the point where if

You bought $5,000 Bitcoin you're close to a double which is which is pretty crazy so and there was plenty of time for people to buy $5,000 Bitcoin as well we're not talking even about you know thirty thirty to thirty five hundred or

Anything like that where you know you're basically buying the absolute low but you can look and see that hey man I had bitcoins almost that almost that just touched $9,000 I bought it at five thousand bucks I'm doing pretty damn

Well right now you a node investor what's up brother I hope all is well man and is it too early for you to grab a beer no absolutely not I'm meeting a buddy for being an old

LinkedIn buddy that I worked with a buddy that I worked with at LinkedIn for a beer this afternoon so I'm not gonna get started with that and I also have to record my interview with clay Collins so I don't want to I don't want to be too

Tipsy for that but I'll have my beer later right now it's just good old-fashioned h2o because it's around lunchtime here so but so some thoughts on B and B when looking at looking at B&B I mean it's it's obviously extremely

Its B&B has been one of the best performing assets around I don't think there's any doubt about that will it continue to do so I I have no I have no real clue the one thing is for certain B & B is B & B is economically speaking

You know whether or not you want to argue with with bi Nantz and and what you would consign oh there's a lot of youtubers out there that are like finances Shady this that and the other thing it's terrible it's bad it's the

Worst thing on the planet you know you can argue about that all you want but in that case in the case of finance when you're looking at it the token that they've the way they've structured the token is pretty incredible to think

About if I pop over to let's see pull that up so if I can find from sees these tweets this is what's interesting so they're there a token that has gone through the process of used you know use B&B and there are many ways you can use

B&B now which is interesting to watch that pan out both from a you know buying perspective if you're trying to exchange it if you are utilizing in a finance standpoint like lending or something like that or with the B&B chain or if

You need to buy it to get into their ayios finances actually giving people a reason to hold their cryptocurrency they are not afraid because of the way they are structured from a regulatory perspective they are not afraid to no I

Would I wouldn't necessarily go after it but finance isn't afraid to put utility behind their token whether or not you want to argue that it is an illegal security you can absolutely make that argument that is an argument you can

Make all day long and I would respect most of it I think I would also say that by Nance is one of the few crypto currencies out there that gives people an incentive to actually hold it a lot of the projects that do things kind of

Buy the book and are trying to avoid the classification of being an illegal security because they're based in the US or whatever it might be no they can't really provide the same reasoning for people to hold their

Cryptocurrency and to use it because of that by Nance will always have a leg up the one that I am keeping an eye on right now and I am I'll say now why not Leo which is the token for which is the token for BitFenix the BitFenix

ICO or ie oh that they launched is one that right now is trading at about a dollar fifty and leo is structured in many similar ways to b and b but in addition to that they've kind of improved upon it in the white paper as

Far as giving it like I would say pumpability and giving it reasons to increase the value and basically making it an investment now Leo for the most part right now is only either bought on bid finex which you need to be KY seed

Specifically to buy Leo so you need a KY seat account you need to be four and you can't be in the US or you might be able to buy it OTC I'm personally in the market to buy OTC so I don't necessarily love BitFenix I don't think

That I don't think that they always perform things in the most transparent and non shady manner but if we're looking at straight-up pumpability and me trying to make some money I'm thinking to open up in a bet opening up

A bag of Leo and seeing how it goes we'll see what happens so taking a look at some of these questions here miss some as I was on my rant so apologies on that you

Link will have an eternal pumpkin 75 minutes me hi what's up yes I am such a jinx you're welcome gives you an easy opportunity too short let's be real and so Dustin has a good point I'm

Thinking 10k is really the number that's gonna get people back in I mean you're already seeing it happen just on you're seeing the pickup again and I've talked about this before but you start to see the pickup and the cycle that occurs

Where you have whether it's on Bloomberg even freaking Craig right on Calvin err on Bloomberg or you know Anthony pomp Leon Oh on on CNBC in the US or on Bloomberg or these you know crypto investors that are on mainstream media

Talking about why you should be buying Bitcoin or you know what the value proposition is what's happening with the cryptocurrency space right now the more that happens the more I think I don't want to say that the price solely goes

Up because of that but that definitely gets retail involved that's the type of thing where my mom will text me on a random day and be like hey there was this random thing on you know on Bloomberg that I saw about somebody you

