5G Stocks To Watch in 2020 (By Category)

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

Did you know that 5g is 100 times faster than the previous standards 4G 5g is the fifth and the newest generation wireless networking technology with lower latency five five four all the promises that 5g provides it also has brought about a ton of rumors and conspiracy theories

Including the most recent narrative that the wireless network has brought about the corona virus pandemic regardless of that I've been getting a ton of questions from you guys to cover my top five she stocks in my portfolio

So you're around today putting on my embassy Bahat and giving you my two cents this video is going to be part 1 of 3 on 5g stocks today I'm going to look at the three different categories involved with the 5g technology then

Within each category I'll roll out the top 5 G stocks for each of those thoughts I'll conduct a quick investable Diamond analysis that analyzes every asset from a fundamental sentimental and technical point of view to see how it

Fits within your portfolio and with your unique risk tolerance I'll also try to identify the key psychological levels that will give you the opportunity to buy these asses if they fit your portfolio at the lowest potential price

At the end of part three of this series I'll also reveal the top ETFs that are heavily loaded with 5g stocks and I'll also reveal v5g socks that I'm personally invested in so make sure that when you subscribe to my youtube channel

You took that Bell notification button so that you get a notification when parts two and three are out disclaimer I'm not a financial advisor I'm not a money manager even though I did complete my education in certified financial

Planning with CFP and shorter Market Technician the CMT among others but after I did those I decided not to become a mana manager and not to register with a broker why because as I was studying those things I realized

That anyone and everyone should become their own money manager this is not rocket science you can do this yourself and you should be in charge of your own money without relying on other people and that's why I dedicated my career

Into teaching you how you can become your own money manager because I'm just that awesome no really I'm like so I mean if you don't believe me just ask my husband or not we just had a fight

But I mean even if you do you probable so that I'm cool because otherwise he'll be met with the consequences we are going to cue the intro and while we do that head over to the comments section and let me know have you ever fought

With someone on social media about their beliefs on 5g really head over to the comment section and spell the hottest T I'm so curious to know and trust me it's my guilty pleasure to eat your comments we're gonna queue in the intro let's go

hey guys I'm Cara Danielle three-time author and the founder of the invest IVA movement the March to jump on in order to take control of your financial future

And to make your money work for you I analyzed hands of assets per week for our premium investing group or peg members so if you want to learn how you can get a three months free membership to the peg open up a new browser type in

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Street companies can be broken down into semiconductor manufacturers also known as chip makers manufacturers of basic equipment and infrastructure and holders of real estate assets today I'm going to analyze the top stocks in the

Semiconductor category before we get more into this I first need to get the geek word of the day out of the way because a lot of these companies are involved with us especially the next company that I'm going to analyze field

Programmable gate arrays or FPGA which is basically a hardware circuit that a user can program to carry out one or more logical operations Xilinx is the leader in FBG a var a market share and it's chips are critical in the

Performance of a lot of devices in the communication data press processing and industrial and consumer in automated markets Xilinx designs and sells chips but it outsourced manufacturing to third-party to founders such as TSM see

The market cap is twenty three point nine billion they do create the rent payment of one point sixty five percent yield and their earnings is coming up on July 30th 2020 now the fans of Xilinx say that FPGAs have taken and are poised

To continue to take market shares away from Asics and also that FPGA is also could provide Cylons with future non-traditional growth opportunities on the other hand Xilinx haters say that Intel acquire

The rival Altera and that gave Altera substantial resources which could allow altura to close a performance gap with Xilinx in future and also although FPGAs are expected to grow at a faster pace silence revenue growth has actually been

Kind of lumpy so generally the market sentiment or silence is currently neutral technical analysis Xilinx has been around on the stock market since 1990s and it reached a high back in 2000's then it dips down and recently

Especially in 2018 in Russia the whole time high then it dips down and it is now bottomed out if I'm out in March and it's now on its way to go back up again potentially because of all this association with 5g now previously I

Analyzed this for our premium busting group members about three months ago and at the time the market price was around here and we had identified these levels as support levels where the Xilinx price could fall into and it did 191 and 80

And it bottomed out right below 80 and is now on his way up now obviously these are not support levels anymore so I have to change them in to pivot levels that I normally show in orange color zooming and Xilinx price has recently broken

Above the daily a chuckle cloud which means that we have an bullish indication but it has been a little bit choppy which means that we could see more dips towards the key psychological levels at 91 and 80 meaning that if you're very

Into zai likes you could set nearby limit orders at 91 and 80 and then hold long term have also identified the potential medium to long term profit taking levels and these areas one being at the all-time high of 137 and then one

