5 Tips to Start and Grow a YouTube Channel on a BUDGET

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

YouTube is such a polarizing platform so many people want to start YouTube channels these days and I get asked daily how do I get started what tips and tricks can I give them and also how do I start from zero and low on cash flow since I'm blessed to do this for living

I want to share with you what I've learned over time and also give you some tips and tricks on how to get started with the help of today's sponsor revolution it's the easiest way to turn your idea into an online storefront

That's easy to build with beautiful templates link below to find out how you can get started for free the first thing that I want to say before anything else is that if you're starting a YouTube channel just to make money then don't do

It money will be an equation down the road but we can worry about that later you need to be passionate about the videos that you're gonna be sharing with the world I remember working a late-night job coming home at 3 a.m. in

The morning and just editing videos and losing sleep because I couldn't wait to share with the world my love for tech so passion first money later the next best tip is just get started don't be afraid to start the

Channel just start making videos your first videos will not be your best you'll have fun looking at them later but I would pick something focused because you're gonna want something that people are subscribed to

I chose tech because that's what I was passionate about so take that love and focus and passion into something that you're gonna bring value to in that space creating a niche focus is probably the best way for you to get discovered

Get to know your community go into the comments section of the videos go on social media and engage and show that support that goes a long way and it will get more into that later in the video another huge misconception is that you

Need to go out and spend a bunch of money on fancy gear to get started that is not true now you might be looking up to your favorite creators they all have these fancy rigs but remember it took them time to get there and I'm betting

Anything that the majority of you probably have a mobile phone in your pocket and you won't believe how powerful these things actually are so this is what I'm gonna focus on just start with your smartphone get yourself

Something to hold the smartphone's like this clip here they are cheap and I will leave a few that I suggest in the description and also you're probably going to need a tripod of some sort there

Cheap ones that are static and you could start with that for now but later you'll probably need something with a fluid head and that can pan and tilt smoothly for more dynamic shots but if you plan to do more static shots or planning to

Just sit in front the camera there's no reason to buy anything expensive something like this mini tripod here will work from one Fratto you can just put this on a surface and you can start talking and start making videos or if

You want to vlog and share your daily life this helps a lot because you can actually get in position and it will help stabilize it a little bit no matter how expensive your phone is it has the ability to record some type of video and

Especially if you have something like a modern iPhone or a Samsung phone the video capabilities are really good with up to 4k 60 frames per second video and I have a lot of personal experience with this because in the first years of my

Youtube channel I shot exclusively with a mobile phone and while it does have some challenges you can make the footage look really good so I'm gonna give you a few tips and tricks shoot where there is a lot of light and start with nature

Because it's bright it's free and it looks great I suggest you shoot at sunrise or dusk for the best lighting results outdoors because exposure could be an issue in really bright conditions but if you're

Shooting inside use natural lighting to your advantage so don't shoot against the window because that can look really bad behind you and blown out but shoot in front of the window where the light is hitting you it looks so much better

Shooting at night is probably the biggest problem when shooting with smart phones because the sensors are small and low light can be a struggle so use lamps with some type of diffusion or a lamp shade on them so you don't get that

Harsh lighting right on you I like smart bulbs because you can change the brightness and also change colors to make product shots look cool and I like these lamps here from Ikea I've used them before they have great diffusion so

You can pick one of these up or you can just move a few things around in your home to see what looks best if you need more light you can start with some cheap soft boxes I'm actually still using one right now along with a couple other

Lights they're about 30 bucks a piece and I think you can get a pack of three of them for less than $100 so you can start there also remember to lock your exposure and focus on the subject that you are shooting because auto focus is

Not the most reliable on a smartphone so you can get that pulsating focus hunt that can your footage and crazy exposure changes that can ruin a shot really fast of course if you have some money you can

Step up to a mirrorless or DSLR camera or you can take your phone to the next level because there are accessories like add-on lenses like these moment ones since the phones are usually fixed to one focal length these can give you a

Wide-angle macro and other abilities they're Gimbels to to smoothen out your video so there's a lot to choose from but these can get expensive so what I would suggest is first get some type of audio solution Audio is so

Underrated if the audio is bad it can ruin the entire video so what I would recommend is the rode videomicro this can go directly into the headphone jack on your phone or if you use an iPhone they make a version with a

Lightning port so once you have the basics down and you want more professional control there are apps like filmic Pro and mavis that will give you DSLR light controls they will cost you but they will give you control over ISO

And shutter speed shoot in the highest quality possible– give you control over frame rates and tools that will help you expose properly get that focus to be perfect all that stuff is here so once you get to this level and you want to

Continue to use your smart phone I highly highly suggest this so what about those fancy shots Danny I need those slider shots I need those moving shots and I'm on a budget well if you can afford it then I

Would buy a fluid head tripod head because that will give you some pan and tilt control with smooth motion so that will help you with product shots now if you're not doing product shots then I wouldn't worry too much about it and

There's another hack that's really easy on the wallet so here's a cool tip if you're on carpet or have smooth hard surface flooring you can get some cheap furniture pads and you can get ones that stick onto the bottom of the tripod legs

Or you can actually get these discs that you would move furniture with like couches place them underneath your tripod feet and this will give you smooth motion underneath your tripod so basically those slider shots that you're

Seeing can easily be done just by taking a shoestring or rubber band or if you just have smooth hands pullback or move your tripod and you can get these shots now it's gonna take some patience but this can

Do some really cool shots so now that you have all this footage you're gonna need to edit it in some way so if you own a Mac I would definitely use iMovie because it is way more powerful than you think and it's free and I personally

