$750 FULL Gaming Setup (PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hey how's it going guys jack and matt here with the toaster bros and today we're excited to bring you a 750 gaming setup using the ryzen 3100 and it's all put together so we're going to dive into talking about this but first a word from today's sponsor

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Corner so thanks again to gvg maul for sponsoring this video let's get right into the video shall we so as you guys know we often do these full streaming or

Gaming setups on our channel this one is a full gaming setup which means it has all the peripherals and of course the pc that you need to just literally put it together and start gaming and we did a full video on this pc which we'll

Talk about in just a second when we go over each individual part of this setup but it's actually a really awesome value pc and this pc costs around 500 so the peripherals are roughly 250

Dollars in value so be sure to check the links in the description down below if you're interested they are affiliate links and they do help us out if you do purchase the stuff

In this video so how about we go and talk about that stuff in particular and how it makes so as matt pointed out this pc came in at about 500 if you want to check that video out

Links will be in the description down below or in the eye in the top right corner but this is using the all new ryzen 3100 which is a very very awesome processor for the money

So ryzen 3100 an astrox b450n motherboard 500 gig crucial nvme ssd a gigabyte 1650 super thermaltic smart 500 which are awesome power supplies one of the few you can still get right now

Up here rgb fans and a deep cool matrix 30 case with an rgb strip so plenty of rgb plenty of bling it really screams gamer yes i said it screams gamer

And honestly for the amount of money that you can spend on it right now being around 500 give or take just with everything going on it is one of the best pcs you can build

Brand new right now so use a link in description down below their affiliate links they do help us out all right guys for the monitor because a setup is not complete without a monitor we have this

Scepter c24 monitor it is a 24 inch 144hz monitor that is available on amazon right now for get this 159 dollars which is a very good price for a 140 monitor especially with everything going

On right now availability is really limited on things like monitors and peripherals and pretty much any piecing component right now so do bear with us if there is some issues getting a hold of

All the parts that are in this video now for a gaming setup we went with a single monitor of course you could offer a second monitor if you wanted to so this right here is the main layer of peripherals this

Keyboard is an aki 10 keyless mechanical keyboard it comes with blue switches specifically automobile switches these automobile switches are well clicky so if you do like clicky this is

A good keyboard for you and it is 10 kilos which is a very popular form factor for most people getting mechanical keyboards nowadays to save on desk space this was a keyboard that we featured in our top five keyboards under

40 video if you hit the in the top right corner you can check that video out but that video showcased a ton of different keyboards so if this one doesn't uh suit your fancy you can check that video

Out and we will have some other options for you and what we have right here is an awesome mouse from tilted nation a new company in the peripheral space this is a 20 gaming mouse that honestly

Performs like a higher end gaming mouse it is a very well built mouse that has nice rgb which of course you got to have rgb with your gaming setup in 2020 and again it's only twenty dollars and

For a budget setup like this that is a great price and this keyboard and mouse are all housed on this beautiful tilted nation mouse mat that has this retro wave vibe to it you can buy

Multiple versions of this mouse fan on their amazon page which again links in the description down below but it's a decent mouse man it comes in at around 15 which is a really awesome price for a

Mouse mat and lastly our good friends over at corsair sent us over the hs60 now we've showcased this in many different setups on the channel but it is a very comfortable headset that

Has a microphone you can attach to it but in this gaming setup most certainly just going to be testing the headphone capabilities not really the microphone capabilities but it is

Detachable so you can use it as a headset or as a gaming headset and it actually sounds really good it packs a lot of punch in the base department and is a really awesome value on the market right

Now so this whole setup 750 dollars i think it's a pretty awesome value how about we go ahead and play a couple games and show you how it works all right guys this is cs go we're on

Maximum settings very high 1920 by 1080 with the 144 hertz refresh rate on and as you can see we are definitely getting 144 hertz now if you're wondering what this little these little

Spikes are this internet is like awful so i'm surprised i'm even killing people but because of that it's gonna look like we're getting game-like but i promise we're not the game is running very

Smooth we're just getting some really bad network interference right now so just uh just just ignore the skippiness and for those wondering why we're not wearing the headphones we wanted you all

To be able to hear game audio so you know these headphones are great highly recommend them but for the sake of the viewers you know you guys got to actually hear the game audio to enjoy it yeah this ryzen processor is as many