Know about Warren Buffett talking about Bitcoin or something like that that type of thing is what gets retail interested and involved again and even though there's the point of yes a lot of people got in in 2017 that their face is ripped

Off I still think human nature for most people this is a psychology game when it comes down to it and I do think that a lot of people a lot of human nature out there when you're looking at it individuals will hear their friends and

Their friends you know I bought Bitcoin bro I bought Bitcoin at $4,000 it's up to X right now I made you know I made ten grand in May 20 grand I made fifty I made 100 grand whatever it might be they start telling their friends and

Then like friends like yeah she had I lost 90 percent but this time it's different this time I know what I did wrong and now I can get back into it now the things are you know now that things are straightened out now that I know how

To approach things so I I do think that there will potentially be a additional retail madness and to that point to this is something that I think is I guess the joke bought me now there we are to that point we'll take a

Look over at gbtc this is something where oh damn that just dropped real quick but still so if you're not familiar with this gbtc is something where you can buy on the OTC markets in an OTC in the OTC market

Is is different it's kind of like a version of it's basically like the pink sheet NYSC or Nasdaq whatever it might be but there is the gbtc which is the grayscale bitcoin trust and this is interesting

Because you can buy this in the US with your IRA your etrade account whatever it might be but it's not real Bitcoin it's not like fully one for one value with Bitcoin but the one thing that you you'll see here actually is that so one

Share of someone chair of the grayscale Bitcoin investment trust we pull up the price so it's eight 86 86 82 so if we pull up the price of the grayscale investment trust we'll just say 86-82 it's actually the Bitcoin per share is

Point zero zero zero whatever it might be right here so I'll do the math for you guys real quick actually no I'm an idiot so the shares themselves because the Bitcoin per share is point zero what do

We got point zero zero zero nine eight two four seven these shares should actually be trading at eight dollars and fifty two cents if they were trading at par with spot BTC the demand however for these for the shares of gbtc is actually

So high that if you look at it it's now trading at eleven dollars and 87 cents which happened last time there's a big bull run there was a really massive increase in the premium of what happened worth of the premium between gbtc

Investment trust and spot BTC so the actual price of Bitcoin according to the Bitcoin per shares of the gbtc is eight dollars and 52 cents however it's it's at eleven dollars and eighty cents right now so if you do

Eleven eighty divided by what a – ÿà a thirty eight percent premium right now just because it is the only way to buy Bitcoin in your IRA accounts or through your each trade or whatever and it's it's not even the best way to do so now

Etrade Ameritrade and a number of other you know another number of other companies out there are coming into the fray to allow retail investors to better access and to have stronger access to Bitcoin potentially most likely not at

That premium so I do think that this goes to show again the over demand that there is in the retail –is– flash institutionalists institutionally sector and in addition to that you have mineiro dinero

Shoutout for the mention as well but eath is the other one so there is right now an e TC investment trust so the same thing as G BTC but for aetherium classic how many of you actually invest in aetherium classic / like aetherium

Classic probably not that many of you I don't know I'm just guessing but the etherium investment trust is coming out EEE and that that'll be the ticker symbol and that will allow people to if you have an IRA account you can actually

Go in and buy exposure and it's not necessarily bought you're not buying spot a theory or more spot Bitcoin with gbtc you're buying exposure to it your ex by buying exposure to the price movements and

People will be able to buy aetherium essentially exposure to aetherium through that and there were a lot of people that were talking to about how much bitcoin has or how much gbtc how much grey scale has been buying Bitcoin

I believe it was something like I was like 11,000 a to buy 11,000 Bitcoin in the past month or something like that to kind of stock the coffers so you Bobby what is your heaviest bag

Currently my three heaviest bags are Bitcoin tezo's and aetherium alright in in order probably right now with thorium Bitcoin tezo's so I am I'm balls deep in balls deep in tezo's baking those babies Bitcoin and eath I've I was very lucky

To have opened up a CBP with if some of you guys remember the video I put out about opening up a CDP I think I showed you guys how to open up a CDP when eath was that $105 so not too bad but showed how to open up a CDP I opened up one it

At 105 buck buck range but I also opened up one at 135 and I took a couple thousand died out of that and ended up buying Ethan have been long eath on that and also this is pretty cool too I would highly recommend so dy/dx is not perfect

By any stretch right now but if you guys are interested in checking out a pretty cool product this is a this is a non chain like margin lending product so you can go long or short on aetherium this is something that is done it's called