Used iMovie for about three years before moving to Final Cut Pro which I'm using now but that is not budget and if you own a PC then you can start with Windows Movie Maker that's not the most comprehensive and it's free but I would

Suggest that you step up to something that is paid like PowerDirector which is under $100 or Premiere Elements which is also under $100 or look into your smartphone with built-in editing apps Adobe Brush is also looking pretty cool

As well so definitely check into those things or you can move to a premiere subscription I think it's about $20 from Adobe but it does depend on what kind of computer you have it can tax your computer pretty hard so definitely look

Into those and if you want me to do a more comprehensive video on all the editing software for beginners I will definitely do that let me know in the comments below so let's talk about what a lot of you're wondering is how do you

Make money on YouTube once everything is running smoothly you're gaining subscribers you're getting followers on Instagram on Twitter then what you can do is you can sell merchandise and if you look at a lot of your favorite

Creators they're already selling merch so with the help of today's sponsored volution you can make this a really easy process volution is an all-in-one ecommerce website builder that is super easy to use and you do not have to be a

Pro to sell things online this is perfect for even an experienced seller or someone like me that has never built a storefront before they provide all the tools so you don't need to hassle with SEO or digging for Google Analytics it's

All built in and no matter what you want to sell you can find a beautiful template and build a successful online store it's fully customizable a really great interface that isn't confusing or intimidating and what I love is that if

You need any help at any time pollution is the only e-commerce partner with a us-based customer service center to help you 24/7 and they are there to empower small to medium size businesses and keep them running smoothly by providing

Intuitive tools and what they need to become successful that online store that you always wanted with my special promo code down in the description this will give you an extended 30-day free trial there's no

Reason to wait get started today another way that you're gonna make some income through YouTube is through Google Adsense so you know those ads that you usually skip right before a video if you don't have a YouTube red subscription

Yeah those you're gonna get a very small piece of that with your cumulative views at the end of the month but YouTube did set some new restrictions and as a time of this video you do have to have a

Certain amount of watch minutes before you can monetize the channel for those of you that are starting out this is not gonna be a lot of income because it all depends on the views so it's gonna take a lot of views to make a significant

Amount of money from this but think about it this way once that money starts coming in I personally used to use it to offset the channel expenses so when I would buy phones I would use that adsense money to help offset the cost of

This materials that I was putting into the channel so it can be a great supplemental income I want to encourage all new creators out there don't stop keep going don't quit if your channel doesn't do well right away because some

People their success is instant they're gonna blow up right away and some people just need some time some discovery some curation to make that growth happen so just be confident in the videos that you're making and make sure that passion

Shows and also make sure that you're bringing value to the space that you're in so are you getting creative or are you thinking outside the box I mean you don't have to be wildly different but just make sure that you're bringing some

Type of value to the community that you're in and most importantly have fun while you're doing it because that's what this is supposed to be about this is about content creation this is about expressing yourself and to be unique in

The space because that's one thing that other people can't do is replicate you there's only one of you and that's it so that's unique to the space so I need to take my own advice sometimes but yeah there's only one you keep it that way

I touched on engagement with the community earlier in the video and I want to end it with this that if you're starting out engagement is not going on your favorite creators YouTube channel and

There and saying hey check out my videos check out my videos because it kind of comes off spammy and that's the same thing with social media as well don't go on there and hit him with ten links for your latest video what I suggest you do

Is that you actually engage with that creator so if you're going on a video and you make a comment make a comment of something that's gonna bring value to that video so if you saw something maybe that creator missed or you have a

Similar situation that you went through or that you have a tip and a trick for maybe the rest of the community that may be engaging with that creator then do that bring value to your engagement as well treat your engagement just like you

Would do with your videos trust me that goes a long way and I know personally that sometimes if somebody makes a great comment on my Twitter or Instagram or even on YouTube I will be more inclined to check out that channel and I have

Done that before and discovered people through awesome comments and awesome engagement so think about that before you make a comment also be positive and uplifting and encourage other creators share people's work if you admire them

Let them know give them encouragement because you never know what they're going through that day you might have a day change by somebody telling you hey you did a great job in the last video where I really loved your style you're

Doing great some people just need that uplifting so make that a habit every single day to go on somebody else's Channel and tell them what a great job that they're doing because it could definitely change their day there is so

Much more to talk about but I wanted to make this video because I think it would help a lot of people that are starting out so if you want to see a more advanced version of this or if there are some things that I missed on here that

You're curious about let me know in the comments below and I will make a follow-up to this video if you take away anything from this just get started now don't hesitate start creating content right away don't be afraid and also

Don't spend a bunch of money it's not worth doing so you can use your smartphone like I showed you and you can gradually build yourself up to that level and another tip is keeping up with the Joneses on YouTube is gonna be

Extremely tough you're gonna see a lot of other creators spending a bunch of money having a bunch of different things and if you try to keep up with that club it can really hurt you in the beginning trust me I know from

Personal experience you're buying a lot of gear you're buying a lot of stuff that you actually don't need so you'd really need to have a level head when you're starting because that can get you into a lot of trouble it's okay to

Engage in the community just make sure you're bringing value to it it's okay to uplift other people and to help others as well and it's okay also to be influenced by other people because it's natural as human beings to be influenced

By your favorite creators but make sure that you try to do something unique and put your own spin to it but remember there's only one you and make sure that comes across be unique don't be afraid to be different and most importantly

Have fun thank you for watching this if this helped you in any way then make sure you give this a thumbs up share it with the people that might need to see this make sure you subscribe for a lot more content like this and I will see

Everyone in the next one

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