73 Questions With Cardi B | Vogue

published on July 2, 2020

cardi B OB coach you're sleeping hi

I think I'm fine we're just here to ask

you some of your three questions oh yeah

let's do it

just a let's get started all right come

on in welcome to the hood thank you here

we are in your grandmother's home right

hmm Wow that's so cool what's your

favorite thing about this home that is

always packed with family yeah yes

there's always this Jack bean me from

the chaos of the world then work right

and um this place makes you feel

nostalgic yes does it mm-hmm

now you're raising the Bronx what makes

the Bronx so special to you then if you

could survive in the bonds you could

survive anywhere and I gotta say I'm

really happy that cultures making a

cameo in this video oh yeah I'm so fat

she's sleeping with a new what's the

newest word that uh she's learned Opie

Opie Opie Opie she wants me to open

everything open what was the biggest

lesson you've learned from culture the

biggest lesson is that you're never

ready on time he's don't go as you


never and what's the biggest lesson you

want a teacher dead aren't aware about

people say and to dream bigger follow it

what do you wish for her I wish her to

be a successful businesswoman and

depending warm and confident woman


what is the most underrated part of

motherhood the most underrated part of

motherhood is that it's hard you know

what I'm saying people think that it's

easy but it's hard we deserve more

Mother's Day what's the most challenging

part of being a mother the most

challenging part of being a mother like

I said you're never on time right

you're never on time and you once

apologized for wanting to be pregnant


why oh you know you have my fans you

know they one-day tour I feel like

there's so many things in the work that

they want and it

be able to be done if I'm pregnant as a

new mother do you feel the way you've

been positioned in the press has it

changed I know I still has been the same

people still talk about me like if I

don't have a kid but I know I'm a

different person now so whatever all

right now some questions about fashion

oh yeah yeah let's do it

who's your fashion icon to me Lady Gaga

Missy Elliott on Jennifer Lopez the

Brianna um what's the most extravagant

thing in your wardrobe this Hermes bag

that my husband got me for my birthday

what's her go-to nail design wrong

always wrong Cattell look at that what's

your favorite part of the design process

seeing that outcome you know I'm saying

the sketches always look good but a good

outcome is the greatest but sometimes it

come could be terrible yeah and who's

your favorite designer I love them all

haha pretty diplomatic answer yeah well

there's a lot to choose from I guess oh

you want some coffee yeah love something

like she's really up um so what question

do you wish people would stop asking you

I hate when people ask me questions

about my book people are so obsessed

with knowing about the enhanced blood

process that it's like Lord oh and

what's the question you wish you'd be

asked for Oh

popular trendy topics I love when people

ask me trendy topics and I love to

debate about them so that's what I want

people to ask me more what's the

funniest thing you've ever read in the

press about yourself the funniest thing

that I read about myself oh I don't even

know what to tell you there's always

something funny every goddamn week when

you feel like cooking what is your

favorite thing to cook my favorite thing

to cook is peanut butter and jelly

because it's fast to make what's your

favorite place to eat in New York City

Philippe Tao what should I order when

I'm there um chickasaw hey how about

olanta what should I get in Atlanta so

food is the best everywhere

wings they have the best wings

everywhere which were your songs as your

favorite they were my babies I cannot

choose between my kids okay all right

where were you when you first heard

yourself on the radio I was here in New

York in the carnot that's too funny

thank you so much thank you

now cardi when you were growing up here

in New York who were you listening to in

hip-hop um Missy Elliott I grew up

listening for 50 stands the whole jar

rule the murder ain't the best factor of

listening to any performed bad romance

while you were still in high school out

of talent show

yes did you ever think Lady Gaga was

gonna see that no I cannot even believe

it but hey it's crazy we love you in the

her Lady gaga

what celebrity has made you most nervous


Beyonce Lady Gaga Rihanna and there's

all the time I meet don't be like I'd be

like that too who's another icon that

you're dying to me like I met them all


I met them all and what's your dream

collab my jump collab I don't know I

don't know yet okay

so happy you're gonna tell me anything

about this new album I mean come on tell

me something uh spicy doesn't it yeah

controversial all right fine

now you've received a lot of labels in

the press a hear of female empowerment a

disruptor no filter how do you feel

about these labels well good I feel like

that's what I am mm-hmm and who is the

real cardi B outside of the spotlight I

feel like I'm um I have a really chill

side I'm very balanced that could be a

little crazy but if I don't know you I'm

going to study you I'm a big Libra so

and now I'm always to myself I don't

really hang out so much I just be home

all day I'm boring I'm kind of boring

well what's the hardest aspect of Fame

that you've had to adapt to the hardest

act people criticize that you people

make these stories watch was that you're

never in peace even while you're not

even doing anything is there anything

that you wish you could redo in your

life I wish I didn't gave energy to

certain people

mm-hmm but I give out them and gave them

that energy I wouldn't make them who

they are today so when you hear about

beef in the music industry how does that

make you feel I feel like it's just

tiring people you just keep making it

especially when it comes to girls and

hip-hop industry and what if something

this industry needs more of right now

Ronis hmm happy for real Dean living the

truth being setting the story the in

tellingly life they live in it right and

you said you're a Libra yeah what's the

most accurate trait of you and Libra

like the most accurate um we're very

ambitious we love working with love

making new money um also it's really

hard for us to make choices yeah and 100

years from now how would you like to be

remembered I would like to be remembered

as though as the girl next door that

made it yes you did and what advice

would cardi B give to a 16 year old

cardi B what effects like if my 16 year

old self is um whatever dilemma that you

have is not going to matter as soon as

high school finish after you 18 whatever

problems ahead it doesn't matter so many

people respect you for your

