73 Questions With Simone Biles | Vogue

published on July 2, 2020

I'm here for Simone biles there she is

hey Simone it is so nice of you to have

me come over and do this seventy-three

random question interview with you of


alright so how's life treating you right

now life is good what's the craziest

thing in life now that you're back

paparazzi who's the most famous person

following you on Twitter right now

zendaya who are the most intense

athletes in that Olympic Village Olympic

speed walkers now that you've won all

these gold medals are you still

practicing I'm about to go practice now

I want to come in yes that'd be great

what other sport are you closest to

dominating javelin as a government beg

you to compete in the Winter Olympics

what would your sport be snowboarding

who's your gymnastics icon Alicia

Sacramone okay now this gym is

incredible and this is your gym right

yes my parents built it last year how

many kids trained here a lot to you who

is the greatest athlete in the world

Ashton Ian what routine from a fellow

gymnast do you wish you could steal

shaposhnikov aris in a debate about

whether gymnastics is more art or

acrobatic where do you stand

acrobatic okay Simone what's your

walk-on song calm down by gez do you in

the final five have a pre meet ritual

just listen to music while we're doing

hair and makeup

alright so Michael Phelps has cups for

that cupping thing what's your go-to


Norma tech boots okay alright so in that

gym bag over there what are three things

that you carry with you at all times my

phone core power and my beats what's

been your favorite fan moments so far

girls screaming and crying whenever they

notice I'm there what does gold taste

like hmm I don't know let's find out mmm

not too good do you think for like one

second I can maybe put that around my

neck okay out of all the phrases you can

possibly say what's your most overused

one oh you have any pets for German

Shepherds what's your zodiac sign Pisces

what's your spirit animal um a honey

badger how many calories do burn in an

average day of practice probably a lot

what is the one essential food in your


salmon what's your favorite flavor of

ice cream cookies and cream if you can

eat only one meal for the rest of your

life what would it be Pizza okay let's

get serious who's your favorite Disney

Princess Ariel how about Prince Prince

Erik hey Simone what movie makes you

laugh the hardest

vacation well movie makes you cry August

yeah it's got to be Marley and Me what's

the last show you bench washed 902 and

on Netflix who's one actress you're

dying to meet Jennifer Lawrence because

we both fell down the stairs

alright now let's talk about a special

guy named Zac Efron you too what's your

dream first date hmm I think breakfast

on the beach if Brad and Angelina are

Brangelina yours and Zach's name would

be Simone perfect what's something you

could say in Portuguese

spacious have you started practicing

your Japanese not yet what's your

favorite place you've ever been Belize

what's one place you're dying to go Bora

Bora what are your three travel

essentials sunglasses swimsuits and a

camera what is one thing from home you

always bring with you on the road my

phone so Moe can I ask you the next five

questions while you're jumping up and

down on the trampoline behind you

of course okay who's your best friend in

the world

Katelyn Kramer what's one household

chore you hate to do washing the dishes

do you have any collections I have a

turtle collection for good luck what do

you plan on studying in college sports

business what do you want to be when you

grow up taller oh my god

how do you build a routine practice

practice and more practice do you keep

your routines a secret before me yes if

you were not a gymnast what would you be

doing with your life I would be in

college maybe a college cheerleader how

can I get my abdominals to look like

yours you can't okay if you look over

here there's a guy who wants to ask you

a burning question

I'm a brand-new dad what advice do you

have for me as a father so my kid can

grow into a superstar like you remind

them to always have fun what is the most

important muscle in gymnastics I would

say it's ABS what's the worst injury

you've ever had one year I had a

partially torn calf muscle for you which

is the hardest event and why bars

because I started gymnastics a little

bit later so it took me a while to catch

up what's the hardest move to do in


maybe the biles on floor can you show me

an illegal gymnastics move hmm I don't

think so because it's illegal so I've

never tried button do you have any

secret talents I do not know what no yes

is there anything you're afraid of the

spiders gosh have you ever tried

rhythmic gymnastics I have not proved it

okay supposed adorable thing I've ever

seen okay now do that same routine with

this fake pirate sword no all right I'm

happy I got the ribbon hey Simone let's

go you could only do one karaoke song

for life what is it I don't have one

because I don't do karaoke because I

can't sing few new teammates formed a

girl group what would the name be

confidence if you can get star in any

television show which would it be hmm

Pretty Little Liars because I want to be

a what song always makes you want to

dance anything by Beyonce can you show

me your go-to dance move no which event

do you enjoy the most

I enjoyed floor because you get to show

off your personality a bit what is your

favorite thing about competing competing

where's your favorite place to compete

Hey anywhere in the United States

because it's a home crowd if you could

redo one meet in your life which would

it be 2013 US Secret classic how do you

stay so calm and focused under pressure

I remember all the routines I've done

okay last and most important question

question number 73 do you think I could

stick around and watch your routine no

because it's a secret alright alright I

respect your privacy

at least I got a peek

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