5 Cheap Stocks to Buy Now! Under $20

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Well guys here today in this video we're gonna talk about five cheap stocks that i actually like a lot at their current prices never mind if these stocks drop anymore i actually like them just at their

Current prices alone i think these are actually five good money makers i know you guys love a video like this where we go really in depth on all five of these different stocks we'll look at them very

In-depth i'll give my bullish thesis around these five cheap stocks into depth so i know you guys absolutely love this okay all five stocks we're talking about here in this video here today

Are under 20 dollars a share okay so you know pretty cheap stock so you know it's not like we're talking about amazon that's three thousand dollars a share in tesla that's like fifteen hundred dollars a share

And google that's you know a thousand plus dollar share now these are these are these are pretty cheap stocks needless to say okay and all five stocks have nice growth potential over the next five years in my opinion

All five of these stocks are actually going to grow revenues quite considerably some of these companies are actually going to become profitable companies in my opinion some of them that are already profitable will

Just become more profitable over the course of the next five years so i love these and by the way one of these stocks is actually under five dollars a share okay

So we'll go in depth on all five of these stocks and i hope you guys enjoy this as always make sure you smash thumbs up if you love a video like this i can do more of these type of videos in the future so that lets me know that

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Stock number one of five of these cheap stocks is a stock named upwork ticker symbol on this one is u p w k right now it's a 13 and some change stock as of today and this one i really like

Quite a bit let's put it that way okay if you've never heard of upwork essentially they're capitalizing on the freelance economy so imagine you have a business and imagine you don't have the ability

To hire a full-time worker to do you know some sort of task but you need something done out there you can actually hire a freelancer on upwork.com and this is a website in which you can see how much that person charges you can

See reviews you can see ratings for the individual all those sorts of things which are extremely helpful if you're hiring out for a project or something like that like i said a lot of

Businesses don't have the funds or just don't really need to hire a full-time employee to do a task that they just need done you know once a year or once every couple years or something like that so upwork is

Phenomenal for the freelance economy and you think about with everything that's going on in the overall economic landscape with roni rhona more and more companies working remotely right

That we're moving more and more toward this freelance economy that ultimately benefits a company like upwork in a massive massive way and guess who's the biggest player in this space in the world when it comes to

Freelance economy it is upwork okay so it's phenomenal and they make you know transact they make a lot of different money from a lot of different ways but anytime you know somebody's booked

Through upwork they actually make money from that okay when you look at upwork it's not a big market capitalization company this is a 1.6 billion dollar market cap

Here as of today which when it comes to stock market 1.6 billion dollar mark cap is actually fairly small so we're not talking about some gigantic corporation when you hear the biggest freelance

Company out there you would probably think oh this must be a 10 or 20 or 30 billion dollar company especially with the way a lot of these tech stocks have seen their valuations rise like crazy

Over the past several months but no this is actually a smaller company but look at the revenue growth for this company you know it's very very impressive when you look at that income statement from 202 million dollars of revenue back

In 2017 to this past year they reached over 300 million dollars in revenue for the first time ever what you also see is gross profit expanding quite rapidly okay from 137 million in gross

Profit back in 17 to all the way up to 212 million dollars in gross profit this past year so what we can decipher from those numbers are revenues growing you know quite rapidly gross profits

Growing quite rapidly as well very impressive okay now where you'll get to some troubling numbers is you're going to see selling general and administrative have gone up so much why is this okay

Because upwork realizes they're going after a massive opportunity they want to make sure they win this market as long as they win this market over the next five ten years you know this company's valuation revenues profits

Everything's gonna expand quite rapidly so they're funneling literally every dime they can possibly funnel back into the business right now and it's hurting the bottom line because the bottom line they are losing money they

Lost 16 million dollars on the bottom line last year but when you're a business like this and you're going after a massive opportunity does it make sense just to be profitable

In the short term and make you know short-term profits or funnel all that money plus some back into the business so you can expand this business bigger and bigger and bigger over time and go after a multi-billion

