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published on July 2, 2020


thank you very much for tuned and then

constantly care TV my name is Samuel we

get a lot of question about how to

restore demux there or how to have

healthy hair that's the subject of

today's video before I get to it I'll

show you how style my hair of course I

use free styling spray with heat

protection and good oils and products in

it and also the revolution waves that's

how I keep my hair healthy it's actually

by applying good products the revolution

wax has a high hold and finish because

of the pre styling I don't have to use

much wax

I always keep brush with me when I style

just to keep the hair in place all right

let's get to number one a lot of people

ask how many times a week should I wash

my hair and it's important to say it

depends on the situation how much

product are you using

doing a lot of exercising sports etc

whenever you have feels queasy or oily

you have to use a shampoo so personally

I like to do washing every single day

it's the easiest way to start off with a

new hairstyle whenever it feels greasy

edition so for me it's every second day

or so when you're using a shampoo use a

good one

with good ingredients because then you

will not only have your hair clean you

will also have some good oils and

essential stuff to play around the hair

stores if you want to do some extra good

for your hair use a conditioner it

contains a lot of good oils it means

that it'll take your hair oh they can

give you more volume

the greater hairstyle number – should I

buy expensive hair products while

low-priced efforts I would say often you

get a cheaper quality for the lower

price anyway if we talk material there's

a good chance it's a very cheap

formulation it could contain chemicals

and in the end it could be hominid

disturbing your body and if you're

buying an expensive one

you will get some more quality

ingredients and there might be some more

research behind that it's up to you what

you like I'm not here to judge you but

in the end it's about your hair

number three use a conditioner if your

hair is very damaged or if you need to

repair then it's very important to give

it some oils that work into also the

scalp the hair scores so it leaves your

hair glowing and full of volume

remember when you shampoo your hair you

will leave your hair fluffy and and

clean from oils and when you are

applying the conditioner then it will

actually close the hair strong so it's

more I'll say heavy sometimes but it

will also give you a little bit of

volume but find a conditioner that works

for you it's very involved

number four you see protection it's very

important whenever you are styling your

hair and using heat then you are using a

heat protection because it will protect

your hair from any burns and also it

will give you a very good volume and

control I will say for myself that I'm

using heat protection every single time

by the lady here is one of my favorites

right now but the sidekick serum is also

one of the among the top 3 for me it's

an organic free styling spray it has

heat protection and also it has a very

good styling ingredients that leaves

your hair more straight and has a

natural shine to it heat protection

every single time you're using a

blow-dryer I recommend that you have to

think about what you put in your mouth

it's about living healthy

I'll say if you can have a balanced diet

and eat healthy 9 percent of the times

there's a good chance that you have them

also thank you for that I'll say you

should eat a lot of proteins you don't

have to think outfit like animal

proteins but so you can have eggs you

can also have nuts you can have grease I

think it's important that you find out

what works for you you can always see a

doctor or some scientist if you have

special food preferences anyway think

about what you're eating 6 you have to

stay hydrated this sounds like a

common-sense quote for me but I'll say

65% of it body this water so think about

how much water you're consuming during

the day maybe start the day but it would

get supported also think about alcohol

if you're in taking too much alcohol or

have a problem with that then you also

dry out your skin and that's not good

either for your hair growth and your

body so keep your alcohol intake at a

minimum and remember to hydrate number 7

have to be aware of your mental health

stress can cause that you're losing here

too early I'll say if you have a

balanced life and you do things

regularly that makes you happy then you

can manage to have a busy lifestyle

along with a good

number eight you have to pull the plug

sometimes once in a while and relax

recharge your batteries it's very good

for your mind and it's good for your

hair too thank you very much for

watching this episode please comment

down below if you have some tips and

tricks that I forgot to mention here in

the 8th hair restorer repair hacks

remember to subscribe share and comment

down below alright guys see you next

time my name is Emil


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