Dy/dx if you go to dy DX dot exchange I've been using this recently too it's kind of fun to play around with but you can do cross leverage 2 X 3 X 4 X and you go long or short on aetherium and so it's it's a pretty pretty sweet product

I've liked it a lot it's been fun to play around with but that's also one of the ways I'm kind of additionally long on on aetherium right now but it is it's free to use outside of paying the gas fee the one thing to note the gas fee

Because the smart contract is very complex the gas fee is actually like three or four dollars sometimes so you'll pay a fee when you open up a position and close a position but it's it's a really smooth experience I like

It a lot if you if you are experienced with margin trading or just want to like dip your feet in a little bit it's a cool way to check things out if you like the defy community or the etherium community a eternal bsv is the real

Bitcoin block stream is afraid I'm happy to let you know eternal that I am short bsv from two of that is in the money Sukkot I'm just kidding thanks for watching but it actually isn't the real Bitcoin

Though that's an outrageous statement and it's not true at all you I didn't name it Garrett I didn't even know that was calculus so I did not nobody

Do I like litecoin not not particularly I'm not a not a huge like one advocate like what really hasn't actually dumped off though which is guess who's up to 220 and dump down to 115 but it really didn't dump off too hard during that

Yeah it did a little bit actually but I'm not a massive fan of litecoin in particular it's not something that I've talked about for I don't I don't hate like coin but I don't see a huge value proposition to like coin it's it's just

A very competitive what like coin does is very competitive there is a lot of competition around the the payments there's a lot of competition around crypto currencies that can transact quickly and at at high

Speeds now whether it's Bitcoin cash whether it's bitcoins lightning Network whether it's litecoin whether it's something like nano whether you want to get into XRP there's a lot of of products out there I guess you could say

Or crypto currencies that kind of take that as their claim and I think that you know doing so is is highly competitive and can be difficult to to stick out sure I can leave check that out Manero dinero it's dy DX

Dot exchange you can google it as well it should come up but and yes alejandro I did indeed jinx the bull market that is a 100% fact the second if you if we look at the one-minute chart I swear to god you look

Back here this was I think I went live at I went live at around 12:15 12:17 that was the dump from 8900 all the way down to 8,500 as I was clicking that the go I but if you wind it back later when you're watching this you can you'll see

It and it's a pretty pretty bad I was I was first second cuz I I went in and I was excited we got $8,900 Bitcoin and make the make the title $9,000 back $9,000 was back for like four and a half seconds

You so taking a look at taking a look at some of these questions here Ed Smith thoughts on ze see I've gotten murdered on ze see that was DC's inflation rate is a tough tough thing if see it's not

Not actually liquid there whereas you see a liquid finance there we go you I don't know I feel like CeCe's been on a downward trend since like 1992 and a

Lot of people are always trying to call the bottom on Dec and always get murdered and I don't want to call about a month eec anymore although it has had some nice volume and I think a lot of people have kind of moved into that

Position but I I'm not touching it right now you and what's up man thoughts on a da making a comeback from hell I think it's possible

88 pom pretty hard to in we have 80 eighty-eight pumped super hard back in another area well actually not super not super super hard but yet actually did from March to April car Donna went up from about about

A thousand SATs all the way up to tooth out or all the way up to close to 2,000 SATs went up 70 percent against Bitcoin but it's really fully retraced at this point in time but fully retrace those gains

We'll make that move again I have no clue Cardona was my best play of 2017 a lot of you guys know that I think a lot of you guys kind of hopped on that as well a lot of people made a lot of money in Cardno in 2017 wasn't the worst time

In the world I do not own any card I know right now I'm not against owning card ah no at all but it's not something that I am I'm not something I'm not actively evaluating card on oh I base for me right now I have eath which is my

Like one platform play and then tezo's is my other outside of that I have Bitcoin and then you know a couple couple random coins here there you I see Dustin Lewis saying please please

PLEASE car down I'll make that come back here's a good question haven't heard from you in a while when Lambo I don't know the first of all I'm never gonna get a Lambo I don't want a Lambo but that would get torn up in the

Potholes in New York that would be I would be a bad bad bad play but we really want to go rut Knotts maybe I'll take a Jaguar Range Rover one day but you need to go up I'd rather I'd rather buy a nice apartment not rent anymore

Rather rather buy a nice place that'd be enjoyable you make sure to sound off in the comments with as many questions as you have I will try

