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published on August 1, 2020

2020 and we are looking at the global recession that is well underway i think there are a lot of uh different areas uh that will be impacted and affected uh by the greatest transformation of wealth in the history of humanity

And the purpose of this video will be uh to briefly cover those uh that will be covered and more so let you know how you can profit and prosper as a result so uh without further ado let's make it do what it do

Baby let's go ahead and make this money like a boss live from the usa helping you get paid every day this is the of bitcoin the kristo of crypto

Is your boy bk and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today again we are looking at the global recession 2020 this thing is well underway and that's

Why i am coming on the air tonight this morning uh to try to uh you know enlighten those who are willing to listen on uh what i see happening in the markets

A couple things this is kind of going to be like an open forum so i do have uh my cell phone right now um you know and and i got the the live chat pulled up where everybody you know can engage and

Dialogue any questions you guys have just uh pop them in the chat and i'll be able to uh respond to you in real time uh to try and get as much information and assistance out uh to those who are viewing in on this

Live stream right so first things first not that that uh this is really going to cover all aspects of society right there really is no getting around it you got

Media um you know the jobs market uh money finance technology politics health care this is really a no hold bar situation to where anything and everything will be impacted

Uh within the next two years of what's happening today right due to what's happening today um and again i'm you know pulling from a lot of different sources i do have a little bit

Of information that we can cover but i kind of wanted this to be like an open little dialogue so again if you do have uh any questions just put them in the chat and i will be able uh to respond in real time to uh get

This information out to you guys right uh first things first what we can look at is uh bitcoin right and this is uh btc to the usd um if we go back probably on a daily

You can really start to see the patterns that have happened on this chart we had a huge huge run between 2017 uh and 2018 all the way up to about 18 000 another big drop down to

3 000 at the early part of 2019 and then here we are about halfway through 2020 uh and we've stabilized right around 10 000 in fact today we had another big surge um to put

Bitcoin currently at about 11 000 right and so for those of you that have followed this channel uh you know that i was quite adamant uh you know the past two

Years about the opportunity to purchase uh you know prime time real estate at flea market prices i got in the bitcoin you know back yeah when this thing was trading around 400 500

And you know earlier i wish i would have been early uh during this part of the chart i was actually getting formally indoctrinated and educated

Uh at one of the greatest prestigious most prestigious business schools in the world right um and it was during this part that i was making a little bit of money so i put even more money in bitcoin and

That's when i actually started teaching i think may of uh 2015 you know somewhere in here i did my first video um you know and and quickly escalated it to one of the most popular

Uh cryptocurrency trading channels on youtube and now here we are uh on the other side of this curve and uh it's looking uh pretty good for bitcoin let me just tell you this is a chart

That i made uh for the telegram group and i think that's one thing that i can share with you guys real quick let's uh open that up for you let's see my crypto frames here

Right i got a few community channels you will find everything that i reference uh with uh also provided links in the description as well uh i do have a channel on library lbry

At bitcoin right so uh you can check me out on library if you remember on there 100 completely free in addition to that i do have a telegram channel um t dot me slash bk bitcoin i believe and that will

Uh allow you to uh get free access to the uh trading community that we've set up on there as well as about 600 people again 100 completely free uh 24 hours a day just people coming together to help you try

To understand the markets and make money uh this methodology that i use is called the boss method uh you really won't find it on too many other channels uh it does allow you to peep inside the

Uh matrix so to speak to understand the ends out ebbs flows ups downs you know the current of the currency you know that we currently find

Ourselves in caves inside and um you know it works quite well so if you're interested in learning how to trade you can also uh check out the resources available to you

On bossofbitcoincom this is the website right there just scroll down i do have two products and packages available the first is the profit package uh top seven coins to swing trade every seven days

Uh this this list gets updated every friday not wednesday on friday because that's payday and uh just helps you navigate right um in addition to that i let you know like how much btc i'm

Holding versus all coins that way you can kind of get a uh positioning in your portfolio with regards to risk and reward for example this last week uh i let our traders know that i was

About eighty percent bitcoin right uh and this was back when we were right under uh ten thousand when we were pushing like nine eight nine nine somewhere in there uh the altcoins had dried up essentially

