73 Questions With Selena Gomez | Vogue

published on July 2, 2020

– [Camera Man] Selena Gomez in the window

So excited for this


– Hi!

– Hope you're ready for
73-questions interview

Not before we put on some intro music

– Great

Cue it up

(upbeat music)

– Titles

– Flip it around

– Flip it around

Okay, so what were you
doing at this moment

I came by?

– Not stalking you

– What do you find yourself doing

a lot these days?

– Playing Heads Up

– What's your current obsession?

– Heads Up

– Can you make any
prediction about anything,

exactly one year from now?

– I think I'll be doing
a lot of traveling

– Besides doing adventurous
interviews like this,

what do you do on your days off?

– Hang out with my friends

– Where's your favorite place to

visit in the world?

– Europe

– What specific thing do you love

the most about Texas?

– The people

– What's the most enjoyable activity

when you're home in Texas?

– Eating my nana's food

– What's something you own

that you truly cherish?

– My jewelry

– What's the one thing you

can never live without?

– My family

– Out of all the hobbies in the world,

what's one hobby that
you'll never give up?

– Dancing

– Thanks

What's one hobby that
you plan on picking up?


– Learning new languages

– What's something you'd like to say

to your 112 million Instagram followers?

– I get to do what I love every single day

and it's because of you, thank you

– So, I went on YouTube and found

a cover of your song by a musician

named Marie Britten

What do you think of her?

♫ Kill 'em kill 'em with kindness

♫ Kill 'em with kindness

♫ Kill 'em with kindness

♫ Go ahead go ahead go ahead

– That's why I do what I do

Do you wanna go outside?

– Love to

– Hang on, let me grab
something real quick

– Okay

Selena, how would you describe yourself

in three words?

– Loyal, kind, giving

– What's a pet peeve that you have?

– People who are rude

– What scares you the most?

– Losing someone I love

– What makes you the angriest?

– People who act entitled


– Who's the most fashionable
woman that you know?

– Natalie Portman

– What's the fashion trend that can

never let you down?

– Skinny jeans

Which one?

– Mmm, let's go with that one right there

– This one?

– Yeah


What's one fashion trend that you tried

that you regret the most?

– Shoulder pads

– What's one fashion trend that you hope

will never, ever come back?

– Shoulder pads

– What's your favorite exercise?

– Pilates

– What's the best song to run around to?

– Don't Stop Believing

– What's your spirit animal?

– Meryl Streep



– Yo

Hey, Selena

– Yeah?

– What second language

should I teach my newborn child?

– Japanese

– Selena, what's your favorite candy?

– Twizzlers

– What's your favorite thing to eat?

– Everything

– What's your least favorite thing to eat?

– Greens

– Dessert you can't live without?

– Chocolate cake

– Alright

Gotta think hard on this one

What is your first memory of life?

– My mom painting

– Who do you look up to most in life?

– My mom

– What's the best piece of advice

you've received from your mom?

– Treat others how you wish to be treated

– What's a good rule you've learned

from your parents?

– Everyone is equal and everything

happens for a reason

– What advice would you give

your 15-year-old self?

– Go ahead and do it,

'cause you're gonna do it anyway

– What's something you know now

that you didn't know then?

– Patience

– Where do you see yourself in ten years?

– Hopefully happy

– What TV show have you
binge watched these days?

– Curb Your Enthusiasm

– Fictional character you'd want to spend

the day with?

– Mad Hatter

– Fictional place you'd love to live in?

– Wonderland

– What's the last movie that made you cry?

– Hacksaw Ridge

– What's a movie you could watch

over and over again?

– Crazy Stupid Love

– Alright, what was your
favorite movie as a kid?

– The Wizard of Oz

– Do you have any hidden talents?

– I don't think they're
that hidden anymore


This is whatcha get


– Okay, can you say anything

in a foreign language?

(speaks foreign language)

– Right, right

What's a go-to dance move?

(upbeat music)

Go Selena, go Selena



– Oh, that's my phone

– Okay

What's the biggest
surprise you've ever had?

– A romantic dinner on a rooftop

– What's the best gift
that you've ever received?

– A jewelry box

– What's one thing people would be

most surprised to know about you?

– How much I love depressing things

Ah, it's my mom

Ah, she says,

"What's your favorite
thing about your mom?"


Her laugh

– What's the coolest
thing about your family?

– How good we are at arguing

– What's the silliest
nickname ever given to you?

– Flacka

– In general, when do
you feel most beautiful?

– When I'm with the people I love

– When do you feel the most creative?

– When I'm sad

Do you wanna listen to music?

– I would love to

– Okay, what kind?


– Kind of in the mood for some

royalty free elevator music

– Oh my gosh, that's what I just

listening to before you got here

– Chances of that

(royalty free elevator music)
– Perf

– Okay, I think it's time for a bunch

of music questions

– Okay

– What's your favorite
song to blast in the car?

– That's What I Like, Bruno Mars

– If you recorded a secret song,

what would your pseudonym be?

– Alanis Zomeg


– If your life were a song,

what would the title be?

– I'm Still Figuring it All Out

– Do you remember what
your first concert was?

– Britney Spears

– What's the most
experimental genre of music

you'd ever try out?

– Jazz

– Who is an artist we'd be surprised

that you listen to

– Patsy Cline

– What musician would you love

to collaborate with?

– Elvis Presley

– What's the best jingle ever created?

♫ Call 1-800-Steamers

♫ Stanley Steamer make carpet cleaner



– That's the best jingle

If you look behind you–

– I just did that, okay

– There is a foam board

Can you write down your favorite

word of all time with
this marker right here?

– Yeah


– Grateful

– Mmm-hmm

– Ah, can you now write out your tag?

– Yeah

Had that since sixth grade

– Not bad

Okay, if you pretend your finger

is a can of spray paint,

can you pretend to be a graffiti artist

and draw something crazy and we'll

fill it in post?


And what am I supposed to be seeing?

– Well, it's a frog smoking a cigar

– And what color do you want the frog

smoking a cigar to be?

– Magenta

– Done

Okay, six more questions left

before I'm gonna have to say goodbye

– Ah

Get out

– But, if you had to
choose another career,

what would you be doing?

– Uh, I would be a chef

– What do you have left
on your bucket list?

– I wanna jump out of something

– You're a triple threat,

what would make it a quadruple threat?

– I guess I'll find out

– Can you tell me a secret?

– I think I was born in the wrong era

– Can you tell me a lie?

– I have a twin

– I know it may hurt
you for me to say this,

but last question

– Okay

– Can you end this interview with

the worst joke you've ever heard?

– What did the pirate say
on his eightieth birthday?

– I don't know

– Aye, matey


Just leave


– Bye, Selena

– Bye

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