5 Value Investing Rules to find Top Altcoins 2020

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Alex back with another cryptocurrency video here with some more immense immense value immense value deep value okay not here to talk about some old coin that nobody cares about I'm here to show you how to find all coins okay I could teach you how to fish or I could

Give you the fish which one you want now the person that said give me the fish this video is not for you okay my videos are not for everybody I'm getting people with a lot of comments and negative comments and stuff this is not for

Everyone this is for the people that are serious this is for the people that are willing to dive deep this is for the people that are willing to leave it all on the line they want to change their lives they want to actually make money

They want to optimize their business standards to the point zero one percent okay I'm not playing around I want to be a co B of business okay I'm not trying to go play hoops on the side on a Saturday with my friends and my homeboys

I'm trying to completely dominate business and cryptocurrency and if you're with me on that well this video is for you five value investing rules to find the top altcoins okay guys I'm not playing around and giving you immense

Value from here on out now if you're new to the channel this is actually a new type of video for me usually you see my face usually I'm talking and burning money or something like that but in this video in the next couple of videos it's

Gonna be strictly value so I can actually make a difference so now that I have this power of people that's following me instead of just feeding people false low-quality information I want to actually try to change people's

Lives so if you appreciate that if you appreciate what this channel brings guys do me a favor smash the like button let's spread it to as many people as possible and if you're new to the channel guys like it this is all you get

You get the real deal no spiel every single time hit the subscribe button make sure to demolish the push notification little bell there and you better do it for all notifications hit the notification bell and do it for all

Notifications so every time I drop a video you got something to consume that doesn't lower the quality of your life that's dramatic let me jump into the video so guys before we get started guys really quickly I launched my course so

If you purchased my last course before if you guys purchase like you know blockchain basics and you spent the money for the pre-sale you should have received an email with the login as well as your email and the password to login

You know so you can get access to the account you know this is called fundamental secrets I'll leave the link in the description below so yeah go ahead and take advantage of the course it's just launched and everybody's

Talking about it's pretty exciting this type of thing that you sit back pull out a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen and take some notes okay I'm telling you right now this information is gonna help you find these altcoins it's gonna help

You actually understand what's going on in the market and you're gonna be able to research the crypto currencies the right way let me invite you to understand something really quickly okay so I want to explain the root cause of

Why people can't find these hundred excel coins why they can't be financially independent off of cryptocurrency I've been doing it for five years while they can't start their own business you know get out of the rat

Race we're at the 9:00 to 5:00 the system that they made for us right why people are struggling right now in this epidemic they can't make money maybe they lost their job why can't you get out of that box and the truth is is

Because you don't leave it all on the line most of you are like the picture on the left here you're half ass you're slightly getting into the cryptocurrency and slightly creating a business and slightly I'll just do it as a side

Hustle side hustle is literally the worst the worst concept I have ever heard in my life nobody ever got rich and did something great off of a side hustle now they might have gotten started got their feet wet with a side

Hustle but if you're serious and you want to really really make money you have to be a professional now um I want to really hit this concept home because most of you don't even understand what it takes to be a professional okay you

Guys don't even get it you're 11 you're not even around it you're not even around professionals there's a difference between seeing something and feeling something okay let me ask you a question if you've never

Tasted orange juice in your life and you looked at orange juice what is the difference between you never knowing what that orange juice tastes like versus you taking a glass of orange juice in gulping

Down it is a night and day difference it is a whole embodiment okay and most of you have never even been around professionals professional crypto investors most of you have never been around professional business people so

You don't understand what it takes to be professional it's completely understood that's why we're trying to make this video that's why I'm making this value content for you guys so you can understand a difference okay

So again I'm not trying to discourage people I'm just simply pointing out the truth don't be sensitive if you're a sensitive type of person obviously the videos not gonna be for you because I'm going to call out all the BS I rather a

Whole bunch of people stopped following me for me speaking the truth then a whole bunch of people follow me because I'm you know over there shilling 500x all coins that don't mean nothing and you back it up with no evidence of

Course I do the clickbait you guys know that from my last video I talked about YouTube of course I do that but I'm a follow up I want to follow up ok I'm not gonna leave you empty inside this is follow-up season I am professional I'm a