And bitcoin was absorbing all of the money inside the economy and so essentially by not taking a big loss you can also uh gain the reward of winning dollars

Right because a lot of people who uh were holding say for example uh link right uh link lost about 12 percent over the past two days let's see let's see what l a and k did where is it at right yeah

Right that's a big drop man you don't want to take that loss right let the market take that loss you don't need to and so just by knowing when to get out of a trade

And when to change your value to a trade that is in increasing in value you can exponentially increase your worth again bossabitcoincom for the crypto trading resources available for you

In addition to that we have a live crypto trading group boss alert messages you know where i do live market updates every day just to help people make money and navigate this market right so it looks like we got a question

Already my man mr moses foster uh let me see can i bring like the live chat up i don't know i don't know i'm sure i can let me see if i can do that for you guys real quick hold up one second here

Let's see let's see this one i have to figure this out for the next video i think um i know i can but moses foster said could this recent surge be a massive

Fake out if btc were to retrace low low low to discourage any new investors absolutely um and what i'll do is pull up bitcoin on a different chart that way i can draw a fresh on this thing

Bitfinex is usually a good one um the problem the problem that we have right now and this is you know we go to like crypto bubbles right and so this is the problem

The problem that we have is that on a month everything is up right um and we want to compare it to bitcoin no we want performance right and so bitcoin is essentially the status quo when i measure a lot of

My trades i measure them in bitcoin especially if bitcoin is increasing the value with regards to dollars which it has been since about march of this year uh so bitcoin is the zero zero sum game right just whole btc

And you gain dollars right link is up 33 on the month finance nine and a half ada 50 right but when you look at what's happened in a week those numbers have completely

Capsized right and so essentially if you would have got out of the altcoins a week ago you would have 20 percent more link you would have 15 percent more teslas you would have 15

More v chain right only a few coins are outperforming uh btc during this past week and oh by the way aetherium was uh one of the number one coins on the profit package

So again if you want to learn how to swing trade or even if you want a stylistic guide uh to kind of point you to in the direction of success i did have aetherium on that list on the

Top row uh and it may it did not disappoint this thing made some real deal money over the past week and guess what z cash was on there too right

Um i haven't even talked about z cash a lot of people aren't even talking about z cash i'm a vet you know what i'm saying so i've been in the game for quite some time now so i remember

Z cash back when it was 50 when it first came out you know bitcoin was only like six seven eight hundred dollars and i'm like man that's expensive right but they built their own network

Their own privacy you got some spin-off on there you got horizon uh and it's a very very very healthy sector of the crypto verse so again diversify your portfolio assets mitigate

Risk and make some money now the question that you ask is could a potential pullback on bitcoin let me see could this recent surge let me see if i could just put this up here

Um i'm gonna bear with me here this is one of my first live streams people in quite some time you know what i'm saying so if you appreciate this i appreciate you thank you for bearing with me

Um like i said back in the day man we had a couple hundred people on these live streams so i'm gonna try to uh get one of these out to you as often as possible just to give the people an opportunity

Uh to make some money again right um we'll call this one live chat and youtube right this one hey there it goes and i'm sure i'll be able to like make it sexy for you guys

Oh yeah i'll just pull it up here when we do have a question and that way we can get it together filters there you go right that's cool that's kind of cool

Yeah yeah yeah um so the question we got could this recent surge be a massive fake out if btc were to trace low to discourage any new investors yes um this is this is a big run right bitcoin

Is up 20 in a week and it's still counting um what what i found most recently is kind of a interesting pattern that's been happening it's almost like

A little staircase pattern right to where you get these different areas of support and resistance and it literally just keeps climbing and climbing and climbing

And climbing and climbing you know um so we're pretty high up this cascade and as long as bitcoin i would say is above that price about ten eight remember in

The last video i told you it was going to struggle around ten eight well that struggle lasted all of about two and a half hours right there uh before it ran and hit its head on what

Eleven eight those were the two numbers i gave you right actually eleven two so i think this thing is still set up to go a little bit higher now the problem becomes when does it

Self-correct when does it come back down right and how much will it come back down so there is a very very very uh you know good possibility that once bitcoin does finish say it