determination to stop at nothing to get

what you want yeah what kept you going

all this time what kept me going is the

fact that I know I always wanted

children so in order for me to have

children I know I have to be stable I

know that I want to spoil you my child

for the rest of my life and in order for

me to put my child for the rest of my

life had to have money and make money

for the rest of my life so and when do

you feel most vulnerable I feel most

vulnerable is when people say so many

mean things about me but you know what I

heard Beyonce only allows herself to

feel back fired one for one day so I

want to give one day for me from to feel

bad for myself then I'm back to work and

not giving what do you say to those in

the press who say that you don't need to

be a real artist these days that it's

all about the followers AB you just have

to be popular so then what they don't

try to be a mm-hmm

Carter can you rank your top 5 migos

sauce top 5 me go songs it's a lot

Hannah Montana Versace bad and bougie

hmm Super Bowl is such an underrated so

I'm just sick of all I love that song

and mama so mean Bert

now you realize what I have to do right

now waiting food I have to ask you to


oh come on man right now let's do it

where is he where is he

he's in LA he's working so hard out

there what's up what's your favorite

quality about him everything I love that

man I want to lick him up and down all

day I loved it I loved I feel secure

with him yeah um protected and

financially always it takes care of home

he takes care of me all right let's see

if he's there

let's see hmm hey honey bunny aim we got

people here

what's up upset upset I got to ask you a

question what's the best and worst

habits that kardi has won a fall for

35,000 hours every single days every day

every single day there are fall okay

what's my best heavy Oh our best habit

is raising Brisco courtesy great job and

like a happy with that heaven is all

wrong she buys a dress closer to our

hair I love it important you know upset

can you ask can you ask Carter your

question how much I love you I love you

bigger than my ass get my ass is big

what are you gonna say about that offset

okay all right thanks offset love you

that is so cool that we got it's very

very perfect what would you say is

offsets best asset or our best habit his

best happy is this everything

oh my gosh I'm happy and then the worst

habit is that when I be in the bathroom

he just be trying to buzz and cuz I

think he's trying to catch me talking to

myself oh all right so what relationship

advice can you share um what

relationship advice can I share is there

you know somebody no matter what try to

work it out

mm-hmm what lesson has he taught you he

has taught me you know I always thought

was this strong woman why I'm a strong

woman but I always felt like I don't

know everything matter of fact that's

what it is I always feel like I know

everything and he told me that I I don't

well what has marriage taught you about

yourself marriage taught me about myself

is that it's it's a unity you know it's

it's not just you it's it's both right

together so a double standard in the way

that male and female rappers are

questioned by the press yes totally

you're like every single time that a

female artist is getting questioned they

always want to mention another artist

they always instigate to talk about them

just uh are we shift gears here what's

your guilty pleasure my good smelling my

fault no one's really favorite movie

my least favorite movie I don't know III

barely watch movie so if I watch you

want it has to be good and it'd be good

all right and then this a little bit uh

a curveball who is your least favorite

president of the United the one who's

gonna get impeached Oh

the third one that's going to making

predictions all right now if President

Trump invited you to the White House and

you showed up what would be your first

question then my question to be is if

you don't love every American citizen

why become president that's good

I've read that you love reading up about

the political system and former US

presidents what's something you recently

learned about the system that really

struck you that the system was never me

for us if you had the power to create a

law was like a magic wand what law would

it be what um there you this this is law

I think in South Africa that if you say

anything racial you who go to jail you

you got a job get fine that would be my

law say anything racial to somebody else

you would get fine or you might go to

jail was there a specific event or

incident that maybe you want to use your

platform and your audience to speak out

um just just living in my neighborhood

me we always want to speak up always

seeing that injustice see how kids my

age my color darker we're getting

treated in my neighborhood that always

made me want to like be involved you

when I was a teenager so and you are

feeling the burn right now Bernie

Sanders you are feeling that burn what

about him excites you the most I want to

like about Bernie Sanders is there

you've been doing this for a long time

he's the natural humanitarian you know

that there's people they just care for

the world they just want to take care of

people whom that that's their passion

they don't do it for money they do it

because that's their passion yeah and

he's been doing this for a long time not

just to become a president and get good

votes that's just how he naturally is

what his family doesn't mean to you

feminism means equal to me right now

what message would you like to send your

young female fans right now um so my

young ones mm-hmm is that whatever is

happening right now to you is not going

to matter in a couple of years

especially if you in high school people

bullying you picking on you those people

are not going to matter in two years

all right after you got our high school

you have a boy you don't like you he's

gonna be able to eat to you in a couple

years trust me do you think the way that

the industry views women is changing of

course we're taking over taking over pop

hey pop everything with the top right

now all right final questions this is

gonna be the most important questions

here maybe have you ever thought about

what your kardi language the rhyming the

tag lines that you have what is that

language called give it a name if it

doesn't have one what do you think

ba reality ba reality yeah all right

hopefully that's gonna stick right okay

last question what do you think of when

you hear people impersonate your singing

and your noise

I don't sound like that but wait hold on

a car like that

that doesn't dad not sound like give me

some tips

oh you have to have stairs like okay

okay all right that's it thank you so


Hey yeah bye-bye culture sweet dreams

thanks money

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