7 Ways to Make $1000 on YouTube

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Hey so in this video I'm gonna share seven different ways you can monetize your YouTube channel so that you're not relying on one source of income I think this is the biggest mistake that people have when they start a YouTube channel they think that they can just make all

Of their money from a YouTube ad revenue which certainly is nice to have YouTube ad revenue can be great depending on the type of content that you're creating you can get anywhere between one and ten dollars per thousand views on YouTube in

Revenue so let's talk about those seven different ways you can make money on YouTube I'm using a variety of these and some of these took quite some time to actually build up and think about you know ways to monetize this but some of

These you can make thousands of dollars off of and I think it's just a great way to make extra income off of these variety of different sources so let's get started with this the first one that we're just gonna briefly touch on it

It's a YouTube ad revenue very obvious but you can't rely on it entirely you know there's those channels who will get D monetized but also there's people you know you have to have a thousand subscribers in four thousand hours of

Watch time to get monetize on YouTube a lot of people don't have that yet but you can still make money without having that threshold without having a thousand subscribers you can still make thousands of dollars with a few hundred

Subscribers I truly mean that I know people will do it and it's very very possible you're probably gonna find that out in this video so rely on YouTube ad revenue is not the best thing to do I wouldn't do it but it is certainly

Something that does help and definitely is a bonus to you know growing your income on YouTube so ad revenue is one but the next one is for people who are creating videos that are more so informational or educational see there's

Really two routes to go on YouTube you can go the entertainment route or you can go the educational route now I tend to go the educational route on YouTube because that's just the type of person I am I'm not very entertaining but you

Want to really consider which way you're going on YouTube because this is gonna kind of help you decide how you're gonna monetize your channel see the people who are going in the entertainment route say like Casey nice tat or PewDiePie or

Maybe like Logan Paul or something like all those people who have millions of subscribers what they do so one of the best ways for them to monetize is just by selling merchandise because they're entertainers so people

Will buy a t-shirt that just has like their name on it if I try to sell a t-shirt with my name on it nobody would buy it because nobody about me they care about more so the information that I'm trying to provide

On my channels right so because of that I'm not gonna go out and try to sell merchandise because I'm using information and I'm trying to provide information and education and people just it's not as hype it's not as cool

To you know sell merchandise for that so it's much more difficult to do that on the information side but if you're an entertainer if you're creating vlogs or something that's you know video creative or something you can probably consider

Selling merchandise you can do print on demand t-shirts or a different type of clothing or different types of products that you can sell with your name on it and make a lot of money off of it look at like the Kardashians are making

Billions of dollars by selling makeup and who knows what else they sell but they're making a lot of money because it's their personal brand and they're essentially entertainers now merchandise is one you can use like teespring or

Some type of print on demand things to not even have to touch the product and just sell it through YouTube basically drop shipping it almost in a sense now if you're more so of an informational type of channel there's some other ways

You can make money instead of trying to sell merchandise and that is by selling and digital products information product so we're talking about online courses we're talking about ebooks or even actual just physical books but selling

Something that has information in it so that's probably the best route for people to go who have those informational educational style channels and what are the best things about this is that once you create this product you

Can essentially create it up front and then make money off of it for literally years to come so some people would write a book and then 40 years later they're still making money off of book sales that they're selling so there's a lot of

Possibilities behind this but it's it's very very scalable I think the future is certainly digital courses people are using things like you to me or even their own digital course sites like quick funnels and whatnot to make a lot

Of money but also help a lot of people in the process you look at how much college costs it costs a lot of money so people are going to learn some different ways and that's through the internet so I think it's a great option for people

Who have those informational channels I don't have any digital courses at the moment from my channel but it's something that you know most people would want to consider going forward in the future now there's there's really

Two ways to go with those digital courses you can go with monthly or recurring subscriptions or you can go with a one-time sale you could sell like a digital course for like $100 or $200

That might sound like a lot of money but there's also people who are selling for $2,000 it just depends on how much your values actually provided in that actual content but you want to consider how you would do this when you do a monthly

Subscription of say you know twenty dollars a month or when you do something that is an upfront one big lump sum fee and then you're probably not gonna have recurring customers on that so consider that if you are going to go the digital

Course route so the next one I think everybody should be doing this regardless of what type of channel you have entertainment or education you should be doing affiliate marketing this is so easy to do you just put a link in