Runs up to like 12 000 right and hits its head on 12k and then does something like that and goes flat kind of like just like it did right here but but a little more stretched out

It could do this and then it could do this and if that happens even if it goes back to say 10 000 right there is a big opportunity for the market to uh

Drop even more um because the altcoins are already down right and and that's what i tried to allude to in this crypto bubbles basically bitcoin is absorbing all of the dollars in the crypto verse

And moving higher but it's it's really uh not pulling in any new fresh money from the sidelines right i think uh once upon a time i would talk about uh the crypto verse kind of being like a

Beating heart where you got bitcoin on one side and all coins on the other side and money just kind of moves back and forth back and forth back and forth um and so right now bitcoin is receiving a lot of money

But what could happen is bitcoin could press that money down and the altcoins not receive it basically it leaves altogether and then all coins become dilapidated and you look at a situation where the

Entire market you know is down another 30 or 40 percent in the uh event that bitcoin drops you know six and a half percent

Especially if it does it all at once like inside a couple hours and so that's essentially what we need to uh take heed and be cognizant of is uh we don't control the money right and by not controlling the money we

Actually are at a great advantage because we can pick when and where we want our money to go right and so that's the biggest thing i try to teach you guys is

Is you have to uh you know kind of be very selective on where you uh place your value where you put your money like if you're walking to a casino i live here in las vegas you know uh you don't want a dealer

That's cold that's just taking money from you right what does that look like well let's see nano that sucks right and we got a very very very easy methodology to

You know help you make money white over blue you know what to do jump on in and go get paid especially when the blue is blue is out the grade you know i'm saying that's money on money that's money to be made right here

Right eight percent once it goes under you can see this thing literally falls off the edge of a cliff right nobody in my trading group had nano now when did we have nano back in april you want to go back and

Look at the charts look at april april may nano made us a lot of money you know but once the once the dealer goes cold uh that's when that's when it's time to you know take take your winnings and and

Go put it on another table right and so a lot of times uh you know you're able to kind of kind of foresee these big shifts in the market just based on the moving averages and the momentum uh

That's happening inside the trend itself right oh man mr uh alan watts bk serving the good people like always i've been rocking with you since 2017 and it won't stop

Can't stop won't stop take that take that take that you know i'm saying thank you ms alan watts i appreciate appreciate it you know let's see let's get it up a little bit

We just leave it up there yeah we'll do that that's fine that's cool right um and then i think this is another big thing that is going to be affecting and

Impacting uh the markets as we know it and that is gold precious metals gold silver palladium platinum you know um this stuff gold is gold has been running

Uh this entire year almost so if we go back and look at gold let's pull it up here right and i'm pretty sure i did a video um and i think in the later part i want to say of 2018

Where i said the best investment of a lifetime and it wasn't even bitcoin it was actually gold and silver back here because this is a very very very um bullish pattern right here i tell i

Tell the traders in my group i tell them it's three parts to any given cycle breakout breakdown flat line what comes next bam right uh and gold is gold is still

Climbing right a lot of people say that you know this is a exaggerated price it's an extreme price it's really not when you consider the fact that our money is fake right now

It's literally a piece of paper that is worth no more than the paper it's printed on um i think it it cost like 30 cents to make a hundred dollar bill let that sink in cost about

30 cents on the dollar to make a hundred dollars it's it's literally just paper the more paper you have uh the less that paper becomes valuable this is called inflation

And uh that's that's what we have right now the federal reserve is just you know going on the uh money printer and so you know uh things that have real value real tangible wealth uh gold bitcoin these are things that we

See in the charts that are um receiving value right now right and so gold and precious metals is definitely something that you want to have your eye on over the next few years because this

Thing could gold could probably three to five x i think before 2022 2024 and uh silver could probably 10 to 15x before 2024 so right now i think one ounce of silver is uh 15

An ounce no 20 20 22 silver just went up this week let's see gold is still two grand an ounce and silver is uh almost 25 an ounce 23 an ounce right now

Right but still like look at that gain and this is silver has been money for the past two thousand years if not longer right and you got a hundred percent in six months that

Tells you that there is a major shift happening uh behind the scenes right i remember when wall street uh crashed the market like down 40 percent

