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by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

My people my people it's about that time

Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day Vista boasts a big coin the crystal of Krypton is he boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today is Friday February 28th and I'm

Telling you a way you can win 5,000 of them things this is a contest brought to you by crypto comm it's literally a crypto picking contest you don't necessarily have to trade you just have to pick the right coin in a week three

Weeks in a row and you can earn your share in five grand or giving away $1000 every week they're doing this thing for three weeks this is week number two and so this is a video today I'm trying to help you get paid if you appreciate that

Hit thumbs up button subscribe right now join the money team the doors are always open and if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are not rocking with the best my name is became known as the crypto

Trader now both these charts as you will soon find out every day grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result today is no exception so ain't nothing to it but to do it let's go ahead and make this

Money real quick before we jump into it I just want to make sure that everybody hearing my voice knows about the free crypto trading communities available to you through boss of Bitcoin dot-com this is my website it has my communities in

It one of them is our trading view page click that link on the right hand side that will take you to trading view BD Kelly 1203 is my screen name on there follow me I offer charts tips and tricks to help you make money in the market

Completely free right so click that link go to trade view and join the community on there and then we also have the Facebook group number one Bitcoin group in the world hash tag one Bitcoin typing in on Facebook 20,000 of my best friends

Come together seven days a week to keep each other empowered and in profit in the marketplace we got a hundred people on the list right now I'm clear this off as soon as I get on this video come on in

The doors are always open right and then we do have some resources available for you to profit package them to be out the training group I will get to those at the end of the video so this is what I wanted to talk about I mean you know

When the markets are red and everybody you know screaming Chicken Little the sky is falling you know we don't know if we go get sick if if you know somebody Coughlin's as we might be dead you know Bitcoin man dropped about eight percent

In six days they said is the worst stock market drop in the history of ever you know I'm saying so let's cheer things up a little bit put some Mario Cart oh you know I'm saying jump on the sticks and forget about it

Right it's only money $5,000 is up for grabs right now literally and figuratively for crypto calm this is a contest offered through their Twitter page by the way if you don't follow me on Twitter

Make sure you do at boss of Bitcoin I do post tweets on there you know it's a lot of people up actually sending me charts right that I just retweet right so yeah I definitely post exclusive content for the Twitter community so if you follow

Me you'll be able to receive that as well and make sure you follow these guys crypto calm at crypto calm moon or wrecked round 2 gets the top crypto of the week right now from the coins below and share $1,000 USD in BTC up to 10

Winners right so if it's ten winners then each one gives $100 if it's one winner you just want a grant and if you do it three weeks in a row that's when you get your share of the $5,000 if you're the only person to do guess the

Right coin all three weeks you got 5 grand in your hand it's just that easy to get paid and so you can see looks like maybe 2,000 people have entered this week I'm not sure how many people

Entered last week but all you have to do is just guess the car and you say they got this little racecar graphic that's where I got the little Mario Kart idea you know different coins you know and all you got

To do is literally pick the winners so jump on crypto that comment on Twitter like file every tweet hashtag time for Plan B and then put your coin that you think will win make sure you follow all the rules I know the rules are very

Specific this is the rules I will have this in the link I will have this link in the description for you guys so you can make sure you do everything correctly to make sure you get paid right this time test is coming up pretty

Soon I'm gonna upload this video right now actually it is midnight on the East Coast so y'all gonna be getting this thing about 12:03 a.m. early right it is closing today February is the closing period for contest number two

They will have another one going next week so if you see this thing on Monday Tuesday don't feel bad just wait a couple days and jump in you know for week three they're doing this thing a total of three weeks let's see where

They say that yeah performance period refers to February 5th on and this one on March 3rd right and then they'll notify you when you win here goes right here three weeks weeks of February 17 February 24th

And March 2nd right and Hong Kong they put the number before the month so it's still one more week left so worst case scenario if you see this thing after the fact you can still win $1,000 next week by picking the right point right and

This link will be in the description so you know at the end of the date you know this is why I'm making this video because everything is red right now now noted I'm happy it's red because me and my people sold around ninety seven

Hundred using the boss method but if you did it now's your chance to make a little bit of that money back a thousand dollars there's more than a tenth of a Bitcoin right you win it back to back you know

I'm saying come back for the first time on the second and and you got two G's so atmos real my this is real cash money right these guys are giving away free money every month every week it's almost like every other

Video I'm doing is talking about crypto that comments doing a new free giveaway guess what they got some Oh hunty right I just saw this I didn't even I didn't even notice what's happening you know I'm on a Twitter page and they actually

Posted this tweet on their Twitter handle today right so if you go to crypto comm scroll down about two links you know they got a new partnership with travela which is huge cuz that offers that extends them out

Into the market I'll probably cover that in another video but this one is what I just saw today to celebrate twenty thousand followers on Instagram we are sending away some load this week and by love they mean crash and by cache they

Mean crypto ten thousand CRO tokens to twenty winners all you got to do is follow them on Instagram comment your three best friends tag your three best friends and then give your referral handle for your crypto combat right and

This is the link on Instagram I'll include this one as well so you got a chance to win some real-deal money right and when the markets going down you put that money on the sidelines and you buy back in in the

Bottom it's just that easy to get paid right and the rules are on this link as well right so that's real cool man crypto that calm is doing a lot of big things actually just played in a poker tournament this weekend with tone Vaes

Out here in Los Vegas at Binion's casino down in Fremont historic old town Las Vegas it was about 50 you know Bitcoin guys from all over the world people came in we play some cars they had the uncomfortable conference I'm doing a

Whole separate video on that but this is what's happening right now right I don't want to drown you out and the red and the fear and you know to discuss that that that's exuberant abundant and crypto right now I'm kind of me and

Friendly you know I'm saying trying to keep it trying to keep it positive and show you how you can still get paid and port one of the best companies on the Black team right now and the point-of-sale business you know on a

Front loaded what does they call it a white label debit card right except that everywhere visa is about a hundred thousand vendors you know inside the continental United States and probably a million more outside is pretty amazing

And it's all on the blood team so check it out these guys are giving away some cash money through Instagram through Twitter and that's how you can win man mario kart 5,000 right it's pretty cool pretty cool if you appreciate this video

Hit the thumbs up button I appreciate you oh and by the way they are giving away $50 just for signing up all you need to do is use the referral code BK once you get set up on that card you will get $50 I will get $50 click that

Link right there on the boss a Bitcoin website if you if you're on the home page you can go over to promotions right there BAM them click that link hit him referral code BK right get yourself set up get your card activated shipped to

You and we both get $50 it's a really really cool promotion so there you go man you got $50 on a debit card $1000 this week five g's if you win all three weeks and another $10,000 $10,000 oaken's through instagram what else do

You want Young's in that's all I got for you man is that time of the day signing out bonus boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil to bake California all the way back out through Jerry money good night good morning and good day thank

You for joining me thank you for your time hit the thumbs up buddy for a player one time do that for me if you appreciate my till we meet again stay cryptic y'all he's like a boss

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