5 Homemade Inventions

published on July 2, 2020


look it's working scientist


hello have tours and welcome back to my

new hack this is our to the printed

parts and today project is to the

printed LED lamp with rechargeable

battery I'm going to use it this LED

strip it's a 5 volts LED strip that

means for each LED there is a register

ok let's start to the project beside

that to the printed parts LED strip that

works on 5 volts in this case I'm going

to use it

37 volts or 4 volts when the battery is

fully charged at 18 650 battery of

course pull out from the black patches

small on/off switch and charging model

with placeholder resistor for right

current in this case this battery will

be charged with six hundred milli

amperes you need to change the resistor

and choose what current you want okay































so here it is through the printed LED

lamp with rechargeable lithium battery

whoa power switch here we have the

charging port I forgot to tell you that

I replace the resistor with higher

current charging and now we're going to

charge it with 800 milli amperes

the LED shows that is charging and look

800 milli amperes okay

let's unplug this kill the lights

wow it look nice very simple device LED

lamp to the printed thank you for

watching please subscribe and visit my

channel page for more videos I'm gonna

enjoy this

before I test this one first I'm going

to explain oh you can connect and wire

up all the connections for building for

way traffic light for way traffic light

as I said here is the circuit diagram of

wiring all 12 lights yes you will need

12 lights for making full way traffic

light in my skills I'm using LED light

12 of them for red for our yellow for

our green LEDs on each LED there are

resistor for red I'm using 220 ohms for

yellow 270 ohms for green again for 270

ohms for each LED one resistor

the groundings of each LED is connected

together at and you will get one red one

yellow and one green wire plus the

negative total four wires here the four

wires ground yellow red and green on

traffic light we have four ways is west

north and south east west we have it

east west we have two side east west

north south so the east west LED is

connected with north south green LED one

more time to explain for example the

green LED from east west is connected

with red LED from north-south that means

that red this red is connected with

green when the red LED is on from this

side from this side will be green this

means go this means stop all the yellow

LEDs are connected on one choir

I'm gonna demonstrate how the traffic

light works with just four wires as I

said we have ground red yellow and green

this one is for yellow from each side

yellow LED light is turned on

now I'm gonna connect this look from

this side the red LED is turned on and

from this side the green and I can

change it just like this

you get it okay I forgot to mention that

in description below I'll put the link

so you can download the code for

programming the microcontroller 80 tiny

85 the code for 4-way traffic light

let's try it the little one one more


green yellow red red yellow green


this tiny model have the microchip the

small switch and the lithium-ion battery

and now this I'm gonna attach to my

homemade wooden four-way traffic light





as you



this is supercapacitor 2 point 7 volts

100 files what does it mean it can be

maximum charges up to 2 point 7 volts

with 100 Paras of capacity what is super

capacitor on wicked says that is also

called ultra capacitor is a high

capacity capacitor with capacitance

while much higher than hard capacitors

but with lower voltage limit that bridge

the gap between electrolytic capacitors

and rechargeable batteries how much

cause this thing only way also I will

put links below to pieces you're gonna

get it for $5 around $5 which is decent

price by shorting the positive and

negative terminal you will discharge the

capacitor hold it a couple of seconds

yes measure


017 volt okay it's very low voltage and

is discharged at this super capacitor of

100 ferrets to point 7 volts and now

we're going to charge it with this is my

homemade digital power supply it's

simple design inside there is a power

adapter from laptop the main switch and

the digital voltmeter ampere meter and

adjustable voltage adjust adjustable

dampers on this model that cost from

eBay around $30 let's charge the

capacitor now I forgot to set the

voltage and amps we can oscillate the

voltage four point seven volts is the

capacitor but I'm gonna charge it up to

two point six volts 63 is okay the

amperes let's give 25 25 amps


okay positive to positive terminal

negative to negative terminal just look

the amps and look how fast will the

voltage rise 08 volts nine volt and

going up to 25 amps right now this

super capacitor is charging with 25

amps it's almost full two point one

volts we're gonna wait little more 25

volts 26 and now the amps will drop

because the super capacitor is fully

charged 263 watts to consistent what

look the amps are falling


I'm implying the alligator clips focused

from the capacitor I'm gonna connect

small model dis booster that convertible

voltage from three volts to five volts

just one LED




it's working one led it should work for

couple of hours

let's cook up these 70 LEDs will it like

will it power up we're gonna see it


from the capacitor the voltage goes to

the DC booster and the DC booster did 5

volts look it's working 70 LEDs light up



and all that energy it comes from this

super capacitor oh let's try to charge

the phone I'm gonna need this model it's

the same as this one that I used for

LEDs just kept so that the female USB

connect positive to positive negative



do you know what is this it's a USB

doctor that showed the voltage and

current meter and permit let's go


when I connect the alligator clip to the

positive terminal capacitor the phone

will be charged it look it give 45

volts 100 milli amperes and dropping the

charging you can charge the phone you

can just charge it very little because

this is one capacitor if we have 100

pieces of this one I'm pretty sure that

we're going to charge any phone with

that I hope you liked today video

experiment please subscribe and thanks

for watching




hello if tours and welcome back to my

new hack hi to all tours and today

project is music reactive lightbulb and

it's in skeleton version I'm gonna make

in skeleton version the circuit theorem

is this one it have just some components

like the electric microphone capsule

it's this one you will need that next

you will need to 10 kilo ohm resistor


this is the guy okay

two pieces 1 megaohm resistor is it this

one we have 100 nano farad capacitor

kamek here it is you need two

transistors both of them is n pen and

the first one I'm going to use two and

3904 and the second one will be busy

three three seven











to explain one more time this is the

microphone here it is ten kilo ohm

resistor here it is connected with the

microphone this is connected through the

capacitor of 100 nano farad this one

where it is 1 mega ohm resistor with the

capacitor go to the base of the first

transistor in my case 2 and

3904 transistor NPN transistor this one

and collector through 10 kilo ohm

resistor is connected to positively this


Nawal solder this one transistor and add

the lamp ok










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