I think it was um earlier this year when the day was the big drop off in march we had a huge drop off and um that's what i think is gonna happen by the way after after uh king bobblehead get

Re-elected then then that's probably when you're gonna see the bottom fall out you know what i'm saying and uh now they could run it up here they could they could run this thing on hot

And uh have wall street make another couple billion dollars they could do something like that um but essentially this is going to be a very very very big cascade down i think after

November especially uh going into the first of the year you will have a major major major correction on wall street and that's

When you will start to see these other charts really take off bitcoin and gold included so don't let this boil you this little you know 100 gain that silver had in the

Past six months that will be nothing when all of this fake invisible money has to seek refuge in another form right uh so this is what i think wall street's gonna do especially after

Uh the first of the year you know especially going into next spring next spring is gonna be bad and and that's really why i'm doing this video to let you guys know like you know you need to get your house in order

If you currently live in a house and you guys do not own at least one ounce of silver for 25 what are you doing um this is this is your opportunity right and i'm pretty sure by the time like

My nieces and nephews get old you won't even be able to buy silver through the mail anymore i'm pretty sure in world war ii world war one one of those wars they made it illegal they couldn't even you

Couldn't even buy silver you know they can't win and confiscated it you had to sell it to the government so they go buy more bombs you know um so nonetheless uh this is a great great great opportunity

For everybody listening to these words right and so gold prices and silver prices are up uh again you you had another let me see if i could find

The um let me see i got stickies here because sometimes like through through the week i uh just find different articles and this was another one uh that was very interesting talking

About a cashless society right make sure you guys can see it yeah bank of america finance this was from uh june 19th we want a cashless society um essentially

They're looking at all of their digital customers and i remember actually i actually had a job interview with bank of america and they're one of their uh vice presidents that was recruiting me he told me he was like

We lose money when people go into the bank right as long as they're you know transacting on their phone we're good but the minute they walk into a bank

We have to pay to tell her we have to pay security we gotta you know buy that real estate put a lease on the building we got to put up nice little signs and keep them lit 24 hours a day

He was like that that that cost money i think it every time you go into bank of america or one of these banks generally speaking it cost them between like five and ten dollars to do your transaction right versus if you do

It on the computer or on phone it might cost them 30 cents you know and so it's in their best interest to push this digital landscape and

Digital infrastructure to their customers right if you notice you know um lines at the bank a lot of banks have uh almost shut down or even streamline their uh

Uh insight to where you go in you could go in and out inside of like 10 15 minutes where back in the day you would spend an hour two hours at the bank sometimes waiting to get money they wanted to be quick

They wanted to be seamless and they honestly they want you on your phone doing it right um they have seven million uh customers who use a virtual assistant let's see let's see

Let's see 37 million digital customers and 27 million mobile customers right uh and and that's huge that is huge that is a huge number um there are only 21 million bitcoin in

The world fava so if every single one of these bank of america customers who use their phone wanted to buy bitcoin they couldn't even do it and that's just

One bank one channel one generation you know uh i think the millennials are gonna have another baby boomer generation to where once we fill out and start having kids and kids start having kids

You know you could see the population increase another eight percent just on this uh growth trend right here and and younger people live on digital devices my niece and nephew they know how to

Work a ipad right now they can go find door to explorer anytime they want you know and so this is what they want a cashless society why because just like i told you

It takes them uh three dollars to print a hundred dollar bill they want it to be three cent so they can just click a button you know what i'm saying and move it back move numbers back and forth to you

Right but nonetheless this is the opportunity because bitcoin blockchain bitcoin is the longest working prototype of blockchain technology blockchain is the most secure

Data transaction network specialized for financial ledgers ever invented in the history of mankind and it's the biggest it's the first i'm sure there'll be others down the road and they'll be better you got hashgraph

And you got all this stuff coming out but for now it's blockchain so as long as blockchain receives value from these digital landscapes that are migrating into a future customer bitcoin

Will receive value and that is just the beginning of what we are starting to see right now right so again i i say all this to say this that wall street uh is literally running hot right now they may be able to pump it