Dollar opportunity right would you rather be stuck at 300 mil in revenues five years from now ten years from now would you rather get to a place where you have a one billion two billion three

Billion dollar run rate on the top line obviously you know you're going to want to you know see your business flourish over the time so you want to just you know flush all that money back into the business okay and so

Essentially when it comes to income statement this company could be profitable today literally if they want to be okay balance sheet-wise very very good balance sheet on this

Company 145 million dollars in cash and short-term investments i love that i love a company that is loaded up with cash and investments you guys know that that gives you a lot of protection

Now that you know essentially especially if you're gonna lose some short-term money it's great to have a balance sheet where you got you know just a cash load around so you can you know you can make it to

Another day let's put it that way okay long-term debt of only eight million dollars on this company so they could pay off that long-term debt tomorrow and not even notice the money's essentially gone okay

So phenomenal phenomenal balance sheet on this company up work okay what's their main competitor that's what you might be thinking you know well this is a big growing market

Freelance economy they must have competitors yeah their main competitor in my opinion at least when it comes to public companies is a company named fiverr okay this company's ticker symbol is fvrr

This is our main competition as a stock that's priced at you know 80 plus dollars a share and this is a company fiverr that is not even close to being at the scale that

Actually upwork is i think you're getting a far worse deal if you're buying fiverr stock right now than upwork fiverr basically has revenue in the past year of 107 million

They would need a 3x think about this for a minute they would need a 3x their revenues just to equal the place where up works at here today and the losses fiverr takes

Much bigger actually much bigger than upwork this company lost 33 million dollars in the past year versus upwork lost what 16 million okay so they lose double the amount of money when it comes to fiverr

And they have three times less revenue coming through the door than than upwork okay so fiverr is not that attractive in my opinion and i think upwork has a great possibility of you know definitely

Beating them in this market long term no i believe this company is going to grow in future years but you know 10 plus per year for several several years into the future is like as long as far

As i can see essentially and analysts believe this as well okay the current year the company is expected to have sales growth of 12 that's top line revenue okay next year 2021

That growth rate is expected to accelerate okay accelerate that's huge when you're talking about growth rates that accelerate that's really really exciting okay so

Next year this company is supposed to have almost 14 sales growth next year and don't be surprised if that number ends up being a lot bigger than that and when i say a

Lot bigger than that don't be surprised if that revenue growth actually comes in at listen to this 20 plus next year okay do not be surprised at all so neither say i really like upwork

I like its growth potential i like where the company's at i like its balance sheet i like its market positioning i think it's going to thrive in the future and i look at it as a cheap stock right now that is ultimately

Going to become a much more expensive stock over the next five years or so so that covers up work stuck number two of five up here is a company named revolve group ticker symbol on this one is rvlv

Okay it's a 15 and some change stock here today if you don't know revolve they operate essentially an e-commerce website okay an e-commerce website that sells you know address

They sell a lot of different items on there and they sell mostly to female customer base like females really represent like 95 plus of their revenues right now and i realize like you know 85 to 90

Of people that watch my channel are males so a lot of you guys probably won't know revolve that well except for when you follow all those different instagram influencers and uh they're always tagging revolve in

There okay and that's why that's how this company has built a enormous customer base is actually understanding the attention is really around using influencers in today's day and age and

You actually if you don't pay the influencer you know to advertise your product on their posts and that post gets 50 000 likes and 100 000 likes and people actually can click on it and

Things like that and they've done an amazing job they you know think about all the other competitors department stores they're they're so old school and they're thinking they're like oh we're

Going to advertise on television and stuff like that it's like that's not that's not that's so old school that might have worked in the 80s and 90s but we're in 2020 okay you use

Influencers to advertise your product it's way underpriced you get way more bang for your buck okay somebody in the discord chat actually posted this the other day and it was essentially a video

Showing that right through i believe it was fb or i think it was actually ig they were on you can actually click on the picture go right to the products that that person had posted on ig on those photos

And actually buy directly through ig going through revolve that's absolutely amazing technology this company is just so like up and up on everything that's going on new age and all these different new age changes

