73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

published on July 2, 2020

[dramatic electronic music]

– Kanye!
– Yeah?

– [Interviewer] [laughs] I'm
here to ask 73 questions

– I'm ready
– Uh, babe?

This is for me
– Oh

– The kids are in the room [laughs]

– Kim!
– Hi

– [Interviewer] So I catch
you guys home together

Is this a rare thing?

– It is really rare, so lucky you

– [Interviewer] Oh, that's great

What did you do for the
first 30 minutes of your day?

– I woke up at 5:45, brushed my teeth,

got ready, headed to
the gym and worked out

– [Interviewer] Nice!

And what's a typical lazy
day when everyone's together?

– There's no such thing as a lazy day

Look, I'll show you

The kids are in the room

– [Interviewer] So your
home is clearly stunning

– Thank you

– [Interviewer] How would
you describe this home?

– I would say, like, a minimal monastery

– [Interviewer] Wow

And where did the inspiration come from?

– From Axel Vervoordt and Kanye

– [Interviewer] Okay, random question

What was the last Kimoji that you used?

– My daughter North used the
Kim blowing the bubblegum

– [Interviewer] Ah, that's cute

[child yelling]
– Hi, guys!

– Aww

– What are you doing?
– Daddy's in here

– Daddy's in here?
– Adorable

– Oh, thank you

– [Interviewer] So what are these guys

most into in life right now, Kim?

– Um, sorry

What was the question?

– [Interviewer] What are they
most into in life right now?

– Saint is into Papa
Troll, anything Papa Troll

North is into Bill Nye the Science Guy

– I wanna meet him
– You do?

And Chi is into anything food

– [Interviewer] That's great

And what's the most rewarding
thing about being a mom?

– I would say when the kids
tell you they love you

– I already did that

– [Interviewer] Kanye,

what's the best part about being a dad?

– The kids
[Kim and interviewer laugh]

– [Interviewer] What's
the most important thing

you learned from your parents
about raising a family, Kim?

– Just that family is everything

[child coughs]

Oh, cough on me, why don't you?

– [Interviewer] Aww

Can you share with me your
secret to good parenting?

– I would say you just have to wing it

My sisters and I are on a group chat

always getting parenting advice

– But they don't get advice from me

Can I get on that chat please?
[Kim laughs]

– [Interviewer] I'm gonna have

to let you guys sort that out

Guys, you mind if I take a look around?

– Yeah, of course
– Great

What's the most important thing

that you want your kids to know?

– I want my kids to be kind–
– I like squishies!

– Oh

To be kind and to treat
everybody the same way

– [Interviewer] How did you manage

to keep it real for the family

in sometimes unreal surroundings?

– Well, I think we always keep it real,

and there's really no real situations

– [Interviewer] [laughs]
And what would you say

is a thing that your kids taught you?

– My kids have taught
me how to be patient,

and just what's important in life

– Can daddy come with me in the playroom?

– Yeah, one second
– And Fortnite!

– Oh, and Fortnite [laughs]

– [Interviewer] So who's most
excited for baby number four?

– Who's most excited for baby brother?


I think North is too,

'cause Saint will have someone

to play with instead of her

And Saint wants to name
him Sainty too, right?

– I wanna play with [mumbles]

– Ooh

– [Interviewer] So how ready are you guys

feeling for the new arrival?

– I mean, the room's not
ready yet, so kinda stressing

– [Interviewer] What name will

your baby definitely not have?

– He will definitely not
have another direction

– [Interviewer] Oh, what
do you mean by that?

– That is all for North

And actually Anna had some
influence in naming North,

because once she heard
that rumor she asked me

and said that that name was genius,

so that was helpful to me
– That is so funny

Now I saw that video, by the way,

where Kanye got 112 to sing to you

That was so sweet

What's the story behind that?

– I'm just obsessed with 112, right babe?

– What?