Another 10 12 percent maybe maybe if they lucky over the next two months right but once that happens please believe the chickens will be coming home to roost right and so now

Is your time to learn how to make money in the new economy and that will be on the blockchain right so here we go let's see uh let me see if we got any other questions up in here

Uh 2812c most foster said reelected excuse me do you think that's in the cards after all that has happened absolutely and i'll i'll tell you a secret i don't have no dog in that fight i

Couldn't care less what puppet they have running the corporation known as the united states of america i don't care but i know he will be in there that's why the other guy can't even find him

They said he hiding under a bridge somewhere notice these puppets are always elected never selected you can't go out and pick somebody the president they got to put them in front

Of you and they said give you 10 000 reasons why that person is so great you believe every single one of them you run and cast your ballot you know i'm there down at the nearest

Voting booth you know and first question they ask you are you a citizen you say yes i am yes citizen when if you actually read black's law

Dictionary 4th edition you learn that a citizen is someone who willingly gives up their right to participate in government like that one guy used to say you say you say you go and vote for one of them

You want you wanted a slave owner you got one you can't complain so this is this is this is the reality of the situation will he win yes he will i would be willing to bet

Any amount of money you want and and we'll put it on the blockchain so so it's traceable you know what i'm saying i don't know i want dollars we are dealing bitcoin so whatever you want to

Put up on trump losing holla you know this is the end game people this is the end game they tell you in every major hollywood production end game right

In game that's it what are they trying to incite i tell you right here they want y'all to run out in the streets killing folks once this clown get in the office again

You know what i'm saying they say they gonna put some more pallets of bricks out and just let y'all go crazy throw down tear down all the buildings you know what i'm saying um and there was the last one oh

This is always played at the end of the game you know what i'm saying they got the big joker little joker ace of spades right what's that called the trump card so you literally have the big joker in

Office right now why because the game is ending the clock is about to strike midnight hopefully you know about this because this is some real stuff

Uh they say when that clock strikes midnight the whole damn world is about to uh about the end you know what i'm saying and this is real

People they have a doomsday clock quote 100 seconds to midnight i don't even know how they know that but i suggest you look this stuff up do your own research you know don't listen to anything i say

I'm just one person voicing my opinion on what if what happens to cinderella she goes back to living in a pumpkin that rolls royce chariot she had turned right back into a big old orange pumpkin was pumpkin known for halloween was

Halloween known for dia de muerto there's gonna be a lot of sick people out there so just heed the signs that are written in front of you

I always tell people that politics play out like coke filling a coke bottle they only fill it with their product right that's that's exactly how it works right um so yeah and then you got uh all this

Other stuff happening i won't i won't touch too much on the uh clv 1d scenario um because again this is a live stream i'm trying to build my channel back

And uh youtube flags us for stuff like that and they shut you down so i can't speak too much on that but just understand that everything is happening for a reason

It's it's it's a reason every everything is is crazy right now right um it's a reason you're probably broke right now a lot of people 80 percent of households one of one of the two parents out of work

You know or they doing two jobs for half the money it's crazy right this is your opportunity i told you at six seven hundred dollars that was your opportunity now i told you at twelve

Hundred dollars and i told you at twenty two hundred dollars then i told you at thirty eight hundred dollars when it dropped down in march i said buy it up i said anything under six grand is free money you know what i'm saying

I said that with my girl at the time we did a whole little video for y'all i said anything under six grand is free money guess what you would have doubled up by now just about eighty percent right

And it's not going to stop it's not going to stop why because banks owe 97 of all the money in circulation and 97 percent of that doesn't have any value so it's all coming back it's all coming back

And ideally we get enough empowered people and enlightened people to embrace and adopt blockchain technology into the new status quo into the new paradigm

So that maybe humanity has a chance on the other side because like they said you got about 98 good seconds left before you cut it before you gotta kiss your mom good night you know i'm saying

And let them burn it all down right oil what's happening with oil i haven't talked about oil in so long oil like doing not a damn not a nothing oh boy oil about to be goddamn 20 again look at that that is the weakest curve

You've seen in quite some time bam about to fall off a cliff right there and right there right oil about to be 25 before spring and next year probably down to 18 probably somewhere in there