Benchmarks show it's extremely impressive what it can do um where's that where's the other directions you don't know and i would i didn't even die oh

Look at the left oh with the lag but anyways you know besides what's going on in this game the 3100 is ex wow extremely impressive the fact that it's a 4 core 8 thread just like the 3400g

Yet it just completely passes that processor up which is really awesome but overall i'm very very impressed i mean this is csgo so it's an easier game to run but the fact that we're easily hitting like

Honestly you could even get something crazy like 240 hertz and lower the settings a little bit if you really wanted to i don't really recommend it with the 500 pc but it's crazy to think that a 500 pc

Is actually capable of that for competitive style games like this so let's go ahead and test out the next game all right ladies and gentlemen the next game we're going to be testing is call

Of duty more specifically war zone we're going to dive into a real match here real quick i don't know how long i'm actually going to survive but we're going to give it a shot they're running on like normal high

Settings on this 1080p 144hz monitor so we'll see how well of a gamer i am all right guys we are getting ready to drop in uh try to kill some people and see how this goes

Probably get sent directly to the gulag but uh when we benchmarked this pc we were experiencing around like 80 to 90-ish fps on like high normal settings which is

Very impressive for warzone it's not really a greatly optimized game and it does show with the msi afterburner overlay up here that the gpu is definitely the bottleneck and in our benchmarking with this cpu we

Did notice you could go through like a 5600 xt 2060 super if you wanted to and get even more performance so this is definitely a very upgradable system so we're going to dive here

I have no idea why i want to go there but i'm just going to go there yeah so we're running around right now as you can tell the ram usage is really high warzone definitely uses a lot of ram

We're using like 12 gigs of ram on this 16gb ram system that just goes to show you if you want to play a lot of triple a titles guys 16 gigs of ram is getting close to being the standard nowadays

Sky test 140 fps oh perfect scout 144 exactly yeah you probably want to run on like lower settings if you hit exactly 144 but i mean that's kind of be expected with a 500

Pc great gun shots back no idea where they're coming from this is speakers but yeah guys i mean performance is pretty solid um it doesn't help you win games if you suck already so i mean that's a thing but

We don't lose in the gulag who the hell is a gun in the gulags though not a very good prison yeah we don't lose in the gulag boys he's going back i'm going back in boys yeah guys this is

More than playable it cannot complain whatsoever i see gunshots going on here this is a bad idea but i'm just going in with my pistols you wouldn't drop on his head and snap his neck

I tried so hard uh do you go back to the google again or is that that's better than 109. but yeah there you go warzone more than playable in this setup for 750 can't complain let's test one more game

Real quick all right guys this is tom clancy rainbow six siege and we're running actually on ultra settings like this thing is maxed out and look at that we're actually getting

Very close to the 144 fps that we need to get 144 hertz very fluid looking obviously when you're actually playing a larger game you might get a little bit less than this but this benchmark does do really well to

Kind of show how explosions and everything can lower the fps however this pc is no slouch so of course it's going to overpower all of that and manage to get over 144fps at times

So as the benchmark is rounding out here we're gonna see well it did really well and this is a really awesome setup for playing a majority of esports titles you can play triple a titles too as well if you can see the full benchmark video

The 500 pc you can get a taste of that but overall i mean this setup is really awesome for the money kind of crazy what you can get for 750 nowadays and look at that average of over 144 fps that's what we're looking

For so how about we go ahead and wrap this video up real quick so as you guys can see this pc actually for competitive gaming works really well for 500 and the pc side of

Things works amazing don't forget if you want to actually check out the whole entire pc build there's a link in the description down below or up there it could be anywhere honestly but just check it out because you'll see how

To build this what all the parts we use and of course they'll be in the description down below as well but highly highly recommend going with something like this right now we do really appreciate those who do use

The links in the description when they do buy stuff because you know what it helps us and if you don't we don't appreciate you yeah no we don't appreciate you kidding we love all of you yeah

Someone kissing all of you so as always don't forget to like comment and subscribe also check out our other two youtube channels and also our twitch down below because we'd really appreciate if you

Guys drop some subs and some follows and of course don't forget to like comment subscribe once again you know just do it twice do it twice for all the channels you know and also use the affiliate links in description

Down below if you want to buy into these parts because they do help us and don't forget to like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys in the next one peace like comment and subscribe

Like comment subscribe like i want you to comment like comment and subscribe down below you

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