That are going on and everything like that it's just a company that's on the forefront they just understand this stuff and how to move fast so much better than the old school

Department model of jc penney's and macy's and all the you know the old school companies that you know used to make a lot of money from physical retail revolve is so new age these guys they make changes and snaps

Of a finger okay now roni rona obviously is hurting their business i mean it's almost hurting every single business in the world right and obviously irony ronit this year is

Hurting their business so they're expected to see revenue decline of a little over seven percent in this current year however okay this is a massive growth company

Next year 2021 this company is expected to grow 22 percent okay expected to have very strong growth and this is another one of those companies that i can see growing revenues

You know double digits each and every year for as literally as far as the eye can see meaning they're growing top line 10 plus year in year out and with so many of these physical retailers right that

Sell clothing items going out of business right now and will continue to over the next year or two think about that that's just a massive more market opportunity for these

Companies because you know folks might have shopped at you know this retailer or that retailer and then i'll send it's like oh we can't shop there anymore so where do we go oh we go online

Maybe we go and we shop and revolve so this company should be in massive growth mode for a long long time to come okay the company right now has a market capitalization of only 1.1 billion

It's another one that is a smaller market cap company you know especially when you're talking about the stock market and you know where these some of these companies can be at tens of billions or

Hundreds of billions of dollars mark capec there's some reaching trillion dollar plus nowadays right but look at how much the valuation has come down just over the past you know few quarters okay this company

Used to be priced at a 2.36 billion mark cap right now you're paying 1 billion or so for this company so it's come down considerably it's a much much better deal than if you're buying it a few quarters ago let's just

Put it that way the thing that's tricking people right now is a ford p looks super high right well super high is also a relative term i mean look at shopify they're trading at

A 10 000 forward p okay but revolve's trading at a 112 right now so people are looking at that and like oh man that's really high well what what

They're being tricked by essentially is the fact that rony roan is messing up the business short term that's gonna subside as we go throughout 2021 profitability will return for this company and probably in a bigger way

Than we've ever seen for this company and so the ford p metrics you should really be looking at in my opinion were what they were trading at a few quarters ago i think really if you're going out two

Quarters plus and you're looking at a ford p based upon 2021 numbers i think we're really more in the 15 to 20 range on this stock as of right now versus 112

Which is what you just look for in yahoo finance and that's why you really got to think about you know these type of growth stocks differently than just looking at it as simple as well they're going to make this over the

Next quarter this over the next quarter you really got to be looking at 2021 what's this company going to likely make 2022 and you'll start to realize oh this deal you know this stock's quite a deal right now okay it's quite a steal

Let's put it that way okay phenomenal balance sheet okay so we covered you know income statement great growth expected in the future a management team that is so up on new age changes and just they move

So much faster than anybody else and the balance sheets phenomenal 103 million dollars just sitting around in cash remember this isn't a big company what a one billion dollar mark cap 103 mill

We're talking about 10 percent of their market capitalization is just in cash and cash equivalents right current debt right now of 30 mil on this company and that's really all they have

For debt on this company as of right now and that 30 mil is only because they took out a line of credit just because of the roney ronan's situation they just want to make sure they you know made it through this

And all those sorts of things so they can get to the other side where the massive opportunity is which speaking about the massive opportunity i see a 5x to 10x opportunity in the stock

Over the next five to 10 years in my opinion when i look at the growth rate of this company when i think about the profitability this company's gonna have three years out five years out seven years out when i think about

How less competitive the clothing industry is getting over the next few years with so many of these companies that are just going under right so many of these companies have been you know the i'm talking about physical

Retailers right so many of them have been barely making it for the longest time and the roney rona is going to be the last thing that just kind of puts a lot of those ones under

And gets out of that whole discounting model just a very negative business model when it comes to selling clothes and revolve is going to capitalize on all that 5 to 10x opportunity in my opinion this is

You know one of the few stocks i hold that i feel like has a true 5x to 10x opportunity and i really feel like that with revolve it's a one billion dollar mark cap i could easily see this company getting to