Right let me see if i can freestyle on 59 let me let me let me check oil out real quick i haven't even looked at oil a very long time um look at that look how it just lines up so beautifully

Right that's our downtrend projected all the way down you cap out right here between the four two and a four six and they're just barely north of that two two right now

But that's the danger zone right you don't get above this zone without confirming it four out of five times so you could see a quick pullback down to 35 and then once that happened you'll have a lot of

Top down momentum um you know that will uh be dragging it a lot lower yeah and it's it's running on e right now that thing might start falling before

The end of the summer and if it doesn't bite in and definitely buy election time oh by the way if you ain't know it notice that every year every time you got an election guess

What oil goes down gas is cheap life is good so definitely look forward to oil being cheap in november under 30 a damn barrel right but again

All of these asset classes are trending in the same way right except two of gold and digital gold right so that is indeed the opportunity all right nobody has any more questions

Comments guys is this kind of like a uh open open forum for you you know i try to open open this thing up so anybody that you know is uh listening right now i can can jump on in on the line jump on the

Call so to speak let me see 16 people watching we only got three likes my people so if you hear these words do me a favor hit the thumbs up button um you know

It's 1 damn am here in las vegas and i'm doing my best to uh enlighten and inform the masses about the greatest transformation of wealth in the history of humanity

Um oh the russell 2000 that's a big one let's look at that real quick that's not bad but that's where it's gonna struggle at russell is looking a little bit better than oil

But still what people forget you don't come back from that overnight you know like this was a month where the top 2 000 companies in the world lost 40 and i believe i did this on

Another chart that one drop right there we had more money taken out of the global economy than we did in the entire dot-com bubble just that one little drop just that blue

Circle you know that was bigger than the entire dot-com bubble 01 to o5 you know and so now it's slowly teetering back up but the the it's it's inevitable uh people

Are still not working uh you literally have uh 80 of the world covering their faces literally covering their faces in fear of an invisible enemy

That will never die that's the world we're living in people right but yeah this is russell isn't gonna they're not gonna get above 1500 and stayed here right that's kind of

Like the ceiling like what 15 50 15 40 that's basically the ceiling for them you know yeah that's that's the ceiling for the

Russell right there it's unfortunate so let's see let's see let's see um do you guys want to see any charts any other crypto charts i don't want to give too much away because i'm actually doing a video

For uh my vip traders uh as soon as i get off of this i'm probably gonna jump on and do another update video i picked out two or three coins that are actually good right now

I gave you i gave you guys one already it's aetherium so ethereum is decent right now but it's another one that's about the about to make some real deal money um i just bought it before i did this video

So and i'm pretty sure it's up already i saw it on that chart when i when i clicked on it the other day uh it's up already so um i don't want to do too much about you know crypto or give you guys too much

Insight on what i think is going to happen because i want to get that information out to my uh premium subscribers first but if you have any questions if you have a chart that you'd like to see then just

Throw it in there cro here we go let's check out cro crypto dot com right so cro uh if you don't know cryptocom is

Actually um a very very very good company that i've been looking at for quite some time uh i was one of the influencers that they reached out to to educate the market on what it is they

Do i believe i started doing videos uh with them last july you know somewhere in here uh and they had a relatively flat summer not a lot going on but actually that's the time you want to

Look to buy when all of the energy in the chart you know all of that wave all of that all of that and it just goes flat it's just like it goes to sleep you know my early days i would tell you

Uh when those three bands come together uh the seven the the 77 and the 231 when they get in that little bitty zone right there that is when lightning strikes that's basically when a whole

New cycle happens and this thing is resurrected and brought back to life right uh so all of 2020 essentially uh especially because it's only on bittrex right now if cryptocom gets on

Finance you could probably see this thing double inside a year right because they have one of the best financial instruments one of the best financial vehicles uh displaying and embracing blockchain technology i think

They have one of the best in the world um you know and so it's still relatively early and i think they just said one of the people in my group said cryptocom just overtook binance i want to say

Uh look at that i'm saying david has slayed goliath 9 over 10 right so their liquid exchange and their platform and their mco uh visa card is more valuable than all of the money that binance has