To try to get those in place still have Jin coin unfortunately at this point in time I'm like like it's down it pumped it pumped majorly when I initially had it when the the rate for the masternodes and Jing coin

Was was actually a lot and that was me it was the point in time where as making like one hundred two hundred dollars a day on on Jin now it's like ten dollars a day so luckily I think I made enough initially to kind of offset the big fat

L that I ended up having but I should have dumped that a long time ago a long long time ago Raveena what are your thoughts in the BC HSV ticker symbols too long ESV rally what are my thoughts on that I am as I

Said before I am currently short I think that there is a possibility that the kind of rally you know they they might the the Bitcoin sv crew might might pull some kind of last-minute stunt around the end of the conference

But a lot of times with these a lot of times with this stuff I mean the the the b sv rally started off with the copyright claim that means absolutely nothing by craig right that he created a bitcoin white paper that literally means

Absolutely nothing it has no relevance to anything whatsoever so that was one of the things that kicked off the rally and then people started looking at hey this conference is happening in two weeks maybe they're gonna announce

Something something big is gonna happen every time there's a conference there's always a run-up in to the conference and then people realize that like nothing is actually happening or they just sucker people into buying into the conference

And the smart people dumped the day beforehand or right before hand whatever it might be so i mean it looks like the move was essentially if you dumped at 4:00 a.m. today prior to the conference think the conference started like 9:00

A.m. you dumped a few hours before the conference you basically played that move perfectly i chose to wait till the conference started i went short at about 8 o'clock this morning i think it was like 7:50 something and went in at 212

So well we're at 197 right now see see how that goes see if i can ride that down for a while hopefully i can don't hurt me craig don't hurt me Calvin but i'm trying to play it see what happens

You monaro dinero hey Bobby do you ever use auger it's still hanging in there an OG project so I've actually used this was this is something that avail so this is one this is a product

That's built on top of augur and this is also interesting P as Vale recently forked auger and basically took the code and created their own version of augur so I used Vale recently to bet on I actually lost I lost like five eath on a

Bet which just wasn't fun especially now that eath is like 280 a pop but I bet on the how many it was actually in this case it was how many Twitter followers will Pete buta gig I think it is Mayor Pete how many Twitter followers will he

Have or will he breach it was a specific date I think it was May first and it will was the question was well Pete buta gag have a million followers by May first I bet 5 II thon yes turns out that on

The last three days his follower count dropped off a cliff or the the new follower count dropped off a cliff I lost that bet but Vail is is a it's a pretty interesting implementation there's not a ton of liquidity yet and

The whole kind of decentralized prediction market is still unfortunately seems kind of early like there's not as much stuff to bet on as you'd like and you're still probably better off with centralized betting options but this is

What how I've used augur so far that was the one bet I put through so host beef as opposed to roast beef notice how all the projects that move to buy Nance chain are all projects that are struggling they move to buy Nance

Chains for the bye Nance effect pump so it's interesting it's interesting with finance chain because there have been I don't want to say like all of the projects that have moved I I haven't judged all of them or

Haven't looked at all of them but a lot of the ones actually if we pull this up here we can probably see I think I still have this open we open the image in a new tab you got mithril block Maison credit

Protocol red pulse gift oh I don't even know crypto bonus miles is phantom Kenia anchor I think that's not Raven that's that's a different thing honest mining so you have these companies that have have moved over to

The by nan chain the one thing I think where it's it's maybe relatively interesting but the one thing I think there where it could be relatively interesting is a lot of these there are certain companies are there certain

Tokens that really can't be migrated and there are certain tokens that that can and there are some of these tokens that are built on the er-er C 20 standard which is the token standard for aetherium they're built there on the ERC

20s they're built on the ERC 20 standard and it is relatively easy for them to switch to buying it because they don't actually utilize a theorem in any way outside of just using their token as a payment token and if they do that then

It makes it makes it relatively easy to switch over because they're actually not really utilizing aetherium outside of simply just paying paying on the network now on the other end of the spectrum if a project if a company is deeply

Embedded within aetherium they're likely not going to move like let's say something like augur at least for the time being as was just you know talked about you have to do basically augur is built on top of the theory 'm they also

You know some of these other companies that are built on top of augur then as well it's kind of this this this layer multi layered stack you to layer one layer two product layer three product perhaps might be additional layer