[interviewer laughs]
– I'm obsessed with 112

– Yeah, she's obsessed with 112

– [Interviewer] Kim, what's the one thing

about Kanye that you love the most?

– I love that he's always himself

– I wanna bring him in the playroom

– Okay, one second, okay?

– [Interviewer] And you guys met in 2004

You guys have been friends since 2007

– Tell daddy–
– Okay, one second

Let me finish talking

– [Interviewer] How did you
know that Kanye was the one?

– I knew he was the one when I went

to his Paris fashion show

– And Kanye, how did you
know that Kim was the one?

– I saw her in a paparazzi
pic with Paris Hilton

[Kim laughs]

– [Interviewer] What's Kanye's biggest

pet peeve about you, Kim?

– That I can be bratty sometimes

– [Interviewer] What's one
thing Kanye has taught you?

– Kanye has taught me major confidence

– [Interviewer] What's
one thing you're proud

to say that you taught him?

– I am proud to say that I've taught him,

I've given him really good
financial advice on saving

– You give me some advice,
but I don't listen to it

[Kim and interviewer laugh]

– [Interviewer] What's the
best gift he's ever given?

– Last year for Christmas

Okay, Northie, take your
brother to go get Sprite

– Why Sprite?
– It's your one time

– [Interviewer] Best gift

– For Christmas last
year, he gave me a box

and I opened it and it was Mickey Mouse

and Adidas socks and Apple headphones

And I thought okay

And then he told me that he bought

me major stock in all of those companies

– [Interviewer] Kanye,
what was the reaction?

– She's like oh, okay
[interviewer laughs]

– Well, when I thought it was just

Adidas socks and headphones,
I was like thanks

All right, let me take you

on a tour of the rest of the house

– [Interviewer] All right, great

How do you describe living in Calabasas?

– Very chill

– [Interviewer] If it wasn't
Calabasas, where would it be?

– Beverly Hills

– [Interviewer] And if
it wasn't Los Angeles?

– The Bahamas

– [Interviewer] Whose career

do you respect and admire the most?

– I would say my mom's,
because at 50 years old,

she really honestly didn't know

how she was gonna make ends meet

and take care of all of these kids

And after 50, she built
this whole huge empire

– [Interviewer] What's the
most overused phrase right now?

– Probably it's lit
– That is just everywhere

What drives you the most crazy?

– I think unorganized closets

– [Interviewer] How do you
really feel about the paparazzi?

– It depends on what I look like that day

– [Interviewer] And if
you could have dinner

with anyone living or
nonliving, who would it be?

– Definitely my dad

– [Interviewer] Okay, the
home tour's gonna continue

with a hard right into the living room

And what kind of piano is this?

This is gorgeous

– Unbleached Steinway

– [Interviewer] And how's the lessons

going for you right now?

– I started and I quit
– Aww, that's a bummer

What is the last movie that
you saw that made you laugh

– Incredibles 2

– [Interviewer] What's the
last movie that made you cry?

– Ben Is Back with Julia Roberts

– [Interviewer] What was the last time

that you cried in general?

– I cried when I took over
my mom's Christmas Eve party,

and she was so emotional
about it, giving it up,

that she started crying
and it made me cry

– [Interviewer] Aww

How much time do you spend
per day on Instagram?

– Not that much

Like 30 minutes

– [Interviewer] How do you
decide what or what not to post?

– I just do whatever I feel

– [Interviewer] Kim, you have over

130 million Instagram followers

Honestly, what is that like?

– It's so crazy just to think about it

– [Interviewer] Do you read your DMs?

– I don't

There's too many DMs

I can't even get started

– [Interviewer] What's the craziest

thing a fan has ever done?

– Well, a fan has asked me
to legitimately adopt them

– [Interviewer] What?

That is so weird

What's something about you that you wish

more people focused on?

– I wish they would not
focus on my ass all the time

– [Interviewer] Okay

– All right, let's go continue this tour

– [Interviewer] How do you deal

with negative feedback on social media

or generally in the press?