Made over the past two or three years it's crazy and they just rebranded and came out this is only about a year old you know and so essentially when we're looking at

The chart for cro okay let's do this real quick so a lot of people may not know let me uh let me uh grab my wallet real quick and if you like this video hit the

Thumbs up if you haven't done it thank you so yeah a lot of people a lot of people don't don't know you know kind of like the real bitcoin

Blockchain products uh this is one of them this is cryptocom this is their debit card right um it works anywhere that visa is accepted visa runs hundreds of millions of

Dollars per day so just for them to get the deal to allow visa uh to to run their rails and and they have an app that basically converts everything

Uh partitions it whether you want to hold it in bitcoin they have like 30 or 50 different cryptos you can have and they have all these different and what do we what do we call it

Multi-tender loyalty mtl different little perks and benefits built into the spending to where you can get cash back and all that stuff um right so this is the app

Right yeah uh it literally lets you convert bitcoin ethereum monaco cro i think uh i think they have about 50 different uh cryptos that you can trade in real time on that app they have different

Uh tiers that you can qualify for based off how much mco you are staking starting with free you know you get netflix and chill for free every month just by having 500 mco on the platform

And as you can see uh cro is their utility token and this thing has been running this thing has been literally red hot so it was like men like women like numbers don't lie and the powers that be understand that

These guys are the real deal doing the real thing they're doing like like what we say they're doing the damn thing right now right uh however you know uh i think just this last week this was one

Of the first weeks that i did not have cryptocom on the uh profit package uh it's been on there probably you know 90 of the time for the past three months

Especially because it's on bittrex right and i try to keep people uh that have money on bittrex i try to give them one or two coins just to uh you know facilitate that economy as well because i trade on

Binance however other people might use bit tricks they might use you know kraken hit btc i don't know so again uh if you're interested in learning more about how you can make money with me

Trading in the market with some of this insight in this intellect so many people have been come fond of again bossa bitcoincom this is what you want right here it's called the profit package top seven

Coins swing trade every seven days in addition to that if you want stop losses limit sales swing trades breakouts you know basically a 24-hour crypto trading community you can sign up for

The bus alert messages group uh that is a private community vip traders i got some of the best crypto traders and char charters in the world in that group uh and also providing information on the

Economy you know uh whale alerts all that good stuff so uh i it cryptocom had a great run however given the fact that bitcoin is currently absorbing so much uh money in the

Economy you can kind of see this thing is literally playing out right now uh to have a decent pullback and that's what i said it could fall as low as you know 12 mid-12s 12-5 right

Somewhere in there probably between there and there right and there's nothing against the product nothing against the team nothing against you know uh anything that they control

It's literally just the energy of the uh currency you know the momentum is all the way out right now and so you you got a little bit of a fall right now probably down to 1380 between 1250 and 1350 somewhere in there but

Then once it stabilizes and catches that's probably when you'll start to see it rebound uh to do another continuation pattern right just like it did down here basically

When it goes flat at any given price that's a very good time for the future and that probably will be right around um september between september and october

You'll probably see this thing north of 1250 1300 and that's when it'll start picking up steam again right so the time to buy it was probably when i did one of the half dozen or so videos

Uh on cryptocom um you know in addition to that i think they are still doing a uh 50 promotion so if you go to boston bitcoin and click on promotions you can actually get fifty dollars for

Free uh by clicking this link right there right uh you get 50 and i get 50 so it's kind of cool when i'm like you know out and about and i just see a little app

Notification pop up cryptocom you have 50 right so that's probably what you're going to look at something like that and i think this could be indicative of the entire alt market

Uh mainly cryptocom because they made so much money so it's a lot of money that they could take off the table without really ruining the integrity of their chart but i think alts in general are in

Trouble right now uh as long as bitcoin is still pushing like this uh and still hasn't come flat then we will need to see what's happening uh as a result

Right so here we go people that's what i got for you guys i appreciate you taking the time to kick it with me and rock out with me you know one in the morning um and with that being said everybody is that time

Of the day signing out both boy bk no matter where you stay brazil the bay california all the way back out through jerk money good night good morning and good day

Thank you for joining me thank you for your time uh hit that thumbs up button for a player one time do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all

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