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published on July 2, 2020

girls look at your shoes first man I

actually look at your shoes first

okay but that doesn't make you a girl

makes you a sneaker kingpin we're in

Brooklyn New York talking about the five

sneakers every man should own you're on

Instagram you're online you're in a

store you see a pair of sneakers you

love and you just buy them without

thinking about it I'm here with Ronnie

fog of kif this is how to put together

an intentional sneaker collection

there's a reason we're starting with

running sneakers today why is that sort

of one of the one of the cornerstones of

a man's sneaker collection I think

running has become this lifestyle

product it became one of those styles of

sneakers that you could wear everywhere

I chose this a New Balance 574 fresh

foam they took the original og colorway

of the 574 and they put their spin on it

they added some burgundy leather to the

heel I was at the podiatrist recently

I'm a big dude my feet hurt hey and he

was like a six a six a six you have a

long history with Asics I immediately

came to this I also like red that's the

first shoe that I ever worked on the

waterproof suede it's like suede without

the paranoia kind of a crazy tongue

situation going on here the og split

tongue both colors are super bright and

saturated so if you see me jogging by

you really slowly I got him here at Kidd

to get to the register can go you

better pay for that man

Ronni you need a pair of basketball

shoes even if you never whoo yes for

sure you know people don't want to see

wearing the same shoes every day yeah

and you need to have a variety of

different lifestyle shoes to wear with

different outfits the Jordan one

pinnacle veg ten veg tan you're gonna

have to explain that to the people the

leather is in its natural state and it

only gets better with age right that

Jordan one right there is hard to

compete with but the 1994 Charles

Barkley I picked these because I had him

when I was a kid a round mound of

rebound basketball shoes this is like

arguably the most important category at

all of sneaker culture it's also

important category in your sneaker

closet one time you need a pair of

sneakers just right for the occasion is

when you're traveling if you're doing

the twelve hole Doc Martens through the

airport you're taking a pail oh man

stamped Puma collaboration it's called

the trinom excel for me I like the bass

best because when you travel this goes

basically with any color that you wear I

think I'm gonna go with something it

does have laces but you can just keep it

loose and get them right onto right off

let's see it so a kiss right now the

Presto is a royal blue it's one of the

most comfortable Nike shoes for any of

the shoes that I have ever owned like

he's doing these his ID right now so I

could actually go online I probably

would go online and make my own color

it's fall the weather's getting bad and

frankly nobody has a better boot

selection than Ronnie and KITT and I

just couldn't resist so we're gonna pick

a boot – Ronnie really excited for this

brand it's a brand out of Italy called

for a cop they can only make 24 pairs

per day only can be made by hand it's

not like everybody on your block is

gonna be wearing exactly that's the

first thing and the second thing is

you'll probably had the best meet boot

on the block you don't have to be like

ginger with and you knows where no you

could beat these up right oh ho what's

more classic than a pair of pins fall of

2015 you can probably find me

god-willing on I'm 82 years old wearing

these wrong with the black belt – yeah

this is GQ sometimes we got to wear a

suit I can help you with that

there's right and wrong ways to wear our

sneaker with a suit right and there are

new ways to do it too and there are new

ways to do it I'm going right here

sticking with all black team Chuck

Taylors this is like gonna take you to

that strokes kind of rocked out will

read Ramones it's definitely an

old-school approach right it is this

would look great with a suit so great

choice all right Ronnie's gonna take us

through a kind of new way to rock a rock

seekers with a suit when I do have to

wear a suit I'm always thinking about

what that Footwear element can be and

for me I think individuality is key if

you're wearing a black suit and you're

wearing this shoe you're just doing

something right yeah it's very sleek

it's mostly neoprene nobody's gonna

mistake you for like you know a waiter

or security guard all right guys so

that's it the complete sneaker wardrobe

we got the runner the basketball shoe

the travel shoe the boot and the sneaker

with a suit and guys please let us know

how we did in the comment section

alright and also if you have any style

questions let us know and we'll see what

we can do see you next week

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