A 5 billion plus market cap over the next 5 10 years as long as i continue to execute and from what we've seen with this management team and how fast they move and how you know they're

Just up on all the new age changes social media understanding how to use influencers like like this is a company that is primed for prime time and i think you know in another five or ten years

I think this won't be some little small company that only a few people know about i think this will be a massive brand that you know uh you know massive amounts of people shop

On let's just put it that way and so i definitely love the revolve okay stock number three or five up here is cake cake cake the cheesecake factory so this was technically just

Barely over twenty dollars it's twenty dollars and fifty seven cents today uh i i really like this one as a value stock you know the first two stocks were really you know around growth rates

And you know exciting growth rates a 10 plus revenue growth for years and years come in the future cheesecake factory is a value plate let me be very very clear about this one ticker symbol is cake by the way if you

Didn't know cheesecake factory i mean you guys probably have been to their restaurants you've seen their restaurants before just massive menus very profitable business model and people literally from

All over the world because they do have locations literally all over the world but they're mostly in the united states of america okay so they own that brand which is their their main brand that's massive okay

They own a phenomenal growth brand called north italia okay and this is this is a company with maybe 10 or 20 locations right now that long term they're talking about 200 locations in the united states

For this north italy brand okay and this brand they actually are cater a little bit more high-end folks get a little more alcohol there and so average checks a little higher for this brand

But it's a phenomenal brand that i think has you know huge huge expansion opportunity they just bought this brand last year so it's going to be fun to see how you know cake builds this

Brand out over the next 10 years obviously right now with you know ronnie rona's situation kate just has to worry about getting through the situation but as a company comes back starts thriving again they're going to

Be able to build out this brand this north italia brand in a massive way in my opinion over the next decade the company just has a you know phenomenal inside outside vibe and their customer

Base is really everything across the board i've seen folks there you know in their late 20s i've seen folks there in their 60s 70s you know it's just you know it's anybody if you know somebody wants you know a nicer

Italian experience they go to north italy okay then they own another brand called flower child and their motto is a healthy food for a happy world i haven't tried this one yet i'll

Hopefully try this one within the next week or so and this is a brand just got a few locations right now but if you're thinking about where this company can go over the next

Decade potential you know upside there i'm still gonna have to experience that one for myself they do own some other brands as well but if you're thinking about the three kind of main ones

You know those are kind of the three main ones with north italy being the huge opportunity to expand and then obviously cheesecake factory they can continue to expand that

And bring that business back after coming out of this whole you know roney ronan mess let's just put it that way okay so when we look at cake's revenue it's just a solid value stock let's just put it that way there's nothing

Insane going on here with the income statement it's like just solid 2.2 billion then they do 2.3 billion then they do 2.4 billion look at gross profit 963 million then 965 million then

1.021 billion dollars in gross profit right we look at net income 157 mil then 99 mil then 127 mil so basically there's a company that's going to have net income of anywhere

From 100 mil to 150 mil in any type of normal economic environment let's just put it that way okay solid just a solid company okay but here's where it gets really interesting

With cake okay if cake was at a valuation of two billion dollars or three billion dollars it's not a stock that interests me but when we're talking about a market capitalization on the stock of

Less than one billion dollars it gets really really intriguing because this is a company that usually trades at two billion dollars or more when it comes to market capitalization right now here today actually 930

Million if you're buying the stock here today you're paying 935 million market cap and this gets into my whole perspective on the stock where it's a value proposition it's just a really really good value

There's not like this you know it's going to be a blow the top off growth company where they're posting you know 30 40 50 revenue growth but it's just gonna be a really really solid company that will

Be able to expand that north italy brand as well as potentially that flower child brand bring in some nice growth and get this net income back on the right way and we're only paying 935 million for it this company has already adapted to the

Whole environment we're in right now right which is you know potentially restaurant closures to go food is a big thing at cheesecake factory they actually have you know several

Spots in their parking lots dedicated just to folks that drive up and literally just you know call a number and people you know bring out the food to them this is something they were already prepped for