Scaling things like that but when they're deeply embedded into aetherium they're probably not going to skip and in many cases the payment tokens are the ones that don't really do all that much and so the ones that have the easiest

Kind of move scaling over to to finance chain are sometimes the tokens with the least use case that's not to say all of them are bad or all of them are good or anything like

That JC NOLA what's up brother red pulse Phoenix or maverick I think a lot of people have I don't know too much about red pulse Phoenix if I'm being very straightforward but I think a lot of

People have a good amount of respect for Matic it has also performed incredibly well that was one of the you know by Nance I SEOs that have crushed it after after falling off a clue I don't wanna say falling off a cliff but after

Selling off pretty much immediately it bottomed out and then just went straight through the roof at one point in time manic was up a thousand percent and is now up four hundred percent from the low except depending upon when you bought in

I mean you might be down a decent amount just always be careful if you are a big fan of anything like that just always be careful of of buying something that's gone up that heavily because things tend to retrace very quickly a lot of times

These are not sustained moves and when you look at alt coins my thoughts just in general are a bit coin tends to echo in leads the market obviously but you are if you are somebody who is not if you are somebody that wants to hold a

Cryptocurrency for the long term Bitcoin is is likely the best thing for you you are there is a very minimal chance you will keep up with the pace of Bitcoin both on the way up and also you will likely outpace Bitcoin on the way

Down if you are holding alt coins now if you are simply trading if you are swing trading if your short medium term training that's fine you're probably gonna make money but when you look at the the tokens that did

Better than Bitcoin that's basically reserved at least in the past like six eight months it's basically been reserved for b-and-b link and maybe a handful of others the vast majority of other tokens have not outperformed

Bitcoin and Elway way harder than Bitcoin did when Bitcoin was down 70% they were down 90 95 plus percent and then they've been slower to recover as well and so always something you want to think about

You what's up Samuel glad glad you listened to the podcast as well googly-eye hey Bobby do you think it's too late to buy more chain link Maine that release today first of all shout

Out to chain link army that is it's it's the weirdest but kind of coolest group of individuals I you guys are freaking some of you guys are nuts it's that's I don't know how like chain link is just like this crazy 4chan armie of

Awesomeness I don't I don't even know if it's awesomeness but it's like the random all coin that just has like a go-go-go army of people that that love it they're nuts

Shout out to you guys you are strong Bunch however buying buying something when it hits maenette and this is this is typically typically with crypto and this might not

Be true for chain link but typically in cryptocurrency when a project hits main net there is a ton of hype there is a ton of FOMO there's a ton of excitement around that project moving into main net and then when it actually hits main that

People realize that hey maybe this isn't as exciting as I thought or maybe things just didn't pan out as we had hoped and they lose excitement and the price goes down so that's something that I think has happened repetitively will

This be the exact same scenario for what will happen with chain-link I I don't know but I would just be aware if you are trying to buy more chain-link today if you're trying to buy more link today because it's its main net a lot of times

Main that announcements in the cryptocurrency space actually don't pan out well you would think intuitively if you are just new to the space or you know common sense like hey this is the product is launched it's it's gonna go

Up the products typically you know the tokens typically go up into the product launch and then people realize that hey maybe this isn't as as fantastic as we'd hoped you

Yeaaah sortez dos I personally have a big bag of tezo's tezo's is my choice over EOS that's my personal opinion and my personal thoughts thoughts on the big us run up a lot of that is a lot of that I think was due to

Did arrive you I mean you see us even necessarily that much up from the from the lows from from the lows against Bitcoin it's up quite a bit I was I guess I would say but it's

Still like down from where it wasn't April it kind of had a similar trajectory to what Cardno did honest it has popped a little bit harder but there's there's some excitement I think going into the EOS conference I think

That's the block one conference is coming up see you in that is that's morrow I guess so again no no that's the wrong thing Brenden bloomer I think as a CEO

This was kind of funny PS this also goes to show the this goes to show the just ridiculousness and the rumors there are some crazy this is something that you as just as an individual in the crypto space you always need to be aware of and

My my personal opinion you absolutely always need to be aware of this it's the fact that there is a ridiculous amount of weird social engineering that goes on that I don't really think is seen anywhere outside of maybe politics I

Think a lot was made in the u.s. elections and foreign elections about you know different fake counts and BOTS and things like that on Facebook and maybe Twitter and other places but there is an equal amount of fake content and

