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published on July 3, 2020

hello guys I'm Rasmus Atlanta here we've

been from every main TV how are you very

good thanks Roger Staubach

we're gonna be covering seven hair hacks

if you've got thin hair okay so let's

start with the first one packing a move

on take a look at my head here it's use

a parting hairstyle yeah so what about

if you are struggling to find out if you

have thin hair or anything well some of

the basic signs number one you're

probably gonna have hair going back on

each side just like this so you're gonna

have a bit of recession one of the best

things that you can do to minimize how

much the hairs going back is to

tactically place your part in one of

these places

so you're actually dragging attention

away from the problem so on speech

absolutely you're hiding it in plain

sight and for tip number two you should

get a short hairstyle by getting shorter

hair you also drag some attention away

from the less density you have also it

looks like you're not trying to cover up

your scalp because lots of guys they've

got the big long wavy hair especially if

they're balding it just looks like

they're trying to cover up the bald head

I don't know if you've seen Donald Trump

but he's really good at hiding some

spots some white spaces absolutely and

that's similar to hack number three on

this list and that is when you're

talking about your hair style in general

try and keep it really tight on the

sides and also when lots of guys leave

the size really long because the sides

and the Bucky head tend to remain really

thick even when you get quite old it

makes the top look even thinner so it's

best to just get rid of that and then

there's less disparity between the sides

and between the top it keeps it looking

as decent as possible yeah we don't like

that the monk lookin yeah beans are done

with nothing left and that's a tip

number four a good safety option if you

haven't got a lot of hair on the top and

you don't damage it anymore

yeah you should not use too much heat

which means use your hairdryer on the

low setting not the fired up

yeah using it on like a lower

temperature it's better than frying your

scalp but also when you're applying the

product if you've got quite thin hair

just make sure that you apply the

product right down to the roots yeah you

want the good ground hold so foundation

is heat of success when it comes to

boosting your hair absolutely and if

you've got really thin hair and if you

try and slap the product over the top it

just weighs it down makes it look flat

and makes it look even thinner and also

when you're styling your hair it's key

to use the right equipment yeah we have

a lot of like brushes tools what do you

prefer for your hair and for my hair

which is quite thin how really I find it

normally the brush is working but better

than the combs because you can add a bit

more volume to the hair yes on general

the brush will make it more volume eyes

and the comb will make it more aesthetic

and I think the comp would only be good

for the parting which you have here yes

yeah it's useful to find the parting and

it's good if you want like a greasy

slicked back look but for Matt looks

which dental better within hair the

brushes tend to work better and for the

final tip number 6 we have glasses yeah

this one is one that's really useful

especially if you've got you know barely

any hair left one of the things that you

can do is utilize accessories such as

glasses to draw attention away from the

hairline and more towards your actual

face and we're not talking about like a

ski mask in the bank don't hide it cover

it up I think that's a really good idea

focus on some frames because it's really

even if you have a fool here or thin

hair glasses is a really good way to

frame your face and get a better face

explanation definitely expression yeah

and now it's time for the for the fun

bit of the video as well because we

mentioned earlier about the matte finish

products which are they say yeah maybe

shinier which it's not actually there

you know let's test it was at the moment

I've got a matte finished product in my

hair which I thought look looks pretty

slick slick itv4

doesn't tend to look very good with a

shiny product so I'm gonna have a go one

of them in a second on you in the

comments section to be a judge on

whether you think it's good for thin

hair or not and now it's time to put the

products to the test so I've got some

rusul pomade here which is definitely

high shine product we're going to be

seeing why this might not be such a good

idea if you've got thinning hair I'm

gonna go and wash my hair come back

blow-dry it and then we're going to

apply this to see how it compares the

hairstyle I've got at the moment okay

guys so hairs all dry haven't used a pre

styler in here to keep things equal

because I didn't before let's give this

stuff a try so I'm sure this stuff

probably isn't bad for the average guy

with decent hair but for someone my kind

of hair doesn't tend to work let's find

out why I'm gonna get a nice scoop of



you can already see what I mean with

this one

the problem now is you can see straight

through to the scalp and West all over

the hair so as a result of this product

being quite greasy quite heavy you can

see it really flattens my hair quite a

lot also the bits where my hair recedes

it looks like that even further back but

it's really if you go within a hair

this ain't the look that you want to be

going for now we'll give it a try with a

matte finished product and we'll see

what result we get in comparison


you've got thin hair I'd always

recommend using a pre styler for the

best results there are different types

of Mac products you've got lots of

different options in terms of clay

products some popular choices you got

hands to finger claymation ocean clay

Lockhart's within the Bible Lane range

you've got gold digger dynamite clay a

couple of popular high hold options but

for today I'm gonna give gold digger a

try because that's got really the best

hold out of these and the best finish so

this one it's got a bit more of a creamy

texture compared to some of the products

which are quite hard I'll just rub this

between my palms to get this nice and

evenly spread across my hands and heat

it up a bit okay so time to work this

one in right down to the roots just to

make sure that we're holding from the

lowest part of the hair possible then

I'm just making sure all areas of the

head of covered and there and there we

go we've got the nice matte finish and

you can see especially compared to that

pomade much more volume and height on

the hair style for me this looks a lot

better more natural and leaves my hair

just looking a bit thicker it's the

purpose of this video all right guys now

it's my turn to use the shiny palm made

just to give you an idea how it looked

to you shiny probably on a full hair

and this one is from solicit or service

it poor savvy feet tall and I'll use

this much and I'll use most of it in the

banks just to prove the point what a

shiny product does to even a full head

of hair so you can all really see how

the light is bouncing off my hair a

little kind of Greek right now



okay guys so what I'm gonna give you is

a taste of the new by the lane cero wets

here we have the final addition it's

only an a testing jar but here we go

it's a matte but medium shiny finish and

I'm not gonna use that much because

we're just going for this

natural-looking volume and see how it

works still gonna heat it up and this is

52 percent organic and here I'm getting

it down to the roots so we get the

ground whole going and really just

working in some texture and volume and

then we're gonna shave it in the end


so let's get some thickness into the

banks and this one is actually pretty

good buster let's try on with the brush


good old-fashioned pompadour right here


so here you have it okay we got some

points proven here don't you think

absolutely but now it's time for a bonus

hack you should try to keep the

proportion equals so if you go higher if

you have higher banks and your forehead

it can actually look a little bit too

much so unless you're Elvis try to avoid

situations like this you don't look like

a human paint brush in your quest for a

better hat that's a good one so keep it

high but tight okay that's the final

advice that's it for today guys so thank

you to every man thanks for having me on

slick hair TV come over to everyman if

you want to learn more about your hair

if you struggling with thin hair fine

hair I've got all the advice you could

ever want

that's right so before you leave go

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it's slick hair community and there you

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absolutely yes and that's it for today

guys see you


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