75 Year Old Tries 10-lb Seafood Mukbang

published on July 2, 2020

hi it's constance senior correspondent

i am about to take part in a mukbang

hello my honey bees it's your girl honey

it's your girl

constance and today we're gonna be

eating seafood foil

so let's dig in because i'm so hungry


do i just so this is no no no

as an old white woman i have a lot of

questions for today's youth

mainly is there really that much of a

divide between them and me

i'm not always comfortable asking the

obvious questions

but i've decided to put myself out there

and see what i can report from the front


of youth culture this is vice

senior correspondent

what are your some of your favorite

foods you like to eat number one is


that's it i just i cannot get

interested in food i've had weight and

overeating issues

in my life actually i would say most of

my life

have you ever heard of mukbang no i

don't think so



hello anybody's it's your girl henny and

today i'm gonna be eating two big macs

and 50 chicken nuggets 10 times

nuclear fire noodles 30 tacos spicy miso

ramen whole salmon sushi rolls

entire panda express menu so let's dig

in because i'm so

hungry have el pastor

let's get that honey bite

this is called mukbang it's a south

korean thing that people do

where they eat a lot of food in front of

their youtube community

orange chicken

so what do you think about this as a

trend as a cultural trend that people

like to watch other people eat

i think it's completely bizarre i think

the sound of

other people chewing is objectionable

in fact i'm already i'm a little

uncomfortable and

i couldn't do it myself it seems to me

completely in vain i mean i don't know


i don't even i didn't know why it exists

hi it's constance in anaheim

and we are pursuing mukbang and

right away we have to apologize because

last time we said

mukbang we meant mukbang

and we are going to talk to a mukbanger


about all i know about it so let's go

hi hi hi


thank you thank you well before we get

started do you want to take

my shoes yep i love your shoes oh aren't

they are they fun

so could you tell me what mukbang is

so muffin it came from south korea and

i think it started because so many


were living alone and they were really


so they wanted to eat with someone so

when i

saw your panda express show

you understand this was my first


to a mukbang i'm not sure i could handle


and i think a lot of us who grew up in

dieting culture

and believing in dieting find it um

scary um so there are people like scared

like people like me who are scared that

they're gonna

they're gonna get fat and getting fat is


interestingly a lot of people actually

watch it when they're on diets

they say watching mukbangs help them

it's like a therapy

for them which is really weird right and


a lot of people who have even as you any

explained mukbang to me

i still had many reservations about that

concept i mean

i had before heard rap music i had

taken part in some fashion work but this

was really something different for me

it never occurred to me that this would

even be a viable topic for discussion

is this your hobby it's my hobby and

full-time job now i actually have about

15 million

subscribers oh my gosh and they're

called my honeybee so i say

15 million honey bees my mukbang videos

i don't film in the kitchen or the

dining room it's actually

my own studio right here

it's so tight in here i know it is

you've got to be thin

to manage the studio so i'm going to

give you this

pin oh that's lovely you're a honeybee


you're going to you're going to put it

on your scarf yeah

okay can you see it yeah and everybody

see it i hope

yeah all right i'm a honeybee so we're

gonna test the audio

can you say like hi oh yeah sure i'm a


hi i'm i i have a new experience to tell

you about today i'm a honeybee yeah

okay perfect the audio's ready and now

i'm gonna set up the food

seafood oh this is incredible what's

your favorite seafood

um i don't know this is um

an amazing plate that's

amazing is this a meal like

for beginners seafood boil is for

advanced if i ask you to crack this crab


would you know how no but you're gonna

like be my teacher aren't you yes yeah

okay and actually

we're gonna do a thumbnail do you know

what a thumbnail is

no okay wow this looks really good

smile and then maybe we can do one where

it looks like you're eating like the

lobster like this

do you maybe like a surprise face

okay yay so that's gonna be one of those

are gonna be our thumbnails very good

that has some scissors and then spoon


doesn't eat with the regular spoon honey

eats with the big

honey spoon oh my goodness let's start


snow crab crack yeah i love the sound

crack crack do i do i just so this is no

no no no

oh you can eat the meat over here you

can dunk it in i can dunk it in

this one's the non-spicy okay spicy and

i can dunk it in and i just let's

show it to our honeybee okay


i'm gonna dunk it in my sauce what do i

do now

do i cut more at the middle the flat


oh no no no the flat part yeah

this is a lot of work it is it's really


while you do that i'm gonna eat my crab

meat all right now i'm gonna work


what do you think about mukbang so far

very fresh very nice you like it yeah


constance likes it


you're right about the spice wow

as we ate i didn't realize how remote i

was on this whole mukbang thing


i really thought this was going to be a

push for me


but as yone explained to me how to

handle the food i was enchanted with her


wow and the switch flipped for me


asking all these questions and just

joining in this weird fun

whoa did you guys see that it just

pulled right out

i'm gonna get a huge honey bite

i have to stop eating because this is

just this is just

wild this meal it is it is wild

what was your favorite so far lobster

king crab leg

or snow crumb like king crab really it

was the most

beats lobster do you want another one

you know you've tempted me into trying

some more

oh yes king grab leg all right here we



so what do you think about mukbangs now

now that you've tried it

there's two parts of me one part is that

i'm enjoying this because it's begun to

feel like a very relaxed atmosphere

and i didn't know that was possible i

thought food was an

issue right and now i'm finding it's not


issue it's just something that

we're having together oh my god i'm so


and you know you weren't you weren't

like a mother

like when i say i'm not gonna eat

anymore the mother gets upset

you rolled with it right so that's great

so that

made it all um just delightful

now let's go work out


hi i just finished mukbang for the first


with jenny and he eats and

i've changed from somebody who was


into somebody who can absorb this


and i learned to eat in a way that's

brand new to me

i loved it i enjoyed

overeating and seeing her eat

with great big mouthfuls and with


enthusiasm and i don't know that i'm

going to take up the genre but

i think i've got a great future ahead of

me so

goodbye but just for now


my father was horrified that human

beings ate corn

corn was something you gave to animals


yeah it was like um you know these

stories of people who eat cat food

because they're starving that was the

way he felt about corn


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