Weird things that happen in the cryptocurrency space and I've you know I've seen it firsthand even yesterday with bsv Bitcoin satoshis vision or you know whatever you want to call it even yesterday there was a fake telling I

Think it was a fake WeChat rumor that was circulating it was a screenshot of WeChat that was saying that Craig Wright was sending 50 thousand Bitcoin or something to buy Nantz to prove that he was Satoshi and that by Nantz and cz was

Gonna publicly apologize and relist bsv and it was just a clearly falsified rumor of it apparently was going around like wildfire in China and people it pumped the price of bsv substantially and that type of thing kind of continues

To happen and when you look at Yost's brandon bloomer is the CEO block one which is essentially the CEO v/o so we're being honest Poorna bloomer is the CEO block one there is the b1 conference in June that

Is apparently happening and he said they're excited but we encourage everybody to be realistic people who are circulating rumors that they were partnering with Facebook with Apple with Google that they were doing air drops

And all this is not true and it's you know the speculation was getting so rampant that the CEO block won't actually had to tweet about it so pretty just crazy to see that and shout out to a 3-car who I was on a panel of 1.5 who

Said I assume this means the Twitter partnership is in imminent take a look at some of these questions here and as well you

I don't even know what an udon is this sounds like a Twilight movie later Satoshi bear you so TSA Marco says when fidelity starts allowing trading in the top 5 kryptos

The FOMO will really catch on so fidelity right now I believe is fully focusing on Bitcoin I would not expect fidelity to move into anything but Bitcoin for the time being and also before we get really excited about that

Let's wait till fidelity actually launches there they're kind of full on Bitcoin product and I think that's something that you know we'll want to we'll want to wait and see as far as that goes

So something to think about but I think you know what what's fidelity googly-eye a good point so fidelity is one of the largest if you're not familiar with fidelity fidelity is also gonna be one of the

Biggest players in the space of my personal opinion but fidelity is a I'll pull it up here it is a financial institution in the United States a lot of people there a big 401k provider they're a big they're also a big custody

Provider for a lot of firms they provide financial services they have two point four six trillion dollars in assets under management the CEO of fidelity Abigail Johnson is a cryptocurrency fan and has come out publicly and said so

It's a company that did 18 billion dollars in revenue in 2017 they're legit it is a very very legit company I mean you look at that two point four six trillion dollars in assets under management is like ten times the size of

The cryptocurrency market right now just in their assets under management obviously there's not gonna be even a fidelity adopts Bitcoin and kind of full-on goes into a full form goes into Bitcoin support mode we'll take a look

And see exactly with her there up to right now but this was the latest with fidelity on May 6 about a month ago they're rolling out their crypto trading in a few weeks for institutional clients they're focusing you see here focus will

Be on institutional not retail customers so do not expect to be trading fidelity through your own account but the fact that the fact that larger players can trade through fidelity is a it's a big deal

And part of the reason that it's a big deal is that with fidelity there is a level of traditional financial trust that a lot of the upstarts in the cryptocurrency space don't have companies like coin

Based in my I like coin based I know a lot of people on coinbase I like coin base but if coin base goes to a large Wall Street player excuse me if coinbase goes to a large player in the space large trading firm whatever it

Might be a big Wall Street bank they're not gonna have the same reputation and brand equity for traditional finance as somebody like fidelity does there is a level of comfort for traditional players in dealing with fidelity versus dealing

With a maybe a coin base or a circle or a you know another kind of upstart form or gemini whatever it might be and that's really important I think in the long run is it's not necessarily that that is where the industry is going but

The optionality to have that is something that will be helpful I believe in the long run ah the mad cow uh what's up brother doesn't have to be in all caps I'll see it anyway uh huh but hey Bobby what's

Your background before you got into crypto what else do you see do you besides this channel so my background before you and a crypt I worked in software sales I worked at Oracle and Linkedin and software sales I sold a

Cloud accounting software it's super exciting right you are P software is what I did and what else did I do besides this channel I also work full-time at air swap and in addition to that I like to look at crypto and

Eat drink that's and I like the Jets that's about it what's up Dumbo so Ricky Thompson says that's why banks will use fidelity coin instead of XRP so I don't think fidelity has any plans of

Rolling out their own cryptocurrency I believe fidelity is simply going to be supporting Bitcoin however you might admit you might have been referring to JPMorgan which in that effect I do think that there is that JPMorgan coin while a