Part 153 165 and 173 normally how I take profit is partial meaning I don't sell all of my shares at one specific price just to mitigate my risk the next 5g company in the semiconductor category is Qualcomm Qualcomm develops and licenses

Wireless technology and also designs chips for smartphones it has written the smartphone boom since the early 2000s focusing on a tech behind the first 3g and 4g mobile networks it has a 102 point six billion

Dollar market cap it pays a dividend payment up to point 92 percent yield and it's earnings is coming up with the day before Xilinx July 29th 2020 welcome fans say that COCOMs portfolio includes chips enabling 5g communication

Everything from the internet things like industrial equipment and smartphones to cars as well as modems and to other equipment that make up the 5g network itself it has a ton of cash on his balance sheet to drive further hardware

Innovation and has consistently paid a dividend for nearly two decades on the other hand the naysayers say that COCOMs chip business faces a hundred challenges from share loss at Samsung and Apple and also welcomes licensing business faces

Regulatory scrutiny in the us Taiwan and most importantly in South Korea welcome needs to diversify beyond smartphones which may be challenging as a host of competitors are attempting a similar strategy taking a look at

Qualcomm we actually have had plenty of vivo wins as you can see my notes here for our premium Investment Group members but Qualcomm has been actually kind of choppy in the past few years which has enabled us to get in an out of its

Shares plenty of times and making a ton of profit now Qualcomm is heading towards an old time the old time high levels of around 93 I already took partial profit of Qualcomm at 84 and our next topic taking levels are actually

Set at 95 105 and 113 as it looks like that call comes price has been creating higher lows along this uptrend which means gradually regardless of the choppiness call comes price has been moving up this

Also means that we could expect Qualcomm is priced to hit one of these key support levels in the medium to long terms so if you don't have any Qualcomm you want to get exposed to it you can set your buy limit orders at any of

These levels 78 72 or 65 you can either hold on to it long term depending on your in your portfolio or take partial profit at some of these levels remember that holding a stock within a

Year will expose you to a higher tax bracket in the US now I'd like to hear from you so far between Qualcomm and Xilinx which one is your favorite why head over to the comment section and let me know the next company and the top

Five semiconductors socket there's a media in videos graphics processing units or GPUs are best known for high-end video games but they've found uses and many other applications 5g included 5g networks promise not only

Faster download speeds but also the ability to handle higher traffic and intelligently route network signals where they're needed the most in addition to this GPU hungry video games especially cloud-based video games that

Are a stream over a network could be one of the biggest beneficiaries of 5g which can be a potential growth area for NVIDIA Nvidia has a market cap of a whopping 233 billion dollars it's a tiny bit of dividend zero point 17 percent

And their earnings data is coming up on August 13th 2020 the reason why I look at this is because normally before and after the earnings date we see a bit of a volatility in the stock price which could provide us with potential buy and

Sell opportunities now Nvidia's fans saying videos graphic chips can be used for artificial intelligence and people learning which can potentially give them a massive growth potential and NVIDIA was a first mover in autonomous driving

Market on the other hand Nvidia's naysayers and haters say that the automative and diverse phase plenty of competition which I can agree on and a majority of sales come from mature and PC industry via PC gaming personally I

Think that with COBIT 19 Nvidia had a huge growth potential because the kind of people were just gaming in the house but that has nothing to do with 5g Nvidia I have covered it for a very very long time for our premium investing

Group members as well I have been in Nvidia for very long time since it was around $30 you have taken profit and got back in I personally got back in around here this time around and I am waiting for it to reach new

Highs at these levels to take partial profit even though NVIDIA has been growing so much it's bullish sentiment is slowing down a little bit hitting a resistance level here at 380 but because their earnings are not coming up for

Another month we could see further gains potentially towards this level that I've identified as a next resistance level and then see a pullback now a lot of people on Wall Street consider Nvidia as overvalued at

The moment and because of that they may start dumping the Nvidia stock which could help its price to go back down to what are these psychological levels we have to readjust some of these based on the most recent price action so if I

Didn't have any Nvidia and I wanted to get in a big game I would set my buy limit orders out one of these levels 320 to 288 and it may or may not reach for 260 again Nvidia as well has been choppy in the past and it could be choppy in

The future as well providing us with optimal buying opportunities now I'd like to hear from you do you think Nvidia is overpriced head over to the comment section and let me know now we're getting into smaller

Companies in the 5g semiconductor category and one of the most famous ones is skyworks solutions SW KS but this also deserves to be on our list this is a key smartphone and consumer electronics supplier and the company has

Used its connectivity know how to enter other markets including smart home devices connected industrial equipment and medical devices it has also developed some of the basic components that power the next generation 5g