Before thus okay then they're also prepped for delivery okay they have a deal with door dash right now and expect more deals to potentially be coming in the future when it comes to

Cheesecake factory so you know people that just want to go on an app order the food and have it delivered to their house is another big opportunity for the cheesecake factory and you think about

This right you know look at this this just came out of california recently california orders closure of bars and indoor operations of restaurants

Obviously that's a negative for cheesecake factory but i can tell you it's much less of a negative for cheesecake factory than it is for a lot of these other restaurants that aren't really ready for delivery

To go food things like that okay the restaurant industry is going to go from the most competitive ever which the last couple years the restaurant industry has been the most competitive it's ever been

Wages have been going up there's been so many restaurants and quick serve places that have opened over the last five or ten years and a lot of them barely make it okay it's not like a lot of these places are making

Money hand over fist so it's gonna go from an environment my opinion where we've got the most competitive to the least competitive from 2021 to 2023 i think the restaurant industry is going

To be the least competitive we have seen it especially in the united states of america in at least a decade or so if not several decades out there a lot of these

Restaurants let's be honest a lot of mom and pop restaurants or a lot of these restaurants in general even some of these chains that were barely making it before and cheesecake factor is not in that

Group believe me cheesy gay factory is a company that makes 100 million plus a year on the bottom line i'm talking about these other companies that you know are losing money even in good times or barely making

Slight profits a lot of them are going to be going under look at this okay let me read you this off here the nyc hospitality alliance recently found 80 percent of the city's restaurants

Did not pay full rent in june back in los angeles tai decided to close her korean town restaurant for now the landlord for the spot has forgiven her rent for the time being her silver lake restaurant is still open

For delivery and takeout she said her landlord won't negotiate that rent she's had to lay off 60 people she still can't break even on the amount of business she is getting she says quote there's just not enough

So what are we gonna do we're just gonna wait until we get kicked out i guess and unfortunately that's the truth for massive amounts of restaurants right now okay

A lot of these quick serve restaurants and restaurants in general they're just not going to be able to make it in this whole deal a lot of them have already closed shop and you know expect over the next six to

12 months a lot more of these companies just unfortunately they're just not going to make it and they're gonna end up going under okay they're not like in a position like cheesecake factory is where cheesecake

Factory just raised 200 million dollars on april 20th okay 200 million dollars you know these other little restaurant chains or even the mom-and-pop places that barely make it as it was they don't have access to capital like

That they can't just get 200 million dollars in their bank accounts it's completely unrealistic so which means you're going to see a lot of restaurants go under over the next six to 12 months

And what ends up happening in a situation like this is a strong get stronger okay the strongest stronger the big guys like a cheesecake factory will get even stronger in this whole scenario

They'll come out of this stronger than they've ever been before and the wheat get weaker so a lot of these restaurant chains and a lot of these restaurant owners that were you know just kind of barely

Making and whatnot and weren't really focused on how to grow the business and you know how to operate in the new age with delivery and to go food and things like that a lot of those folks just won't

Well make it they'll get even weaker and the strong get even stronger and i think cake will be one of the strong that get even stronger in the restaurant industry as we come out of this whole situation

So when it comes to cheesecake factory i don't think there's a massive upside here for the company but i do think you know a 2x opportunity over the next two to three years is

Pretty realistic in the stock i can definitely see it going to forty dollars you know within the next two to three years business will start coming back somewhat in 2021 and i think business will really start

To pick up in 2022 and 2023 once rooney rona is you know a long distant event and so for me to see the stock at 40 plus you know basically in two or three years i think it is very realistic

The stock you know if you go back to 2017 this used to be a 60 plus stock okay i can definitely see going back to 60 plus i think it's going to take longer to get there though i'll be completely honest with you

I think we're looking more at about five years from now i think not only will the company have to get back to big profitability again 100 mil plus on net income but i think they'll have to get to a

Place where they're expanding that north italy chain from a place where you know they have a 10 to 20 tulsa and 50 locations then 75 locations then 100 locations i think once

