$900 Pre-Built Gaming PC Review

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matty with the toaster rose and today we're gonna be doing a review of this HP Pavilion gaming desktop now there are some people out there who don't like building a gaming PC and this might be a option for you but before we dive into

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Sponsoring this video let's get right into the video shall we so this specific model is the tg01 zero one six txt it's a long name but we actually made some slight changes to it this is normally $6.99 is the starting

Price it would come with and 9400 a sixteen fifty eight gigs of ram and a one terabyte hard drive but we decided to make some slight modifications to that to things we'll get out of the way before we get into this review yes this

Is more expensive than building your own computer we know that and – there might be 10th gen versions coming very soon so the price may vary with this desktop you might be able to get it cheaper than the $900 price points so it might be a good

Option to check the links down below if you are interested in checking this out and picking it up from HP now let's go and talk about the specs shall we so as you guys can see this is not really much different looking on the outside from

Any other HP case that we've ever reviewed so we've gotten a couple from Best Buy never a gaming one though so what kind of sets the gaming ones a partner you can tell is they always have this I think they call it acid green

Logos on here which kind of look a little bit cool also we have this kind of cool design of the front and one big thing I noticed is we've never had airflow in the front like that so basically all they really did is use the

Exact same box used for the other ones when they slap a different front plate on it which looks better you know it probably helps with air flow for the front though we do have some USB s which I totally just missed but we have looks

Like four USB threes which is that's pretty awesome we have a headphone combo jack and then we a USB type-c which is pretty cool to have and we also have a full-size SD card reader for doing a media creation

In the back we have our standard audio ports up top to but actually have splitters and whatnot they actually covered up the original display outs just because we have a graphics card in here which you're probably wondering

What if we upgrade to we'll get to that in a second but we still have looks like four more USBs back here which these appear to just be USB 2 which is interesting and then Ethernet and that's basically it besides the power plug and

Then this graphics card that we did get is nice because it has three different display ads we have DisplayPort DVI HDMI so all of our main displays but this graphics art that we actually decided to opt for is the 1660 super 6 gig which is

A really good card and this is not of actually Philips alright so opening it up really easily just one screw HP might not want you to do this Borgan do it anyways so alright we're in here look at that cute little 1660 super that is that

Is just so darling alright so diving into the inside we have a pretty good looking system it's actually pretty good looking airflow there's not a crap ton of cables and not many obstructions so we have the 1660s

Super here which is actually an HP model should be a six eight card though just like any other what actually does these external powers so you do have the option if you ever wanted to swap out this card for something else we have two

Four gig sticks of micron ram that's actually you know dual channel which is nice we really want a dual channel in this right back here from AK is able to see that we have a 128 gig nvme SSD which is also really nice to have and

Right back there a hidden Toshiba 1 terabyte 7200 rpm Drive all with the 9400 powering the system so yeah pretty good looking system and it's also a 310 watt power supply that's actually 80 plus certified and everything there is

An option for literally 10 more dollars to get a 400 watt power supply they only really recommend you need to do that if you go with the 2060 which you actually can opt for 2060 but it's a really big price difference from going from the

1650 all the way to the 2060 so we decided to meet in the middle and go with the 1660 because we found that is a really good pair for the i5 9400 alright so now that we've gone over the computer itself I'm gonna hand it over to Matt

And he's gonna go ahead and talk about what type of peripherals and instruction is this bad boy it comes with so the peripherals are not too amazing you get basic keyboard and mouse here we'll go in and unbox that real quick just

Typical HP special not mechanical unfortunately what it is a keyboard is better than nothing we'll do a quick little test I can get it out of the sleeve here this is why it those are Browns right yeah Brown switches but ya

Know this HP keyboard is just basic it'll get the job done and get you up and running and the mouse is probably just as basic that made a really weird choice here it is cute little mouse from HP looks nice right yeah great it will

Work well to get you up and running as I mentioned but if you guys want to see some videos on the channel we have like top 5 keyboard and mice videos hit the I on the top right corner you get some really awesome peripherals for like