Profession I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about ok so now you guys think you know how to research crypto currencies so funny people come to me with this stuff it's absolutely hilarious it's funny the way people

Think that they're to our research session and watching a couple of videos on YouTube about an altcoin is good research ok and then you put your money in it and then you cry to me when you guys lose money it's ridiculous

So there's two types of research when you're executing fundamental analysis what I'm sure you guys don't even understand this concept but I'm explaining it to you there's quantitative and there's qualitative ok

You have to break it up into 2 so qualitative is basically related to the quality or character of something you can't put a number behind it and then there's quantitative which is the exact opposite where you can you know take

Charts you can take analytics and put a number on it ok to be a successful investor and finding these undervalued altcoins these intrinsic but it's finding the real intrinsic value all these all coin so you can make money in

The future 100 X 200 X you have to have the whole game you have to have the jump shot and the dribbles you can't be a one-sided player if you're just doing technical analysis all the time you're going to miss out on somebody some

All-star marketer that comes to you know pump this coin and takes it to the next level ok but then if you know nothing about numbers if you can't do classical technical analysis or look at trends or momentum then

You're gonna miss the price movements it's as simple as that you have to be aa all-around player okay and this is professionalism this is the point zero one percent optimize this is taking every little stinking detail and

Riding it out and I'm going to show you again like I can't come back here I'm going to show you how to solve this ok I'm going to show you how to stop being a half-ass and I'm gonna turn yourself into a professional but wait to the end

Of the video a lot of you are gonna miss it but you know I want to give you guys at least the five principles so you can do your research a little bit better and one of them is understanding the difference between quantitative and

Qualitative ok let's go to the next one now when you're doing research this is the most important thing you have to be organized and most of you don't even understand what this really means but breaking it down into segments that you

Can tear apart ok so the depth that I take research is so far that and sometimes you have to stick to a niche because I could research one coin for months ok so sticking to a niche allows me to understand the whole

Industry and what do I mean by natural Kay so what I mean by niche is whatever cryptocurrency you say you got a new old coin that somebody talked about on YouTube and you want to check his credibility ok that's what you should be

Doing most of you don't but let's say some guy comes out with a new this new all coin right and you want to check his credibility you can't just research that one coin you have to research every single coin

Amongst that ecosystem how is that not obvious you have to research all of its competitors business is a competition game and blockchain technology its revolutionary yeah yeah yeah everybody knows that you know you know how the

Decentralization works it's great and all but there's only going to be like the top three players per ecosystem that's gonna last 99% of crypto currencies are gonna lose the majority of its value if you're not

Within the top players of the ecosystem if you're not playing with the top players of the specific ecosystem in cryptocurrency them explain what I'm saying so like for example one ecosystem will be like a world computer alright

Would be like a world computer and then you were gonna so we're talking about in that case we're talking about what Tron we're talking about i iost e we're talking about a theory UM's the best one we're talking about

IOS we gotta find that whole ecosystem and then define the top dogs in that ecosystem right you can't align your research with one coin it makes no sense of course if you want to just understand what the coin

Does that that you could do that now the you to our research session that's fine but you if you really want to compare and make money this has to be done you have to isolate variables do you guys understand it there's so many there's

Like hundreds of variables that you have to isolate your research in depth and we're gonna talk about some of the variables there's no way I can you know this video would be 16 hours long if I give you every single variable boy we're

Gonna talk about the most important ones I think most people should at least look at I'm trying to help you guys I'm throwing you a fish here like I'm trying to help you and then the last one is you got to find benchmarks you got to

Compare your coins to the top and the industry and see what they're doing different to a fault to beat them guys it's a game of competition it's pretty straightforward you have to take as deep if you're a professional you have to

Take it this deep now here's four other rules that was rule number one okay I promised five rules here's the four other rules okay you have to look into the leadership who runs the product you have to look in the product how good is

The product is it pipe dreams are they actually following through you have to look into the industry who are they competing with I explained this in the last slide but we're gonna go a little bit deeper and then obviously you have