Lot of ripple /xr P fans might might argue with me on this I do think that ripple and the XRP coin and JPMorgan coin are rather competitive in nature and they're competing for kind of the same level of mind share the

Functionality might not be the exact same it might not be the exact same but the function or the the overall kind of competition the competitive landscape that they're going after is rather similar in my mind and I do think that

JP Morgan has more money in the bank account they have more relationships they have a leg up over ripple granted ripple definitely has a lot of money in the bank account they you know are certainly growing their relationships

And signing more partnerships but a JP Morgan whether or not you like Jamie Dimon it's it's interesting to see it's interesting to see the team at JP Morgan kind of going very very all I don't want to say all in but but going hard into

Cryptocurrency and it's kind of a it's it's it's a what are you doing not what are you saying thing like the CEO might be saying one thing but when the company is actually you know building and doing the other thing that's that's what

They're actually thinking you yes I do like long walks on the beaches while host beef I went to the beach last weekend it was it was wonderful so ravine Oh Theron says how can you

Start making decent money in crypto starting out that's a that's a tough question yeah and I don't know what decent money is to you decent money means different things to everybody there is trading there are

Interest-bearing accounts like block fie and other things this is a good this is a great see here let's can boom this is a really good website if you guys want to check this out loan scan so if you are somebody that you know and I think

This this should should likely apply to most people but you are either not comfortable trading you are not confident in your trading abilities or you just don't like the stress of it whatever it might be and but you want to

Hold cryptocurrency for the long term maybe you'll take some profit from it eventually there are numerous ways now in which you can actually earn interest off of your cryptocurrency or you could also borrow more cryptocurrency although

I necessarily wouldn't recommend that unless you know what you're doing but you can earn interest off your cryptocurrency and it's not you know bit connect 1% of day type crap but you might be able to earn 15% for holding a

Stable coin all that's not really cryptocurrency maybe you you know with something like Celsius you might earn 4% for Bitcoin or you might earn 3% for X RP so you get 3% interest on an annual basis not bad you also have to weigh the

Positives negatives there are risks associated with this type of stuff there are you know counterparty risks there are issues with insurance potentially you are potentially giving up custody of your cryptocurrency or putting it in a

Smart contract that might be able to be hacked or exploited somehow so you have to be careful you don't want to do everything with that but if you you know don't really know what you're doing in the cryptocurrency space and you want to

Be like hey you know I want to make a little bit of money from the cryptocurrency that I hold already there are certainly ways to do that in loan scanner will tell you a little bit about those ways to do so

Krypto Glen is this a paid review uh no dude I to be honest there's one thing I really can't stand is when like I bring up a product that is and this like they don't even make money it's just a data aggregator but there's one thing I

Really can't stand it's like when I talk about anything in crypto at all that like is helpful to somebody like it's just paid is this a paid review did they pay you for this no I'm trying to help you out but if you don't help them

ah mad cow I bought I bought crypto for the first time in December of 2013 I saw an article about dogecoin and I started mining dogecoin and I started mining Bitcoin and December of 2013 and then I

Was kind of I got beaten down in the 2014 timeframe a little bit I definitely bought the top but I bought the December 2013 Bitcoin top which wasn't the best but I think the cheapest I've ever gotten Bitcoin was like $250 so could be

Worse I'm just busting balls I'm just busting balls buddy yeah Garrett I can update the portfolio my website happy to do so you

So comfort cuisine and getting back to agus fidelity's point here have you heard anything about fidelity getting into the top five or top ten kryptos and when I I answered this before but to reiterate everything I know about

Fidelity is there sticking exclusively with Bitcoin I don't want to say fidelity is quote unquote Bitcoin maximalist but I think they are very confident in the long run in Bitcoin and I would not expect other crypto

Currencies to be tradable with fidelity any time soon and again when you're looking at that that is solely institutional that is not retail trader so it's not something that you necessarily need to worry about on the

Other end of the spectrum though if you go down to this article here they say this an increasing number of traditional financial institutions are also looking into offering cryptocurrency services online stock brokerage firms e Trade and

TD Ameritrade are also said to be preparing the launch of crypto trading services I believe each trade is trying to launch with Bitcoin and aetherium trading and I believe TD Ameritrade is launching a Bitcoin then you also have

Robin Hood obviously as well so but with fidelity specifically I think that will just be Bitcoin you googly-eye gee you think here so hey Bob do you think Bitcoin could go to 70k by