That really starts ramping that revenue growth the comp store sales come back and then you add on the profitability that's when it becomes a game changer for this stock and that's when this stock could you

Know potentially reach uh 60 plus again but like i said i think that will take about five years on the stock 405 up here this one is real it is the real real okay

Take your symbol on this one r e a l the real real okay this is a 12 stock here today stock number four of five so if you don't know the real real this is a company that essentially is a marketplace for folks that own some

High-end products out there but want to go ahead and resell them because maybe they have too many purses and too many pairs of shoes and so they'd rather you know get some

Income from that either because they have to or because they want to and so they go ahead and can sell on something like the real real which is way better than selling on something like ebay when it comes to

High dollar items you know a gucci bag or you know some some clothing item from valentino or a louis vuitton bag or some christian louboutin heels uh prada you know stella mccarthy like

All these different brands right that are very high-end brands you don't really buy something like that off ebay because who knows it could just be you know a chinese fake or something like that

The real real actually has people that actually look at these products especially anything that's on the higher end brand names you know anything that's priced like you know a thousand dollars plus

Actually have people that look at them inspect them and actually make sure they're real real okay and i think that's really really big from a buyer sentiment versus buying on something like ebay or

Some of these other uh marketplaces including my wife you know she loves a good bargain she loves a good deal she doesn't want to pay you know full price for some you know christian louboutin heels or whatever

The red bottoms and so what does she do she actually buys them off real real and uh you know she likes to do that she saves herself money and it's good all around so think about it this way okay if you

Want a high-end brand you know a louis vuitton or any of these other brands gucci prada whatever okay you buy from the real rail so think about it this way it's way better for the environment right

Rather than you know somebody just always buying new it's good that these these bags or clothing items or shoes high heels dresses whatever it's much better they're they're you know sold to

Somebody else who will actually use them rather than just stored in a closet i mean we all know you know a lot of people that that have money will have 50 100 pairs of high heels and you know handbags galore

And it's like well you know that's not really the best thing for the environment it'd be much better if they had five or ten of those and they resold the other ones to people who would actually use them right it's

Much better for the environment overall rather than making new constantly right it's better for your pocket if you're a buyer out there right you know you can get sometimes you know 50 discount

On something that's lightly used versus buying it you know brand new it probably doesn't look that much different you buy brand new and you might pay a 50 premium so you could buy two things uh

That are that are used on there rather than just buy one thing right better for your pocket or just buy one thing and you just saved yourself a bunch of money right it's better for sellers think about it

If you're somebody that needs money or we're just you're just looking at your closing like i got too many fancy dresses i need to sell one of these dresses it's much better much better for sellers

They can go ahead and sell on there it's so much easier than dealing with something like ebay i mean it's like night and day okay if you're coming from a seller perspective much better for buyers like we already

Spoke about than buying off something like ebay the protection you have from the real real is at a much much higher level when it comes to these high-end items okay and ultimately when all those things are

Produced it's better for the real real right it's much better for their business overall okay now julie wainwright she's the one that runs this company i've watched several several

Several interviews with her now and i gotta say she's a cool lady man she's like that fun aunt at the party who like just gets the party going and is talking to everybody and got a glass of wine in her hand

She's she's a cool lady this is put that way but she's done a really good job growing this company taking it public the i mean look at the revenue growth over the last several years for this company it's

Been amazing from 137 mil back in 2017 to 318 mil in 2019 look at the gross profit from 87 mil back in 17 to over 200 million dollars gross profit this past year

Now the business has expanded operating expenses enormously why is this well the company went public you know that was probably about a year or two ago now and so they want to show

You know unbelievable growth plus they understand you know they just want to be the brand name when it comes to if you're thinking about buying a luxury item that's you know previously used they want to be the

Brand name for that so they're trying to capitalize on this massive opportunity they're spending like crazy on the business and it has produced a company massive losses okay

Massive losses look at the the loss they took in the past year a hundred million dollars absolutely massive loss there's no doubt about that so amazing revenue growth but amazing big losses too okay however