Network skyworks specialty is radio frequency or RF it's market cap is obviously smaller than its peers at 20 13 billion it does be a dividend of one point 40 percent yield and its earnings is coming up on August 5th 2020 skywars

Fans say that though it's a small chip maker on the list skyworks has a healthy balance sheet to promote further growth as a next wave of connectivity services online and as more and more devices become connected to the Internet via

Cell networks skyworks may continue to find new industries that may require additional RF chip content then always have a naysayers so the non-fans say that large consumers like Apple and Samsung have a ton of

Pricing power that could put a ton of pricing pressure on vendors like Sky works overtime and skywards has a significant customer concentration with Apple and if Apple were to ever switch to another vendor it will be a damaging

Blow on the chart we see another similar pattern and a depicting this tree where the price spiked beginning of the 2000s then had a dip and then it started to surge again after 2013 skyworks reached an all-time high level busts month at

137 and Bennet immediately pulled back between 2014 and 2020 its price is actually kind of consolidated and ranged between around 113 and 70 but this time around it was able to break above it but that doesn't mean that the choppiness

For skyworks has ended but that reason we could still see potential pullback stores the key support levels I'm gonna mark them here based on that retracement levels it might actually need to readjust this yep this is going to be

Better apparently Wall Street is tracing skyworks from this bottom so the key levels are at 108 91 and the 50% of Nitra trace my level of 76 which means if you're into sky walks these are the

Prices that you could consider setting as your buy limit order next is cargo it's a leader in radiofrequency chips that they sell to smartphone makers and infrastructure and defense customers much smaller than expiry works with only

Twelve point six billion dollars in market cap it doesn't pay a dividend and its earnings around the same time as the other ones in the category Corvo fans say that as wireless technologies shift to more advanced 5g networks smartphones

Will require greater RF content per device which you provide a nice runway for further growth at carbo but haters say Corvo has a significant customer concentration with apple again and it would be a damaging

Blow if Apple we're to switch to another vendor just like skyworks actually or if Apple suffers a severe slowdown in iPhone sales so basically both skywars on carve o face the same type of problems carbo doesn't have a ton of

Data on the stock market as an IPO recently basically back in 2015 has been kind of choppy but the good news is that even though it's a relatively newly IPO company it has generally went up and it's already above the IPO price which

Couldn't be a big deal for tech stocks however my concern here is that it could be on in the process of forming a double top chart pattern over here as it looks like that the Polish market sentiment has slowed down again as it hit the

All-time high levels and it is going back down again so for that reason we could consider these levels as buy limit orders based off of nitrous recent studies I'm going to mark them as pivot level in orange and then the 50% of

Nitrous race movement which is the strongest of them all at 94 last but not least is Cree incorporated the smallest company based on market cap which is involved in manufacturing of wide bandgap semiconductor products for power

And radio frequency or RF applications its market cap as a myriad 64 billion which brings in g oz into the medium cap companies and its earnings date is on August 18 2020 Cree fans say that it's written up for long term growth and has

A bright future as it is a market leader and silicon carbide products and the business has been gaining traction in the next-generation technologies like TV and of course 5g now the Bears say that while Korea has a bold vision it has

Weak financials and a steep price is that true let's take a look at the technicals Cree has been around since 1993 and it has been up and down up and down up and down up and potentially down again so it makes it very very risky in

My opinion and it's potentially suitable for range traders at this point because the median resistance level is right here at 68 and the median support level is right here at 26 so if you're somebody who enjoys getting in and out

Of the market Crete could be the one for you at this point it looks like that it is already topping out without even reaching the all-time high level that the recent high levels of 68 and could be honest way

Down if I were to buy Cree at key psychological levels I would potentially start at the 38 percent home night retracement level of 50 45 and potentially just set my Louis buy limit order at 28 and then sell at 60 or 68

Respectively and get out of it there you have it I just covered the Sox in the first category of 5g stocks the semiconductors and analyze each of them from a fundamental market sentiment and technical point of view you have to

Consider your own unique risk tolerance and financial goals when you decide which of these stocks are going to be suitable for your portfolio if you don't know your risk tolerance once you register your seed for my free

Masterclass by going to learn investable conversation yes I will give you my risk management toolkit for free if you say until the end so that you can calculate your resaurant tolerance and you can have more certainty when it comes to

Selecting stocks for your portfolio in parts 2 & 3 of 5g companies by category I'm going to cover equipment and infrastructure stocks as well as real estate and ETFs and 5g category so stay tuned subscribe to my youtube channel

And I would totally appreciate if you could like this video and share it with your friends so that we can get the invest even movement going thank you so much you guys for joining and we remember the only path to true wealth is

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