To understand what the marketing is doing that's the most important probably in cryptocurrency specifically being the fact that like there's no physical product there's nothing there's no storefront it's all perception all right

If you don't understand marketing how are you gonna doesn't make sense okay let's just let's go to the next one so leadership first thing well it's someone's researching and you're looking into the leadership most

Of you don't even understand what a good leader has this is what I mean by my own isolating two variables right you have to understand first what's the qualities of a good leader by being a historian of the greatest

Leaders ever I've read 20 30 books on business you know I know the Amazon story I know the Apple story I know Sam Walton the story I research the heck out of businesses to understand why these leaders succeed and why these businesses

You know did good right what is your business of blue ocean versus red ocean it wasn't peoplein even note that it's go read blue ocean strategy I'll explain it slightly basically a blue ocean is somebody that's extremely innovative and

He's creating his own ocean and a red ocean is a company that's just competing with the other other people and it's red because it's bloody because they're just competing okay that's a very very basic understanding

Good read a whole book just to understand that one variable okay you have to go with the blue oceans and crypto it's a brand new market if you got a weak leader that only cares about his reputation and he's jumping from one

Company to the other not finishing any products he's a weak leader you need the blue ocean strategist you need the Elon Musk's okay industry experience does this person even understand how blockchain works are they just there to

Make money right do they have industry experience do they have they created block chains in the past all right you have to deep dive into these people's lives you have to stock them if you're serious depends on how serious you are I

Don't know if you're a professional what strategic alliances does this person have the leaders in the company what do they do like I do they have ties to banks do they have ties to you know Google do they have ties to tech

Companies like what's going on there you have to stock these people's lives the team dynamic okay that's crazy I know it's crazy but there's literally dynamics of teams personality types that you can pinpoint and see if they're even

Good working together this is how deep a professional goes in understanding these products they go extremely deep they go miles deep okay let's just jump to the next one this is getting a little too crazy here

Okay so great product is it the quality of the product right most of you they don't even understand like what code commit sorry okay you got not only as a code commit but it's how many committers it's how many lines of code you know

Like there's so many different factors to the quality of the product how does the user interface right how does it feel is it working how quick do they solve bugs I could talk about products for like three hours

Okay the product market fit does it even work in the world's current conditions everything in crypto currencies speculation everything people are guessing 90% of the value in crypto currencies big guesses okay they're all

Guessing what does that mean well nobody's using the product no one's using the product so when we when we get to the point where we have to use the product it's becoming a thing where people actually use do they have a good

Product market fit or have they been lollygagging for the past couple of years with really good per set making people think they have a product fit but it's not true ok this people do this all the time and I've seen

Developer teams make 16 different coins just to hope one goes off once that one goes off they they have their product and they run with it they run and they don't even care they run with it they don't care about the

Business they're just doing it to raise money because they hold a bag they have like 40% of the supply if the product goes up with value that's a sense they dump it on you they don't care if there's a product market fit they're

Just there for the short term some of these people who don't even know it's crazy the exit of the product ok what's the endgame right who are they gonna merge with because guys the Internet is interconnected and if there's no there's

No exit exit strategy for the company that's a big red flag is it 10 times better than traditional products ok guys when you're doing when we're talking about blockchain here these disruptive technology okay it can't just

Be a little bit better it can't be a little bit better than traditional why because they have a freaking stronghold these people have billions in some cases millions of dollars in traditional they've been set for 50 60 years

The product can't just be better it has to be ten times better you have to become a historian of the greatest tech products and tech CEOs of all time this must be a thing that you do to become a professional but I don't know if your

Professional next one industry and their current ecosystem how do they match up to the competitors in the blockchain I explain this I explained this already being organized right having everything sectioned out not taking your notes

Right people even take notes when you research the absolutely ridiculous you're leaving it to memory it's crazy how do they match up against the current competitors in traditional now last when I was talking about product I'm talking

About everything right now not just product how do they match up when it comes to team how do they match up when it comes to marketing everything you have to look at the macro economics of everything you have to look at you know

Every little detail you're putting your hard-earned cash and depending on how much money you have in it if you're not looking this deep well guess what I'm gonna beat you a game the whole game of cryptocurrency and trading is