The end of July I would be doubtful of that I sure as hell would not complain but I would be I would be relatively doubtful that we'll see $70,000 Bitcoin by July so that's something that ooh bsv 188 thank you for that Dumbo I

Appreciate I appreciate the heads up brother hey oh let's go I'm he's making money today haha but so if Bitcoin goes up well there were two questions about all T's and the one thing I will say about all season is all

Season happens very quickly and it's typically like if there is an all season it's going to be something that happens and it is a mass mania and it happens over the course of like two weeks three weeks max it's not I don't think alt

Season will be this long pronounced wonderful joyous time where everybody's making a ton of money it's gonna be the people that are in the all coins are that are already in the all coins are going to you know be in for the best

Effect and I think that is something that with every all season take profit take profit take profit you know nobody ever went broke taking profit and cryptocurrency is typically seemed to retrace and retrace very

Quickly and punish people who buy the top so I would say that any opinion on V chain I do not have any recent opinion on V chain I have not seen the new video so don't don't have any necessarily opinion on V chain at

This point in time unfortunately you how can I join the 1000x group I no man that's I out if you want to give me a neck's I'd love to if you if you know

The next house next tell me and I'll buy it but outside of that I Sebby are do you think iota can achieve zero free decentralized transactions I think there's there's trade-offs with everything anytime somebody says they

Are free decentralized transact anytime something is very free or not very free anytime something is free or very very low-cost in the cryptocurrency space anytime something is like free or very very low-cost or very very fast or

Whatever there's usually trade-offs in decentralization there's usually trade-offs and flaws I would I would go into every cryptocurrency ever with the idea that there are trade-offs and there are flaws to everything and it's a

Balance and it's what balance that you prefer and it's what what is that is that a balance that you like some people look at Bitcoin and they say wow there's you know 10 minute block times and this takes way too long for six confirmations

Other people look at that and say this is the strongest proof of work chain out there by far this is the most secure chain and I'm fine waiting ten minutes I'm fine waiting multiple confirmation times you know multiple confirmations to

Ensure that I'm transacting on the most secure blockchain other people look at something else and they might say you know whether it's like a nano or an iota or like coin or a theorem class if whatever it might be it might be

Something just got 51% attacked who knows but they look at it and they say hey you know this this thing is super fast my transactions will confirm in one second I'll be super excited about it I'll be super happy and I don't care if

It's not necessarily the most secure thing so you just need to look at everything and realize and understand that there are trade-offs anybody that says there are not trade-offs is providing you mostly with marketing

Fluff and BS you just have to have a good BS detector and you have to be able to sift through it for sure what's up Leonardo to the grape Destin Luis same as mine buddy same as mine you

You think salt lending is good I think there are a lot of other lending products out there now salt lending was early on in the lending game but there are a lot of alternatives now and that's a very competitive competitive space

Both from decentralized and centralized products so I've not used salt lending I think that there are probably other ones out there that I prefer I mean I've used Dharma I like it I've used compound finance I like it I've

Used maker I like it I have not used Celsius let's see more lending platforms we go down here I know the block Phi team I've not got a chance to utilize them yet Nexo is another alternative as well so I

Don't I haven't used salt do I think ripple will replace Bitcoin not a shot in hell that's that's my personal opinion it doesn't mean it's right but I think that ripple and Bitcoin are very much in the complete

Opposite direction and the ripple or xrp is more central you know you see on Twitter like these ridiculous threads that XRP is more decentralized than Bitcoin and it's like these by these ridiculous it's it's a joke it's like

That type of thing is is outrageous and you know you could you could say whatever you want about if you can be a big XRP fan for sure but when you just spread like just blatantly falsified you lose all you lose all

Ground you lose all respect so you folks at this point in time I gotta actually get some lunch because I got that interview in a little bit got a got to eat up but I will be putting this on

The podcast stay tuned tomorrow for that interview with clay Collins about crypto currency exchanges and we'll just dive into like all the crazy stuff that happens on there like fake volume how you can detect that type of stuff now

You can make sure you're all good but I really do appreciate the time everybody thank you so much for watching it if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit that thumbs up button hit that like button if you knew the channel binding by any

Chance would love for you to subscribe Oh pause well apologies for crashing the market that's that's my bad that's uh gotta take that l but take it easy everybody pace

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