The description for a certain product even if it's just your camera I think everybody should be doing it so for example I could put a link to this laptop right here actually I guess I will put a link to this laptop right

Here and my camera and down in the description below in this video right now now if you click on that link and you happen to buy something on Amazon the next 24 hours I'm gonna get a commission on anything and everything

That you buy in the next 24 hours on Amazon it's probably anywhere between 1 and 10 percent commissions so I'm not gonna get that much money but if you spend a thousand dollars on Amazon so you buy this laptop right here for

$2,000 right I might get 4% on that so I might get like you know 70 or 80 dollars if you buy this laptop right now on Amazon and all I did was just get you to the website so affiliate marketing everybody

Should be doing it it's not just physical products you can sell digital products as well sometimes all market products for some of my friends and get a 50% Commission on some of their products that could be worth you know

$1,000 or $2,000 and that's instantly $500 in my pocket just by marketing somebody else's product I mean it's a great route to go for anybody and everybody they should all be doing affiliate marketing at

Least some some small affiliate marketing to you something like Amazon Associates so just look into it the next one though is for people who are maybe creating channels that are a little bit more difficult to monetize maybe you're

Doing something for a cause or maybe you're talking about politics that's a rough one I'd be careful talk about politics on YouTube but you could consider starting a patreon account and asking for donations now you can't have

To decide like is this something that would fit into your channel and some people it's just a lot easier for them to ask for donations than others for myself since one of my chance is a business channel and and you

Know showing people how to make money I think asking for a donation so it kind of be strange and counterintuitive it wouldn't make any sense so I don't do that I don't ask for donations but if your channel is fitting for that then I

Would consider just starting a patreon account and you'll get monthly people who are essentially just donating to you maybe $5 or $10 a month but it adds up and there's some people out there who are making like 20 30 40 thousand

Dollars a month from patreon just from donations recurring every single month I think it's a great option for people it really is it's something you should definitely look into something else you can consider doing is just simply

Sponsorships so if you've watched videos you probably have seen how this video is sponsored by Squarespace you see it all the time this video is not sponsored by Squarespace though I wish I don't response this on this channel it's not

Big enough yet but we're gonna get there but you can get thousands of dollars per month I know people who are getting thousands of dollars per month by simply just mentioning a company in their video they'll maybe briefly talk about it for

Fifteen or thirty seconds in the beginning of their video sometimes even at the end of their video and then get thousands of dollars for doing that simply by mentioning that company so there's a lot of ways to do this but

There's certain websites that it can actually kind of help you find those sponsors I can't remember all of them off the top of my head and I don't wanna see them right now because they might be wrong so I'll maybe just leave some

Links to those down below or I'll mention them in the description in this video once you can use to essentially connect with sponsors so sponsors like this because they can find youtubers and influencers and then youtubers like this

Because they can find sponsors it's just kind of like a hub for both people to meet each other and set up that sponsorship to start getting money flowing in for maybe you're just wearing somebody's shirt or or product in your

Video or drinking one of their products and one of your videos and you can get paid for it so it's pretty cool sponsorships been around for a long time but it definitely is something that could be very very valuable now another

One that you might wanna consider doing and this isn't a scalable it's something that I do on my channel but it's consulting see consulting it's not scalable as compared to something like digital

Products or online courses where you're able to create it and then make a lot of money sell it to thousands of people while consulting you're doing one-on-one so I get on the phone with people and help them grow their YouTube channels

And it's it's something that you know is not very scalable in the sense where I might spend an hour talking to somebody and that's an hour just one-on-one with that person so you know it's hard to do more than then a couple

Per day really being realistic about it so I think it's a great option for people who are starting off who have relatively smaller channels or just who don't mind getting on the phone and talking to people one-on-one but it's

Definitely something that you know you want to consider phasing out over time it's not going to be pragmatic over the long run if you have the five hundred thousand subscribers and you have you know hundreds of people per week trying

To get on the phone with you it can be very difficult to do that but for now something that I do and you know you can charge a couple hundred dollars per hour to provide information so that's what I do and it's something that I enjoy doing

So so those are the seven ways that you can make money on YouTube but like I said you don't have to have a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time to get started with this I think you can find one of these in this

Video and start implementing it today on your channel and look if you find value on this channel make sure you subscribe drop a like on this video share it with anybody who wants to start a channel for themselves and thanks for watching I'll

See everybody next time

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