Essentially trying to beat people and taking their bags if you didn't understand that by now have a lot of videos you guys need to dive deep but essentially it's a big competition trading is a red ocean it's

Not blue ocean you guys are fighting amongst each other that's exactly what's going on and I want you to think of a new macro about politicians what politicians any good by gatekeepers strongholds all these big companies that

Are not gonna let him win they don't care if there's an innovative product you think you're able to let this blockchain company come and change their whole way of living that doesn't happen in the real world you guys got to get

Into the real world and you got to be professional there's one of the next one here marketing okay this is the most important factor perception how do people in cryptocurrency perceive these projects how do people in traditional

Perceive these products right you think about Bitcoin right now bitcoins being attacked from all angles when it comes to perception nobody's fizzy I mean there's a couple of like cases where people have tried to do something

Physical against Bitcoin but 90% of all attacks against Bitcoin are simply people calling it you know the drug dealers coin right or the Ponzi scheme that's all perception attacks what does that mean perception is everything that

Means that that's their biggest tool alright so if you're your project if you don't know how much traffic they're getting if you don't know where the traffic's coming from if you don't know the quality of the track traffic or if

They lying to you which a lot of cases they do they just lie about their traffic you don't understand how their social media is being run and if they're even trying with their social media do they have a marketing campaign if so

What is their marketing campaign that can come in hundreds of different variations I know a lot of you heard about that new coin by dhow their marketing campaign was YouTube some people's marketing campaign is Google

Ads somebody's you know people's marketing campaign is you know just simply giving away free coins what is their campaign and then what is their reputation how do they handle reputation right a lot of times we'll see a coin

Like literally in catastrophic devastation and then you got the CEO going up there talking about it's all good it's all good you don't have to risk that is do you know do you understand how much of a risk that is

You have to assess the gap between them actually lying and the actual risk you have to assess that gap that's how detailed professionals get guys now I explained to you this is like ten to twenty percent of how deep you

Should be really going I gave you the best points right as if this is basically all I can do for you because it can take a really long time is it gonna take way too long maybe I'll make a video series leave a comment below if

You guys want me to make some more content about the specific subject of value investing let me know in the comment section below I'll do another video like this but I would rather actually help you that's my goal my goal

Is to actually help you and the only way I could possibly do that is by changing who you are as a person because if I change who you are as a person all this comes right after you have to build a strong foundation let me explain the

Number one reason why people suck in business and why they're not professional now the top bar there that's that's the average person right there the top bar you guys see the top bar that's the average person okay this

Long little black bar there that represents their energy per week or per month or however the time you want to whatever the time measure doesn't matter okay that represents their effort you know the red bars represent the red bars

Represent where they put their time and effort into okay so the guy on the top there he plays fortnight six days a week about least an hour which is probably nothing compared to what most people play please call duty right Oh your

Friend has the marijuana business that you're involved with as well oh oh oh yeah I'm in cryptocurrency – oh I do Forex on the side oh I tried dropshipping one time you see all those red bars those are all different

Business ventures oh I'm part time in school and I got a I got a part-time job as well as a full-time job you see all that you see all that that's distraction you suck because you spread your time and energy way too thin

Way too thin your health sucks well not all of you but most people's health suck they don't optimize their diet they're not optimizing their time management they're not optimizing the best time of the day to work they don't even know

What the best time of the day of the work is there's literally a science to that and then people like me you see this little bar right here you see that little bar right there at the bottom left hand corner I'm

Not even trying to brag I'm just telling you guys the truth people like me that spent all their time optimizing for the point zero zero zero zero zero one percent come and completely catastrophic ly demolish all of you in this one area

Now I'm not saying I'm better than anybody what I'm saying is I focus hard and anybody that doesn't focus gets demolished this is how I feel in cryptocurrency this is how I feel my youtube channel

Shout out all those half-ass youtubers I'm coming to take your spot I optimized for the point zero zero one percent and that is right there guys the definition of professionalism I'm gonna leave it at that if you like the quality of content

Hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys I'll catch you

In the next one

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