In my opinion 2021 is a year this starts reversing okay and then the losses get less and less and less over the next couple years and this company will be able to get to a place where they're profitable

In my opinion okay the company also has 300 million dollars in cash sitting on the balance sheet right now which is a phenomenal phenomenal number for a company the size of real real which is a very small

Market cap company okay and they have no debts no current debt no long-term debt all they have is a capital leases they have to put on there but you can't in my opinion you don't really count

That as long-term debt so in terms of the real real they're in a phenomenal balance sheet situation okay now think about this back when the company went public or so i mean this used to be a 28 29

Stock compared to today as 12 bucks a share you know a lot of folks on wall street have been you know just quite scared of it because they've seen the massive losses and not really understanding you

Know that's just for you know those massive growth numbers and ultimately once they get their brand name and customer shop on this service over time people will continue to come back

And shop at this service okay now remember i told you guys i think this is going to start reversing in terms of the losses and it's going to become less and less and less the company will end up getting the

Profitability in a few years from now okay so look at year ago eps negative 1.81 cents that was their massive loss okay this year even with roney runner analysts have them losing about a dollar

25 okay next year in 2021 companies expected to lose 82 cents so you see they're they're likely going to make considerable progress over the next few years

On losing less and less money and hopefully getting that other side by like 2023 and actually reaching profitability meanwhile the company should still grow rapidly top line this is a companies

That is expected in 2021 to grow revenues by a whopping 43 percent guys 43 okay we're talking about a holy smoke cause this ain't no joker's type growth rate okay

43 is no jokers okay look at this comment i'm just to leave it off here with this one okay that's that's true that comment is true okay and so when we look at the market capitalization of this company it's a

Billion dollar market cap and i would kind of put this as a wild card stock i'm not sure like like how big the upside potential is here with real i know it's a lot higher than where it's at today

Uh but i i really do i can't really like grasp how big the opportunity is with this one i'm not sure if this is like could be a three billion dollar company in the future or like a six billion or

Like a 10 billion so i'm still trying to figure out how much upside potential there is here i'm much more confident and revolve when it comes to just figuring out you know the potential upside

But at the end of the day when it comes to this company i mean uh you know they should grow a lot more than than than where they're at and the other thing with the real real i think it's a perfect buyout candidate

Meaning i think this company could end up getting sold to a big tech company eventually i just think it i just think it's perfect for that especially since they're losing money and they're really chasing a big

Opportunity there something like amazon amazon's made several of these deals in the past with their 1.5 trillion dollar mark cabin amazon can buy this tomorrow and not even know the money's gone okay

Let's put it that way and you know the price would obviously you know get a big spike off that remember when they bought zappos back in 2009 you know i could definitely see them potentially buying out

Something like the real real and if we're thinking about another big tech company that could potentially be interested in buying something like the real real it could be

A company that i owned fb right the fb with all their integration and shopping and then trying to expand the shopping category over time could make sense to buy out real real and then go ahead and

You know very flawlessly kind of integrate that into the product so you know who knows i think a a big tech company could be potentially interested in this look at fb i mean fbs 60 billion dollars in cash

And cash equivalents they could buy this company tomorrow not even notice some money is gone so real real i think it has some some pretty good opportunity over the next five to ten years okay

Stock number five of five up here i promised you guys a stock under five dollars so i did indeed do that and this is actually a stock that's under two dollars here today

It is the planet planet 13 ticker symbol p-l-n-h-f on this particular one i'm not going to go into a big presentation on this stock because literally just yesterday i talked about this stock on financial

Education too so if you want go to financial education too on youtube and go ahead watch that video here the video says i just bought 8 500 shares that goes into my bullish

Thesis around this talk some breaking news that happened around that stock that i really like and things like that okay so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed today's video as always make sure you

Smash a thumbs up button i can do more of these type of videos in the future and check out the second link in the description down there that goes into how i made a hundred thousand plus dollars on just

One stock using my system thank you for watching and have a great day

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