– Honestly, I know it's hard,

but you just have to really ignore it

– [Interviewer] What are three
words that best describe you?

– I hate describing myself

– [Interviewer] Okay,
well then what three words

do you hear most often
when people describe you?

– I would say sweet and smart

– [Interviewer] And is there a third?

– And kind

– [Interviewer] Would you
say that they're accurate

– Most definitely

– [Interviewer] Can you
show me a hidden talent?

– I have a hidden talent of being able

to smell when someone has a cavity

– [Interviewer] That's impressive

Who do you call when you need life advice?

– I would call my mom, for sure

– [Interviewer] What's
the most useful thing

that she's ever told you?

– My mom, in business, has always told me

to really keep everything
that I'm doing private,

and not really announce
anything until it's ready to go

– [Interviewer] Kim, this
kitchen is so amazing

– Thank you
– Wow!

What's your favorite thing about Armenia?

– The food

– [Interviewer] If I
had 24 hours in Armenia,

what should I eat?
– You should eat everything

[speaking in foreign
language] is all I know

– [Interviewer] I don't
know what that means

What do you think you'll
be remembered for, Kim?

– For my many talents

– [Interviewer] All right

What's a question you
generally detest being asked?

– I really hate when
people ask me what I do

– [Interviewer] What's a question

you wish you'd be asked more?

– I don't really like answering
questions, so nothing

– [Interviewer] You must be
loving this experience [laughs]

What's the weirdest rumor
you've heard about yourself?

– Well, when I was single,
I would always hear

that I was dating all these
people that I've never even met

And one time I went to the movies,

ran into someone that
they said I was dating,

so it was really awkward,
and I was just praying

that no one would take a picture

and then think I was lying this whole time

and really dating this person

Or I've heard that I've killed
a raccoon with my high heels

– [Interviewer] [laughs]
I was not expecting that

What's one product you can't live without?

– Can't live without my KKW Contour

– [Interviewer] What's your
favorite beauty trend right now?

– I love just a more
minimal, soft, dewy makeup

– [Interviewer] What's a beauty trend

that you wish you never tried?

– I wish that I never did
really white under my eyes

– [Interviewer] Now in my
interview with Kendall,

she said she's the only one who knows

you can do anything with your toes

What does that even mean?

– I can't believe she
said that, first of all

Thank you, Kendall, for
putting me on the spot

But it means that I literally

can pick up the cell phone with my toes,

dial, pick up the fork, eat

I can do anything with my toes

– [Interviewer] Your
mom's cameo was amazing

What was the best time
that you guys pranked her?

– Oh, my mom pranks are the best

Todd Kraines prank is my all-time fave

– [Interviewer] Can we prank her now?

– I mean, I don't know if
she'll be down for a prank now,

but we can call her
– Let's call her

That'd be great!

What's something that
you thought you'd never

see yourself doing in a million years?

– Go to law school

– [Interviewer] What's something people

would be surprised to find out about you

– I think people would be surprised

that I'm smaller in person

– [Interviewer] Was
there a time or a moment

in your life that you felt most honored?

– Honestly, I feel honored every day,

which is how Kanye is with me

– Hi, honey
– Hey, mom

– Hey there!
– What's going on over there?

Are you on a shoot or something?

– Yes, we are

– Why wasn't I invited?

– Well, you always try to steal my shine,

so this one I had to keep to myself

– Oh, come on
– Ooh, Kim!

– All right, bye, Mom [laughs]

– [Interviewer] All right, Kim

Last question for you

Final question, question number 73

– Yes?

– [Interviewer] Do you think I
can get a new pair of Yeezys?

– Nice try

– [Interviewer] All I'm asking

for is just one pair of Yeezys


All good

Kim, love this interview,
spending time with your family

Thank you so much
– Bye!

[gentle string music]

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