Under 20 bucks for this setup consider that because you know you probably spend most your money on your computer anyways but yeah that's what this thing comes with the computer keyboard and mouse and pretty much we're gonna go ahead and

Test this thing see what it has in store in terms of performance and then kind of talk about the value compared to well going the other route maybe building a yourself alright ladies and gentlemen now that we have this PC all up and

Ready to go we're gonna test it in a couple of games shall we and the first game we decided to test was call of duty modern warfare on high settings and we got into an infection game Lobby which I feel a pretty fun game mode in modern

Warfare and we got well over 60 plus FPS on high settings that is which is very impressive we already knew that the 1660 super was a great card on its own we've done a ton of PC builds with it and highly recommend it if you are looking

To build a budget PC but the pairing with the i5 9400 makes this a very compelling pre-built option for those who don't want to go through the fuss of building a PC getting somebody to build a PC for them or have to deal with even

Higher markups from other pre-built companies so this could be a decent option for you next game we decided to test was fortnight and of course on pro settings we were getting well over a hundred and forty-four FPS which is

Ideal for high refresh rate this could be a good plug-and-play system for somebody who wants a prebuilt option that can play high refresh for a fortnight at well over 144 FPS so do keep that in mind it was very easy to

Run around and get some kills with this setup now of course we are PC building enthusiasts here at the toastie bros but we do understand that there is a market for pre-built systems like this otherwise they wouldn't be making

Computers like this in the first place so for those people out there who are looking for just a simple plug-and-play solution in our okay with paying a slight premium for it this HP Pavilion is not that bad of an

Option next up is overwatch which Atwell 1080p high settings we got well over 100 plus FPS once again this system is gonna have no issues whatsoever playing the latest eSports titles at 1080p high refresh rate highly suggest you consider

This as an option if you are playing games like overwatch fortnight valor n't rocket League or any other game out there maybe even csgo if you still play that game you have a lot of options here with this system and again for the price

It's not too shabby and you can also expand into triple-a titles which is why we have shy of the Tomb Raider up next and high settings with the built-in benchmark getting over 60 FPS which is exactly what you should expect for a

System at this price and this level of performance now as we wrap up this benchmark I have to leave you with a couple of notes yes we do know if you build a PC you will save money and probably get similar results or you can

Build a PC for the same price that performs better that is obviously the case but there is a market for people out there who absolutely just don't want to build pcs and maybe at that point this might be a good option for you as

Reviewers we decided to check out this computer to see exactly what it can do and what it can deliver for the money and there's no major compromises here that make us feel like this is a bad system and that you should stay away

From it so how about we go ahead and bring Jackson back in here real quick to wrap this video up so the test results were clear this is pretty good for gaming which it should be for the price that you're spending and also it has

These really cool green lighting that we noticed when we plugged it in so that's actually a pretty cool bonus feature so if you're somebody out there who wants to get a prebuilt system and doesn't want to go out to some of the other

Offerings that are out there on the market that may use used hardware well this right here might be a decent option for you and I'd be willing to bet this could drop in price on HP's website at some point in the future as they roll

Out 10th gen versions of this in the near future so be sure to keep this bookmarked if you're considering a system like this and maybe pull the trigger if it does dip below like $800 or right at 800 bucks I'd be a really

Good price for a system like this and let's not forget usually Best Buy Walmart Office Depot office Matic Staples they usually carry these HP systems we've actually done like I said three or four videos where we bought

These HP ones cheaper ones obviously but we have seen this front green panel guy before so they do sell variants of it so if you want to get it same day even go check out one of the stories and see if they have

It so we're all very impressed with the performance of this system if you do want to purchase this system link in the description down below to HP's store if you do purchase it using that link into the Phillie link it does help us out so

I appreciate you guys for doing that but yeah really happy with what this thing is capable of doing so as always don't forget to Like comment and subscribe also check out us on twitch TV slash toasty breo's toasty DIY youtube and

Toasty clips youtube we'd really appreciate if you drop a sub and a follower there and we'll see you guys in the next one I just stole Matt's line again say it say it see you guys the next one goodbye god I'm quitting I'm

Done cashing out

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